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Amerisleep vs. Leesa Mattress Comparison

Too many foam mattresses to choose from? This comparison of the Amerisleep AS3 and the Leesa Original mattress covers everything you need to know to decide which is the best mattress for you.

Comparing Amerisleep & Leesa

Amerisleep and Leesa each sell a variety of mattresses. This review examines the brands’ best-sellers: the Amerisleep AS3 and the Leesa Original. The Leesa is a simply designed three-layer foam mattress with a soft feel that’s great for a variety of sleepers. The AS3 is available as all-foam or hybrid mattresses, each of which feels like a traditional memory foam mattress with a little more bounce.


  • Feel—The Leesa has a neutral, accommodating foam feel, and the AS3 has a responsive, gel memory foam feel. The Leesa’s denser foam layers may balance the sleeper’s body weight on top of the mattress and encourage pressure relief.
  • Discounts—Both brands run promotions throughout the year, but the Leesa is consistently priced $300 to $400 lower than the Amerisleep AS3. Amerisleep’s higher cost can be attributed to the additional thickness level and extra features incorporated into the construction.
  • Cover—The AS3’s Celliant fabric cover is a standout feature when compared to Leesa’s polyester-blend cover. This Celliant material is designed to convert body heat into infrared energy and return it back to the sleeper for improved tissue oxygenation, blood flow and body temperature regulation.


  • Pressure Relief—Both mattresses excel in providing conforming and pressure relief while maintaining an even surface for all sleeping positions, needed in the best mattress for combination sleepers.
  • Temperature Control—Neither bed sleeps noticeably hot nor cool, so they may not be the best choice for hot sleepers who need robust breathability or active cooling features.
  • Sleeper Types—Both models work for average-weight and lightweight sleepers in all sleeping positions, but neither is supportive enough for heavyweight body types. See our best mattress for heavy people guide for supportive mattresses that will protect the sleeper while providing pressure relief.
  • Motion Isolation—Both beds are virtually silent when pressure is applied and have excellent motion isolation, making them a great choice for sensitive sleepers and couples.

Amerisleep AS3

Who Should Buy this Mattress? 

  • Shoppers interested in the benefits of Celliant technology
  • People who like memory foam with a light bounce
  • Most combination and side sleepers


Trial period

10 days


20 years



Who the Amerisleep AS3 is Best For 

Best For…

  • Shoppers interested in the benefits of Celliant technology—The AS3 models have a cover made with Celliant fabric designed to benefit athletes, regular exercisers and people with physically demanding professions. While there are no data-driven studies to prove the effects of Celliant, sleepers report better sleep and fewer aches and pains after sleeping on this material. As a bonus, the cover is also machine-washable.
  • People who like memory foam with a light bounce—The Amerisleep AS3 isn’t as viscous and slow to respond as most memory foam mattresses; it responds faster to pressure, which is especially beneficial for combination sleepers who change positions.
  • Combination and Side Sleepers—The top comfort layer of the AS3 can protect pressure points as a best mattress for side sleepers, while the hybrid construction and bouncy movement can keep combination sleepers supported as they adjust positions.

May Not be Best For…

  • Heavyweight sleepers—Neither the hybrid nor the all-foam version of the AS3 is supportive enough for heavyweight individuals and couples.
  • People who want a traditional memory foam feel—If you enjoy the feel of traditional memory foam, which is slow to respond and sinks deeply underneath the body, you may find the AS3 too responsive.
  • People who sleep hot—The AS3 doesn’t offer adequate cooling features for most hot sleepers. The top layer of Bio-Pur foam tends to absorb heat in both models, so the bed tends to sleep warmer than beds built with intentional cooling measures.

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Who Should Buy this Mattress?

  • Shoppers on a tight budget
  • People who like a soft foam bed without the deep contouring of memory foam
  • Side sleepers looking for pressure point relief along the hips and shoulders


Trial period

100 days





Who the Leesa Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Shoppers on a tight budget—A Queen size Leesa costs roughly $1,000, but Leesa runs specials all the time, so you can usually find a Leesa mattress for less than $850 with coupons and promo codes. The MSRP for a Queen size Amerisleep AS3 foam is roughly $1,400.
  • People who like a soft foam bed without the deep contouring of memory foam—The comfort foam layers in the Leesa give it a soft, body-hugging quality. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping “in” the mattress, and you will hardly feel the memory foam in the second layer. This element makes it a great pick for shoppers who want a neutral, comfortable foam bed that lighter to average weight back sleepers or side sleepers can enjoy. See our list of the best mattresses for back sleepers for other hybrid or innerspring options.

May Not be Best For…

  • Heavyweight sleepers—Like the Amerisleep, the Leesa is simply not tall, firm or supportive enough for heavyweight individuals and couples. The Leesa Sapira mattress is a nice alternative if you are a heavyweight sleeper looking for additional support.

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Deciding Between Amerisleep & Leesa

Firmness / Feel

Both beds share a Medium firmness level, which helps each accommodate all sleeping positions for people who are lightweight or average weight. However, the beds feel noticeably different. That’s because the order of foam layers in the Leesa—the bed’s construction includes a layer of polyfoam on top of memory foam—gives the bed a neutral feel that’s plush yet doesn’t cradle the body deeply. The Amerisleep AS3 feels like a true memory foam bed, and sleepers will sink into the comfort layers when they lie down. When they get up, the AS3 will respond much faster than traditional memory foam, making it a good choice for shoppers who don’t want to feel stuck in the mattress.

Motion Isolation

All-foam beds typically offer the best motion transfer properties, as foam absorbs movement better than other materials. You can expect to feel little to no movement on the AS3 foam and the Leesa Original. Even the AS3 Hybrid has surprisingly low motion transfer for a hybrid mattress.

Edge Support

You can test the edge support in your mattress by sitting along the perimeter of the bed to see how much it sinks. Still, edge support can be roughly predicted without this test by examining a bed’s style and the density of its edge materials. The AS3 Hybrid features coils that provide better edge-to-edge support than the Leesa in this category. The AS3 Foam and the Leesa Original will have significant sinkage at the edges, because neither has added features to encourage great edge support.

Pressure Relief 

A bed’s ability to create pressure relief for a sleeper depends on the sleeper’s body type. The AS3 and Leesa are best-suited to conform closely to lightweight and average-weight sleepers’ bodies, and both will provide a nice body-hugging cradle to prevent pressure points from developing. If we had to choose a “winner,” we’d say the Leesa takes this category by a hair: The top layer of foam in its construction is softer than the AS3’s top layer.

Spinal Alignment 

The ideal firmness and thickness for a mattress to encourage spinal alignment depends on a sleeper’s body weight and preferred sleeping position. Only lightweight and average-weight sleepers can safely achieve healthy spinal alignment on the AS3 and the Leesa, because neither mattress is supportive enough for heavyweight sleepers. Both mattresses work well for all three primary sleeping positions (back, side and stomach), offering a balance of cushioning and even support. Some heavier sleepers or stomach sleepers may find that the memory foam causes their hips to sink, which could lead to back pain. If back pain is a concern, see our picks for the best mattress for stomach sleepers– likely to keep the hips lifted and protect the spine while resting on the stomach.


We expect the Leesa Original and the all-foam version of the AS3 to be slightly less durable than the AS3 Hybrid. In general, foam beds are less durable than innerspring, hybrid and latex models, which tend to feature thicker designs, sturdy coil cores and other materials that enhance their longevity. Foam beds tend to break down quickly and therefore don’t last as long. Still, Amerisleep and Leesa each offers 10 years of full warranty coverage, and Amerisleep tacks on an extra ten years of prorated protection for the bed.


Foam mattresses trap heat more than other models, and the Leesa and AS3 Foam are no exception. Even with the Celliant cover and the incorporation of a breathable coil core, the AS3 Hybrid also traps heat, so we wouldn’t recommend either of these options for extra hot sleepers. The best mattress for hot sleepers is more likely to be a hybrid mattress with actively cooling materials or an innerspring mattress that prevents any heat entrapment.

Leesa Mattress vs. Amerisleep AS3 Mattress Construction

Amerisleep vs. Leesa: We compare the construction of the Amerisleep (left) to that of the Leesa (right).

Amerisleep AS3 Construction

Amerisleep AS3 (All-Foam) Amerisleep AS3 (Hybrid)
Cover Celliant Blend cover Celliant Blend Cover
Comfort Layer  3” Memory Foam 3” Memory Foam
Transitional Layer 2” Polyfoam 2” Polyfoam
Support Layer 7” High-Density Polyfoam 7” Zoned, Pocketed Coils
Mattress Thickness  12″ 12″

The Amerisleep AS3 is a high-quality mattress that’s available in all-foam and hybrid versions. The foam option combines pressure-relieving memory foam with supportive base foams, and the hybrid version combines the same comfort foams with a pocketed coil support core. Both options measure 12” tall and have a medium firmness setting.

The cover of the all-foam AS3 and AS3 Hybrid features Celliant fibers, which convert body heat into infrared energy and transmit it back for faster recovery. The beds also share the same comfort and transitional layers, which are 3 inches of Bio-Pur foam (a proprietary open-cell memory foam) and 2 inches of high-density polyfoam. The Bio-Pur memory foam has a medium feel that conforms to the body, but is more responsive than traditional memory foam.

The all-foam AS3’s core is 7 inches of high-density polyfoam, which helps prevent the mattress from sagging. The hybrid AS3 features pocketed coils encased in high-density foam. The coils are also zoned, with thicker coils supporting the lower back and hips.

Leesa Construction

Cover Polyester and Lycra Spandex Blend
Comfort Layer  2” High-Density Polyfoam

2” Low-Density Memory Foam

Transitional Layer N/A
Support Layer 6” High-Density Polyfoam
Mattress Thickness  10”

The Leesa mattress is encased in a polyester and Lycra spandex blend cover that’s soft and somewhat breathable. In the comfort portion of the mattress, high-density polyfoam is layered over low-density memory foam, both of which work together to give the bed noticeable body-conforming capabilities without too much of a memory foam feel. The support core is 6 inches of high-density polyfoam. This provides a base for the softer layers of the bed. The mattress measures 10”, which is average for an all-foam bed.

Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  Amerisleep AS3 Foam Price Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Price Leesa Price
Twin $1,099 $1,299 $799
Twin XL $1,149 $1,249 $849
Full $1,249 $1,449 $999
Queen $1,399 $1,599 $1,099
King $1,699 $1,899 $1,299
Cal King $1,699 $1,899 $1,299
Split King $2,098 $2,698 N/A

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Shipping and Returns for Amerisleep & Leesa

Amerisleep AS3

The Amerisleep AS3 is delivered rolled and compressed as a bed-in-a-box, and shipping is free to the contiguous USA. Amerisleep can also ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. Deliveries are made through FedEx, and most mattresses arrive within three to five business days.

The Amerisleep return policy states that you’ll have 100 nights to test the AS3 at home, and Amerisleep requires you to sleep on the bed for at least 30 nights prior to initiating a return. You can exchange the mattress for a different model or return it for a full refund during the sleep trial period.

If you decide to keep the AS3, it’s backed by Amerisleep’s 20-year warranty. This coverage is partially prorated: During the first 10 years, Amerisleep will cover the cost of replacement or repair for issues covered by the warranty. During the last 10 years, you’ll have to pay 50 percent of the original mattress price to replace a defective bed.


The Leesa Original ships as a bed-in-a-box to the U.S. and Canada via UPS ground shipping. Customers in all 50 United States receive free shipping, and mattresses are typically delivered within five business days after the bed ships.

Leesa offers a 100-night trial for the Original if the bed was purchased through Leesa.com, Amazon, West Elm or other select retailers. The trial includes a 30-night break-in period, so you can only return your mattress for a full refund once you’ve tested it for at least 30 nights.

If you decide to keep your Leesa Original, Leesa offers a 10-year warranty that’s entirely non-prorated. Leesa will repair or replace mattresses with defects, but customers are responsible for all shopping and handling costs.

More Amerisleep Mattresses

Amerisleep AS1

The firmest of Amerisleep's five mattress models, the AS1 offers gentle but firm support. It is a high-quality foam mattress with great edge support and temperature regulation. Most stomach sleepers and back sleepers will likely find it very comfortable.

One of Amerisleep’s firmer options, this bed is an excellent choice for strict stomach sleepers and back sleepers. The top layer offers gentle-but-firm support for the hips and shoulders to keep the spine properly aligned.

See our full Amerisleep AS1 Mattress Review to learn more.

Amerisleep AS2

The best mattress from Amerisleep for stomach and back sleepers who like a medium-firm firmness level. This mattress is made to appeal to a wide range of sleepers and comes with a reasonable price point.

This mattress comes in hybrid and all-foam styles and is best for stomach and back sleepers who need targeted pain relief.

See our full Amerisleep AS2 Mattress Review to learn more.

Amerisleep AS4

The Amerisleep AS4 mattress is perfect for side sleepers who want some support combined with plenty of plush cushioning for the joints. The soft foam layers of the AS4 will help you feel cradled and comforted without allowing your hips and shoulders to sink too far into the bed. Amerisleep's 100-night trial and 20-year warranty can give consumers some extra confidence in purchasing this luxurious bed.

This Medium-Soft mattress is tailored for side sleepers and features extra cushioning at the hips and shoulders. It’s also one of Amerisleep’s more expensive options.

See our full Amerisleep AS4 Mattress Review to learn more.

Amerisleep AS5

Called the "Most Luxurious" by Amerisleep, the AS5 is the most expensive offering from the brand. It's a whopping 14" high and perfect for side sleepers looking for an ultra-plush bed that conforms to the body. Stomach sleepers and back sleepers won't find the support they need from this bed, but those looking for a soft, hotel-like feel will love the AS5.

The AS5 is more expensive than the other models and provides a balance of comfort and support for side sleepers and combination sleepers. The Bio-Pur foam in its construction bounces back in seconds and prevents heat buildup.

Read our full Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Review to learn more. For all the details, check out our Amerisleep Mattress Comparison page.

More Leesa Mattresses

Leesa Hybrid

This luxury hybrid mattress by Leesa combines supportive coils with premium foam for cradling and comfort. The foam is perforated to reduce heat trapping, and the coils provide excellent edge support.

This hybrid mattress is 11” tall and has a Medium Firm (6.5/10) setting. It has comfort layers similar to the Original but has a pocketed coil support core instead of a high-density foam base. As a result, it’s firmer and more responsive than the Leesa Original.

See our Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review to learn more.

Leesa Legend

The Leesa Legend is an upgraded take on the hybrid mattress. Considered a luxury hybrid mattress, it features two sets of coils for added support, topped with cradling foam and an organic cotton cover.

The Legend, a 12” hybrid mattress with a Medium Firm (7/10) setting, is Leesa’s newest model. It sleeps cooler than the Leesa Original and is best for average-weight and heavyweight sleepers who tend to sleep hot.

See our Leesa Legend Mattress Review to learn more.

Our Final Take

Both the Amerisleep and Leesa are great beds, but if you want a mattress with a memory foam feel, go with Amerisleep. If you like a neutral foam feel without much sinking, you’ll enjoy the Leesa. The Leesa is also the more affordable of the two beds, making it the obvious choice for shoppers on a tight budget. That being said, Amerisleep offers five different memory foam and hybrid models, so even if the AS3 isn’t exactly right for you, there are more options to choose from if you go with the Amerisleep brand.