Brooklyn Bedding vs. Lull Mattress Comparison

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Having the best sleep quality can be because of the mattress you choose. If you can’t decide which mattress to have between Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid and Lull, this article can help you distinguish their benefits, drawbacks, and overall performance. You can also review each mattress in-depth from our testing methodology

Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid vs. Lull Overview

The Signature Hybrid and Lull mattresses can both suffice your needs for the best and most comfortable mattresses. However, these two mattresses are distinct in features to curate the best mattress for distinct sleeping positions and body types.

Signature Hybrid is best for…Lull is best for…
Budget-conscious mattress shoppersSleeping together
Hot sleepersIndecisive shoppers
Combination sleepersBack sleepers

Who Should Choose the Signature Hybrid Mattress?

  • Budget-conscious mattress shoppers: Due to their layers of contouring foam and supporting coils, hybrid beds are one of the most luxurious mattress types. The Signature Hybrid is a high-quality hybrid mattress that doesn’t break the bank.
  • Hot sleepers: Because it uses permeable innerspring coils and other cooling components, the Signature Hybrid mattress is a good choice for hot sleepers.
  • Combination sleepers: The Signature Hybrid is ideal for all types of sleepers, as it can be adjusted to three levels of hardness to suit the preferences of side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers. In addition to the high level of responsiveness, the ability to switch sleeping positions easily is a major plus for combination sleepers.

Who Should Choose the Lull Mattress?

  • Sleeping together: All-foam mattresses, such as the Lull, contain thick foam layers that absorb motion transmission, making them ideal for couples and those who share a bed. A child, pet, or sleeping partner’s movements are less likely to disturb your sleep if you have sound motion isolation.
  • Indecisive sleepers: People who have trouble making purchases online should know that Lull mattresses come with one of the longest sleep trials in the mattress industry. A longer trial period is ideal if you want to try out a mattress for a whole year before making a purchase decision.
  • Back sleepers: A mattress that conforms gently to the curvature of the spine is ideal for back sleepers since it promotes optimal posture as you sleep.

Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid vs. Lull: Top Similarities 

  • Back Support: These mattresses offer a nice compromise between firmness and softness, making them comfortable for people who prefer to sleep on their backs. 
  • Responsiveness: The springy coil support mechanism in the Signature Hybrid and the responsive foams in the Lull ensure that sleepers never feel pinned down.
  • Durability: These mattresses are built to extend more than a decade of service in the best mattress you can sleep in day and night.

Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid vs. Lull: Top Differences 

  • Mattress Construction: The coils at the mattress’s core are paired with foam layers in the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid’s construction. The Lull combines polyfoam and memory foam for an entire foam construction.
  • Supported Body Frames: For anyone weighing more than 230 pounds, the Signature Hybrid’s thick layer of supportive coils is a welcome addition. As a result of its all-foam structure, the Lull is best suited for anyone weighing less than 230 pounds.
  • Feel: The Signature Hybrid may be had in medium-soft, medium-firm, and firm settings, while the Lull offers a more relaxed, medium-firm feel.

Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid vs. Lull: Firmness & Feel Differences

Mattresses vary widely in firmness and feel due to their unique structure. This section will guide you in making the best selection possible.

What’s the Firmness Of the Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid & Lull Mattresses? 

People who sleep on their sides typically like softer mattresses, so the Signature soft may be a good option for them, and having that little extra padding around pressure spots helps a lot with discomfort. The same holds for weight: lighter people like softer mattresses, whereas heavier people perform better on firmer ones. People weighing less than 130 pounds should choose the Signature soft, while those weighing more than 230 pounds should go with the Signature firm. The most common firmness level is medium-firm, ideal for side, back, and stomach sleepers. That’s why the medium-firmness options from Lull and Brooklyn Bedding Signature are great for side and back sleepers both.

What Do Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid & Lull Mattresses Feel Like?

If you are a combination sleeper who likes equal bounce and lifted experience for a mattress, Signature Hybrid and Lull best fit you. These two mattresses have the proper support and comfort sensation. However, they may not give you a body-hugging mattress feel since their softness cannot extend to this kind of feel for better body support.

What’s It Like to Sleep On the Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid & Lull Mattresses?

Sleepers who experience agonizing back pain will find the Lull mattress extra supportive. Back sleepers can get the best spine alignment and alleviate back pain. On the other hand, the Signature Hybrid is best for combination sleepers in giving them the right amount of support when tossing and turning. It also has top-notch responsiveness, allowing couples to sleep together extra comfortably.

The Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid vs. Lull Mattresses By Body Type

Signature Hybrid Performance By Body Type & Sleeping Position:

Lightweight (< 130 lbs): 432
Average-weight (130–230 lbs):533
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs): 424

Lull Performance By Body Type & Sleeping Position:

Lightweight (< 130 lbs): 533
Average-weight (130–230 lbs):534
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs): 324

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Average-Weight Sleepers (130–230 lbs)

Average-weight back sleepers will have the best support from both mattresses thanks to its medium-firm feel allowing enough support for the spine. However, stomach sleepers may not get the best body-hugging feel they need when sleeping in this position for both mattresses. Meanwhile, side sleepers using Lull may still have a quality sleep since it provides enough firmness to keep your body lifted while still being comfortable.

Heavyweight Sleepers (> 230 lbs)

Signature Hybrid may give heavy-weight back sleepers the proper support to alleviate their back pains since they have a responsive foam material that contours the body for more spine support. For side sleepers in this body frame, both mattresses can be firm and soft enough to provide comfort for this position. However, heavy-weight stomach sleepers may not get the proper support from this mattress since it may not be soft enough to comfort this position, especially from Signature Hybrid, which does not have zoned support.

Lightweight Sleepers (< 130 lbs)

Lightweight back sleepers for both mattresses can get the best and most comfortable sleep. The two mattresses can guarantee support and comfort, especially for combination sleepers and couples. However, side sleepers may not feel comfortable using Signature Hybrid because its firmness might not give you enough doughy effect that allows you to sink while being supported.  2 short paragraphs explaining why each mattress works or doesn’t work for lightweight sleepers with different sleeping positions (side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers).

Differences In Mattress Construction 

Signature Hybrid and Lull are both innovative in their separate ways because of their distinct mattress constructions. Read on for a further explanation.

Signature Hybrid Mattress Materials Lull Mattress Materials
Quilted Cover (1” or 0.5”)Breathable Cover
TitanFlex Comfort Foam (1.5” or 1”)Gel-Infused Memory Foam (1.5”)
VariFlex Transition Foam (1” or 2”)High-Resilience Foam (1.5”)
Ascension Pocketed Coils (8”) High-Density Flex Base Foam (0.25”)Durable Base Layer (7”)


The Signature Hybrid and Lull mattress both provides soft and comfortable cover. Signature Hybrid has a Quilted Cover for heat absorption, and Lull has a Breathable Cover.

Comfort Layers

Signature Hybrid has two layers of unique foam engineered to compress easily, respond rapidly, and dissipate heat effectively. The Lull is an all-foam mattress with three layers; the top layer provides a soft, doughy feel, but the harder transition layer below rapidly counteracts this.

Support Layers

Support is provided by a layer of coils that are so thick that they can move independently of one another, cutting down on motion transfer even more than with regular innerspring coils. However, Lull’s thick and durable foundation layer foam slab interacts with the other layers to effectively isolate motion, allowing partners to sleep well even when they move around.

Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid vs. Lull Pricing

SizeBrooklyn Bedding PricesLull Prices
Twin XL$$
California King$$

For exclusive discounts on both beds see our Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid mattress coupons and Lull mattress coupons.

Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid vs. Lull Mattress Performance Ratings & Differences

The Signature Hybrid and the Lull mattress are both comfortable and supportive beds, but which one is right for you? We’ve broken down the details so you can make an informed choice.


The Signature Hybrid could be preferable to the Lull if you have trouble keeping cool at night. Staying calm and comfortable through the night is made possible by the Signature Hybrid’s thick coil layer, which allows airflow to whisk away excess heat. Although the top layer of the Lull’s memory foam is infused with cooling gel, the mattress is not as airy as a hybrid option like the Signature Hybrid.

Motion Transfer

With numerous inches of cushion, both beds are excellent for isolating their respective sleepers from outside movement. However, the Lull bed is a good choice if you or your partner have trouble falling asleep. The Lull lacks sensitive springs, the main culprit in the uneven motion distribution across most mattresses’ surfaces like the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid. Because the Lull is made entirely of foam, you won’t feel your partner’s every move.

Edge Support 

When it came to edge support, neither the Lull nor the Signature Hybrid was very impressive, but the Lull’s edges were just a tad more durable than the Signature Hybrid’s. You can probably sleep on the sides of both without fear of rolling off, but if you like to sit on the sides or require support, the Lull is the superior option.

Pressure Relief 

Sinkage at the shoulder blades, hips, and other pressure points is essential for side sleepers and persons with joint problems to have a restful night’s sleep and pain-free morning. The soft model of the Brooklyn Signature is the more pressure-relieving of the two options, making it the superior choice for side sleepers. While most side and back sleepers will find the Lull’s cushioning just right, the lightest side sleepers may find it too firm.

Pain Relief 

If you sleep on your back and weigh less than 230 pounds, the Lull will provide you with excellent spinal alignment and relieve pain. Even so, the Signature Hybrid should work well for stomach and side sleepers both in terms of spine alignment. The Signature Hybrid with a softer feel is ideal for side sleepers, while the Signature Hybrid with a firmer feel is perfect for stomach sleepers and those who weigh a lot.


Assuming the Lull and Signature Hybrid have the same average durability, you should have about seven years before noticing any changes in the foam’s softness or support. The Signature firm variant has higher-density foams, making it more durable.

Shipping, Returns, & Warranties 

Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid 

Customers in the 48 contiguous states receive free FedEx shipping, but those in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada are charged a price. There is a 120-night trial period for your new mattress, during which time you can return it to Brooklyn Bedding for a full refund if you decide it isn’t the most excellent mattress for you, but returns are not accepted for the first 30 nights. Customers who purchase and keep a Signature Hybrid mattress will benefit from a 10-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing flaws.


Lull offers free shipping on all bed orders inside the contiguous United States. Lull does offer shipping to Alaska and Hawaii for an additional cost, but they do not ship internationally. You have 365 nights to decide whether you adore the Lull, and you are free to send your new bed back at any point throughout the trial period. Although imprints on a Lull mattress are covered for as long as you own the mattress, the warranty only kicks in when the impression is more than 1.5 inches deep.

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Our Final Take

These are undeniably different mattresses that suit different kinds of sleepers. Hot sleepers, side sleepers, and heavyweight folks are likely to prefer the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid with its three firmness options. Couples and back sleepers who enjoy a balanced feel may prefer the gentle contouring support and superior motion isolation of the all-foam Lull mattress. Both beds come with a risk-free sleep trial, so pick the one that works best for you and give it a try!

Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid vs. Lull FAQs

Can hotels use Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid?

Absolutely, yes! Not only does it provide support and comfort for your customers, but it is also budget-friendly. Some hotels may have already been using this mattress, giving maximum customer satisfaction. You can contact the management for coupons and deals when purchasing this mattress in bulk orders.

Is the Lull mattress a good buy for its price?

The Lull mattress will be a superb purchase if you are a back sleeper experiencing back pain most of your life. Your sleeping position and body frame may profoundly affect your comfort on this mattress. So you can ensure that it fits your needs to enjoy its benefits.

What do I do if the mattress does not fit me?

If you are concerned about the mattress you purchased, you can contact their customer support immediately. Apart from that, each mattress has a return period with free shipping if you want to change your mattresses. Read on the warranty, return, and refund period for better service.