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How to get the best price on a mattress.

By Jack Mitcham

It is no secret that most large mattress chains have some wiggle room in how much they’ll charge you. But not everybody is comfortable being a hardball negotiator. In this quick and easy guide, anybody can get a great price on a new mattress with little hassle and no uncomfortable back-and-forth negotiations. Here are the steps.

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Step 1: Research

Do some research online to familiarize yourself with the mattress buying experience and what to expect. This will allow you to be a little more comfortable and confident when you’re in the showroom. In fact, you’re already on this step if you’re reading this! Check out the other pages on this site like my mattress buying guide.

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Step 2: Shop

Go into a showroom and go through their selection process. If you want to know how to choose the right mattress, my mattress buying guide is a great resource. The short version is “check for proper support and make sure the mattress doesn’t cause any pressure.”

Step 3: Don’t buy it yet

This is the key step. Let the salesman know that you’re still shopping around for the best price on that mattress. Most retailers have either a price match or a price beat policy. If you have a smartphone, you can do this while you’re in the store. Otherwise, go home and take some time to do it on your computer.

The salesman will react in one of a few ways at this point.

  • He or she may just drop the price immediately, or offer to call a manager to drop the price. Listen to what he or she has to say, but unless it’s a massive price drop, don’t take it.
  • Some salesman may offer to look up the comparison models on competitors websites for you. If you trust the salesman, this can save you time, but not every salesman will be honest about what mattress is the real comparison model.
  • He or she may just say “ok” and let you leave. This isn’t what most salespeople are trained to do, but it’s less awkward for you.

Honestly, it’s best to walk out without buying so you can take the time to comparison shop.

Feel free to repeat this step with other retailers if you have the time.

Step 4: Comparison shop

Go online to find the same or similar model for a lot less.  US Mattress usually has the lowest prices on a big selection of mattresses. I have a guide to comparing mattresses to help you out with this as well.

If you’re having trouble finding a comparable model, check out my free Mattress Comparison Shopping Service and I will find the comparable models for you. 

Step 5: Price match/price beat

Go back into the showroom with the comparison model in hand. Have the page up on your smartphone or print it out. Let the salesman know that if they can beat the website’s offer, you’ll go with them. Otherwise, you’ll just buy it online. At this point, salesmen will almost certainly agree to at least match the price. If they say they can only match, not beat it, see if they can throw in a mattress protector, some pillows, a set of sheets or something instead.

If the salesperson refuses to match the price, have him or her call a manager. If he or she claims that it’s not the same model, have the salesperson explain exactly what’s different. If they give you some legitimate differences (this one here is a pillowtop, the one online isn’t), then ask them what the comparable model is on that same website. If they give you some B.S. reason (we have an exclusive anti-microbial treatment in the cover/ours uses Celestron in it/we have 5 extra coils/ours uses latex instead of memory foam in the center band), just reiterate that you don’t care about that, and will buy it online unless they match the price.

If the salesperson is stubborn, just buy it online. There’s no need to fight to give a business your money if they don’t want it. Most salespeople will take the deal, though. They get paid on commission, and even a heavily reduced commission is better than nothing. (Full disclosure, if you buy something online from one of the links on my website, I’ll get credit for the sale. So, if your salesman doesn’t want to make a commission from you, I’m happy to do so).


So, that’s all there is to it. Familiarize yourself with the mattress buying process, select a mattress, comparison shop online, then go back into the store and take advantage of the store’s price match or price beat policy. My customers often save 40% or more on mattresses this way, and it’s a very “clean” negotiation, with no lies or shady tactics on either end.

One note of caution: this is mainly useful at large mattress chains. There are a lot of independent mom-and-pop shops and boutique stores which don’t charge absurd prices to begin with and who might not be able to negotiate like the big guys.

I hope this helps!

If you successfully used this strategy, please let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear some success stories from you guys.

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  1. My son is uncomfortable on his memory foam mattress and we tried the Beautyrest Recharge Ashaway Plush model at Mattress Firm. They said that this model is exclusive to Mattress Firm, though per your website it is the same as the Adda model at US-Mattress. I see a Silver Adda III model at US-mattress. Seems like Adda III is a newer model? Will the Beautyrest Silver Adda III feel the same as Ashaway Plush model (US-Mattress delivers for free whereas Mattress Firm does not, so I’d rather get the free delivery if the two mattresses are the same). thank you!!!

  2. Thanks for the info. We have had a Sterns & Foster (supposedly a good mattress with years of reputation, blah blah)….It SAGS and has been sagging for a couple of years. We have had it for quite some time and now are looking for a new mattress….definitely NOT and S&F…..horrid. So my question is what company other than Tempurpedic is associated with S&F as I WILL NOT buy ANY brand associated with S&F…. Hopefully Seally/Beautyrest is not under the S&F umbrella. Please advise…Thanks.

  3. im trying to compare a beautyrest platinum holloway firm sold @ Mattress Firm. Can you give us information on that model?

    • Thanks for writing. That must be a new model. I don’t see it on their website. Can you find a link? Or do you have any details about the mattress?

  4. looking at Denver mattress a stearns and foster estate scarborough and at mattress firm a stearns and foster estate bridle luxury firm , are these 2 comparables ?

    thanks for your help and reply !!

  5. We are trying to compare a trust II Sealy sold @ Mattress Firm. Can you give us information on that model?

  6. Hmmm. You do realize that sales people only earn commission and they are giving up their pay, not the manufacturers, not the company that owns the store. You don’t want someone to earn a living wage?

    • I was a retail mattress salesman working on 100% commission for nearly 7 years. I understand it just fine.

      It still doesn’t justify dishonesty.

  7. I have been in Furniture and Mattress Retail for over 20 years.
    Reading several postings on your site from customers as well as “Mattress Nerd”, I’m getting worried about the term “negotiation” being thrown around and the generalization of a mattress salesperson. I can’t be specific as this comment would take hours to read!
    Speaking for myself, I pride myself to give the best service to all of my clients. From education, value, price etc. Lying is not one of those traits.
    HEY, ALL YOU PEOPLE SHOPPING FOR A MATTRESS SET…….. DECIDE if you are READY to buy and how much you can AFFORD before you go “shopping” to your local mattress store. BE HONEST with yourself and your salesperson. Let them know what you want, need for your health and how much you are willing to spend. I do realize not all salespeople are at the top of their game when it comes to mattress education/training. That could happen in any retail experience (we’ve all been there). The salespeople are key to the right choice. There are some incredibly smart and wonderful salespeople out there that can really make a difference in your choice for the RIGHT BED SET. If you walk in, pick the most expensive mattress on the floor and try to negotiate to rock bottom just to see what happens knowing you can’t afford it then walk out because you have to “compare online and shop around” your wasting every ones time.
    It’s smart to get your research ahead of time for ANY product you are about to “invest” in.
    This site is a great source for product comparisons for the most part, but not 100% accurate. Be careful.
    Just my $.02. Sorry for any bad grammar.

    • Regardless of how good your knowledge is, it doesn’t change the fact that you can often get the same mattress online for a lot less. That’s just a fact.

      A lot of my readers email me to say they’ve saved hundreds of dollars by following my suggestions, and some have even saved over a thousand.

  8. Some time ago I purchasef a Serta Perfect Sleeper Talladega model fir a guest room. Now I want the exact same mattress for my MBR. I can’t find any info on that model now so I can cross reference it to a new model. Can you help.

  9. I got a tempur pedic mattress regular 2460$ for 1520$ and I got two for one pillows and 40$ off some good sheets. Definitely haggle… you can get a lot.

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