Tespo Sleep Pod Review

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Desperate to achieve deep sleep, many resort to Ambien or other drugs. But what if you could get incredible rest, which is basically the invisible ceiling of an all-around better life, without prescription drugs? If you prefer the natural route, a high-tech vitamin dispenser and accompanying sleep pod should do the trick. Intrigued? Read on for our full review of the Tespo Sleep Pod.


Tespo is a high-tech vitamin dispenser system that turns powdered nutrients into liquid vitamins at the push of a button. The easiest way to understand the device is to think of it as the Keurig of vitamins; you simply insert a pod, push the button, and watch as your vitamin serving is mixed. The dispenser, which is Wi-Fi enabled and syncs with the Tespo Connect app to encourage you to adhere to your vitamin routine, releases ingredients from personalized pods and mixes them with water to create a vitamin cocktail. 

The company claims that as much as 50% of vitamins in traditional form can be made up of unhealthy fillers, so none of its pods contain them. We like that Tespo’s mission is to craft a cleaner vitamin, and they seem to have achieved that while maintaining the quality of the supplements’ ingredients. They have extremely high standards for the raw materials that go into the pods and source them from an industry-leading, National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), a certified partner. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “I haven’t taken Benadryl or anything else since I got this. It helps me sleep quickly and doesn’t keep me from getting up the next day. I expected to be disappointed, but I was happily surprised by its effectiveness. This is a great alternative to drugs.”

They have a variety of pods, ranging from prenatal to hair, skin, and nails, energy, sleep, and personalized options. The Sleep Pod, in particular, tastes pretty great. While not exactly enjoyable, the mild orange flavor runs laps around the sticky, store-bought cough syrup taste that’s practically seared in the minds of children of the 80’s and 90’s. The pod contains a combination of ingredients that are proven sleep aids, including taurine, melatonin, GABA, chamomile extract, and l-theanine, to name a few. In my personal experience, I’ve had success falling asleep faster and staying asleep with melatonin, l-theanine, and chamomile supplements on their own, but combining them feels like I’m covering all the bases: relaxing my body, relieving stress, and resetting my body and brain’s internal clock.


Each serving is a conservative 1.5 ounces, the perfect size for a bedtime routine because it isn’t enough liquid to cause you to wake in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. A one month’s supply, or 31 pods, costs $28.75. The company also offers a subscription option, which brings the price down to $25.00 for a month’s worth of pods. 

If you’re struggling to consistently sleep through the night or find yourself feeling fatigued throughout the day, it never hurts to incorporate good, active ingredients into your routine to see if it helps. The only drawback of these pods is that they, of course, only work with the Tespo dispenser, which is about $150 and only available online. But at the same time, how much is good sleep worth?

Price aside, the Tespo sleep pod is a safe, almost fun, way to help induce fantastic sleep. And, in my opinion, taking vitamins from a pod feels a lot cooler than shaking them out of a sterile-looking bottle. 


Want to give Tespo a try?  Check out them out below!