Cozy Earth’s Long Sleeve Pajamas Review

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The Mattress Nerd’s Take: Cozy Earth’s bamboo pajamas are great if you sleep hot, or if you have body temperature issues like hot flashes. This stretch-knit bamboo lounge sleepwear is super soft, moisture wicking, and comes with a 10-year warranty. But the pajama set is definitely expensive, and it only comes in five colorways. 

The Oprah-approved Cozy Earth PJs are made from a bamboo fabric that’s both comfy and durable. After a few weeks trying out the long sleeve pajama set, I’m convinced that it’s the softest night outfit I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. To test the brand’s claims of temperature-regulation, I tried out the long sleeve pajama set during the dog days of summer (and let me tell ya, I slept sweat-free). But the brand also offers a short sleeve pajama set and several other loungewear pieces, all available at

What Makes Them Stand Out


  • Quality is the name of the game for these luxury pjs. I haven’t noticed any pilling or damage after (I’ll be honest) a TON of wears.
  • Temperature regulation is often hard to find in a pair of long-sleeve pajamas, but the CozyEarth pair kept me free from night sweats. 
  • Clean-ability is at an all-time high with these pajamas, and I experienced an easy washing and drying process.


  • Pricing for the CozyEarth long sleeve pajama set is a bit high: think of a “dinner and drinks for two” kind of price tag. 
  • Customizability and pattern options aren’t available with this pajama set, meaning you can’t get these PJs monogrammed for a bachelorette party or get them in, say, a tiger-print design.

What are the Cozy Earth Pajamas Made Of?

Viscose (from Bamboo)

Because I’m a just-out-of-college gal with a budget to match, my pajama habits are lackluster: I’m talking old flannel PJ pants, gym shorts, and tee shirts. But there’s something luxurious about putting on dedicated sleepwear, especially a set made with bamboo fabric. 

The whole “bamboo viscose material” idea might seem a bit strange in theory, but it makes for an ultra-soft and temperature-regulating sleep experience. The fabric is soft enough that it seems light and breezy on my body, while it’s strong enough to move with my body and withstand all my tossing and turning at night: Not to mention my early-morning voyages out to get the mail.

What do the Cozy Earth Pajamas Feel Like?

Any product that makes Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list pretty much speaks for itself, but I’d say that Cozy Earth’s long sleeve stretch-knit bamboo pajama set feels soft and supple. When I slipped these on, they felt silky without the chintzy sheen that epitomizes my less-expensive Amazon PJs. The bamboo material in these pajamas makes for a temperature-regulating sleep setup, and I haven’t noticed any thread pulls or tears, even after so many nights (and a few days, let’s be honest) in these PJs. 

Next, we need to talk about how to wash these bad boys. The pajamas are machine-washable, but Cozy Earth recommends using a cold setting and no detergent. The brand also recommends hanging the pajamas after a spin in the dryer “to minimize wrinkles.” But, because I’m not the Queen of England, I just threw them in a hot water load with the rest of my t-shirts and Nike running shorts. Then I folded the PJs when they came out of the dryer instead of hanging them. After my minimal effort, they came out wrinkle-less and stain-free. 

And the “stain-free” thing isn’t an understatement. During my rigorous testing process, (read: I’m an absolute slob) I spilled coffee, strawberries, and even a teensy bit of spaghetti sauce on these pajamas during one of my classic mid-afternoon pasta breaks. To this day, my gray pajama set looks as clean as they did when I pulled them out of their pretentious little ivory-colored bag, straight from Cozy Earth.

Cozy Earth Pajamas Pricing and Specs

Size Size
XS $195
S $195
M $195
L $195
XL $195
XXL $195

Cozy Earth Pajamas Policies


Cozy Earth ships orders for free within the U.S., and orders should ship in about two business days. You’ll receive tracking information directly to your email inbox when your pajamas ship.

If you made a mistake during shipping and need to change your address, Cozy Earth can change the address for free before the order ships. The brand might also be able to change the address for a fee after the order ships, but reach out as quickly as possible if you need an address change. 

Sleep Trial

If you purchase a pair of Cozy Earth pajamas, you’ll get a 100-night sleep trial period during which you can return the set for a full refund. Cozy Earth also offers financing with Klarna, so that customers can try out the pajamas and avoid a payment for the first 30 days. The sleep trial applies not only to pajamas, but the entire line of Cozy Earth products sitewide: from bedding like duvet covers and pillow cases to clothing items like hoodies and lounge tees. 

Warranty Coverage

When you purchase a pair of Cozy Earth bamboo pajamas, you’ll not only get an Oprah-approved product but a competitive 10-year warranty. Our team has seen a ton of bamboo pajama sets and bamboo sheet sets hit the market, and we’ve never seen an accessory warranty as competitive as the 10-year warranty from Cozy Earth.

Cozy Earth Pajamas FAQs

Are the Cozy Earth pajamas true to size? 

Cozy Earth recommends sizing down if you’re trying to decide between two pajama sizes. But I found the sizing to be true-to-size. For reference, I weigh around 95 pounds and am around 5’4” tall, and the XS size worked well for me: not too long, not too tight. 

How’s the customer service? 

I wasn’t ultra-impressed with Cozy Earth’s customer service. I used the online chat feature to send them a simple question on a weekday, and I haven’t heard back from them at the time I’m writing this. But if you’re not anticipating needing to return these pajamas, that likely won’t be an issue. 

Does Cozy Earth offer discounts? 

The brand tends to offer discounts for “bundles” of purchases (for instance, buying a comforter, duvet cover, and sheets in the same order). For the dedicated deal-hunters out there, the best way to stay abreast of Cozy Earth’s sales is by subscribing to the brand’s email list.

The Nerd’s Final Take 

The Cozy Earth bamboo pajama set is like the BMW of the pajama world: not flashy, but with a certain understated elegance that speaks for itself. I’ve never felt overheated while wearing even the long-sleeve version of these PJs. And perhaps the highest praise? When I wake up in them, I feel like trouncing around my house for an hour or so speaking in a posh British accent and drinking my black coffee with one undeserving pinkie in the air. 

But if you’re shopping on a tight budget—or if you’re looking for a spunky pair of pajamas with a New Girl-esque spunk (think “dancing lions” print or zig-zag stripes)—this luxury pair of pajamas likely isn’t for you.