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Gravity Blanket Reviews

Read our in-depth expert review of the Gravity Blanket and find out how this blanket can help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer.

By Tyler Moyer


When we go to bed, we need to feel comfortable to fall asleep. Look at kids: Some suck their thumbs. Other snuggle a stuffed animal. Still, others cling to a blankie.

The point here is that we all have habits that help us sleep. That’s why that blankie idea has legs, yes, even for adults. Some research shows that sleeping under a heavy blanket will help you fall asleep more quickly, find deeper sleep and stay asleep longer. 

The Gravity Blanket attacks those goals with the science behind deep touch pressure stimulation (DTP). DTP is defined as “firm, tactile sensory input that provides proprioceptive input to the whole body.” When applied evenly over the whole body, DTP relaxes you.

A blanket covers the whole body. Enter the Gravity Blanket which adds weight— roughly 10 percent of your body weight is best—with glass beads sewn into small pockets. Other brands use plastic pellets or metal chains to add weight; all of them strive to keep it distributed. The even distribution ensures that no one body part retains too much heat or holds up more weight than any other.

The idea behind the Gravity Blanket was sound enough to launch a $4.7-million Kickstarter campaign leading to two successful years on the market. Why? People can see the blanket may be the technology equivalent of thumb-sucking or snuggling.

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Why I love it

Sleeping under the Gravity Blanket does feel like someone is holding you as you rest. It’s like sleeping inside a reassuring hug from my athletic, 20-year old niece, rather than a gentle squeeze from my 80-year old grandma. It comforted me emotionally.

Also, I am not a calm sleeper, but the blanket did anchor me in place. I wasn’t tossing about, wasting energy while looking for a comfortable sleep position. The Gravity Blanket gave me a fighting chance to fall asleep. The duvet cover felt soft to my skin, so both things helped to comfort me physically, too.

Finally, I’m sort of a tactile person. I tend to fondle grooves in wood, seams in upholstery and stitching patterns in quilts. It’s an odd habit that soothes me. So I also liked the grid stitching in the Gravity Blanket. The grid pattern actually holds the glass beads, which give the blanket its weight, in place. In my case, I relaxed while caressing them and fell asleep faster.

Product Information

Sizes and Pricing

Single 15LB 72” x 48” $249
Single 20LB 72” x 48” $249
Single 25LB 72” x 48” $249
Queen/King 35LB 90” x 90” $299


There is no warranty available for the Gravity Blanket. You have a 30-day return window to decide if the blanket works for you, and to figure out whether or not it is properly constructed. That’s it. 

Where to Buy 

Online at or at B8ta and Bloomingdale’s stores throughout the United States. You may also find them at some Tangible and Calmist stores.

Shipping and Returns

The Gravity Blanket ships free throughout the United States. It comes with a 30-day return policy. You have to submit your request to the company within 30 days and return the blanket undamaged. You pay to return it to the company. You must return it in the original packaging, which is a plastic case.

Sleep Experience

Weighted blankets should weigh roughly 10 percent of your body weight, according to experts. The weight in the Gravity Blanket comes from glass beads sewn into small pockets. Other brands might use plastic pellets or metal chains to add weight; all of them strive to keep it evenly distributed from blanket edge to blanket edge. 

Sleeping under the blanket feels like you are anchored, though not smothered, to the mattress. But how you feel under any sort of weight, like with mattress firmness, can be a personal preference. Keep that in mind as you adapt to the weight.

Gravity Blankets said weighted blankets have been used for decades within the medical community to relieve stress. Now the general public can take advantage of that. Sleeping under the right amount of weight, the Gravity Blanket eases jangled thoughts or physical restlessness to promote a better night’s rest. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Free shipping

May help reduce anxiety

Good for both adults and children

Shown to calm your central nervous system

Can reduce your tossing and turning by literally weighing you down

No warranty

Expensive ($250)

You’ll need time to get used to it

The weight can make it too warm during the summer

Who is The Gravity Blanket Best For

The Gravity Blanket may be best for people who have trouble falling asleep, people with insomnia and anyone who likes the idea of being “hugged” to sleep. 

From a scientific standpoint, a good weighted blanket like the Gravity Blanket has been found to also soothe adults and children with anxiety, autism, and attention deficits. 

There is still so much research that needs to be done to determine what works best with weighted blankets.  Just be careful that the blanket isn’t so heavy that it restricts your movements. If you have circulatory or breathing problems, also be careful with the weight of it. And if you sleep too hot at night, the weighted blanket may exacerbate that issue.

Overall, this blanket can help people who can’t calm their minds at night, who have insomnia or don’t want to take medication to fall asleep.

About Gravity Blankets

The weighted blanket trend began for Gravity Blankets with a successful 2017 Kickstarter campaign that raised over $4 million. Since then, the Gravity Blanket has been rated as best in its class by USA Today (Editor’s Choice) and Mattress Advisor.

The Gravity Blanket comes in two sizes —a throw size (single) and a bed size (queen/king). The single size comes in 15-, 20- and 25-pound versions. The queen/king size weighs 35 pounds. The single blanket comes in grey/navy. The queen/king comes in grey/white. 

The two versions share the same basic design. The blanket starts with a duvet-like cover made of microfiber. The weighted section inside the cover is made of cotton and is filled with glass beads. The beads are held in place by a grid stitching pattern. You put the latter into the former and tie it in. Then you button down several elastic straps. 

To clean the Gravity Blanket, you throw the duvet cover into a washing machine. You should clean the weighted interior only by hand.


Nearly one-third of Americans admit to having trouble sleeping. We live in a nation of people suffering from a lack of sleep. 

Because we don’t sleep enough, we can’t concentrate. We struggle to remember things. We run a higher risk of developing anxiety and depression. We eat more. We react more quickly. We get sick more often. We don’t want to have sex. Studies show it hinders our ability to develop new brain tissue.

We can all agree that we need to sleep better.  

The Gravity Blanket aims to address the symptoms that lead to sleep deprivation. The blanket is weighted to simulate being held or hugged. And being held can reduce stress and anxiety and ease you more quickly to sleep.

If you suffer from any of those symptoms or issues, the Gravity Blanket could offer some relief.