Hush Classic Weighted Blanket Review

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The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The Hush weighted blanket is filled with non-toxic glass sand that stays evenly distributed across the blanket. It’s offered in four sizes and six weights that accommodate a wide range of sleepers, including teens and couples. The velvety duvet cover is made with breathable, durable organic cotton and polyester.

Who It’s Good For

  • Couples
  • Teens and adults
  • Light sleepers who want a quiet weighted blanket
  • Sleepers prone to insomnia or anxiety
  • Those with ADHD or autism
  • Those looking to supplement a comforter with a weighted blanket

Who It’s Not Good For

  • Budget shoppers
  • Young kids (Hush also makes a Hush Kids Blanket and Hush Throw Blanket that are better fits)
  • Those who easily overheat

Hush Classic Weighted Blanket Review


The Hush weighted blanket has a soft, velvety cover that’s textured with a quilted pattern on one side and is completely smooth on the other. The inner layer that holds the fill is soft and pliable, so the blanket doesn’t feel stiff. It’s easy to wrap around my shoulders or lay flat on my bed. 

The weight is similar to a thick quilt. I’ve used the Hush over a down comforter and stayed at a comfortable temperature as long as I keep my bedroom at or below 68 degrees. Since using the Hush blanket, I’ve noticed that I fall asleep faster and generally feel calmer at night.

Mattress Nerd Weighted Blanket Scores

To test weighted blankets, we actually use them! Each blanket is scored across six performance categories that cover comfort, quality, and the overall experience of ownership (i.e. how easy it is to buy and clean). The total score is an average of all six scores and ranges from one (lowest) to five (highest).

Weight Distribution: 5/5

The inner blanket that holds the fill is quilted with very small squares that do an excellent job of evenly distributing the weight of the glass beads. The squares are smaller than I’ve seen in other weighted blankets. Smaller squares do a better job of keeping the beads contained in one place, rather than sliding to the side. Whether sleeping or sitting, the blanket feels the same weight across my entire body.

Customizability: 5/5

The Hush is available in a wide range of weights and sizes, including a size designed for teens and weighing only 12 lbs. Other sizes include larger-than-normal Twin, Queen, and King blankets. Each of those three sizes comes in two weights ranging from 15–35 lbs.

Temperature Control: 4.5/5

I sleep on a memory foam topper with a down comforter, and adding the Hush blanket doesn’t cause me to overheat. I keep my bedroom pretty cool, so I’d nix my down comforter if I slept with the Hush during the summer. You can also remove the cover and sleep only under the weighted inner blanket. Overall, it feels temperature neutral, though the thickness of the cover causes it to trap some body heat.

Quality of Materials: 4.5/5

The Hush is made of organic cotton and polyester—both are breathable, durable, and moisture-wicking. The glass sand fill stays more evenly distributed than plastic pellets or glass beads. The only reason I docked it a half point is because I’d like to see more eco-friendly materials.

Care: 4/5

The outer cover can be removed and machine washed with mild detergent and cold water. Hush recommends hanging the cover to dry. The weighted insert is hand wash only.

Customer Experience: 4.5/5

Hush blankets include a 100-night guarantee (i.e. sleep trial) and free returns, minus shipping costs. The weighted blanket is protected by a one-year warranty. The warranty period is about average for weighted blankets, but the sleep trial is much longer than the industry standard of 30 nights. I appreciate the online chat service that makes it easier to reach customer service.

Total Score: 4.6/5


Materials and Construction: What’s It Made of?

The Hush weighted blanket has a soft duvet cover that’s made with organic cotton and polyester. The fabric is designed to mimic the velvety look and feel of mink fleece. The inner blanket also has a plush, microfiber feel and is made from cotton and polyester.

The inside of the duvet has a zipper system that keeps the inner blanket secure. It’s quilted into squares to keep the weighted fill (non-toxic glass sand) evenly distributed.



  • Fitted: The weighted insert zips into the cover, which prevents it from sliding around or sagging.
  • Temperature Neutral: The Hush keeps you warm, but doesn’t overheat and can be modified to stay cooler by removing the duvet cover.
  • Even Weight Distribution: The fill is a fine glass sand contained in quilted squares that stays evenly distributed across the blanket.
  • Removable Cover: The duvet cover is removable and machine washable.
  • Size Options & Weight Options: The Hush weighted blanket is offered in four sizes and six weights that accommodate a variety of body weights and types.
  • Calming: Weighted blankets have been proven to increase the production of calming hormones like melatonin and serotonin and reduce the stress hormone cortisol.


  • Pricing: The Hush is not a budget blanket.
  • Heavy: The larger sizes of the blanket reach up to 35 lbs, potentially causing the blanket to slide off your bed if it gets moved too far to one side.

Sizing, Pricing, and Policies

Size Weight Dimensions Price
Teen 12 lbs 48” x 78” $179
Twin 15 lbs 60” x 80” $199
Twin 20 lbs 60” x 80” $199
Queen 20 lbs 80” x 87” $229
Queen 25 lbs 80” x 87” $229
King 30 lbs 90” x 90” $259
King 35 lbs 90” x 90” $259

Note: The ideal weight for a weighted blanket is around 10 percent of your body weight. If you weigh under 200 lbs, the Teen or Twin sizes are best. If you weigh over 200 lbs or plan to share your blanket, the Queen size and King size are better.


Hush is a Canadian bedding company that ships their weighted blanket for free across the U.S.and Canada within one to two business days. It should take around five to seven days for your blanket to arrive on your doorstep.

Trial Period and Warranty

Hush blankets purchased from come with a 100-night guarantee and a full refund with returns, minus the cost of return shipping. The return policy may be different for blankets bought by retailers like Amazon

The blanket is covered by a one-year warranty that protects against manufacturing defects like a broken zipper, fill leakage, or unraveled threading.


Why do Hush blankets cost so much?

Weighted blankets typically range from $100–$300. The Hush weighted blanket is on the higher end of the price spectrum, partially because it’s offered in larger sizes than other blankets on the market. The Hush Iced 2.0 has extra cooling technologies, which is why it’s more expensive.

Does the Hush blanket get hot?

The Hush blanket isn’t likely to overheat unless you’re prone to overheating or live in a warm climate. If you’re a hot sleeper, the Hush Iced 2.0 is a better option because it has a breathable viscose bamboo cover. The Iced 2.0 costs more, but it’s a cooling weighted blanket.

Are weighted blankets bad?

Weighted blankets aren’t bad for your health, but they do have a few cons. In short, they’re more expensive than regular blankets, they’re too heavy to pack for travel, they’re prone to trapping body heat, and they’re often too heavy for young kids and those with mobility issues.

The Nerd’s Final Take

The Hush weighted blanket is one of my favorites, and I consider it one of the best weighted blankets on the market. It’s a good fit for shoppers willing to pay a little more for a high-quality blanket that’s offered in more sizes and weights than we typically see from online bedding companies. And I can say from experience that it helps me get the best sleep possible.

Still, it may sleep a touch too warm for those prone to overheating, but these folks can also remove the duvet cover for a cooler experience. Budget-conscious shoppers will find a more affordable option in the Helix weighted blanket.

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Nerd Score Wrap Up

Performance Factor Out of 5
Weight Distribution 5
Customizability 5
Temperature Control 4.5
Quality of Materials 4.5
Care 4
Customer Experience 4.5
Total Nerd Score 4.6