Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Review

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Who the Serta Perfect Sleeper is Best For

Best For…

May Not be Best For…

✅People who have slept on a Serta mattress before.

✅People who love the feel and firmness of an innerspring mattress.

Potentially good fit for heavier people due to the durability of the coil layer

❌Side sleepers may struggle due to the coils


Serta Perfect Sleeper In-Depth Review

Serta’s newest Perfect Sleeper mattress models are upgraded versions of their beloved bed. Developed alongside the National Sleep Foundation, the goal was to make the new Perfect Sleeper both comfortable and supportive, the perfect mattress if you will. 

The Perfect Sleeper models are all some version of an innerspring mattress. Using 886 wrapped coils to create a customized support system, these layers were designed to relieve pressure, regardless of sleeping position, to help people get a good night’s sleep no matter what. The Perfect Sleeper line is comprised of four models, including innerspring and hybrid options. There are 12 versions total, as each style is available in firm, medium, and plush versions. The price increases from style to style. The Elkins II are bargain models, then the Kleinmon II, and Trelleburg II. The memory foam-coil hybrid Standale II is the most expensive. 

Having said that, the price range for all Perfect Sleeper mattresses is pretty middle of the road if you’re comparing them to similar models from other brands. They’re very fairly priced.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Highlights 

  • Worked with the National Sleep Foundation to build the Perfect Sleeper
  • Priced in the middle of the pack among mattresses with a similar style
  • Serta is often the mattress choice for major hotel chains

Serta Perfect Sleeper by Sleeping Position

Back sleepers are the easiest to please. They don’t require a ton of contouring because they’re sleeping in the most neutral position. For people who carry an average amount of weight, look at the Elkins II Firm or the Kleinmon II Plush models. 

Stomach sleepers need some give around the tummy, but not a lot. They don’t want their hips to fall too far forward and throw their spine out of alignment. If you’re a stomach sleeper looking for a medium-firm choice, consider the Kleinmon II Plush models.

Side sleepers will have better luck with the pillow or EuroTop mattresses, or the Standale II hybrids. There is at least one option with a padded top in the three innerspring styles, and the Standale hybrids use foam layers in the comfort layer.

Pros & Cons of Serta Perfect Sleeper

The familiar feel of innerspring
Getting a brand name for a middle-of-the-road price Customers say using the warranty can be difficult
You can find Serta mattresses all over the country and the world

Serta Perfect Sleeper Sizing and Specs

Elkins II Firm Innerspring Firm: 7 of 10
Elkins II  EuroTop Plush Innerspring with EuroTop Plush: 3 of 10
Elkins II Plush Innerspring Extra Plush: 2 of 10
Kleinmon II Firm Innerspring Extra Firm: 9 of 10
Kleinmon II Plush Innerspring Medium: 5 of 10
Kleinmon II  Pillow Top Plush Innerspring  with Pillow Top Medium Plush: 4 of 10
Trelleburg II  Extra Firm Innerspring Extra Firm: 9 of 10
Trelleburg II Plush Innerspring Medium Plush: 4 of 10
Trelleburg II Pillow Top Plush Innerspring with Pillow Top Extra Plush: 2 of 10
Standale II Luxury Firm Memory Foam & Coil Hybrid Extra Firm: 9 of 10
Standale II Pillow Top Firm Memory Foam & Coil Hybrid with Pillow Top Medium: 6 of 10
Standale II Plush Pillow Top Memory Foam & Coil Hybrid with Pillow Top Medium Plush: 4 of 10


Elkins II Firm $399 $429 $479 $499 $699 $699
Elkins II EuroTop PL $499 $529 $579 $599 $799 $799
Elkins II Plush $399 $429 $479 $499 $699 $699
Kleinmon II Firm $599 $629 $679 $699 $999 $999
Kleinmon II Plush $599 $629 $679 $699 $999 $999
Kleinmon II PT Plush $699 $729 $779 $799 $1099 $1099
Trelleburg II Extra Firm $799 $829 $879 $899 $1199 $1199
Trelleburg II Plush $799 $829 $879 $899 $1199 $1199
Trelleburg II PT Plush $899 $929 $979 $999 $1299 $1299
Standale II

Luxury Firm

$899 $929 $979 $999 $1299 $1299
Standale II

PT Firm

$999 $1029 $1079 $1099 $1499 $1499
Standale II

Plush PT

$999 $1029 $1079 $1099 $1499 $1499

Serta Perfect Sleeper Construction

The Elkins II, the Kleinmon II and the Trelleburg II all have a very similar construction since they are all innerspring mattresses. Aside from the cover, the main features are coils or individually wrapped pocket coils. 

The pillow top and EuroTop versions have some additional foam to get the additional cushioning at the mattress surface.

The Standale II is a hybrid mattress with a substantial layer of foam and then a section of cooling gel memory foam beneath in the comfort layer. Below that is the individually wrapped coils that create the support layer. 

The Standale Firm model has the least amount of foam at the top, though there are still several layers of it.


Serta Buying Experience

Shipping, Delivery and Returns

If you order directly from, you will receive your mattress 4 to 14 days from the time of your purchase. The delivery company will call you to arrange a time to drop off the mattress and it will be delivered to your door, but won’t set up the mattress or take away your old mattress with basic service. You can pay extra for White Glove service, which means your delivery will include setup and removal of your old mattress. 

If you buy a mattress from another retailer, you work with them to determine a delivery date and time.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Trial Period

The benefit of buying a Serta mattress online at is that it comes with a 120-day trial. That is in line with the industry standard. Beyond that, remember that trial periods will vary by store, or not exist at all if you buy it from a retailer. Returns are free during the trial if you buy from the website. Everything else depends on where you buy your Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress.

Warranty offers a 10-year limited warranty for mattresses purchased on the site. The Perfect Sleeper mattresses aren’t sold on the website. But any warranty will cover material or manufacturing defects. No warranty will cover a change of heart or a change in the type of mattress that works for you.


You can find Perfect Sleeper mattresses at other online shops, or at retail stores all over the United States.


Serta Perfect Sleeper Rating and Conclusion

If you wake up sore at any of the wider parts of your body, the firmness of the Perfect Sleeper innerspring models will give you comfort. If you have pressure points that bother you during the night, the innerspring models were built to cradle those areas of the body that hold the most weight, i.e. the shoulders and hips. The individually wrapped coils inside the Perfect Sleeper are wrapped so they move independently, cradling and supporting where necessary. 

Serta has a great brand reputation and the fact that the Perfect Sleeper mattress was constructed in conjunction with the National Sleep Foundation adds to the credibility further. The mattresses have an unfussy, uncomplicated design, but are perfectly executed in a way not many mattress companies can claim. If you are looking for increased comfort without sacrificing needed support, this could be your perfect mattress.