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Molecule attempts to deliver the most physically restorative mattress on the market, for those who take training and sleep seriously. No less than two-time World Cup Champion Alex Morgan and six-time Super Bowl-winning QB Tom Brady back the brand.

Our Verdict: Between both models Molecule offers: Molecule 1 and 2, Molecule can accommodate many different types of sleepers as Molecule 1 is medium-soft with contouring designed to relieve pressure points. Molecule 2 has 5 zones of varying densities that help to keep your entire body supported. If you sleep hot, you’re in luck with the Molecule as each layer is designed for maximum cooling and breathability. Those who prefer a traditional, firm mattress may not be a fan of the memory foam Molecule.

Who the Molecule Mattress is Best For

Best For…

May Not be Best For…

Those who sleep hot.

Eco-friendly shoppers will enjoy the Molecule’s variable pressure foaming process as it reduces manufacturing emissions considerably.

✅Sleepers worried about spinal alignment will appreciate the bed’s supportive layers.

Those who prefer a traditional mattress as the Molecule is a memory foam bed.

❌Heavyweight sleepers may find the Molecule lacks proper support.

Molecule Mattress In-Depth Review

Molecule makes mattresses that keep you cool. Every design feature, every material, every moment of thinking about sleep has been geared towards increasing airflow in the company’s mattresses and making sure you don’t get too hot while you sleep.

The company, which launched in 2018, simply believes sleeping at the right temperature is the most important factor to ensure restorative sleep. Restorative sleep, the sort of sleep that helps your body recover after a day of activity and stress. So it also markets itself as the mattress choice for high-level athletes like Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and Alex Morgan.

Molecule sells two mattresses and both come packed with different ways to keep you cool as you sleep. (You sleep better when you’re cooler, but your body doesn’t do it’s best work keeping you cool as you sleep. That’s why mattresses pay so much attention to temperature regulation

The Molecule 1 skews to medium-soft but alleviates pressure on hips and shoulders while keeping your spine straight if you’re a side sleeper. The Molecule 2 is an upgrade with five zones, of varying densities, that adapt to your specific body zones to give equal support throughout the bed.

Also, if you’re swayed by celebrity endorsements and you love sports, this mattress is definitely for you.

Molecule Mattress Highlights

  • So much science. The Molecule people pride themselves on constructing mattresses based on as much research and feedback as they can.
  • Cooling. You’re not going to overheat on this full foam mattress. The company put its entire reputation.
  • Concerned about the environment. On its website, Molecule describes making its foam using the variable pressure foaming process. That approach helps control off-gassing (bad smell when you first unwrap mattress) and reduce manufacturing emissions by 97 percent when compared to standard manufacturing.
Molcule Mattress 2

Molecule Mattress by Sleeping Positions

Side sleepers might find Molecule 1 a good fit. It’s the slightly more plush version and will give the most contouring in the hips and shoulders where you need it most.

Back sleepers might like the slightly firmer Molecule 2 better. You need some contouring around the booty and this will feel good to most back sleepers.

Stomach sleepers need contouring around the tummy area, but these mattresses may be too soft for to also keep the hips up and aligned with the rest of the spine.


Environmentally friendly and savvy company that uses Certi-PUR® foams

Offers budget-friendly version

Very in tune with all of the ways to keep you cool as you sleep

These memory foam mattresses do sleep cooler than others as a result

Very in tune with how to enhance recovery as you sleep

Made in the USA


Memory foam isn’t for everyone

Molecule 2 is high-priced for this type of mattress

Molecule Mattress Sizing and Specs


Molecule 1 Twin 75”L X 39”W X 12 ¼ ”H 55 lbs $599
Molecule 1 Twin XL 80”L X 39”W X 12 ¼ ”H 56 lbs $699
Molecule 1 Full 75”L X 54”W X 12 ¼ ”H 73 lbs $799
Molecule 1 Queen 80”L X 60”W X 12 ¼ ”H 87 lbs $949
Molecule 1 King 80”L X 76”W X 12 ¼ ”H 114 lbs $1,149
Molecule 1 Cal King 84”L X 72”W X 12 ¼ ”H 114 lbs $1,149
Molecule 2 Twin 75”L X 39”W X 12 ¼ ”H 55 lbs $1,099
Molecule 2 Twin XL 80”L X 39”W X 12 ¼ ”H 56 lbs $1,199
Molecule 2 Full 75”L X 54”W X 12 ¼ ”H 73 lbs $1,399
Molecule 2 Queen 80”L X 60”W X 12 ¼ ”H 87 lbs $1,499
Molecule 2 King 80”L X 76”W X 12 ¼ ”H 114 lbs $1,899
Molecule 2 Cal King 84”L X 72”W X 12 ¼ ”H 114 lbs $1,899

Molecule Mattress Firmness

Both Molecules feel closest to medium on the firmness scale. That is the feeling most likely to please the most sleepers since it’s straight down the middle.

Molecule 1 tends towards the softer side of medium. 

Molecule 2 is the former of the two, closer to medium-firm.

Molecule Mattress Construction

The Molecule 1 & 2 cover has temperature sensitive polymer inside of it. It will absorb heat to keep you cool or release it when/if you’re feeling too cold. The cover is also anti-microbial, meaning it won’t allow unwanted micro-critters to thrive. 

You can distinguish the Molecule 1 from the Molecule 2 by looking at the top foam layer.

The Molecule 1 top layer is 2 inches of foam Molecule developed itself called RestoreFlo™. It has micro gel beads that absorb heat. This type of foam also has an open cell structure, meaning air can flow through the mattress to carry heat away.

The Molecule 2 top layer is 2 inches of foam Molecule developed itself called MolecularFlo™. Molecule made it with a wide open construction and channels that allow air in and through the layer to pull heat moving away from the body and send it away. The company says it manages that temperature regulation process seven times better than traditional memory foam. It acts as a cooling layer and as a comfort layer.

The middle layer of both the Molecule 1 & 2 is 3 inches of RecoveryFlo™ foam to create a “dynamic response” layer to contour to your body. This is the pressure-relieving layer. It’s another open-channel design, but one that has different levels of support in different parts of the mattress. For example, a varying hexagon design near the head to support the upper body and larger hexagon design in the center for support in the lumbar region that won’t collapse. Then again with varying hexagons at the bottom near the lower legs and feet to support the lower body.

The third layer of both mattresses is 7 inches of ContourFlo™ and acts as a support layer. It’s substantial foam, and breathable, that holds everything else up.

molecule inside

Molecule Buying Experience

Shipping, Delivery and Returns

Molecule ships via FedEx. It will take about a week to receive it once you place an order. If you order a mattress plus any accessories, you will likely receive them separately since Molecule sends out from different warehouses. Just FYI.

Molecule ships to all 50 states but you’ll pay extra to get one of their mattresses shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.

If you decide to return the Molecule mattress, the refund will be for what you paid for it (i.e. it’ll reflect any discounts you received). You can start the process by calling or emailing the company.

Molecule Mattress Trial Period

Molecule has a 100-night trial period. Molecule requires you to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days before they will accept a return. Seriously, that’s no hardship. You should road test a new mattress for at least that long to allow your body to adapt to it and to see if it works for you.


Molecule mattresses come with a limited lifetime warranty. If the mattress shows any defects due to manufacturing or any defects to the materials, it will replace the mattress at no cost with something comparable. The warranty is prorated based on how long you have had the mattress.

It will cover indentations greater than one inch, unrelated to wear and tear, problems with the zipper caused by the manufacturing or any weak seams due to manufacturing.

You will void the warranty if you don’t put the mattress on the right kind of base.

Remember mattress warranties across the industry don’t cover your purchase if you do anything to damage the mattresses.


At this time, you can only purchase the Molecule mattresses on the Molecule website.


Molcule Mattress Box

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Molecule Mattress Rating and Conclusion

I praise Molecule for attacking the challenge of keeping sleepers cool and then telling folks that that is what they were doing. They delivered two memory foam mattresses with multiple cooling features, one slightly firmer than medium and one slightly more plush than medium. 

It doesn’t feel like Molecule is trying to convince customers it’s doing something to keep them sleeping cool at night. It feels like Molecule actually went out there and did the work.

That is a long run-up to saying that Molecule mattresses are good quality units. The Molecule 2 may be overpriced in its category, but most sleepers, save heavier people, will find the models fairly accommodating to their body curves and cooler than most other full memory foam mattresses out there.

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