Layla vs. Layla Hybrid Mattress Comparison

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Which Layla mattress is best for you? The original Layla is a foam bed that’s great for lightweight sleepers, and it has two firmness options. On the other hand, the Hybrid is a solid choice for back and side sleepers, and it’s flippable as well. Still not sure which to choose? Read on to learn more. 

Layla mattress
Layla Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Layla Hybrid Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Layla mattress
Layla Mattress
Multiple firmness options
Layla Hybrid Mattress
Multiple firmness options

Layla vs. Layla Hybrid Overview

The original Layla and the Layla Hybrid have a lot in common like similar firmness levels and options; however, the original Layla is an all-foam bed. While both beds have similar performance for stomach sleepers, the Hybrid has better support for back sleepers and side sleepers. Nonetheless, sleepers who prefer the softness and affordability of memory foam will prefer the original Layla.

Layla is best for…Layla Hybrid is best for…
Budget shoppersBack sleepers
Foam mattress fansSide sleepers
Lightweight sleepersCouples

Who Should Choose the Layla Mattress?

  • Budget shoppers—If you’re looking to save on your next mattress, the original Layla is the more affordable option of the two. In fact, a Queen-sized Layla Hybrid will cost you $600 more than the original. Other than that, both beds have identical return and warranty policies.
  • Foam mattress fans—Memory foam mattresses have a signature doughy, “sinking” feel you can’t get with a hybrid mattress, and the Layla is no exception. If your ideal bed is contouring and soft, the original Layla is the right choice for you.
  • Lightweight sleepers—Lighter sleepers tend to need less firmness than heavier sleepers, especially on their sides. So, if you’re a lightweight sleeper (under 130 lbs), you should find that the original Layla is just as comfortable as the Hybrid—and hundreds of dollars cheaper too.

Who Should Choose the Layla Hybrid Mattress?

  • Back sleepers—Back sleepers do best on beds that support the natural “S” curve of the spine. In this case, back sleepers, especially heavier ones, will find that the Layla Hybrid’s pocketed coil base offers the better lower back support.
  • Side sleepers—A bed that’s soft enough for lightweight side sleepers is usually too soft for heavier side sleepers, but the Layla Hybrid has a perfect balance of cushion and support. This mattress has soft memory foam on its top and sturdy coils at its base, giving you the best of both worlds. And, if you’re still craving more firmness, you can flip your Layla Hybrid over to the firmer side.
  • Couples—If you’re planning on sharing your next mattress, cutting corners on motion isolation could cost you a lot of sleep, especially if your partner tosses and turns a lot. Ideally, the best mattresses for couples absorb unwanted movement—and the Layla Hybrid does just that.

Layla vs. Layla Hybrid Mattress Video Comparison

Want to see for yourself which Layla mattress is best for you? Join Loren and Adrienne in the Nerd Lab to learn more:

Layla vs. Layla Hybrid: Top Similarities 

  • Firmness Options—The original Layla and the Hybrid are flippable mattresses that each offer two firmness options. On both beds, there’s a soft side that has a cushiony firmness level of 4/10, and there’s a firmer side that offers a medium firmness of 6.5/10.
  • Stomach Sleepers—Although the Layla and the Hybrid have different designs, both mattresses offer similar performance for stomach sleepers of all sizes. So, if you sleep on your stomach, you won’t find much difference in the feel of the beds alone. With both Layla beds, lightweight stomach sleepers get the most support, while heavier sleepers will want to try the firm side or look for a firmer mattress altogether.
  • Lightweight Sleepers—The Layla Hybrid and the original Layla both perform similarly for lightweight sleepers. In fact, the firmness levels of both mattresses are ideal for lightweight back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers too.

Layla vs. Layla Hybrid: Top Differences 

  • Temperature Control—Memory foam mattresses work by absorbing heat and using it to meld the bed to your individual body shape. However, this can lead to overheating and a lack of breathability, especially for sleepers who overheat during the night. On the other hand, the Hybrid’s pocketed coil design allows for more breathability, making it a noticeably cooler mattress.
  • Motion Isolation—Along with staying cool, the Layla Hybrid’s motion isolation is a great choice for couples, especially those who sleep lightly. While coil beds tend to lack in motion isolation because of their bouncy springs, the Layla Hybrid’s foam layers absorb any unwanted movement much better than the original Layla.
  • Heavyweight Sleepers—Heavyweight sleepers, specifically back and side sleepers, will feel noticeably more supported on the Layla Hybrid than the original Layla. While both beds have similar firmness levels, the Hybrid’s pocketed coil layer offers more lift which keeps heavier side sleepers from sinking and heavier back sleepers from losing out on back support.

Layla vs. Layla Hybrid: Firmness & Feel Differences

Now, let’s hop over to the Nerd Lab to talk more about what it’s actually like to sleep on these Layla beds—especially comparing their firmness levels and feels.

What’s the Firmness Of the Layla & Layla Hybrid Mattresses? 

At Mattress Nerd, we like to gauge firmness on a simple scale of 1–10, where a 1 is softer than air and a 10 is like sleeping on hardwood. In this comparison, the Layla and Layla Hybrid come in at an identical 4/10 on their soft sides and a 6.5/10 on their firm sides. 

On each mattress, the 4/10 firmness level comes in as medium-soft, which is best for lighter sleepers, while the 6.5/10 firmness side is medium-firm and better for heavier sleepers. If either Layla feels too soft or too firm, depending on your body weight, you may need to flip the mattress over.

What Do the Layla & Layla Hybrid Mattresses Feel Like?

First up, the original Layla is a memory foam mattress, so its softer side will have the classic “sinking” feel of foam, while its firmer side will feel more lifted and solid. If you’re a lighter side sleeper or you like extra cushioning, this doughier side of the mattress will work best for you, while many average-weight sleepers will want to go with the firmer side. 

The Layla Hybrid’s feel isn’t too different from the foam Layla, since it also has similar firmness levels and foam top layers. The biggest difference in feel comes from the Hybrid’s pocketed coil design, which keeps your body from sinking down into the bed.

What’s It Like to Sleep On the Layla & Layla Hybrid Mattresses?

In terms of sleeping positions, stomach sleepers of all sizes should get a similar sleeping experience on either bed, with lightweight sleepers getting the most support and heavyweight stomach sleepers likely needing to switch to the medium-firm side. 

For back sleepers, the Hybrids’ supportive coils offer better lower back support for heavier back sleepers, but lighter back sleepers should feel comfortable on either bed. And last but not least, lightweight side sleepers will get the same feel on both mattresses, but heavier side sleepers will want to opt for the more lifted Layla Hybrid.

The Layla vs. Layla Hybrid Mattresses By Body Type

Layla Performance By Body Type & Sleeping Position:

Lightweight (< 130 lbs): 545
Average-weight (130–230 lbs):434
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs): 223

Layla Hybrid Performance By Body Type & Sleeping Position:

Lightweight (< 130 lbs): 545
Average-weight (130–230 lbs):535
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs): 525

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Average-Weight Sleepers (130–230 lbs)

For average-weight stomach sleepers, both the Layla and the Hybrid will work equally well, since both beds have identical firmness levels. That said, on either bed, these stomach sleepers will likely want to choose the medium-firm mattress side to prevent their hips from sinking too much. 

Next, for side sleepers, either mattress should work for average-weight sleepers, but the Layla Hybrid has a slight edge over the original because of its stronger pressure relief. And, for back sleepers, average-weight sleepers will prefer the Hybrid’s more lifted feel and additional lower back support.

Heavyweight Sleepers (> 230 lbs)

Heavyweight sleepers usually need the most firmness and support of all sleeper body types, so a doughy, sinking mattress typically won’t work. For that reason, the Layla Hybrid is a better fit for heavyweight back sleepers and side sleepers, simply because it’s a more solid bed. That said, for stomach sleepers who just need a base level of firmness to elevate their hips, neither bed is a great option.

Lightweight Sleepers (< 130 lbs)

Unlike heavyweight sleepers, lightweight sleepers tend to need the most pressure relief and softness. In this case, both beds have a top layer of memory foam and a similar enough firmness that lightweight stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers won’t have issues on either the original Layla or the Hybrid.

Differences In Mattress Construction 

The Layla and Layla Hybrid mattresses both feature cooling features in their construction such as copper gel-infused memory foam and a breathable top layer. Between these two beds, the Hybrid has a more cooling construction because of its gel-infused top layers and breathable coil base. Lastly, both mattresses are flippable, with the same cover and memory foam on both sides.

Layla Mattress Materials Layla Hybrid Mattress Materials
Cooling coverCooling cover
Copper gel-infused memory foam—3” and 1”Copper gel-infused memory foam—2.5” and 1”
Transitional support foam—2”Breathable support foam—2” and 1.5”
Support core base foam—4”Individually wrapped steel coils—6”


Both the original Layla and the Layla Hybrid have a cooling mattress cover on the top and bottom for sleepers who want to flip their bed. For the original Layla, this cover is infused with cooling gel, although, overall, the Hybrid bed still sleeps cooler.

Comfort Layers

Below the mattress covers, the original and Hybrid Layla have layers of copper gel-infused memory foam which offers cushioning and support while also cooling the mattress. In the original Layla, this layer of foam is thicker, giving the bed a doughier feel.

Support Layers

In terms of support layers, the biggest difference between these Layla beds is that the Hybrid has individually wrapped steel coils which give the bed a more bouncy and lifted feel. On the other hand, the all-foam Layla uses a layer of high-density foam at the base of the bed.

Additionally, the Layla Hybrid and the original both have a breathable, transition layer of foam, although the foam Layla’s is slightly thicker on the “firm” side of the mattress.

Layla vs. Layla Hybrid Pricing

SizeLayla PricesLayla Hybrid Prices
Twin XL$849.00$1399.00
California King$1249.00$1899.00

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Layla vs. Layla Hybrid Mattress Performance Ratings & Differences

Now that we’ve cut through each layer of these Layla mattresses (don’t try that at home), let’s dig into the performance of these beds:


The Layla Original and the Hybrid both feature cooling mattress covers on their top and bottom along with cooling, copper-infused gel. However, the Hybrid’s individually wrapped coils give it a more breathable design, making it the better fit for hot sleepers.

Motion Transfer

Whether you go with the soft or firm side, the Layla Hybrid comes out on top for motion transfer. While you may not expect the mattress with coils to be the best at absorbing unwanted motion, the Hybrid’s foam transition layer and pocketed design absorbs any movement. For the original Layla, the soft side puts more foam directly underneath you, making it the better choice for motion isolation, but still not on par with the Hybrid.

Edge Support 

Edge support is how sturdy your bed is along its perimeter or edges. For seniors needing mobility support, or couples who look to spread out across the entire bed, having this extra support can be especially important. And, between these two Layla beds, the Hybrid has better edge support. Since the Hybrid uses steel coils instead of just foam, it has more bounce and durability.

Pressure Relief 

Memory foam is known for its soft feel, and it’s great for sleepers wanting a bed that contours and relieves pressure. Although both of these mattresses incorporate foam throughout their design, the original Layla’s all-foam construction offers better pressure relief on its firmer side compared to the Hybrid’s sfirm side. 

That said, between these two bed’s soft sides, the Hybrid is actually better for pressure relief since it has more of its foam cushioning closer to the top of its softer side.

Pain Relief 

One of the biggest benefits of memory foam is that it relieves any pressure points that can cause or worsen pain for sleepers. Although both of these Layla mattresses include memory foam, lightweight sleepers will find that the original’s all-foam design is more sinking and cushiony, while side sleepers of all weights will find that the Hybrid’s side and shoulder relief is ideal.


Unfortunately, foam isn’t the most durable mattress material out there, as it begins to warp and sink over time. Although Layla does offer a Lifetime warranty on all of their beds, the Hybrid’s steel coils give it the edge for durability, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy it well past the average seven-year lifespan of a mattress.

Shipping, Returns, & Warranties 

Layla & Layla Hybrid

Now, for the easiest part of this comparison. Since Layla makes both the original and the Hybrid, they come with the same shipping policies, return policies, and warranties. That said, it doesn’t hurt to take a closer look at what exactly you’ll be getting:

First off, either Layla mattress will ship for free in the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) as a bed-in-a-box. Once your Layla (original or Hybrid) arrives, you can begin to let it expand, although you may get some off-gassing, or new mattress smell. 

Then, once your new Layla is all set up, you’ll have between two weeks and 120 nights to return it. If, at any point during this window of time, you decide either Layla bed isn’t for you, you can return it for a full refund, and the company will donate it. 

However, if you decide on keeping your Layla around, you’ll be entitled to a limited Lifetime warranty. This warranty covers defects, warping, cracking in the mattress, or indentations of over one inch. That said, the warranty does not cover improper use or damage caused to the mattress after unboxing it.

Our Final Take

The original Layla and the Layla Hybrid mattresses both offer identical medium-firm and medium-soft firmness options; however, while the Hybrid has stronger edge support and is more cooling, the original’s all-foam design is more affordable and has more contouring feel, which is ideal for lightweight sleepers.=