Innomax Mattress Reviews

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Innomax Mattress Models

The 40-year old mattress company known as Innomax offers every type of mattress; digitally adjustable air beds, soft side, and hard side fluid mattresses, natural latex beds, memory foam beds, waterbeds, and organic mattresses. Those are just a handful of all the different types. It is safe to say Innomax does not lack options. 

Innomax wants to attract a wide variety of customers, so most of their money and energy are poured into producing different types of mattresses. While Innomax provides extensive options, the wide range of choices can take away from money that may able to advance the quality of its materials across the board.

I will try to sort through some of the models and give you some insight into what makes the Innomax brand unique in the market.

Be advised: Innomax does not list prices on its website. There are some prices that can be found on Amazon and other retailers, but those vary, Innomax mattresses range anywhere from $550 – $3,200. You can contact Innomax directly with questions about the pricing of a specific mattress and accessories! 


Innopedic Collection Overview

  • Known for: Varying levels of support throughout the length of the mattress using multiple types of materials. (memory foam, latex, gel foam)
  • Best for: Average-sized sleepers


Memory Gel Overview

  • Type: Gel-infused foams and technology, for cooling and contouring, at an affordable price
  • Best for: People who love the hug you can get from responsive memory foam or anyone that sleeps hot and wants specific features that keep sleepers cool


Natural Reserve® Organic Elements Overview

  • Type: Eco-friendly and affordable mattresses using organic cotton, wool and latex
  • Best for: People with care for the earth and sustainable practices, who want to avoid harsh chemicals in their sleep surface


Sensations Collection Overview

  • Type: Innerspring mattresses with some foam or latex, known for an additional rim of support around mattress edges
  • Best for: Heavier people. And anyone who wants a long warranty or the most durable mattress in the Innomax stable.

Which Model Is Best for Me? 

Innopedic Mattresses Might Be Good For You If….

  • You weigh an average amount
  • You sleep in any sleep position
  • You have back or shoulder pain
  • You feel comfortable on a foam mattress

Memory Gel Mattresses Might Be Good For You If….

  • You are a side sleeper
  • You have back pain
  • You get too hot when you sleep
  • You want a mattress made without chemicals

Organic Elements Mattresses Might Be Good For You If….

  • You are a side sleeper
  • You truly care about the environment

Sensations  Mattresses Might Be Good For You If….

  • You carry extra weight
  • You prefer a firmer feel to your mattress
  • You get too hot when you sleep

Best Innomax Mattress by Sleeping  Position

Side Sleepers should find something workable with the Innopedic and Memory Cell® mattresses due to the amount of foam and latex used.

Back Sleepers may find the Innopedic and memory foam mattresses too forgiving, but the organic and Sensations mattress will have the contouring without bottoming out.

Stomach Sleepers might like the organic versions best because they have some contouring with enough support so hips don’t sink too far into the mattress to hinder good spinal alignment.

Pros and Cons of Innomax Mattresses


  • You have so many choices. You won’t be left wanting there.
  • Models include hybrids, innerspring, waterbeds, memory gel foam-based, etc.
  • Affordable mattresses with a lot of design
  • Legitimate organic options


  • Customer reviews complain about how long Innomax mattresses last
  • Customers also complain about how well the mattresses support sleepers
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Construction and Specs

Model Dimensions

  • Twin               38” W X 75” L X 10” H
  • Twin XL        38” W X 80” L X 10” H
  • Full                 54” W X 75” L X 10” H
  • Queen            60” W X 80” L X 10” H
  • King                75” W X 80” L X 10” H
Model Type Firmness Thickness
Innopedic Same supportive core with latex or memory foam layers Medium 10 inches
Memory Gel Gel-infused foams Medium 10 or 12 inches
Organic Elements Hybrid (latex & coils) Medium-Firm 10 or 12 inches
Sensations Coils w/ latex or foam in comfort layer Firm 13, 15 or 16 inches 

Innopedic Construction 

The Innopedic mattresses share something they call an Energizing Core. You can get that core in either the 10” Natural Latex mattress or the 10” Memory-Cell mattress.

The 10” natural latex version features the natural, organic latex to relieve pressure.

The cover is made of “3-Dimensional Cloud-Quilt Flex Knight” fabric It’s tufted in a way that creates channels for airflow and just a more plush feel on the bed surface.

The comfort layer features the pressure-relieving qualities of natural latex. Latex conforms to all of the body’s curves. 

The support layer is where you find Innopedic’s special Energized Support Core. What is so special about it? It automatically adjusts to your body as you move or shift throughout the night. That makes it an excellent choice to sleepers whether they’re sleeping on their back, side or stomach. 

It decreases pressure on body parts like the hips and shoulders, and molds to lower back and legs, thus increasing circulation. The core is activated every time you move and adjusts accordingly so you are always cradled.

The 10” Memory-Cell® mattress has the same construction as the latex version in the cover and the energized core. 

The difference here is that the comfort layer is made of Memory-Cell® foam. It keeps your temperature neutral, neither too hot or too cold. The foam contours to the body to relieve pressure. It will still support lighter body parts, like torso and legs, so nothing collapses or throws your spine out of alignment. 

Memory Gel Construction

The 12” Gel-Infused Memory Cell® Mattress is the most popular in this category. The phase-change gel inside of the form absorbs and releases heat to regulate your body temperature as you sleep.

The cover is made of stretch organic cotton that breathes enough to allow moisture to evaporate. Good for anyone who sweats! It also features three zones of “compression flex” organic cotton that adapts to your body parts to support more where it’s needed and react more gently where it is not.

The five-zone memory foam, infused with the cooling gel, has progressive support in the bottom layer. Again, it adapts to your body weight, giving you more support where you are heaviest and then contouring around parts that are curvier.

Natural Reserve® Organic Essentials Allura 10’ Natural Latex & Coil Construction

The 10” Allura is the most popular in this organic hybrid category, which has GOTS certification and is made without harmful chemicals or substances. 

The fabric part of the cover is made of organic cotton, with ticking and fabric. And that part is quilted with 3 pounds of organic wool and ¼ inch of natural latex. 

The comfort layer below that is 1 inch of natural latex that has varying densities all along the length of the mattress. The density varies so that it responds differently to the different weights of each body part.

The support layer is 8 inches of recycled steel coils with a “quad coil edge support” system that, again, is made of sugar cane fibers.

Sensations Mattress Breakdown of Layers

The 13-inch Affinity Pocketed Coil mattress is the most popular in this innerspring collection. Actually, you’ll find coils paired with latex or memory foam in the Sensations line. Overall, coils are more supportive and firmer than mattresses using other materials. 

The Affinity cover is breathable because the fabric responds to temperature, while also feeling soft and wearing well.

The top layer of the comfort section is 1 inch of cooling gel foam. Beneath that is 2 inches of natural latex. They work together to curve around your hips and shoulders and relieve pressure there, while also keeping you cool.

Beneath that is 2 inches of more natural and antimicrobial latex. Latex only responds to pressure, so it will give with the heavy parts of your body and support for the other parts.

The support layer is an 8-inch system of wrapped coils arranged in five different zones, which is meant to reduce pressure on different areas of the body depending on the weight of that area. 

On top and under the coils is something Innomax calls “Progressive Support Encasement.” It’s another layer that protects the coils and puts a buffer between you and the coil layer.


The Innomax Buying Experience

Innomax Trial-Period 

Innomax offers a comfort guarantee. Innomax recommends sleeping on your new mattress for 45-60 days to properly break it in and adjust to your new mattress (and for it to adjust to you!) They have customer service representatives who will offer you a consultation to ensure you get the mattress that is right for you and will work with you if the mattress does not suit your needs.

Innomax Mattress Warranty

Most Innomax mattresses are covered by Innomax’s warranty for the first 10 years. From years 11-20 that you own the mattress, the coverage will be prorated.

Shipping and Delivery

Innomax ships worldwide and offers curbside dropoff, threshold delivery, and white-glove service is available for an additional fee.


Innomax offers promotional financing with three different credit agencies.


You can look at the Innomax offerings online, but you’ll need to order via Live Chat or by calling the company. Innomax can fill you on any specs or prices you don’t see here. You can find some products on Amazon, though only a limited selection. 

There are also brick-and-mortar stores in Colorado, where Innomax is based, specifically in Denver and Loveland.


Innomax makes a lot of different types of mattresses that exploit any number of features to offer contouring and support. 

I’m not underselling that. Depending on your tastes and needs you can try organic mattresses, memory foam mattresses, power beds, latex mattresses, any number of hybrids, any number of waterbeds and any number of airbeds. It can be overwhelming.

I think that is an issue. When a company floods the market as Innomax does, they put more pressure on themselves to decrease costs elsewhere. That would explain customer concerns about whether the materials are great quality and how that affects how long of a life these mattresses truly have.