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Nest Easy Breather Pillow Review

Mattress Nerd Score: 4.2/5

Materials: TENCEL blend cover and shredded foam filling

Firmness: Medium

Sleep Trial: 30 nights

Warranty: Two years

The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The Nest Easy Breather pillow is a great pillow for most sleepers because it has a medium firmness, adjustable loft and it’s breathable. It’s much softer and more moldable than a memory foam pillow, because there is more air between the shredded foam than in a block.

Who It’s Good For

  • Side sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Anyone who wants an adjustable pillow

Who It’s Not Good For

  • Budget shoppers
  • Sleepers who like traditional memory foam pillows
  • Buyers looking for an all natural pillow
nest bedding easy breather inside

Look Inside

The case of the Easy Breather pillow is made of a blend of polyester, elastane, and lyocell, which is a TENCEL branded fiber made from raw wood material. This material makes the pillow not only breathable, but also more sustainable and eco-friendly.

The filling of the Easy Breather pillow is shredded memory foam. The foam filling is a proprietary blend of specialty foam and smooth polyester fiber. All of the foam material in the pillow is CertiPUR-US certified, and according to Nest, has lower chemical off-gassing. This filling gives the pillow a really plush and squishable feeling but allows it to maintain its shape and firmness.

Mattress Nerd Pillow Scores

Here at Mattress Nerd we put a lot of thought into how mattresses can help you get a better night’s sleep by writing mattress reviews in search of the best mattresses. But it’s important not to forget about the other aspects of your bedding that can affect your sleep, like your pillow! There are lots of different types of pillow stuffing, covers, and shapes, but in this review, we’ll take a look at Nest Bedding’s Easy Breather pillow.

The Easy Breather is a shredded memory foam pillow with an adjustable loft. To review it, I rated it on cooling, alignment, adjustability, quality of materials, care, and customer experience, as well as how it works for different sleep positions.

Nest also offers a latex pillow version, the Easy Breather Natural pillow, which is made with OEKO-TEX shredded latex instead of foam, and an organic cotton cover instead of TENCEL blend. But in this review, we’ll just be looking at the original.

Cooling: 4/5

Sleeping on this pillow, I thought it maintained a cool temperature well. The TENCEL blend cover does feel cool to the touch and even though the pillow molded around my head pretty well, I didn’t feel like too much heat was trapping around my head.

Because the filling is shredded foam instead of a block of foam, like a more traditional memory foam pillow, there’s a lot more possibility for airflow within the pillow. When you open the pillow to remove the foam fill, you can tell that there’s more room for air because the foam isn’t dense.

Alignment: 4/5

Providing head and neck support and keeping your spinal alignment are some of the most important jobs of your pillow. With the Easy Breather, how well your alignment is maintained can really depend on how you adjust the filling.

Sleeping on this pillow as it came, without adjusting the filling, the loft of the pillow was way too high for me, and I felt like my neck was strained trying to lie on it. But after adjusting the pillow, I got it to a much more comfortable level. 

The material of the pillow conforms really well around your head and neck, making them feel lifted but supported.

Adjustability: 5/5

The Nest Easy Breather is a very adjustable pillow. To change the loft, all you have to do is unzip the pillow and start pulling fluff out. Just make sure to even out the foam distribution once you’re done.

If you do lower the loft, be aware that you might need to remove a considerable amount of fill. I ended up filling an entire plastic shopping bag with foam before getting it to a loft that was comfortable for me. I’m a combination sleeper who switches between side and back sleeping primarily, so stomach sleepers might need to remove even more filling than I did.

It may take some time to find the right amount of fill for you, so if you take any of the shredded memory foam out of the pillow, be sure to store it in a sealed bag or something similar in case you want to add more back later.

Quality of Materials: 4.5/5

The Easy Breather pillow is made with some pretty high-quality materials. The TENCEL, which is an eco-friendly fabric, makes the cover feel smooth and cool to the touch. And the filling is very soft as well. I love that you can unzip the pillow and see exactly what the filling is made of, which is essentially small chunks of memory foam and fiber. Even though the pillow contours well, it bounces right back into its original shape once you’re no longer lying on it.

Care: 3.5/5

The pillow itself is not washable. Only the removable cover is machine washable, so if you have allergies or are using this pillow in a guest bedroom, it might not be ideal since it cannot be washed. You can spot clean the pillow if needed, but be sure to let it air dry. And you can always add a pillow protector to keep your pillow squeaky clean.

Nest does recommend putting the pillow in the dryer on tumble, without heat, to redistribute the foam in the pillow.

Customer Experience: 4/5

Nest offers free shipping for the Easy Breather pillow within the continental USA, but there is a fee to ship to Alaska and Hawaii. The company generally ships with FedEx and UPS, and the only country Nest currently ships internationally to is Canada. The Easy Breather is currently available for purchase on the Nest Bedding website and on Amazon.

Your pillow will arrive compressed and rolled into a box, so all you have to do is open the box, cut the packaging open, and wait for your pillow to expand. When we unboxed it, it puffed up pretty quickly and continued to expand until it reached its fullest size. All in all, a very simple unboxing experience!

Now, you might be familiar with the sleep trial periods that most bed-in-a-box mattress companies offer to let you test out mattresses at home. But did you know that Nest offers a sleep trial for pillows, too? The brand has a 30-night sleep trial for you to sleep on the Easy Breather at home before deciding if it is the best pillow for you.

If you do decide to return your pillow within the 30 day window, all you have to do is email Nest will supply you with a shipping label and either a pickup or coordinate where you can drop off your pillow.

You can sleep a little easier knowing that your Nest Easy Breather is covered by a two-year warranty. The warranty covers defects and manufacturing issues, so if an issue arises with your pillow that isn’t just general wear and tear, you can contact Nest at to file a claim.

Total Score: 4.2/5

Side Sleeping

For side sleepers, the high loft of the pillow as it comes out of the box will work well to provide head and neck support, although some will probably need to adjust it based on your size and personal preference. Sleeping on my side on this pillow, I felt aligned and comfortable.

 And Nest even offers a special Side Sleeper pillow, which is shaped to allow room for your neck and shoulders.

Back Sleeping

Back sleepers need a pillow with a medium loft and a material that will conform under their neck and head. As is out of the box, the Nest Easy Breather was a little tall for me sleeping on my back, but by removing the filling, the loft can be adjusted to a comfortable level. And the shredded memory foam is soft enough to allow your head to sink in, but still supportive.

Stomach Sleeping

For stomach sleepers, a low loft is best to avoid neck pain. The Easy Breather will be too tall as it comes out of the box, but by removing the fill and lowering the loft, stomach sleepers should be comfortable on this pillow. But if you would rather not have to remove so much fill, a flatter pillow might work better.

Score for Side Sleepers Score for Stomach Sleepers Score for Back Sleepers
4.5/5 3.5/5 4.5/5



  • Adjustability: While some people might prefer to have their pillow ready to use out of the box, I really like the adjustability of the Easy Breather pillow. Being able to remove the filling to your desired loft means you can truly customize your pillow to fit your exact needs. This also makes it work for a variety of sleeping positions.
  • Cooling: This pillow doesn’t have any wild, hi-tech cooling capabilities, but the cool TENCEL cover and the breathability from the shredded foam keep the pillow from retaining heat. Which is good, because who wants to wake up with a sweaty face or hair?
  • Contouring: The shredded foam filling is very moldable and this pillow contours around your head as soon as you lie down on it. It feels very soft but supportive, and it bounces right back into its shape once you aren’t pressing down on it anymore.


  • Not Washable: While the cover of the Easy Breather is removable and washable, the actual pillow cannot be washed. With the cover and a pillow case, you shouldn’t need to worry about keeping it clean too much, but if you have allergies this might be an issue for you. And be careful not to spill any breakfast in bed onto your pillow.
  • Price: While I really like this pillow and it has a lot of great features, it is definitely at a higher price point, with the Standard size pillow going for $99. For a lot of people, it’ll be worth the money, but budget shoppers might want to look elsewhere.

Sizing, Pricing, and Policies

Size Dimensions Price
Standard Size 24” x 16” $99
Queen Size 27″ x 16″ $119
King Size 32” x 16” $149
Side Sleeper 28” x 16” $119

Nest has a 30-night sleep trial period where you can test out the Easy Breather before deciding to return it. And if you decide to keep it, you have a two-year warranty that will cover any manufacturing defects.


What makes the Nest Easy Breather adjustable?

The shredded memory foam filling in the Nest Easy Breather is what makes it an adjustable pillow. Because there is a zipper on the pillow case, you can pull fluff out of the pillow to adjust the loft of the pillow so that it is thicker or thinner. This is great for different sleeping styles and allows you to make the perfect pillow size for you.

Can I wash my Easy Breather Pillow?

The Easy Breather pillow is not machine washable—the only part that you can put in the washing machine is the removable cover. You can help to keep your pillow clean by using a pillow protector, but if you need to clean your pillow, spot clean it, and allow the pillow to air out before sleeping on it. 

Is Easy Breather good for side sleepers?

The Nest Bedding Easy Breather pillow is a good choice for side sleepers, especially because there is a specific Side Sleeper pillow that is shaped thicker around the edge and thinner in the middle to help maintain spinal alignment and prevent neck pain. Also you can adjust to your liking by removing foam filling.

The Nerd’s Final Take

If you’re looking for a down alternative that’s adjustable to your needs, the Easy Breather is a top pick. It sleeps cool, is moldable and supportive, and is easy to adjust by just removing foam fill. It might take some time to get the fill level exactly right for you, but once you do, you’ll have a custom pillow that’s perfect for you. And while the sleep trial isn’t the longest in the industry, the two-year warranty is a nice bonus.

If you’re a stomach sleeper or want a pillow with a really low loft, the Easy Breather definitely can work for you, but it might not be worth buying if you end up having to remove most of the filling to get it to the right level.

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