I Test Mattresses For A Living

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I’ve slept on a Leesa for years.  Now I’m trading it in…for a Leesa!

By clicking on the products below, we may receive a commission at no cost to you, the reader.


I try out mattresses like it’s my job…because it actually is.  I’ve tested nearly all of the of the most popular mattress brands out there.

So, for me, sleeping on an ill-fitting or poorly constructed bed would be like a watchmaker choosing to wear a Timex instead of a Rolex.

Why would I do that when I know better? Why would I do that when I know exactly where to look to find a great mattress?

I sleep on the Rolex. I sleep on a Leesa mattress.

I have reviewed countless mattresses during the past seven years and none of them nurture my ability to sleep long and sleep well like the Leesa mattress.

You can easily find similar memory foam mattresses, online and in stores, costing both more and less than the Leesa. But opinion, you won’t get the care and effort that went into researching mattresses and developing technology that Leesa gives consumers.

This mattress has a lot to offer to a wide array of different sleep preference.  So for most, the Leesa is a great choice.


My job, my personal life

The lines are blurred when I can go to sleep at night and technically that could be considered “on the clock.”  I’m constantly reviewing them in your head even when I’m not “at work.”

Just yesterday I went to chat up my father in his office/guest bedroom. I sat on the new mattress my parents had just bought and had to catch myself from slipping off the side. My immediate thoughts? No edge support. Couples might struggle trying to share it. Stomach sleepers, maybe side sleepers would like it. Anyone who likes a truly plush mattress would dig it.

Always being on the hunt, and never turning off the radar, means that, when I finally ran into a mattress that might work for me, I immediately knew it would find it’s way to my bedroom.

How I found Leesa

At the time, I had been looking for a new mattress—a side sleeper with limited personal experience on a memory foam mattress but curious. There were not a lot on the market at the time.  Tempurpedic was a buzzing brand, but was also thousands of dollars. 

Leesa puts a lot of emphasis on research and development.  They’ve claimed testing over 200 different prototypes to find a winner.  That’s some dedication.  They wanted to solve the hot temperature issues usually associated with memory foam.  Or the flimsy edge support with all foam mattresses.  So, even though there are Tempurpedics and innerspring mattresses out there that cost $3000+, you would be fooling yourself to believe that a big price tag would be the only indicator of better quality.

The Leesa mattress set out to be a high-quality “catch-all.”  A mattress for the average sleeper(s) – it’s great for couples too.  

I loved the mattress.  I slept on it for years, but then…


Great just got better

Leesa recently launched a new version to their flagship mattress.

It’s recommended we get a new mattress every 5-10 years.  I was in that range, but my original Leesa was holding up well.  I didn’t have a need and nothing new was piquing my interest…until the Leesa burst onto the scene again.

The materials Leesa uses are top-notch. The cover is incredibly soft, and the new mattress model has a 2″ top layer made of LSA200 foam, which Leesa developed itself specifically for this mattress as a cooling layer.  A cooling effect wasn’t enough though.  Leesa needed this layer to up the ante and ensure that it had just the right amount of support and bounce back.  It does.  It’s impressive.

If you sleep on your side like I do, you’ve probably experienced a mattress that is too hard.  Those pressure points feel everything underneath causing all kinds of discomfort in the morning. Too soft and I might get too hot or not be able climb out of the bed!  The second layer of the Leesa is two inches of a more traditional memory foam that does a great job contouring to the body.  It avoids putting undue pressure on the curves of anyone’s body.

Their secret to accommodate so many types of sleepers lies in the Support layer.  This is a 6″ high density foam meant to find that sweet spot of support and comfort.

Oh, one thing they didn’t change…the price!  The improved Leesa is the same price as the original.  And that’s all right with me.


Leesa on my doorstep

In my opinion, a mattress is not just about the sleeping experience.  The buying experience matters.  No one likes going into those stores and feeling pressured to make a thousand dollar decision after a couple minutes of sitting on a showroom mattress.  Leesa has a solution.

It came with a 100-day trial period and free returns so you can actually test this mattress with real sleep.  And receiving the mattress was a breeze. It came with free delivery. (White glove service is also available if you’d like someone to help with delivery and setup).

Another perk…Leesa offers a financing option (for about $60 per month for my Queen size), through a called company Affirm. This process can be done right online.  They claim it won’t effect your credit score and gives you the option to pay over six, 12, or 18 months. 

The setup was quick and painless as well.  I managed by myself, but it may be wise to get a helper.  Regardless, after it is unwrapped, it starts taking shape in a matter of seconds.

My needs from a mattress aren’t overly demanding. I sleep on my side and want to avoid soreness and pain.  I like to watch videos from my iPad lying on my back in bed and needed something that wouldn’t swallow me up (I splurged on this need and bought the Leesa adjustable base, too.  It’s amazing).  I like to sit on the edge while getting dressed in the morning without falling off from a lack of edge support.  The new Leesa checked all the boxes.

Want a feel good moment when purchasing your mattress too? Leesa is a certified B Corp that has all kinds of nice programs to give back, whether that is planting trees, donating, or general community support.  Leesa has done this for years, but it’s always cool to see these programs grow.


What’s next for me?

I research mattresses and consider their ability to deliver quality sleep to a range of sleepers as a profession.  We’ve all been there.  A restless night has effects long-lasting into the next day. 

The bottom line, sleep is important.  I obviously believe a mattress helps determine how well someone sleeps.

I am a reputable source, and I chose a Leesa mattress…twice.  Need a second opinion?  Look no further than online reviews.  The masses agree.

Is “love at first sleep” a thing?  I could make a case that it is.  And that is as strong an endorsement for the Leesa as I can make.

Attention: The awesome folks at Leesa have decided to give my awesome readers an exclusive discount. See below for details.