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DreamCloud Premier Mattress Review

Warranty: Lifetime

Sleep Trial: 365-Nights

Price Range: $899-$1,599

Our Verdict: The DreamCloud Premier is a medium-firm, hybrid mattress that keeps sleepers cool, protects the spine, and provides pressure relief. It is about four inches taller than most commercial mattresses, so this luxury option gives sleepers extra loft to their bed. If you are a lightweight to average weight sleeper, who sleeps on your back or side, the DreamCloud may be a great mattress for you! See our best luxury mattress list for other great options by top brands. 

What We’ll Cover In This DreamCloud Premier Mattress Review

The DreamCloud Premier is marketed as a luxury hybrid mattress. this company did not include “cloud” in its name just for fun. Think about the dreams you’ve had of catching blissful, easy zzzz’s atop a fluffy, white cloud? DreamCloud wants to make that one come true, so they modeled their mattress to give you that feeling.

The DreamCloud Premier mattress features a full eight layers of fabric, foam, and coils specifically engineered to address a laundry list of sleeper needs and to deliver a “soft, plush and comfy” night’s sleep. Some of the most luxurious mattresses can cost thousands of dollars, but the DreamCloud Premier, made by a direct-to-consumer company, seems to be able to bring you quality without the pain of a super high price tag. It is one of our best mattresses for seniors, due to its perfect balance of dreamlike comfort, and pain-relieving support, but sleepers of all ages can enjoy this affordable luxury mattress.

In this review, we will discuss some highlights of the DreamCloud Premier, who this mattress is best for, and what to expect when you are shopping for a DreamCloud!

Who Is The DreamCloud Premier Best For? 

Best For…

May Not be Best For…

✅Lightweight  – Average weight Sleepers 

✅Back & Side Sleepers 

✅Hot Sleepers 

❌Stomach Sleepers

❌Heavier Sleepers

DreamCloud Premier Highlights

  • 15-inch mattress thickness and 8 memory foam layers and innerspring coils.
  • One of Mattress Nerd’s picks for Best Mattresses of 2021!
  • Uses Eco-friendly and CertiPUR-US Certified foams, good for you & the earth.
  • Recommended for all types of sleep positions.
  • Patented dream plush top and patent-pending pocket coils.
  • Free shipping and free returns.
  • One of our top picks for Best Mattress for the Money!
  • Optional White Glove service to set up a new mattress & remove the old one for $149
  • The 365-day trial period, at three times as long as other companies
  • A lifetime warranty. And lifetime means the life of the mattress, just so long as you’re sleeping on it that whole way through.
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What Type of Mattress is the DreamCloud Premier? 

The DreamCloud is a medium-firm, luxury hybrid mattress made up of both memory foam and innerspring coils. The best hybrid mattresses are able to contour around the pressure points of the body while providing enough supportive coils for sleepers to not feel stuck in the foam layers.

Is the DreamCloud Premier Best For Hot or Cold Sleepers?   

Memory foam mattresses earned a bad rap for retaining too much body heat. However, thanks to better technology, like cooling gels, perforated latex, and foam, it is easier for foam mattresses to sleep cooler. The DreamCloud hybrid has several cooling features, including innerspring coils that naturally disperse heat and increase breathability. This mattress will keep you cool and comfortable all night long. If you tend to sleep hot, see our picks for the best cooling mattresses.

Dreamcloud Premier Mattress Firmness & Feel 

The DreamCloud is considered medium-firm on the mattress firmness scale. In some cases, this is also known as a luxury firm.

While the plush pillow-top gives it a cushy feel, the foam and coils bounce back and prevent you from sinking into the mattress, never to be seen again. They also do a very good job of keeping your spine aligned, straight like an arrow. It is that perfect sweet spit between supportive, and cloud-like. 

For a softer mattress from DreamCloud, see our DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress review.

Is the DreamCloud Premier Good For Couples? 

The foam used in the DreamCloud Premier did depress when I sat down on the edges, but laying close to the edge did not cause any problems. You would easily be able to use the full surface of this bed without losing any comfortability and without increasing any pressure on the wrong parts of your body. The DreamCloud is fairly average at motion isolation. I could feel big movements, like someone getting in and out of the bed, but then changing positions did not bother me too much. If motion isolation is a top priority for you, see our recommendations for the best mattress for couples.

DreamCloud Premier Mattress by Sleeping Position

Back Stomach Side Combination
✅Support for lower back and neck

❌If you like feeling “on top” of the mattress 

❌May not be firm enough for heavy people  ✅The softness allows you to sink into the mattress ✅Decently fast responsiveness 

❌If you struggle with mobility it may be difficult to move around 

Back Sleepers: Overall, this mattress felt good lying on my back. It did not really fill in my lower back, but I did not feel like there was any pressure there. Back sleepers need a lot of support in the lower back and hip area to keep the spine in line throughout the night. I felt very supported, but could still feel come of the comfort from the pillowtop. See all of our top picks for best mattresses for back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers: If you are a strict stomach sleeper I would advise against the DreamCloud (unless you are very lightweight) When laying on my stomach, my hips started to sink almost immediately, making it difficult to accommodate a straight spine. The DreamCloud was just a little too soft in this position, so see our best mattress for stomach sleepers for better options that protect the spine and lift the hips. 

Side Sleepers: I loved this mattress laying on my side! It had the perfect amount of support and the perfect amount of contour to relieve pressure points on my hips and shoulders. The pillow top really shows off in this position. I felt hugged, but not overly, and still had the right amount of cushion. For more options see our best mattresses for side sleepers guide.

Combination Sleepers: The DreamCloud will be a great mattress for combination sleepers. If you spend the majority of your time on your side or back, this is a great option. I found it easy to move around on from position to position. If you tend to sleep mostly on your stomach, there may be a better option. 


DreamCloud Premier Design

The DreamCloud Premier is a 15-inch luxury hybrid mattress constructed with eight layers all designed to work together to create the ultimate sleep experience. It is named one of our Best hybrid mattresses

Top Layer:  This comfort layer is a  tufted cashmere top. The tufting keeps the material in place and prevents it from shifting or flattening out prematurely. The cashmere is also breathable, soft and naturally resistant to bedbugs.

Second Layer: This layer is gel memory foam. The gel works to cool the foam and the foam allows the body to contour to the surface and avoids painful pressure on specific parts of the body.

Third Layer: A soft, quilted layer of memory foam. A second soft layer already? Sure, the more plush layers, the better for a mattress that aspires to feel like a cloud.

Latex Layer: A premium and naturally hypoallergenic latex that accounts for the bounce you feel when you rest on the mattress. It also is another structure to help your body easily contour to the mattress surface.

Layer 5 & 6: These are dense, and supportive layers of memory foam. They provide the structure that keeps your spine aligned.

Coil Layer: A patent-pending set of pocketed coils called “BestRest” Coils. There are five zones of coils arranged throughout the layer. They are described as “micro coils” that work together to support the mattress and give it bounce where needed.

Base Layer: Another high-density layer of “super soft” memory foam. This is the home base of the mattress, the layer that makes the mattress supportive and durable.

How Much Does the DreamCloud Premier Cost? 

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
$899 $1,099 $1,299 $1,399 $1,599 $1,599

Dimensions & Specs

  • Twin: 39″ x 75″
  • Twin XL: 39” x 80”
  • Full: 54” x 75”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King: 76” x 80”
  • California King: 72” x 84”

94 pounds for the queen


15 inches

DreamCloud Trial, Warranty, Shipping & Unboxing

You will be able to test the DreamCloud for a full year of your life, a 365-night trial if you want. If you decide after an entire year sleeping on the DreamCloud that the DreamCloud is not your ideal mattress, the company will remove it from your home and refund your payment. The risk-free trial is three times longer than most others.

DreamCloud also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. They call their warranty the “Everlong” warranty and it lasts as long as you own the mattress. Of course, you will run afoul of the warranty if the mattress has been abused or neglected. It also doesn’t cover normal wear and tear. Be careful about that. It may be a tough thing to prove after 20 years.

The DreamCloud mattress arrives on your doorstep in a box. It has been compressed and rolled up into a cylinder so it can fit in a surprisingly small box! When you are taking the mattress out, we usually recommend two people work together. It isn’t a hard process-but requires a few minutes to pull it out of the box, cut off the plastic and watch it expand! 

Standard shipping from DreamCloud is free, and they also have the option of White Glove Delivery and setup for an additional $149. They will set up your new mattress and take the old mattress with them. 

DreamCloud aims to ship within 24 hours after you place your order, and have the mattress delivered to you in 1-5 business days. However, due to the demand of this bed-in-a-box brand, it can take 2-3 weeks for your mattress to be delivered. 

If you are looking for a great mattress, but have a tighter budget, check out our picks on the best mattress for under $500 or the best mattress under $1,000.

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Our DreamCloud Premier Mattress Review

The DreamCloud Premier luxury hybrid mattress was built to give sleepers a dreamlike sleeping experience. It’s a tall order, but the company goes all out to chase that goal: innovative fabrics and materials, the latest technology, one of the thickest profiles in the industry, a 365-day trial period, and a lifetime warranty. Honestly, I think they got pretty close to achieving that cloud-like sleep experience (in some sleeping positions). 

The mattresses layers cushion the body, especially for lighter to medium weight customers and those who prefer to sleep on their back or side. Your spine will thank you. You’ll avoid pain from too much pressure on your hips, tights, back, and shoulders thanks to the contouring to your body. But if you’re heavier or want to sleep on your stomach, this medium-firm offering may not be firm enough to support you.



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Will I experience off-gassing with the DreamCloud Premier? 

This mattress should have very little to no smell when unboxed. If it does have a slight scent, it should go away within a few hours. 

What kind of base best supports the DreamCloud?

A basic frame or box spring both work with the DreamCloud, but keep in mind this is an extremely plush mattress, so make sure your frame can fit a 15″ mattress for maximum comfort and support.

Is there a break-in period for the DreamCloud mattress?

DreamCloud looked at various sleep studies and found that it can take your body up to 4-6 weeks to properly adjust to a new mattress. This is why DreamCloud offers a sleep trial period of 365 nights in order to give you plenty of time to break in the mattress and decide if its a right fit for you.

See More FAQs at dreamcloudsleep.com