Big Joe Bean Bag Review

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Big Joe Bean Bag Chairs were the brainchild of two college students from Michigan. That duo sat on an old bean bag in their dorm room one fateful night, crashed into a hard surface of plastic pellets, and decided the old school bean bag just wasn’t cutting it.

In the two decades since, Big Joe Bean Bags have developed two types of shredded memory foam or polystyrene beans to replace old beans and plastic pellets. The company also began constructing bean bag covers that mimic actual chairs, that further elevated the basic bean bag concept. 

Overall, Big Joe Bean Bags have classic styling and new technology. There are seven styles filled with shredded memory foam is known as Ahhsome Foam. You get all of the moldability and body contouring of memory foam inside of a portable bean bag.

There are 16 styles filled with polystyrene Megahh Beans. Megahh Beans are significantly lighter than the foam. Both types, regardless of style, come with multiple fabric or leather covers to choose from.


Why I Love It

I like the size—7 feet long, 5 feet wide and over 3 feet tall—of the XXL Fuf. I can comfortably snuggle with a significant other and a big dog on the largest and most popular size. That’s a lot of room on one surface. 

If you like to entertain, Big Joe Bean Bags are godsends for different living spaces. I love that you can buy versions that look like a bean bag (XXL Fuf) and others (Imperial Fufton, Large Milano) with covers that mimic the construction of an actual chair. I love that versatility. One more thing on the Megahh Beans options; they’re light enough for children to tote them around.


Sizes and Pricing

XXL Fuf Ahhsome Foam 84″L x 60″W x 40″H 83.9 lbs $231.99
XL Fuf Ahhsome Foam 72″L x 48″W x 36″H 59.8 lbs $191.99
Large Fuf Ahhsome Foam 48″L x 48″W x 34″H 31 lbs $130.99
Kids Fuf Ahhsome Foam 32″L x 36″W x 36″H 16.85 lbs $86.99
Media Lounger Ahhsome Foam 72″L x 42″W x 36″H 49 lbs $140.99 to $141.99
Imperial Fufton Ahhsome Foam 40″L x 60″W x 32″H 61.4 lbs $281.99
Imperial Lounger Ahhsome Foam 40″L x 42″W x 32″H 30.5 lbs $191.99
Hug Megahh Beans 28″L x 34″W x 28″H 5 lbs $62.99 to $68.99
Milano Megahh Beans 32″L x 28″W x 25″H 4.75 lbs $60.99 to $81.99
132 Teardrop Megahh Beans 24″L x 44″W x 44″H 7 lbs $151.99
Large Milano Megahh Beans 31″L x 36″W x 32″H 6.6 lbs $136.99
Ultra Lounge Megahh Beans 28″L x 28″W x 30″H 2.75 lbs $39.99
Lumin Megahh Beans 31″L x 30.5″W x 25”H 5.1 lbs $65.99
Roman Megahh Beans 26″L x 36″W x 26″H 5.85 lbs $60.99 to $71.99
Original Megahh Beans 46”L x 58″W x 8″ H 5.5 lbs $60.99
Warp Megahh Beans 36″L x 29″W x 25″H 4.35 lbs $65.99
Vibe Megahh Beans 28″L x 32″W x 26″H 6.05 lbs $99.99
Crash Pad Megahh Beans 42″L x 33″W x 15″H 4.85 lbs $74.99
Loom Megahh Beans 42″L x 26.5″W x 28″H 3.95 lbs $69.99
Dorm Megahh Beans 33″L x 32″W x 25″H 4.75 lbs $50.99
Classic 98 Megahh Beans 33″L x 33″W x 20″H 3.1 lbs $40.99
Kids Lumin Megahh Beans 20″L x 22″W x 24″H 2.1lbs $35.99
Mighty Bag refill Megahh Beans 16″L x 12″W x 35″H 2.2 lbs $28.99 to $55.99


There is a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing and materials defects on Ahhsome Foam products. The warranty only covers the products you buy on the company website for the original owner.

The Megahh Bean bags, made of polystyrene beads, will flatten over time. The warranty doesn’t cover that part. They sell refill bags. However, if the Megahh Beans flatten before 30 days, call the company to discuss what happens next.

Where to buy

You can buy Big Joe XXL Fuf, Imperial Lounger or Large Milano Bean Bags on the Big Joe Bean Bag website. You can also find them at Walmart, Amazon, and Wayfair, among other retailers.

Shipping and returns

Big Joe will ship your chair within 2-3 days of receiving your order. They will ship via FedEx Ground. You should receive it within 5-7 days.

Lounging Experience

If the XXL Fuf or Imperial Lounger ever starts to feel flat, simply pick them up and toss them around until they fluff up again. You’ll never need to refill the Ahhsome Foam in the Fuf products. 

If the Megahh Beans in the Large Milano flatten, replace them with more Megahh beans. You can buy replacements on the company website. 

Pros & Cons


Easy to move

Great for dorm rooms

Great for small living spaces

30-day money-back guarantee

Ahhsome Foam never loses its shape

Mostly solid Megahh Beans retain shape 50% longer than competitors


Megahh Beans will flatten over time and require replacement beans

It can take up to a week for XXL Fuf to reach its full size

Some customers had problems with ripping seams

Heavy, like 83+ pounds heavy for the XXL Fuf

250-pound limit

Who is the Big Joe Bean Bag XXL Fuf Best For?

Living rooms with a lot of activity

People who need portable seating

College students



Big Joe started in a dorm room. The college buddies shredded some foam, stuffed it into their old bean bag and a Big Joe was born. The company aims to help you find “a great place to sit.”

The XXL Fuf is the company’s biggest version and it seats two adults with, maybe, a couple of small kids. The foam Imperial Lounger is built like a lounge chair with back and arm-rest panels sewn into the cover. The same goes for the Large Milano, which is filled with polystyrene beads.

The Ahhsome Foam options are heavier and more substantial, and a bit harder to move. The Megahh Beans options are lighter but will flatten out and require refilling.

Does that mean the smaller versions using Megahh Beans are a waste of money? Not necessarily. The company worked to make the beans last 50 percent longer than their counterparts.  In fact, the Large Milano was rated as the best bean bag on the market by Business Insider back in October.

If you have children and need seating for living rooms, dorm rooms, and other smaller spaces, the XXL Fuf might be something you enjoy.