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Miracle Bamboo Pillow Review

By Jack Mitcham

The original Miracle Bamboo Pillow bills itself as the world’s most comfortable pillow. The company feels the description works because they present one pillow that will work for any sleep position and with either a soft, medium or firm feel.

Propped up horizontally, it feels most plush. Used flat as a regular pillow, it is considered a medium-firm.  Doubled up (folded in half), it is firm and can be used as a bolster for sitting up in bed to read or watch TV.

The guts of the pillow are shredded memory foam fill with some microfiber. To make the pillow softer or firmer, you can unzip the interior and add or subtract the filling to your heart’s content. This should be helpful if you sleep on your side and need to rearrange the filling to cradle your head and shoulders while supporting your neck.

Since the pillow cover is made from a natural fiber, the cellulose of a bamboo plant, it stays cool against your skin and breathes. It was built to stay cool all night. It sounds like it would be a very comfortable pillow.

 Still, that’s a lot to ask for $29.95. It’s not a lot to pay for a decent pillow, so you have to wonder if the bamboo pillow can hold up to the abuse? Only then can you decide if it is a long-term solution or a waste of money.

Why I Love It 

I am the sort of person who is ALWAYS rearranging my pillow at night. I’m a combination sleeper. I flop from my back onto my side and back once per night. The pillows I use have to move with me. At the very least, the Miracle Bamboo Pillow can be squished and shoved into the shape I need it to be.

The pillowcase is woven from the viscose pulled from the natural cellulose fibers from bamboo plants. Because the cover is made from natural fibers, the bamboo pillow is breathable, resists bacteria, dust mites and mold, and is hypoallergenic. If you have allergies like me, you’re breathing a deep breath of gratitude.

The viscose also feels cool next to your skin and wicks away moisture so the surface also stays dry. The bamboo cover should stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Sizes and Pricing

The Miracle Bamboo Pillow comes in standard queen and king sizes around $30 to $40  each, plus shipping charges approximately $10. You can often find a 2-for-1 special online. Also, the pillows come with a travel bag.

Buying Experience 


What warranty? There is no warranty. (Please read the information about the 30-day money back guarantee information in SHIPPING & RETURNS section.)

Where to Buy

You can find the Miracle Bamboo Pillow online, at “As Seen on TV” stores, via infomercials, and at places like Target, Kohls, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond throughout the United States. Remember that shipping fees and shipping times will vary by merchant and store.

Shipping and returns

If you’re ordering directly from the company website. the Miracle Bamboo Pillow will ship within 30 days of your order being processed. (No word on why it takes so long.) 

The pillows ship through FedEx Smart Post. The company will ship to all 50 states and Canada, but you will pay for shipping — $9.95 for each pillow in the U.S.; $19.90 for each to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada. There’s also a $1 fee for ordering online.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee when you return via USPS. You get your money back minus shipping and handling fees. You can start the return process by calling customer service.

Sleep Experience

The Miracle Bamboo Pillow was designed to be used lying horizontally on its side (soft), with the pillow lying flat (medium) and with the pillow folded in half (firm). You decide how firm the pillow should be. You can also remove filling from the inside of the pillow to make the pillow flatter and softer.

Manufacturers use memory foam for mattresses and pillows because it cradles the body. It shapes around your neck and shoulders. You need material to give enough to curve around your head without flattening. It must still support the lighter weight and elegantly curved neck. Memory foam does a good job at both.

Also, since it is made from viscose from bamboo, the cover is breathable and won’t retain so much heat. While memory foam does retain heat, the inside of the pillow is shredded memory foam. Theoretically, more air can get in between the shreds and, again, carry heat away. It’s naturally and designed to be a temperature regulating surface.

Pros & Cons


  • Naturally hypoallergenic and cool viscose cover
  • Three uses in one pillow, including as a bolster if you’re sitting up in bed
  • Can satisfy back and side sleepers
  • Moldable, squish it into whatever shape you want
  • Affordable
  • Washable


  • Fill inside the pillow will flatten out over time
  • Some sleepers say pillow is too hard as a new pillow
  • Not great for stomach sleepers sitting four inches tall
  • Not as durable as you might want from memory foam
  • No warranty

Who is the Miracle Bamboo Best For?

People who regularly rearrange their pillows before and during sleep

Combination sleepers who change positions during the night

People who have never tried foam since the shredded insides mimic a traditional mattress

Bargain seekers



At face value, the Miracle Bamboo Pillow does deliver on most of its claims. It is moldable. It is washable. It does have a pillow cover derived from natural materials, i.e. viscose from bamboo. It does serve several sleep positions fairly well.

What it doesn’t do, according to some customers, is stay moldable once the shredded memory foam starts flattening. It is only truly washable in an emergency. The fabric cover is breathable and wicks moisture to stay dry, but may not be cool enough for hot sleepers. It’s great for side and back sleepers but may feel too thick for stomach sleepers.

The upside? They are cheap enough to just give a try. You have 60 days to send them back but, even if you don’t like them and forget to do that, you didn’t break the bank.

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