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Leesa vs. Nectar Mattress Review

The Leesa and the Nectar are two great mattresses for side and back sleepers, but which one is the best mattress option for you? Find out with our mattress review.

Comparing Leesa & Nectar Mattresses

The Leesa Original Mattress is a medium-firm memory foam blend, and the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is a slightly firmer traditional memory foam sleep option. Both mattresses are excellent for side and back sleepers who desire a body-contouring sleep surface that delivers appropriate support and pressure relief for hips and shoulders.

The primary difference between the two mattresses is that the Nectar incorporates proprietary cooling technology that allows it to sleep cooler than the Leesa. Also, the Nectar’s traditional memory foam construction makes you feel like you’re sleeping in the mattress rather than on it.

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  • The Nectar offers a lifetime warranty and a 365-night sleep trial period, while the Leesa only offers a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial period.
  • The Nectar sleeps much cooler than the Leesa thanks to its gel memory foam construction.
  • The Nectar has pure memory foam in its construction that lets you sleep “in” the mattress, and the Leesa uses a polyfoam/memory foam blend that allows you to sleep on the mattress.


  • Both mattresses are excellent for side and back sleepers due to their foam construction.
  • Both mattresses offer great edge support and motion isolation.
  • Both mattresses come with customer-friendly shipping and return policies.


The Leesa mattress adapts to all sleep positions and most body types. With it cooling foam and additional layers that both hug and support you, it's no wonder customers love sleeping on their Leesa.
4.9 / 5.0


Trial period

100 days



Who the Leesa Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

May Not be Best For…

  • Sleepers who prefer extra-firm mattresses
  • People who like the feel of a “traditional” memory foam mattress

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The Nectar is an affordable quality mattress with an excellent trial period. It suits all types of sleepers, couples, and people who love sleeping on memory foam.
4.7 / 5.0


Trial period




Who the Nectar Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Side and back sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • People who like to sleep “in” the mattress rather than on top
  • Couples

May Not be Best For…

  • Stomach sleepers
  • Heavier-framed individuals
  • People who want an extra-firm mattress

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Deciding Between Leesa & Nectar

Firmness / Feel

All mattresses are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of firmness, with 1 being the softest while 10 is the most firm. A softer bed is ideal for side sleepers who need hip and shoulder cradling for those pressure points, while a firmer mattress is better for stomach and back sleepers because it keeps their hips, back, neck, shoulders and legs in alignment.

The Leesa Original Mattress and the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress are 6 and 6.5 respectively on the firmness scale, making them decent mattress options for both back/stomach sleepers and side sleepers.

Motion Isolation

Couples who share a bed will want to consider motion isolation, which is the mattress’s ability to reduce the transfer of motion across the bed. Motion isolation means you are less likely to disturb each other throughout the night while shifting positions or getting in and out of bed. Both mattresses offer great motion isolation, but the Nectar slightly surpasses the Leesa due to its thicker memory foam.

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Edge Support

Edge support is important for all sleepers, but especially for those with back pain or people who have issues getting in and out of bed. Edge support refers to the level of responsiveness and support around your bed’s borders. A high level of edge support means your mattress is less likely to sag over time, so you won’t put as much strain on your back when sitting on the edge of your bed. Both mattresses provide relatively good edge support for memory foam mattresses.

Pressure Relief 

Tired of aches and back pain when waking up in the morning? It could be your mattress. While shopping for a new mattress, you want one that will deliver relief for common pressure points, including your back, neck, hips, and shoulders. For side and back sleepers, both mattresses deliver optimum pressure relief, while both do a good job of cradling for side sleepers.

Spine Alignment 

Besides pressure relief, you want a mattress that also promotes healthy spinal alignment in order to reduce the chances of back pain. If you’re a side or back sleeper, you’ll find that either of these mattresses will help keep your spine properly aligned. Side sleepers will also find good spinal alignment as the mattress dips around the shoulders and hips.


Mattresses nowadays are manufactured to last for a long time, but some tend to lose their support and responsiveness quickly because of the materials used in their construction. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress offers a higher level of durability, which is why it’s guaranteed for life.


Few things are as uncomfortable as overheating while you sleep. Luckily, the right mattress can minimize your chances of sleeping hot and dissipate heat throughout the night. The Leesa and the Nectar sleep cool, but the Nectar’s integrated gel memory foam technology makes it the preferred bedding option for very hot sleepers.

Leesa vs. Nectar Mattress Construction 

Leesa Original Mattress Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
Cover Twill fabric cover Quilted fabric cover
Comfort Layer 2″ polyfoam Gel memory foam
Transitional Layer 2″ memory foam Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam
Support Layer 6″ HD polyfoam Memory foam base layer
Mattress Thickness 10″ 11″

Leesa Construction

The Leesa Original Mattress’s construction starts with a top layer of a seamless and soft twill fabric cover to promote comfort and cooling. The next layer under that is 2 inches of polyfoam, which is breathable and responsive for a comfortable and temperature-regulated sleep. Under that is the 2-inch memory foam recovery layer to deliver additional pressure relief as well as body contouring. Finally, the base layer consists of 6 inches of thick polyfoam to give the mattress a high level of support and durability.

Nectar Construction

The top layer of the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is a Tencel cover that promotes airflow and keeps you cool. The comfort layer underneath that is quilted gel memory foam, further encouraging airflow and contouring to your body. A second comfort layer under that brings more gel memory foam to evenly distribute weight and deliver pressure relief to your shoulders, hips, and back. The next layer is made of adaptive Hi-Core memory foam to support your body and to maintain structure within the mattress. Finally, the base layer provides a thick, dense foundation to keep your mattress cool and stable.

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Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Leesa Nectar
Twin $699 $898
Twin XL $749 $968
Full $899 $1,098
Queen $999 $1,198
King $1,199 $1,398
Cal King $1,199 $1,398

Shipping and Returns for Leesa & Nectar


Anyone living in the continental United States or certain provinces of Canada can benefit from Leesa’s free shipping policy. However, for an additional fee, you can take advantage of the White Glove Delivery option, which means the delivery people will bring your new mattress into your home, set it up, and then remove and dispose of packaging materials and your old mattress.

Your Leesa mattress purchase comes with a 100-night sleep trial period. For 100 days, you can test out your mattress and see if it suits your preferences. If you’re unhappy with your mattress, you can return it for a full refund. Please keep in mind that Leesa’s return policy requires you to allow for a 30-night break-in period to ensure you allow your body to adapt to the bed.


Your Nectar mattress is shipped to you completely free of charge if you live within the continental United States. For residents living in Alaska or Hawaii, your delivery may incur a $150 charge. For an extra $149, you can select the White Glove Service Option, which comes with setup of your new mattress and removal and disposal of your old mattress.

Nectar offers a 365-night sleep trial period on its mattresses, meaning you have a year to test out your new mattress to determine if it’s right for you. If you decide to return the mattress during that time period, you can call Nectar’s customer support center and coordinate a pickup and removal. For continental United States residents, you will not be charged a return fee within the 365-night trial.

More Leesa Mattresses

Leesa Hybrid

This luxury hybrid mattress combines supportive coils with premium foam for cradling and comfort. The foam is perforated to reduce heat trapping, and the coils provide excellent edge support.

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Leesa Legend

The Leesa Legend is an upgraded take on the hybrid mattress. Considered a luxury hybrid mattress, it features two sets of coils for added support for the hips and shoulders, topped with cradling foam and an organic cotton cover.

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Leesa Studio

Leesa's most affordable mattress yet, the Studio, is a no-frills option made for the average sleeper. Its three layers of memory foam provide pressure relief, support, and cradling, so it's perfect for side, stomach, and back sleepers alike. If you're looking for a high-quality yet simple mattress, the Studio by Leesa is a great pick.

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More Nectar Mattresses

Nectar Lush

This 12" memory foam mattress has 5 layers that are branded as "life-changing comfort." From dual-action cooling to premier support features, the NEcatr Lush is sure to give you a great night's sleep. It is a perfect option for hot sleepers, couples, and strict side sleepers.

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Our Leesa vs. Nectar Final Review

Since they are both great mattresses, there may not be a clear “winner,” but focus on reiterating what type of person would be happier with each mattress. 

It can be hard trying to pick a winner between the Leesa and the Nectar since they’re both mattresses good for all sleeping positions and budgets. However, the subtle differences between the two can help you decide which is better for your sleep personality. If you’re looking for a mattress that is protected for a long time and is guaranteed to retain its shape and structure for years to come, you’ll want to choose the Nectar. If you’re a heavier individual who prefers a mattress with enough support for your weight without compromising on comfort, then the Leesa is the way to go.

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