How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

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If you’ve ever been guilty of rolling that fitted sheet into a ball after trying—and failing—to fold it properly, you aren’t alone. But not to worry! We’re sharing easy, step-by-step instructions so you know exactly how to fold a fitted sheet.

Bottom Line: How Do You Fold a Fitted Sheet?

Folding a fitted sheet is a matter of tucking the corners into one another to approximate four corners. From there, it can be folded into thirds for a tidy finish. Remember to straighten the sheet’s sides as you go.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet: Video

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

Find a spacious spot to fold your fitted sheet. A bed works well. While you’ll be holding it vertically for most of the fold, you will need to lay the sheet down flat for the last step.

Step 1: Turn it inside out

Start by holding the sheet upright and turning it inside out so that the seams are on the outside. This will ensure a tidy finish with no seams.

Step 2: Put your hands in both top corners

With the long side on top, find both top corners and press your fingers into them, stretching the sheet out wide.

Step 3: Line up the top corners

Then, give yourself a high five. With the corners pressing together, use one hand to flip one corner over the other, turning the seams inward.

Step 4: Hold the top corners with one hand

Keep one hand in these corners, which are now tucked inside one another, and drag the other hand outward toward the opposite seam. If you have a side edge that’s bunching out, this is the time to shake it into place to avoid tangles.

Step 5: Line up the top and bottom corners

With both hands tucked into double corners on opposite ends of the sheet, give yourself another high five and follow the same steps as before. Tuck one hand over the other, flipping the sheet so that all four corners fit together, and drag one hand outward to the opposite seam.

Step 6: Fold into a flat rectangle

At this point, lay the folded sheet flat and look for four distinct corners. You should have a rectangular shape. Fold the flattest edge on the short side inward, then fold the opposite side on top. Make a final horizontal fold for a tidy finish.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet into a Pocket

Looking for that “pocket” finish for a folded fitted sheet? This quick and easy method turns folded sheets into tidy little packets that make storage a breeze. Like the other option, make sure you have sufficient space to lay out your sheet. Then, follow these steps.

Step 1: Lay out your sheet

Lay your sheet out flat on the bed, with the short side facing you.

Step 2: Flip the bottom corners inside out

Take the two bottom corners and flip them inside out, with both hands pressing into the seams from the outside.

Step 3: Tuck the bottom corners inside the top corners

Simultaneously tuck these two corners into the inside corners of the top two corners, lifting the sheet off the bed to shake it out. Then, lay it back down on the bed, straightening the edges. You should have a roughly square shape with rounded edges at the top and a straight edge along the bottom.

Step 4: Fold into fourths

Fold the sheet into the fourths, with two folds toward the center on the left side and two folds toward the center on the right. Remember to straighten as you go. Then, fold the left side over the right.

Step 5: Fold into thirds and tuck into the pocket

Turn the sheet sideways and fold the top third of the sheet toward the middle, checking for the small pocket that’s been created by the folds. Keep that part on top, and fold the bottom third of the sheet toward the center two times. The second fold should tuck right into the pocket.

Tips for Storing Your Sheets

Storing clean bed linens properly helps preserve both the integrity and color of your favorite sheets. We’re sharing a few helpful tips.

  • Store them in a dark, moisture-free space. A dedicated linen closet is ideal, but if you don’t have one, you can opt for a trunk at the foot of the bed or fabric-friendly containers (like white fabric bags) beneath the bed. To minimize yellowing, avoid cardboard, cedar or plastic containers. 
  • Bundle linens together. The “bed-in-a-bag” method keeps all the elements of matching sheet sets together. Once they’ve all been folded (minus one pillowcase), tuck everything inside the pillowcase you left out. Not only does this keep bedding compact, you’ll never have to go digging for a lost sheet again!
  • Toss in a sachet. Including a fragrant sachet into the sheet bundle keeps your linens smelling fresh.


Folding fitted sheets takes a little practice—not to mention some patience. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can fold that unwieldy sheet into a compact square. Whether you prefer the pocket method or the traditional option, our steps for folding fitted sheets make quick work of this household chore.