Big Joe Bean Bag Review

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Big Joe Bean Bag Chairs are the brainchild of two college students from Michigan. The duo sat on an old bean bag in their dorm room one fateful night, crashed into a hard surface of plastic pellets, and decided the old school bean bag wasn’t cutting it anymore.

In the two decades since, Big Joe Bean Bags have developed two types of shredded memory foam or polystyrene beans to replace old beans and plastic pellets. The company also began constructing bean bag covers that mimic actual chairs, further elevating the basic bean bag concept. 

The Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair is one example of this new innovation, combining sleek and innovative design with classic comfort. 


The Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag boasts a unique chair-shaped design, covered with SmartMax fabric and filled with Big Joe beans. Big Joe beans are long, lightweight 100% recyclable polystyrene beads made to conform to your body as you lounge comfortably. 

Echoing its name, the Dorm Bean Bag is also outfitted with cupholders and side pockets to hold drinks or phones for hands-free relaxation. 


Though Big Joe designs its beans to last longer than other competitors, they understand that all well-loved bean bags deflate. That’s why they offer refills for every bag, as well as a warranty. However, you’ll need to purchase directly from Big Joe’s website to activate it. If your bag deflates within 60 days, Big Joe can send a replacement.


All Big Joe bean bags arrive pre-filled, so there’s no need to worry about setting aside time to fill them up. The lightweight composition of Big Joe beans lightens the load when you move the box or bean bag around. The Dorm Bean Bag Chair itself also has a built-in handle that allows for easy transfer from one place to another once out of the box. 


The Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair’s cover is double-stitched and made of stain-resistant SmartMax fabric. Though it is non-removable, dirt easily brushes off and other stains can be spot-cleaned as needed. However, if that sounds too demanding, Big Joe has plenty of other options for the accident-prone who would prefer a removable cover, such as their Fuf line.

Who is it for?

As the name suggests, this bean bag chair is perfect for college students, providing an easy and comfortable seating arrangement for small rooms. Of course, any adult can find use for a beanbag in their office or living room. But younger kids can enjoy this chair too, as all Big Joe bean bags are equipped with two safety-locking zippers to ensure there’s no mishaps.

If you’re a taller or heavier person, though, you may want to consider another one of Big Joe’s larger products (such as the XXL Fuf) as some have complained of seams ripping from excess pressure.

Chair-like shape
Easy to set up
Warranty (when purchased directly from Big Joe)
Not good for taller/heavier people
Spot-clean only
Can rip at seams


If you’re tired of the old, uncomfortable bean bags, then Big Joe products are for you. They offer a wide variety of beanbags in both classic and innovative styles, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to lounge on.