Intellibed Mattress Reviews

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Intellibed has tried to build a reputation for advancing the science behind mattress manufacturing, specifically with their use of gel materials to do more than help cool the mattress. The gels in Intellibeds are fused to build structure and contouring, to make mattresses soft, but firm and durable.

There are 11 different Intellibeds offered through three distinct collections: Legacy, Signature and Limited. Prices and mattress heights, more or less, increase as you move from one collection to the other. Also, there might be an added layer of latex from mattress to mattress. They’re all some version of a hybrid. 

The key feature in all of them is the gel matrix. Intellibeds says it gives a “zero gravity” feel that is neither too hard, nor too soft. Basically it should cradle your body without you feeling any pressure anywhere. It says it eliminates that, even eliminating pressure on your heart. 

The gel in the structure—did I already say it’s hypoallergenic? also helps keep you cool as you sleep. It uses phase-change technology, i.e. it absorbs heat when you’re too hot and cools you down. And it releases warmth when you’re too cold. It keeps you “temperature neutral.”

Intellibeds is promising you a lot and then giving you three different collections to consider. The Legacy models are the basic versions. The Signature Collection is the latest addition to the brands. It uses something called Tifiber Energex in some models for more support since it resists compression. The Limited Collection basically gives you a thicker layer of the gel matrix, additional foam, and latex in some of the models.


Legacy Azure Overview

Type: Foam, gel matrix, coil hybrid Price Range: $2699 to $5398 Best for: People with back pain who haven’t found a good fit with foam or latex by themselves, or people who prefer hybrids


Signature Matrix Overview

Type: Foam, gel matrix & coil hybrid Price Range: $4999 to $9998 Best for: People with back pain, people who like to try new things, and anyone who won’t be scared off by hefty price tags.


Limited Midnight Overview

Type: Foam, gel matrix, latex & coil hybrid Price Range: $6999 to $13,998 Best for: People with back pain, people who want to “keep up with the Joneses.” People who want more give in a mattress.

Which Model Is Best for Me?

Legacy Azure Might Be Good For You If….

  • You are a back or stomach sleeper
  • You have back pain

Signature Matrix Might Be Good For You If….

  • You are a back or stomach sleeper
  • You have back pain

Limited Midnight Might Be Good For You If….

  • You are a larger person
  • You have back pain
  • You are a side sleeper

Best Intellibed Mattress by Sleeping  Position

Side Sleepers may find of these mattresses a bit too firm, but give one that that is a little softer at the top. I hesitate to throw the most expensive option at you, but the Midnight is the plushest overall. Also, the Matrix because it has several foam layers at the top, above the gel matrix.

Back Sleepers should do well on most of these mattresses because the structure should eliminate most of your concerns about pressure points. Since back sleepers need some contouring around the hips and just a supportive structure elsewhere, they really should be fine on most of these.

Stomach Sleepers should also do fine on most of these mattresses if you’re more or less average weight. Heavier sleepers might need to stick with medium-firm options.  It’s tricky to curve around bigger tummies without collapsing. But the Matrix Grand has a thinner layer of the matrix and two layers of foam at the top and should work well for your quirky needs.

Pros and Cons of Intellibed Mattresses


  • Features a new technology called gel matrix, basically a latex-like structure made of gel
  • Make good use of quality materials from foam to latex and phase-change material to cooling gels
  • Most models come in all sizes, plus extended sizes


  • Expensive
  • Still may be too firm for people who like a more plush feel

Pricing & Specs

MODEL Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King Split King Split Cal King
Azure $2699 $2699 $3499 $3799 $4499 $4499 $5398 $5398
Sapphire $2999 $2999 $3799 $4199 $4999 $4999 $5998 $5998
Indigo N/A $3799 N/A $5499 $6399 $6399 $7598 $7598
Matrix N/A $4999 $5999 $5999 $6999 $6999 $9998 N/A
Matrix Deluxe $5799 $5999 $6999 $6999 $7999 $7999 $11,998 N/A
Matrix Supreme $6799 $6999 $7999 $7999 $8999 $8999 $13,998 N/A
Matrix Grand N/A $7999 N/A $8999 $9999 $9999 $15,998 N/A
Starlight $4999 $4999 $6999 $6999 $7999 $7999 $9998 $9998
Twilight N/A $4999 N/A $6999 $7999 $7999 $9998 $9998
Nightfall $5999 $5999 $7999 $7999 $8999 $9999 $11,998 N/A
Midnight $6999 $6999 N/A $8999 $9999 $9999 $13998 N/A

Model Dimensions 

  • Twin 74” L X 38” W
  • Twin XL 80” L X 38” W
  • Full 74” L X 54” W
  • Queen 80” L X 60” W
  • King 80” L X 76” W
  • Cal King 84” L X 72” W
  • Split King 80” L X 76” W
  • Split Cal King 84” L X 72” W


Azure Foam, gel matrix & coil hybrid Med. Firm: 6/10 12  inches
Sapphire Foam, gel matrix, latex & coil hybrid Firm: 7/10 13 ¼ inches
Indigo Latex, gel matrix foam & coil hybrid Medium: 5/10 16 inches
Matrix Foam, gel matrix & coil hybrid 13 ½ inches
Matrix Deluxe Foam, gel matrix & coil hybrid 14 ¼ inches
Matrix Supreme Foam, gel matrix & coil hybrid 15 ¾ inches
Matrix Grand Foam, gel matrix & coil hybrid 17 inches
Starlight Foam, gel matrix & coil hybrid Medium: 5/10 14 ¼ inches
Twilight Foam, gel matrix & coil hybrid Medium: 5/10 14 ¼ inches
Nightfall Foam, gel matrix, latex & coil hybrid Firm: 7/10 16 inches
Midnight Foam, gel matrix, latex & coil hybrid Medium-Plush: 4/10 16 ¼ inches

Legacy Azure Construction

  • The Legacy Azure is the baseline mattress in the entire brand. As such, it has a basic layer of memory foam at the very top of the comfort layer.
  • Below that, you have a thick, 2 ½ -inch layer of the new-fangled gel matrix, an elastic gel that flexes. This is the material that helps achieve a “zero gravity” feel that is designed to eliminate pressure points and evenly distribute weight.
  • The support layer is a thick layer of wrapped coils. Any hybrid with coils should wear well because coils are hard to wear down.

Signature Matrix Construction

  • The Signature Matrix is the newest part of the brand and includes latex among the many layers.
  • The cover has phase-change material woven into the fabric. It absorbs your heat when it’s too hot and releases it when you’re too cold.
  • The Visco Memory foam under the cover was specifically created to be a top layer that conforms to the body’s curves.
  • The middle of the comfort layer, i.e. the second layer, is made of basic memory foam.
  • The third layer is 1 ¼ inch of the gel matrix, a flexible, elastic gel. It adapts to the contours of the boy and distributes weight evenly across the surface to keep your spine straight.
  • Just below the matrix is another layer of regular memory foam.
  • A wrapped coil layer makes up the support layer. There is also a  ring of thicker gauge coils around the edge of the more adaptive middle coils to keep the bed solid from side to side. You shouldn’t slip off the edge of this mattress.

Limited Midnight Construction

  • This is the most expensive mattress in the entire brand. As you would expect it adds layers and different materials to justify the price tag.
  • The cover fabric is woven with a phase-change material that takes away heat when you get too hot and releases it when you get too cold.
  • The top of the comfort layer is the natural, hypoallergenic and organic Talalay latex. Latex also has a well-deserved reputation for contouring while still supporting.
  • The second part of the comfort layer is 1 ¼ of the gel matrix. The elastic gel flexes around your body to conform to curves without collapsing everywhere else.
  • The third part of the comfort layer is just memory foam.
  • The fourth part of the comfort layer is a 2 ½ -inch slab of the gel matrix. Yes, a second layer. These four comfort layers together make this mattress the plushest in the collection.
  • Then Intellibeds doubles down again with a second layer of latex, this one infused with gel for even more cooling power.
  • The coil layer actual is constructed with different zones to support the different weights of your body most effectively. There is also a ring of higher gauge coils for better edge support around the outside of this layer.

The Intellibed Buying Experience

Trial Period

Intellibeds offers a 60-night trial and requires you to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days before you can return or exchange it. Just so long as you initiate the return before 60 days is up, and send back the mattress without stains, tears, etc., you’ll receive a full refund.

If you exchange a mattress like you want to swap one out for a different model, you pay the difference and you pay the shipping for the new model. Intellibeds will pay to ship the old one back. 


Intellibed offers a 20-year “No Nonsense” Warranty.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping will cost $269 for non-adjustable mattresses and $369 for any adjustable model in the contiguous United States. Call customer service to ask about shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

Your mattress will be shipped through Manna, which will contract with a third party to deliver and set up your mattress, and then remove all the packing materials once they’re done. They will take away your old mattress for an extra $99.

The actual shipping could take up to two weeks depending on where it’s going. You can call Intellibed to ask how much it would cost to speed up the delivery.


You would expect a company that sells a $14,000 mattress to provide some sort of financing. Intellibeds does. 

You can take advantage of the “No Interest If Paid in Full” financing, via the Wells Fargo Home Furnishings card. You can do that for a 6, 9 or 12-month term with a minimum purchase. Don’t worry, if you’re buying a mattress you’ll hit that threshold.


You can buy these mattresses on the Intellibeds website or at mattress and furniture stores throughout the country. I’m not kidding. Search for a store on their website. 


Intellibeds created a gel-based structure, with the support of latex and the cooling properties of gel-infused foams. It’s unique, it works like elastic in that it flexes, and it works.  

The innovation also costs a pretty penny. These mattresses do the things they say they do, but they also cost more than mattresses with similar design features.

If you have the money for it and are OK with mattresses that are medium to firm, with one exception, you should be pleased with the results. If you can’t afford them, you can find similar, less-flashy materials in other mattresses that will mimic the same qualities. (Think: Latex.)