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Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Review

Materials: Memory foam
Firmness: 3/10
Warranty: 20-year limited warranty
Trial Period: 100-night trial
Price Range: $1,799-$3,498

The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The Amerisleep AS5 mattress is soft and luxurious-feeling, one of the best mattresses for side sleepers, hot sleepers and folks who enjoy a very plush bed. Because of its 14” thickness, all body types can sleep comfortably on the AS5, regardless of size. However, stomach sleepers and those who prefer a firm mattress will likely find the AS5 very uncomfortable. Read our full Amerisleep AS5 mattress review to see whether this bed could deliver more comfort and pain relief to your sleep routine.

Who is the Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Best for?

Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  4 2 5
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 4 2 5
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  4 2 5

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Back Sleepers

Sleeping on your back is the best way to promote healthy, natural spine alignment, and the Amerisleep AS5 mattress is well-suited for this sleeping position. Back sleepers need moderate support in areas like the legs, back and neck, but they also need soft cushioning in the shoulders and hips to achieve adequate pressure relief. The AS5 has targeted support to provide pressure relief for these exact areas, plus three layers of foam for cushioning. Plus, because the AS5 is 14” thick, it provides proper support for lightweight, average-weight and heavyweight sleepers alike, a great mattress for back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers tend to have issues with back pain if their mattress is too soft because in the stomach sleeping position, the hips tend to sink into a soft mattress and cause misalignment. The best mattress for stomach sleepers, especially heavier folks, is a firm bed with better support. The AS5 might be manageable for very lightweight stomach sleepers, but we recommend a mattress with more support for heavyweight and average-weight sleepers.

Side Sleepers

When you sleep on your side, extra pressure tends to build up in key pressure points throughout the body, especially the shoulders and hips. As a result, side sleepers need a mattress that evenly distributes pressure across these parts of the body. The Amerisleep AS5 is great for side sleepers because it is soft, allowing your hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress gently, and because it includes a layer of foam specifically designed to help relieve pressure in high-pressure areas. The feel and thickness of this mattress makes it an all-star pick for heavyweight, average-weight and lightweight side sleepers.

Combination Sleepers

If you tend to change position throughout the night, then you are probably a combination sleeper. Because combination sleepers may switch between their back, stomach and side every night, one of the most important considerations for a mattress is responsiveness and ease of movement. Thanks to its unique construction, the AS5 is incredibly responsive, without sacrificing its premium softness. If you’re a lightweight, average-weight or plus-size combination sleeper who spends a large portion of the evening sleeping on your stomach, the AS5 might not be a great fit for you. For more responsive mattresses, see our list on the best mattress for combination sleepers.

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How Does the AS5 Mattress Feel? 

Responsiveness, Bounce and Ease of Movement 

Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses or most extra plush mattresses, the Amerisleep AS5 offers great responsiveness, bounce and ease of movement. Thanks to the Active Flex comfort foam in the third layer of the bed, the AS5 is both soft and responsive. You’ll most likely feel the contouring comfort of memory foam without a suffocating “hugging” feeling that prevents you from moving.

How Firm Is This Mattress?

The AS5 Amerisleep mattress is a soft mattress: Our team ranks it a 3 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest mattress possible. Choosing a great firmness level depends on each individual’s preferences and sleeping positions. The softest mattresses are typically best for side sleepers and some back sleepers, and they’re typically the worst choice for stomach sleepers who need a bit more support in a bed. Medium-firm mattresses tend to work well for most sleepers, regardless of sleep position or body type. Finally, firm mattresses tend to be most comfortable for stomach sleepers and some back sleepers, and they are usually least comfortable for side sleepers. That said, we highly recommend the AS5 for side sleepers and combination sleepers. It offers more softness than support, which isn’t ideal for stomach sleepers.

Does It Sleep Hot? 

All-foam beds have developed a reputation for sleeping hot because memory foam has a tendency to absorb body heat and reflect it back to the sleeper. However, thanks to the cooling Celliant cover and open-cell structure of the Bio-Pur foam layer, we consider the AS5 a great cooling mattress considering its all-foam design.

Is the AS5 Mattress Good For Couples? 

If you share your bed with a partner, another important factor to consider when buying a new mattress is motion isolation. If one partner tosses and turns while sleeping, it’s best to be sure the partner’s motion is isolated on their side of the bed. That way, the other partner doesn’t wake up every time the other person shifts. Thanks to the quick responsiveness of the Active Flex foam and the contouring support of the Bio-Pur foam, the AS5 allows for very minimal motion transfer and ranks very well for motion isolation. For other mattresses that can suit different sleeping positions and prevent motion transfer, check out our list on the best mattress for couples.

How’s the Edge Support? 

In beds with poor edge support, it can feel like you’re going to roll or slip right off the mattress, but that isn’t a problem with the AS5. When you lie alongside the very edge of the Amerisleep AS5 mattress, the edges of the bed hold their shape, offering very similar support to what you’ll find when you sleep in the middle of the mattress. This high-quality edge support is especially important for combination sleepers who might roll close to the edge of the bed, and other consideration for couples who want to maximize their space on top of the mattress.

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Construction: What’s Under the Surface?

The Amerisleep AS5 is designed with four unique layers of foam surrounded by a breathable cover. For stomach sleepers, this particular design won’t offer support in the right places, but for side sleepers and combination sleepers, the AS5 offers adequate support. Because of its thick construction, the AS5 is also a good option for all body sizes; and while the feel may differ based on weight, it can still provide proper support, comfort, and spine alignment regardless of body builds.

Layer #1: Celliant Cover: The cover of the Amerisleep AS5 mattress is made with a blend of fabrics that includes Celliant fibers. Celliant is a unique polymer fiber that transforms body heat into infrared energy, then dissipates the heat to keep you cool while you sleep. If you tend to be a hot sleeper, you know how easy it is for heat to build up throughout the night, but Amerisleep’s Celliant fiber cover can go a long way in preventing that problem.

Layer #2: Bio-Pur Memory Foam: Bio-Pur foam is Amerisleep’s proprietary foam made from renewable plant-based oils. The plant-based design of this foam makes the AS5 a good choice for eco-friendly shoppers. Bio-Pur foam also has an open-cell structure that promotes optimal airflow and, combined with the Celliant cover, creates an all-foam bed that can help prevent overheating.

Layer #3: Active Flex Foam: The same Active Flex foam used in the all-foam construction is used in the hybrid AS5 as well, which makes the mattress more responsive and soft at the same time.

Layer #4: Individual Coil Springs: The hybrid AS5 mattress has a layer of individually wrapped springs instead of foam, which gives the mattress a bouncier feel. These coils bounce back quickly after pressure is applied, making the mattress even more responsive. Check out our list on the best hybrid mattresses with layers of comfort foam and supportive coils.

Layer #5: Base Foam: The very base of the hybrid AS5 is made of a thin layer of support foam. This gives the mattress a better structure and increases durability.

How Much Does An Amerisleep AS5 Cost?

All-Foam/Hybrid Construction

Mattress Size Price Dimensions Height Weight
Twin $1,799/$1,999 38″ x 74″ 14” 49 lbs./61 lbs.
Twin XL $1,849/$2,049 38” x 80”  14” 53 lbs./66 lbs.
Full $1,949/$2,149 54” x 74” 14” 68 lbs./85 lbs.
Queen $2,099/$2,299 60” x 80” 14” 81 lbs./104 lbs.
King $2,299/$2,499 76” x 80” 14” 103 lbs./132 lbs.
California King $2,299/$2,499 72” x 84” 14” 102 lbs./110 lbs
Split King $3,498/$4,098 38″ x 80″ (2 pieces) 14” 114 lbs./134 lbs. 

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How Do the Policies Measure Up? 

Shipping, Unboxing & Returns

Amerisleep has several in-person stores, but if you order your mattress online, it comes in the bed-in-a-box style. The bed is shipped for free to the contiguous U.S. via FedEx and typically arrives, compressed in a box, 3 to 5 business days after placing your order. You have a 100-day window to return your mattress if you want to try a different Amerisleep model or simply want a refund. For more info, check out the “Trial Period” section below.


All Amerisleep mattress models come with a 20-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. If the mattress arrives damaged or if you notice body indentations or sagging greater than 0.75” during the 20-year warranty period, you can submit a warranty claim. During the first 10 years of the warranty, Amerisleep will replace your mattress for free, and during the second 10 years, they will offer you a prorated price for a new mattress. See our Amerisleep Mattress Warranty for more details.

Trial Period 

Every Amerisleep mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial period during which customers can test out the mattress from the comfort of their own homes. If you decide the AS5 isn’t the right fit for you, you can file a return request. Amerisleep will arrange for the mattress to be picked up and recycled at no cost to you. You’ll also receive a full refund.

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Compare Mattresses

Comparing the Amerisleep AS5 Mattress


Amerisleep AS5 vs. Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3

The Amerisleep AS3 mattress is built with a medium firmness to suit those who need an even mix of softness and cradling comfort. It's perfect for back and combination sleepers. Those who tend to sleep hot will appreciate the AS3's Bio-Pur proprietary foam, which is more responsive and breathable than traditional memory foam.

The Amerisleep AS5 mattress is a plush, luxurious mattress with a price tag to match. It is best-suited for side sleepers, combination sleepers and anyone who tends to sleep hot at night. It’s also a great option for heavier folks because its thick construction provides premium comfort and support, regardless of body size.

The Amerisleep AS3 mattress has the same cooling properties as the AS5, but it is a medium-firm mattress designed to be comfortable for all sleeping positions. It is 12” thick––which is 2” thinner than the AS5––but should still provide enough cushion for all body types.

See our full Amerisleep AS3 Mattress Review to learn more.

Amerisleep AS5 vs. Purple Hybrid Premier

Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple Hybrid Premier, like the Purple Hybrid, features a transitional layer and a support core of pocketed coils that sit atop a thin polyfoam base layer. This mattress was previously marketed as the New Purple, which included what is now the Purple Hybrid (formerly the Purple 2) and the Purple Hybrid Premier (formerly the Purple 3 and Purple 4).
Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

One of the biggest strengths of the AS5 mattress is its luxuriously soft feel that doesn’t sacrifice support or responsiveness. That combination of features can be difficult to find in memory foam mattresses, and it’s ideal for side sleepers and anyone who enjoys a nice soft bed.

The Purple Hybrid Premier isn’t a memory foam mattress, but it can offer a similar soft feel with even better cooling properties. The Purple Hybrid Premier is made with individually wrapped coils, support foam and Purple’s proprietary Purple Grid made from Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This design makes this one of the most breathable mattresses on the market, especially given its soft feel.

Read our full Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review to learn more.

Amerisleep AS5 vs. Saatva Solaire

Saatva Solaire

The Solaire is Saatva's most luxurious mattress yet. It's made for sleepers who want customizable firmness to suit their specific sleeping preferences. With 50 unique firmness settings, an organic cotton cover, and pressure absorbing memory foam, you'd be hard pressed to not get a great sleep on this bed.
Saatva Solaire Mattress

A mattress is an investment in your comfort and your health, so it makes sense to splurge on luxury if you can. The AS5 mattress is the softest, most luxurious Amerisleep model, but if you want a luxury mattress with adjustable firmness, you should look at the Saatva Solaire.

The Solaire is an airbed made with memory foam, latex and adjustable air chambers so you can adjust the firmness of your mattress each night. It sleeps cool and isolates motion very well, so it’s a great choice for couples as well.

See our full Saatva Solaire Mattress Review to learn more.

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Amerisleep FAQs

Can I flip the AS5 mattress to help it last longer?
Some innerspring mattresses can be flipped to help extend the life of the mattress, but the Amerisleep AS5 is not meant to be flipped. The layers are specifically constructed to provide the best combination of comfort and support, and if you flip or rotate the mattress, it won’t work as intended.

Can the AS5 be used with an adjustable bed frame?
Yes, it can! Amerisleep actually makes their own adjustable bed frame that you can use with any of their mattresses.

Can I have an Amerisleep mattress shipped to me in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or Mexico?

Yes! Shipping won’t be free to areas outside the contiguous U.S., but you can arrange to have an Amerisleep mattress shipped to your address in any of these places by calling (800) 500-4233.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you sleep on your back or your side, or if you prefer a luxuriously plush mattress, then the Amerisleep AS5 is a great option. It also stands out thanks to its considerable breathability and thick construction that comfortably supports all body types. However, because of its price, it’s not a good option for budget shoppers. Stomach sleepers will likely find it uncomfortable because of the soft feel, but we think many side sleepers will consider it a perfect fit.