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Awara Mattress Review

Check out our deep dive into the Awara mattress where we review buying tips, pricing and specs, and who this mattress suits best.

Nerd Score: 4.7/5

⭐ Top-Rated All-Natural Mattress⭐


Our Verdict: The Awara Mattress is an eco-friendly hybrid mattress that uses natural latex and a layer of coils to enhance both breathability and durability. Although its medium-firm feel is good for all sleepers, the Awara is ideal for heavyweight, back and stomach sleepers because of the targeted support it offers. It also regulates your temperature so you can keep cool throughout the night. The Awara may not be a match for those who prefer a softer mattress.

Who the Awara Mattress is Best For

Best For

Not Best For

✅ Back and stomach sleepers

People who shop organic

✅ Couples

✅ People who sleep hot

Side sleepers who like a firmer feel

Light sleepers, may be too firm for those who shift at night

❌ Heavier side sleepers who want to avoid pressure on the hips

❌ People who like a soft mattress

❌ Side sleepers who don’t like a firm feel against pressure points

Awara In-Depth Mattress Review 

Awara is a youngin in the world of online mattresses compared to the rest of the industry, opening its virtual doors in late 2018. But Awara opened them after looking at the marketplace and understanding that many of us want eco-friendly options whenever we shop, including while looking for new beds. It’s a smart approach considering we spend a third of our lives sleeping.

Awara’s first offering is a latex-and-innerspring coil hybrid that would normally cost and command a heftier price on the market. But we are happy to report the Awara mattress is both an eco-friendly and relatively wallet-friendly product.

The Awara features a 4-inch naturally sourced, organic latex layer that is both naturally hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. In this case, organic means “clean” not 100 percent organic. The other two-thirds of the construction is a 9-inch innerspring coil layer that encourages cooling air to flow through as you sleep. Awara is one of our top picks for best mattresses of 2020

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The mattress geeks here at Nerd also appreciate that the Awara has a targeted-support system in the coil layer. This means there are coils made of wires of varying thickness (or gauges), each of which react differently depending on the weight and shape of body parts. For example, it will give more to curve around heavier hips and less so for lighter shoulders. 

That’s a lot of design and quality materials for the price. Awara has built this latex-coil hybrid so it is useful to a wide-range of sleep styles and sleeper sizes and attracts the discerning, ecologically savvy consumer.

Awara Mattress Highlights

We love the many functional design features in the Awara mattress. Here are several that stood out to us:

Gentle to the Environment

  • Global Organic Latex Standard-certified Dunlop Latex is naturally sourced
  • Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton in the quilted Euro-top cover
  • GOTS-certified organic wool in the quilted Euro-top layer
  • The latex layer is hypoallergenic for a cleaner sleep environment adds bounce for comfort
  • Free of polyurethane foams or toxic fire retardants
  • One of the most affordable natural mattresses

Temperature Regulating

  • Organic cotton and wool cover is naturally breathable for cooling
  • Coil layer adds durability and allows consistent airflow to keep you cool

Adapts to Different Body Shapes

  • Fits nearly all sleeping styles thanks to 5 “zones” of coils that adapt to support the body parts depending on their weight and shape
  • Organic latex for pressure relief and adaptability; latex is also very durable
  • Thick, 13-inch profile with a Euro-top layer that gives the mattress a softer feel

Awara Mattress by Sleeping Positions

Back Stomach Side Combination
✅Medium-firmness provides proper back support and spine alignment

✅Heavyweight sleepers will benefit from targeted back support


✅Combination of coils and latex provide comfortable support for stomach and hips

✅Firm enough to prevent sinking hips by keeping spine in neutral position

✅Latex provides pressure relief for hips and shoulders

❌Lightweight side sleepers may find bed too firm

❌Doesn’t cradle your pressure points as much as an all-foam bed

✅Latex offers responsiveness to support your body as you change positions 

✅Provides motion isolation, limiting any sleep disruptions

❌May be too firm for lightweight sleepers who toss and turn throughout the night

Back Sleepers

The Awara has the right type of construction to shape itself to the curves of the bum while keeping your spine is a neutral position. The coil layer is built for support while the latex does a good job of cradling pressure points. The bottom line? This hybrid easily curves to the back and hips in the right way for back sleepers.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers who are OK with a slightly firmer feel will fair well on the Awara. They will feel the contouring effects of the different coil gauges and the bounce and support of the latex, but there hips and shoulders may not feel as “cradled” on the Awara. If you are a side sleeper that loves contouring, you may want to consider using a mattress topper.

Stomach Sleepers

The Awara’s zone of targeted coils works to adapt to body curves of different weights and shapes. Stomach sleepers should feel this hybrid curve to their stomach and hips in the right way. See Best Hybrid Mattresses

Combination Sleepers

The Awara’s unique pocket coil system limits motion transfer and the latex foam does an excellent job of contouring to your body even as you change positions throughout the night. Combination sleepers will appreciate the responsiveness of this latex hybrid mattress and the consistent support no matter what position they shift to.

Awara Mattress Sizing and Specs

Size Price Dimension Weight
Twin $1199 39” x 75”  79 lbs
Twin XL $1299 39” x 80”  85 lbs
Full $1,399 54” x 75”  109 lbs
Queen $1,499 60” x 80” 129 lbs
King $1,699 76” x 80”  160 lbs
Cal King $1,699 72” x 84”  162 lbs

*Prices listed are standard without sales or Mattress Nerd exclusive discounts.


Awara Firmness

The Awara is considered a medium-firm mattress, a 7 on the firmness scale. The firmer the mattress is, the less it will contour to your body’s curves or respond to sleepers who need to shift at night. But keep in mind, a mattress will feel firmer or softer to people depending on their body weight. 

Awara Construction

The Awara hybrid adds a little something extra to the top mattress — a two-inch Euro-style pillow-top that sits on the core of the mattress, delivering a thick, 13-inch profile. The Awara is one of our Best Pillow Top Mattresses

  • The cover layer is made of organic cotton and natural wool, both are breathable and both of which wick moisture to keep the sleeper dry and cool.
  • The top interior layer is 4 inches of organic Dunlop latex. It’s bouncy so it easily contours to your body. It curves to relieve pressure on the shoulders, hips and thighs.
  • The bottom support layer is 9 inches of pocket coils that encourage airflow and are highly durable. The coils are aligned in five different zones. They’re also made of different gauges (thickness and strength). Together they work to adapt to the different weights and curves of each part of your body in turn.

Buying Experience

Awara Trial

The Awara comes with a better-than-industry-standard, 365-day sleep trial period. You need to sleep on the mattress at least 30 days before initiating a return, but you get a full year to decide if the Awara is the mattress that works best for you. 

Just so long as you make the return before the 365 days is up, you will get a full refund. If you do send it back, Awara will pick it up and make sure it’s donated to an appropriate charity. They will do all of that at no cost to you.

Awara Warranty

The Awara comes with a lifetime warranty. That means you can get a new mattress if something materially or structurally goes awry with your mattress as long as you, the original buyer, owns it. In other words, if your mattress sags or the structure break down due to how it was manufactured, Awara will repair or replace it.

Delivery & Setup 

The Awara mattress ships compressed in a box for free in the contiguous United States. It usually arrives within 2-5 business days via FedEx Ground. Awara will set up the new mattress and remove the old one for you for an additional fee. Keep in mind, the white glove delivery service may add several days to the delivery time. 

At 129 pounds for the queen Awara mattress, it’s heavier than, say, a memory foam mattress. You’re going to want to phone a friend to set it up. Once out of the box, removed from the plastic cover and laid on a foundation, the unit expanded quickly and any lingering odor quickly went away.

Customer Service

Awara does plant trees for each mattress sold and will retrieve any mattress customers decide to return. They donate returned mattress to charities. 

You can reach out to customer service via chat, email or phone call. You won’t find any brick-and-mortar locations to see mattresses first hand, but that’s not uncommon for mattress companies these days.


Awara Rating and Conclusion

We know those latex mattresses and hybrid mattresses in general cost more than other types, but the Awara latex-coil hybrid plays against this stereotype. It uses great materials so you should go somewhere else if you just want a cheap mattress. In this case, we love how the Awara mattress is both budget-friendly and very eco-friendly. 

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Awara tried to use sustainable, natural and organic materials throughout the mattress in order to appeal to consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint and use renewable materials. Instead of memory foam, the mattress uses natural latex to relieve pressure and a coil layer that allows the mattress to breathe and stay durable at the same time.

The targeted support offered by the Awara makes it a great choice for heavier back and stomach sleepers. The cooling features within the latex and coil layers also make it a great choice for anyone that feels too hot while they sleep.

All in all the price is attractive for a bed that won’t hurt the planet. If you care about both, this may be the mattress for you.

Awara VS.

Check out our comparison tool to see how Awara stacks up against competitors.

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Does the Awara mattress have a factory smell or any off-gassing when you unbox it? 

Nope, Awara will not produce any off-gassing. This is because the mattress is constructed of organic and natural materials that emit very little odor if any at all.  

When can I sleep on my Awara mattress? 

Luckily, because the Awara is made from natural latex and organic materials, your new mattress will be ready to sleep on the same night it arrives at your door! Because this mattress produces little to no smell, you do not need to air the bed out before sleeping on it and can enjoy a healthy and restful night’s sleep immediately upon delivery.

What kind of foundation do I need with my Awara mattress? 

Your Awara mattress will work with any base as long as it has a solid foundation and raises the bed off of the floor for maximum support and breathability. These include a slatted platform, adjustable frame, or a box spring. Awara also sells its own Platform Bed Frame, if interested.

See More FAQs at awarasleep.com 

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