Denver Mattress Co.

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Denver Mattress Co. Review: Top Picks & Buyers Guide

Since opening their doors in 1995, Denver Mattress Co. now has 90 locations in 30 states. No matter what type of mattress you are interested in, Denver Mattress Co. is sure to have what you’re looking for.

Denver Mattress Co. Overview

Before choosing the mattress that’s right for you, it’s helpful to decide how you’re going to buy it. If you’ve landed on a brick-and-mortar store experience, your next decision is choosing the store. Denver Mattress Company is a Denver, Colorado-based mattress company that manufactures its own products and then sells them in-store, saving customers money by eliminating the middleman. The company also sells beds from other brands, like Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, and Purple.

In this review, you’ll learn about our top picks from Denver Mattress Co., more information about the shopping experience Denver Mattress Co. provides, and the pros and cons of shopping at a brick-and-mortar store versus online.

Best Luxury Mattress

TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze Soft Mattress

Best Luxury

Made with TEMPUR’s cooling cover, this all-foam bed is available in soft and firm settings. It sleeps roughly 8° cooler than an average mattress for an exceptionally cool night’s sleep. 


Screen Shot 2019 11 07 at 11.10.25 AM

Reason to Buy

If you sleep hot, are in the market for a luxury mattress, and are a lightweight sleeper or a side sleeper, the LUXEbreeze is a model you may like. It has a four-level system of cooling materials that are integrated from the mattress’s cover all the way to its core. This mattress starts at $3,999, so it costs a pretty penny, but it comes with Tempur-Pedic’s 10-year warranty. The firm version, which is a better choice for back and stomach sleepers, is also sold by Denver Mattress Co.

Most Supportive Mattress

Kelburn II Hybrid Mattress by Sealy

Most supportive

This Sealy hybrid is a medium firmness with a comfort level that will suit the majority of sleepers. It has a memory foam top and an innerspring core, so it conforms to your body while providing support, especially at the edges. 

Screen Shot 2019 11 07 at 11.17.56 AM

Reason to Buy

This is a safe choice available at Denver Mattress Co. for people who simply want a medium-firm bed and don’t necessarily have a special consideration to account for, like a dedicated sleeping position or a weight that’s outside of the normal range. The Kelburn II is part of Sealy’s performance collection, so, while it is a little pricier than their lower-end models, it offers durability, all-over support, and other features, like slow response, encased coils, and a coil edge system. A Queen costs roughly $1,299 and comes with Sealy’s 10-year warranty.

Best Cooling Mattress

Gold Chill Ultra Plush Mattress by Sealy

Best Cooling

This hybrid Sealy Posturepedic bed features a stretchy, high loft cover with cooling technology. Underneath that, you’ll find more cooling features, like a memory foam comfort layer with an advanced chill. 

Screen Shot 2019 11 07 at 11.21.16 AM

Reason to Buy

As with all Sealy premier products, the manufacturing of this mattress will be of high quality. While the cooling features of this bed receive the most attention, as indicated by the mattress’ name, the quality of the memory foam and innerspring coils shouldn’t be overlooked. The memory foam will conform to your body, while the coils provide durability and support. One reviewer called the combination of Sealy’s gel foam and springs a “marriage of comfort.” At Denver Mattress Co., the Gold Chill Ultra Plush starts at $2,474, and it comes with Sealy’s 10-year warranty. 

Best Value Mattress

Arapahoe Euro Top Mattress by Denver Mattress Co.

Best Value

As mentioned, Denver Mattress Company manufactures its own products, and the Arapahoe Euro Top is a customer favorite. This hybrid mattress features earth-friendly foam in a euro top design with high profile supportive coils.

Screen Shot 2019 11 07 at 11.24.09 AM

Reason to Buy

The Telluride is a medium-soft mattress that sleepers of all types can enjoy. It’s 10.5” thick and has 2” of PCF polyfoam on top. The coils and foam are encased in a stretch-knit fabric that’s soft to the touch. The euro top adds an additional layer of comfort and coziness to this Denver Mattress Co. option, but it still registers as a medium on the firmness scale. If you’re headed to a brick-and-mortar store, we highly recommend giving it a try. The Arapahoe starts at a mere $299 for a twin and is available in sizes Twin through King. It comes with a 365-night sleep trial and Denver Mattress Company’s warranty, which lasts 5 to 15 years.

Most Cozy Mattress 

Telluride Plush Mattress by Denver Mattress Co.

Most Cozy

The Telluride Plush includes a comfort layer with a top layer of PCF memory foam and a bottom layer of latex. Below this is a support core designed with individually wrapped coils that are reinforced with a base layer of PCF polyfoam. These are encased in a stretch-knit cover.

Sleepys mattress in bedroom

Reason to Buy

The Telluride Plush is one of Denver Mattress Company’s more expensive options. In comparison to the Arapahoe Euro Top, the Telluride Plush is softer, so it may be more appropriate for lightweight sleepers and side sleepers. Some reviewers note that this bed sleeps a little warm due to the foam comfort layers, but Denver Mattress Co. sells an accompanying cooling cover if you have any trouble. The Telluride Plush is available in Twin XL, Queen, and King sizes starting at $1,299. It comes with a 365-night sleep trial and Denver Mattress Company’s warranty, which lasts 5 to 15 years.

Online Alternatives

While Denver Mattress Company does have a shoppable website, their selection isn’t as broad as other online retailers like Amazon, WalMart, Costco, and Sam’s Club. If you decide to take your mattress search online, you’ll have two options for shopping; direct from company and online retailer. 

Websites like US Mattress or Walmart are retailers who carry a number of mattress brands and models, but you can also shop directly from the mattress manufacturer’s website, like, or One of the biggest benefits of buying directly from the manufacturer is that it cuts out the middlemen, meaning lower prices for you. Online mattress brands also tend to provide more detail about the specs of their mattress models on their websites, which can make shopping easier and faster. 

If you decide to go the online retailer route, you can comparison shop between dozens of brands. Online retailers tend to offer fast and sometimes free shipping along with great customer service. The downside is that online retailers tend to have sparse information about the product in comparison with manufacturer websites. 

Pro and Cons of Buying in a Store vs. Online

The advantages of shopping online include comfort and ease. You can avoid driving to a store and make your purchase from the comfort of your sofa. You’ll also have access to product reviews and will have an easier time comparison shopping for the best price. Some discounts are only available online, and shipping and returns are typically free. Another benefit is that websites don’t have pushy salespeople. You can take as much time to shop as you need.

The disadvantages of shopping online are obvious; you can’t test out the mattress prior to purchase. Additionally, some brands design their websites to highlight positive reviews and hide negative reviews, which doesn’t give you a full picture of the product’s quality.

The biggest advantage of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store is that you can lay on the mattress. If it’s your first time buying a mattress, this can be especially helpful, as you’ll have access to representatives and sales personnel who can answer your questions about mattress styles, constructions, firmnesses, and more.

Before choosing the mattress that’s right for you, review the different ways to purchase a mattress. If you decide to go in-store and have a Denver Mattress Company nearby, keep our top Denver Mattress Company picks in mind.

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