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Puffy Royal Mattress Review

Materials: Memory Foam

Firmness: 5/10

Warranty: Lifetime

Trial Period: 101 nights

Price Range: $1,645-$2,995

The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The Puffy Royal is Puffy’s take on a luxury memory foam mattress, and its medium firmness setting and conforming top layers make it ideal for side sleepers who like a neutral all-foam feel. While expensive, we love that it’s sold with a long trial window to calm the nerves of risk-averse shoppers, is backed by a Lifetime warranty, and has an easy-to-remove, machine-washable cover for those with kids and pets (a.k.a. frequent messes). If you’re a dedicated side sleeper and ready to invest in a luxury bed, this could be a great option for you.

Who is the Puffy Royal Mattress is Best For? 

Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  3 3 4
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 3 2 5
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  2 1 3

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Back Sleepers

The Puffy Royal’s medium feel and zoned lumbar support system could make it a great fit for lightweight back sleepers. This sleeper type needs enough sinking to feel comfortable on the mattress yet also requires low back support to prevent the hips from sinking. Some average weight back sleepers may feel okay on this mattress, but heavyweight sleepers should opt for a mattress with a medium-firm or firm feel to achieve support and proper spinal alignment for their bodies in this position. For the most supportive options, see the best mattresss for back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers 

Lightweight, average-weight and heavyweight stomach sleepers won’t experience pressure points on this mattress, but the bed is still not supportive enough for stomach sleepers. The comfort layers are simply too soft to keep the hips elevated, which will inevitably throw the spine out of alignment. Similar to back sleepers, stomach sleepers should look for a mattress that’s medium-firm or firmer. For more appropriate options see the best mattress for stomach sleepers.

Side Sleepers

The Puffy Royal is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers because of its contouring and cradling. If you’re lightweight or average weight, you’ll sink down into the mattress’ top foam layers in this sleep position and experience nice contouring and comfort around the hips and shoulders. Heavyweight side sleepers will sink fairly far into this mattress and experience pressure relief, but the mattress may not be designed to provide support for this body type over the long haul.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers require a mattress with a balanced firmness level that can provide support and pressure relief for their bodies in all three sleeping positions. This mattress doesn’t sink as much as traditional memory foam beds do, which will make it easier to change positions, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for all combination sleepers.

Combination sleepers contemplating the Puffy Royal should consider the position they find themselves in most often throughout the night. If you sleep mostly on your side and are lightweight or average-weight, this bed could be a great fit. If you find yourself on your stomach frequently or are heavyweight, you probably won’t sleep comfortably on this mattress. If you find yourself changing positions frequently, see the best mattresses for combination sleepers.

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How Does the Puffy Royal Mattress Feel? 

Responsiveness, Bounce and Ease of Movement 

The Puffy Royal has a neutral, mixed-foam feel, with a top layer that’s more responsive than memory foam yet still allows for a nice pressure-relieving, conforming cradle.

The 2” memory foam layer in the top comfort layers of the mattress adds extra responsiveness as well, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re stuck in the mattress or that it’s difficult to move around or change positions.

How Firm Is This Mattress?

The Puffy Royal mattress has a medium firmness setting, or a 5/10 on the firmness scale, but its feel will vary based on your bodyweight. The zoned transitional layer at the mattress’ center provides enhanced support throughout the torso while allowing for more pressure relief at the hips, shoulders, neck, and feet.

Side and back sleepers will benefit greatly from this aspect of the bed’s design. While average-weight and lightweight sleepers should feel supported by the mattress, heavyweight sleepers might not get the support they need in its all-foam design.

Overall, the bed has a very plush, comfortable feel that’s akin to other luxury foam mattresses at this price point, but might be too soft for sleepers that need more support. If you are looking for a mattress with better support, see the best firm mattresses.

Does It Sleep Hot? 

The Puffy team put extra care and consideration into the temperature of this luxury mattress, which means it comes with advanced cooling technology. The top layer of memory foam has cooling gel beads in it, which are key since this is where most heat gets trapped.

In addition, the fourth layer a few inches below the top has SMT cloud design airflow foam, which moves heat away and out from the body to keep you cool all night. Check out the best cooling mattresses for more choices.

Is the Puffy Royal Mattress Good For Couples? 

The Puffy Royal received top motion isolation and noise reduction scores in our testing process, which means there’s a lower likelihood that your sleeping partner’s movements will wake you up.

Because of this, the Royal makes a great pick for couples. After all, there’s nothing worse for a relationship than a grumpy, sleep-deprived partner. If motion isolation is important for you, see the best mattresses for couples.

How’s the Edge Support? 

This mattress has a thick, 7” support layer that supports all the other layers of the mattress and makes sure the Puffy Royal has decent edge support. Essentially, that means the mattress doesn’t dip down too much when you sit or lay on the edge of the bed.

All-foam mattresses are rarely stellar in the edge support department, because typically we see the best edge support in beds with sturdy metal coils. Still, we’re impressed by the edge support in the Puffy Royal. If you need a mattress with strong edge support, see the best innerspring mattresses.

Construction: What’s Under the Surface?

Puffy Royal Cover

The Puffy Royal’s layers of foams are encased in a stain-resistant, washing machine-friendly, removable mattress cover. While that’s a real plus, especially on a mattress of this height, we still recommend a mattress protector for ultimate peace of mind.

Foam Comfort Layers

A 1.5” layer of gel memory foam lies directly underneath the cover. This top layer of foam is infused with cooling beads that are designed to prevent heat buildup for those who sleep hot, making it one of the best cooling mattresses. The second comfort layer is 2” of memory foam, which is more responsive than average.

The third comfort layer is 2” of polyfoam, which provides even more contouring. Together, the comfort layers of the mattress give sleepers a deep cradle and the soft feel that makes it so appealing to side sleepers.

Convoluted Polyfoam Layer

The transition layer of the mattress is 1.5” of convoluted polyfoam. The foam’s design helps improve airflow throughout the mattress. Most notably, this layer is divided into five zones which provide varying degrees of support to the head, neck, shoulders, torso, feet, low back, and hips. Sleepers will feel more support under the hips and low back and more relief for pressure points at the head, shoulders, and feet.

Support Layer

The support layer of the mattress consists of 7” of high-density polyfoam, which acts as a foundation support foam for the polyfoam and memory foam layers above it. This layer also reduces motion transfer throughout the mattress and moderately enhances the bed’s edge support.

How Much Does the Puffy Royal Cost?

Twin $1,645 60” x 80” x 14” 60 lbs.
Twin XL $1,745 39” x 75” x 14” 60 lbs.
Full $2,445 54” x 75” x 14” 85 lbs.
Queen $2,695 60” x 80” x 14” 100 lbs.
King $2,995 76” x 80” x 14” 130 lbs.
Cal King $2,995 72” x 84” x 14” 130 lbs.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, see the best mattress under $1,000. For the best deals deals on Puffy, check out our Puffy mattress coupons. 

How Do the Policies Measure Up? 

Shipping, Delivery & Returns

Puffy Royal mattresses ship compressed and shrink-wrapped as a bed-in-a-box. Shipping is available to all 50 states, but customers who place orders for delivery to Hawaii and Alaska will incur a $150 shipping fee. White Glove Delivery is not available at this time.

Puffy mattresses ship via FedEx and typically arrive within five business days after the order has been placed. If you decide to return the mattress during the sleep trial, you’ll initiate the return online and Puffy will coordinate mattress pickup and donation for you.

Trial Period

Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial, which means you’ll have more than three months to test out the mattress risk-free before deciding whether you want to keep it. Puffy requires customers to use the mattress for at least two weeks before returning it, but 30 nights is strongly encouraged by Puffy.

If you decide the Puffy Royal isn’t right for you, Puffy will coordinate pickup, donate the mattress to a charity, and provide a full refund if you live in the contiguous U.S. Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada will be provided with a full refund minus return shipping fees, which vary by location.


Puffy mattresses are backed by a Lifetime warranty that protects against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. If you find a defect in your mattress, Puffy will replace it free of charge with a comparable model in the same size. The warranty is not transferable and covers impressions and sagging up to 1.5 inches, manufacturing flaws, and physical flaws.


Check out our comparison tool to see how it stacks up.

Compare Mattresses

Comparing the Puffy Mattress

Puffy Royal vs. Puffy Original


Coined by some as "the internet's most comfortable mattress," this three-layer mattress is on the firmer side and suits back and stomach sleepers very well.

The Puffy Original is Puffy’s flagship mattress. It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of the Puffy Royal, Puffy’s top-of-the-line mattress, but it still offers excellent sleep for side, back and combination sleepers.  Both of these mattresses come with a Lifetime warranty and a 101-night sleep trial, so you can decide if the mattress will work for you before you commit fully. 

Read our full Puffy mattress review to learn more.

Puffy Royal vs. Puffy Lux

Puffy Lux

The Puffy Lux mattress is an upgrade from the original and popular all-foam offering. “Lux” means Puffy enhanced the features and uses more advanced materials. It comes with a higher price tag than the original Puffy, but if thickness with more cushioning is what you need, then this may be the mattress for you.

The Puffy Lux is a slight upgrade from the Puffy Original mattress. Though it’s not the best for stomach sleepers or those who are heavier, its layers of foam provide great motion isolation and are excellent for side sleepers.

Puffy also uses Climate-Adaptive Regulation foam in the Puffy Lux mattress to keep sleepers extra cool at night. It also excels at edge support, meaning you can sit or lay on the edge of the mattress without feeling like you’re about to fall off.

Learn more in our full Puffy Lux mattress review.

Haven’t made a decision yet? Check out these comparisons:

What’s the Bottom Line?

Overall, we think the Puffy Royal Mattress is a really nice addition to Puffy’s line of all-foam beds. While not an inexpensive mattress, the bed’s cooling features (advanced airflow and cooling beads), pressure relieving bounce, and zoned support make it difficult to turn down if you fall into the camp of sleeper types it suits best and can afford its price point.

We recommend this mattress if you’re a strict side sleeper who’s looking for a premium option with a soft, neutral foam feel. It’s also a nice choice for a new mattress if you like the sound of a machine-washable cover and a zoned support design.

The mattress also earns points for the fact that it ships free, is backed by a Lifetime warranty, and comes with a 101-night trial—policies that, together, make shoppers feel more at ease investing in a luxury bed that they won’t be able to try out beforehand.


Does the Puffy Royal get body indentations after awhile?

All Puffy mattresses are designed with premium materials that are resistant to decay over time. The mattresses also come with lifetime warranties, so if you have a problem with the bed sinking too much at any point, Puffy will replace it.

Does the Puffy Royal need a certain kind of base?

All Puffy mattresses can be used with any kind of flat base, including adjustable ones.

Do I need to flip my Puffy mattress?

Puffy mattresses are designed to not be flipped. In fact, the foam could be damaged if you sleep on it upside down. If you want to shift your mattress though, it can be rotated 180 degrees as desired.

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