Mattress Firm Review

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Mattress Firm Overview

Mattress Firm was founded by Michael J. Breus in 1986, and they’re committed to providing sleep solutions that help customers live healthier and sleep better. If you plan to visit a Mattress Firm brick-and-mortar store near your city or shop online at their website, it can be helpful to know which of the makes and models sold by Mattress Firm are top-rated.

As a third-party retailer, Mattress Firm carries a variety of brands including Serta, Sleepy’s, Dreambed, Therapedic, and more. Keep reading for our top five mattresses from Mattress Firm and a buyers’ guide to finding a new mattress from this popular retailer.

Best for Heavy Sleepers

Reason to Buy

If you opt for a Simmons Beautyrest, you’ll have a choice of 24 different hybrid and innerspring mattress models. Half of these are available in a variety of firmness settings. The price point is higher than average when compared to similar innerspring and hybrid mattresses, but customers note that the mattresses are especially durable, and the extensive selection makes Simmons Beautyrest appealing. Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are sold in all sizes ranging from Twin to California King at Mattress Firm, and they come with a 10-year limited, non-prorated warranty

Most Innovative Mattress

Reason to Buy

Mattress Firm is one of the first brick-and-mortar mattress retailers to sell pilots of the innovative Purple mattress. While many Mattress Firm locations don’t sell this option in-store, you may be able to find it at stores in larger cities. These mattresses are expensive for the materials, but they offer a unique feel that’s pressure-relieving and cooling. Mattress Firm sells the three Purple mattresses, the Purple Hybrid Premier, the Purple Hybrid, and the Original Purple Mattress. If you haven’t found the right fit in an innerspring or all-foam mattress, sleep hot, and enjoy innovative companies and products, you’ll want to test out a Purple. All Purple mattresses purchased through Mattress Firm come with a 10-year, non-prorated warranty.

Best Value

Reason to Buy

Tulo mattresses are offered in three firmness options, which cover a wide variety of sleeper weights and sleeping position preferences. They’re low-profile, making them appealing to adolescents and the elderly, have excellent motion isolation and are balanced in feel, ranking at about a medium in firmness. They’re also priced more reasonably than similar models, so they’re an attractive choice for shoppers on a budget who want to purchase from a Mattress Firm location nearby. You’ll receive white glove delivery, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty with your Tulo purchase from Mattress Firm.

Most Variety

Reason to Buy

Mattress Firm sells 39 Serta products online, and it’s possible that more are available in stores. You’ll find a variety of price points, ranging from $297 to $2,399. Their memory foam mattresses are notably high rated among light- and average-weight side and back sleepers, and their hybrid and innerspring models receive moderate ratings from light- and average-weight sleepers of all positions. You’ll enjoy a Serta innerspring or hybrid if you like the responsive feel of a mattress, tend to sleep hot and enjoy a high-profile bed. Sertas come in all sizes ranging from Twin to California King and with a 10-year warranty.

Most Affordable

Reason to Buy

Sleepy’s mattresses are priced as low as $129, making them an excellent choice for the shopper on a tight budget. However, keep in mind that Sleepy’s customers have made complaints about durability. Even if you like your Sleepy’s mattress at first, you may find that it sags or becomes uncomfortable with time. While this is to be expected with a low-cost mattress, keep in mind that Sleepy’s models may be most appropriate for short-term residences, like dorm rooms and apartments. That being said, you can’t beat the variety and prices Sleepy’s is able to offer on a variety of mattresses. Sleepy’s mattresses come with Mattress Firm’s one year warranty.

Pricing Options and Purchase Experience

Whether your purchase your mattress in a Mattress Firm store or at, you’ll receive a generous return policy, a price guarantee, APR financing options, a 120-night sleep trial, and the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Mattress Firm has a C+ Better Business Bureau rating and is not BBB accredited. Reviews are mixed, with some customers leaving positive feedback about both the purchase experience and the product they selected, while others share stories of missing product pieces, poor quality merchandise, and insufficient customer service. It’s likely that the experience you have at a Mattress Firm store will vary by location, so research your local store on review sites like Google and Yelp before setting out to test mattresses there.  

Online Alternatives

While third-party retailers similar to Mattress Firm, like Mattress One, Mattress Warehouse, and Denver Mattress Company, sell some of the models they carry online, your best online alternative to shopping in-store at a Mattress Firm location will be the websites of the brands and manufacturers the company carries. 

As mentioned, Mattress Firm stores carry a wide variety of brands including Serta & Simmons and Purple, the majority of which sell mattresses through their own websites. Head to each website to see if you can find a discounted price. Keep in mind that Mattress Firm’s proprietary brands, like Hampton & Rhodes, Sleepy’s, and Tulo, may only be available at the Mattress Firm brick-and-mortar store and on the Mattress Firm website.

Pro and Cons of Buying in a Store vs. Online

The pros and cons of buying in a store versus purchasing your mattress online are two sides of the same coin. When you decide to shop in a store, you’ll be privy to the tactile experience. You can lie on a mattress, feel how plush or firm it is, examine thickness, and ask sales representatives for help. However, you won’t have the advantage of comparing the thousands of mattress varieties that can be easily accessed online. In comparison, when you shop online, only pictures, descriptions, videos, and customer reviews can give you a sense of how the mattress feels and looks, but you’ll have access to hundreds more options, thanks to the influx of online-only mattress manufacturers.

Whatever your preferred method, be careful not to be swayed by aesthetically pleasing branding, discount prices, or even hundreds of 5-star reviews. A mattress should be a highly subjective purchase, as your preferences, body weight and type, sleeping style, and budget are unique to you. Consider reviewing our mattress shopping guides and “best of” articles prior to deciding whether to shop online or in-store.