Aviya Mattress Review

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Our Verdict: The Aviya mattress was introduced to the market in 2014 and comes in three firmness settings: Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm. Given the price range of this mattress, we find it to be a competitive choice for an innerspring mattress. We like this bed for shoppers who prioritize support, cooling and enjoy a traditional innerspring feel, but it’s important to make note of its downfalls before you consider purchasing as they can be polarizing. Keep reading for our full Aviya mattress review.

What We’ll Cover in this Aviya Mattress Review

The Aviya mattress is an innerspring mattress that features a pocketed coil support system and three layers of high-density foam. It comes in three firmness options and measures 12” tall. The firmness ratings are 5/10, 6/10 and 7.5/10, which correspond with medium, medium-firm, and firm settings. It’s often mistaken for a hybrid mattress because it has individually wrapped coils, but we don’t think this mattress has a thick enough comfort layer to qualify as a hybrid.

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The Aviya shines in the category of support, as the bed is reinforced with very firm support foams that help create a sturdy surface edge to edge on this mattress. It also has a very springy, bouncy surface, which can appeal to sleepers who enjoy a traditional innerspring feel. It’s no surprise that the mattress also sleeps exceptionally cool, thanks to the added airflow through the coil layer.

This mattress prioritizes durability, breathability, support and has a bouncy feel. However, there are a few things the Aviya sacrifices to achieve these qualities. Keep reading for a deeper look into the pros and cons of the Aviya mattress, how it works for each sleeping position, how much it costs and who we do and don’t recommend it for. 

Who is the Mattress is Best For? 

✅ Best For…

✅ Sleepers who prioritize edge support

✅ Sleepers looking for a responsive surface

✅ Those who sleep hot

✅ Sleepers who want to choose the firmness level of their mattress

❌ May Not be Best For…

❌ Couples and co-sleepers

❌ Sleepers who wake easily to noise

❌ Sleepers looking for a plush feel or pressure relief

Mattress Highlights

  • Traditional innerspring mattress feel
  • Excellent overall support and edge support
  • Three firmness choices
  • Great value when compared to competitors like Simmons and Saatva
  • Individually wrapped innerspring coils provide targeted support
  • 100-night trial and 10-year warranty
  • Made in the USA with eco-friendly materials, including CertiPUR-US certified foams
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What Type of Mattress Is The Aviya?

The Aviya mattress is an innerspring mattresses with three levels of firmness to choose from. Made from eco-friendly materials and CertiPUR-US® certified, Aviya works to provide a luxury sleep experience at an affordable price.

How Well Does the Aviya Regulate Temperature? 

As an innerspring mattress, the Aviya wrapped coils will circulate airflow and make the mattress breathable. Along with these coils, the Aviya has premium cotton quilting and 2” layers of high density breathable comfort foam to keep the sleeper cool throughout the entire night.

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Aviya Mattress Firmness & Feel 

The Aviya Mattress comes in three firmness levels, Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm, which correspond with 5/10, 6/10, and 7.5/10 on the firmness scale. While none of the three options are close conforming, the Plush option provides the most cushion. Lightweight sleepers and side sleepers are most likely to prefer this setting, which will allow them to experience more cradling of shoulders and hips into the mattress.

Average weight side and back sleepers will enjoy the Luxury Firm mattress, which has a medium-firm feel that is comfortable yet supportive, while average weight stomach sleepers will enjoy the Firm Aviya, which will prevent their hips from sinking. Heavyweight sleepers will most likely find the support they need on the Firm version of the Aviya.

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Is the Aviya Mattress Good For Couples? 

The best mattresses for couples provide little motion transfer so movement across the bed is isolated and does not disturb the other person. Inside the Aviya’s innerspring system, motion will be isolated to single coils and it includes an additional support layer. The 1” stability layer helps transfer weight and energy evenly. The outer support will also provide enough edge support for couples to use the entire mattress to spread out and sleep.

Aviya Mattress by Sleeping Positions

Back Stomach Side Combination
 Luxury Firm and Firm versions will provide support for spinal alignment.

2’’comfort layers may fail to provide adequate contouring in the low back, even if lumbar support is adequate

Plush version should provide enough support to prevent sagging in the hip area for lightweight sleepers

Average weight and heavyweight sleepers will sink into the mattress on any firmness

Plush and Luxury Firm versions can provide contouring for shoulders and hips

❌Mattress does not have thick comfort layers, which many side sleepers prefer

Mattress’ bouncy feel will prevent sleepers from ever feeling stuck while changing positions

❌None of the three firmness options is suitable for all three sleeping positions

Back Sleepers:  Depending on your weight, back sleepers should find comfort in one of the firmness levels. Lightweight sleepers may prefer the Plush version while average to heavy weight sleepers are likely to prefer the Medium-Firm or Firm versions. The coils create an even sleeping surface in this position, preventing the hips or shoulders from sinking and throwing the spine out of alignment.

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Stomach Sleepers: While lightweight sleepers may find the support their hips need to prevent them from sagging on the Plush version of this mattress, average weight and heavyweight sleepers probably won’t feel comfortable on this mattress regardless of the firmness level they choose. The Plush option may allow the torso to sink too deeply into the mattress, while the firmer options may feel too firm to find a comfortable resting position for the head and shoulders.

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Side Sleepers: Lightweight side sleepers will prefer the Plush version of the Aviya, which will allow them to sink into the top layers of the mattress without feeling pressure from the innerspring system. Average weight side sleepers should opt for the Plush or the Luxury Firm versions of the mattress for the same reason, while heavyweight side sleepers will experience contouring in the side sleeping position on the Firm version of the mattress while remaining supported.

Combination Sleepers: This may be one of the best mattresses for combination sleepers whose primary sleeping position is on their sides or backs. The bed’s responsive, bouncy feel will make changing positions easy without feeling stuck. However,  you’re likely to create quite a bit of noise and motion transfer throughout the mattress any time you change sleeping positions. If you wake easily throughout the night, we wouldn’t recommend this mattress for you.


Aviya Mattress Construction

The Aviya is a 12” innerspring mattress. The bed’s construction will vary slightly based on the firmness option you choose. 

The cover of the mattress is cotton with 1” of quilted polyfoam sewn in, which contributes to the cover’s durability. Polyfoam is similar to memory foam but does not have the same deep-sinking properties. It’s more firm and resilient to pressure, which allows this mattress to better support heavier bodies. The quilting creates an extra-soft cover and smooth layers on both sides of the mattress.

The comfort system of the mattress consists of two more 1” foam layers of polyfoam, which contour moderately to the body and provide both support and comfort. 

The support system of the Aviya mattress consists of 8 inches of individually wrapped 15-gauge steel coils. The coils move independently and are wrapped in fabric pockets, which allow them to provide targeted support to different areas of the body in a more efficient way than most innerspring mattresses. The coils in the center of the mattress are constructed with a higher density to support the heaviest parts of the body.

The support coil system has an encasement of 3” polyfoam that is very firm. This serves as perimeter support to prevent sagging around the edges when pressure is applied. Edge-to-edge support maximizes the sleepable space on the mattress and helps those that may have trouble getting in and out of bed. The bottom layer of the Aviya is 1” of polyfoam. This provides stability for the layers above it.

How Much Does the Aviya Cost?

Twin Size 39” x 74” 12’’ $799 N/A
Twin XL Size 39” x 80” 12’’ $849 N/A
Full Size 52” x 74” 12’’ $949 N/A
Queen Size 60” x 80” 12’’ $1,099 100 lbs.
King Size 76” x 80”  12’’ $1,399 120 lbs.
California King Size 72” x 84” 12’’ $1,399 120 lbs.


Aviya Mattress Buying Experience

Shipping, Delivery & Returns

The Aviya mattress ships free to all 48 contiguous United States but does not currently ship to Alaska or Hawaii. The mattress ships free by FedEx. White Glove delivery service, which includes mattress set-up and packaging removal, is available for an added fee of $159. The mattress is typically delivered within seven business days after the order is placed.

Trial Period

The Aviya Mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial. The trial period begins the day of mattress delivery and requires buyers to use the mattress for 30 nights before you initiate a return. If you choose to return the Aviya, the company will pick up the mattress and issue a full refund for the purchase price.


The Aviya is backed by a 10-year, non-prorated limited warranty. The warranty begins on the date of mattress delivery, is non-transferable and covers defects and some issues that arise with normal wear.


The Aviya mattress is available on Amazon.com and at AviyaMattress.com. It is not currently sold at brick-and-mortar stores or through other third-party online retailers.


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Our Aviya Mattress Final Review

The Aviya’s greatest appeal is its price and traditional innerspring feel. When compared to Saatva, Sapira and Beautyrest Black, it’s a very affordable mattress with many of the same features, including three firmness options, three layers of foam, individually wrapped innersprings and a high-density foam edge support system. 

However, the mattress falls short in its ability to conform and provide relief for pressure points for almost all sleeper sizes and sleeping positions, with the exception of some lightweight sleepers. We think shoppers who love innerspring mattresses and need pressure relief will want to go with something else, but if you’re just looking for excellent edge-to-edge mattress support, a bouncy sleep surface and great cooling ability, you’ll be happy with the Aviya in a firmness level that’s appropriate for your size and sleeping position.

Nerd Score: 4.3/5


Can I use an adjustable bed base with the Aviya?

Aviya uses flexible foam rails instead of a metal border wire, making it perfect for use with any adjustable bed base.

Do I need to flip my mattress from Aviya?

Most mattresses go through a break-in period where the foams begin to soften up with normal use. To help lengthen the life of your mattress and make sure the foams break in evenly throughout the Aviya Mattress, Aviya recommends rotating your mattress every two weeks for the first six months, then every month thereafter.

Does the Aviya Mattress contain any latex?

No, the Aviya mattress does not contain any latex.