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Beautyrest Black Mattress Review

This luxury choice from Beautyrest combines a perfect blend of comfort and durability, keeping customers cool and sound asleep.

Nerd Score:  4.2/5

The Nerd’s Take: The Beautyrest Black is a luxury collection that provides the comfort of memory foam, combined with the support and responsiveness of coils. It really is the best of both worlds. Most every sleeper will find comfort in this mattress, with the exception of some very lightweight sleepers who may not sink enough into the mattress to feel the comfort, and some stomach sleepers who find it too firm. Back sleepers will enjoy the exceptional back support this mattress provides.

Who the Beautyrest Black is Best For

Best For…

May Not be Best For…

✅Shoppers who like options

✅Those who like foam and coils

✅Hot sleepers


❌Super lightweight sleepers

❌Some stomach sleepers

Beautyrest Black In-Depth Review 

The Beautyrest Black line was introduced in 2018 to some fanfare. Understandable. It was launched as the luxury, high-end mattress option, one that ensures restorative sleep and lives up to the Beautyrest name.

Beautyrest kicked up each design feature several notches. BlackICE 4.0 is a cooling feature meant to keep you cooler for a longer period of time during rest. BeautyEdge® stabilizes the mattress from edge to edge, great for couples who use the entire bed surface. The T3 Pocketed Coil® Technology has upgraded springs for gentle contouring and enhanced durability.

For 2019, they also added two upgrades people can add to the Black model — Cooling and Cooling + Comfort. The first adds Right Temp™ memory foam, infused with carbon fiber that conducts heat. The second adds those cooling features and another layer with Gel Touch® foam, which is another breathable comfort layer.

Beautyrest went all out, making sure to use the best materials, the coolest materials and design, and foams that would breathe and conform to you for the best sleep you’ve ever had.  You can click here to read our full Beautyrest Mattress Reviews for current models.

Beautyrest Black Highlights

  • Options galore. There are now three options in this popular line—the original version, an upgraded version with enhanced cooling features and another upgraded version with the cooling features and additional layers of memory foam for more contouring and comfort. This has to excite customers with an eye towards detail.
  • Gorgeous covers. The white, gray and black fabric covers look cool. Cool as in stylish. They feel cool to the touch, as well as soft and durable, too.
  • Hybrid design. I believe in hybrid designs. I crave old-school durability with new-school features that cradle my body and keep me cool. And Beautyrest has developed one of the most durable and comfortable pocketed-coil systems in the industry. Hybrids cover a range of sleeping sins because foams contour while pocket coils move with you and make the mattress last a long time.
Beautyrest Black cooling 1

Beautyrest Black by Sleeping Positions

Side sleepers do well on hybrid mattresses. The three Black designs have a medium feel, save for the Comfort+Cooling design with its plush mattress topper. That one will feel slightly cushier without losing the durability of a hybrid. Either way, side sleepers need contouring around their hips and shoulders to provide pressure relief and these designs deliver all of that to side sleepers.

Back sleepers need some gentle contouring at the top layers for their booties, but tend to do fine on all but the softest of mattresses. And the luxurious Black designs have plenty of contouring near the top in its 13-inch design, without losing durability thanks to the T3 coil technology.

Stomach sleepers often find hybrids a little too intense and firm to curve to their stomach to keep their spine in alignment. Again, the contouring layers at the top of the Black mattresses, especially in the thickest Cooling+Comfort version with the ultra plush pillow top, may still be friendly enough to alleviate this concern for stomach sleepers.



High-end fabrics, materials, design. You get what you pay for.

Durable hybrid design thanks to the coil layer

Cooling materials and design live up to the hype.

Three design options/price levels in this luxury firm model

Enhanced edge support and motion transfer great for couples

These are not budget-friendly; they’re luxury models.

Beautyrest Black Firmness

The Beautyrest Black mattresses are medium on the firmness scale. Straight down the middle of the firm mattress scale. The only one that feels a bit softer than that is the one with both the Cooling technology + Comfort design, which has a plush pillow top.

Beautyrest Black Construction

By the sheer number of layers alone and proprietary foams and construction design, the Beautyrest Black luxury line of mattresses packs in a lot of features.

Beautyrest Black Original

  • This medium firm hybrid is 13-inches thick, starting with a cool cover—cool, as in cool temperature, and cool, as in nice looking and soft—closest to your skin.
  • There are four layers in the comfort section of the mattress at the top.
  • The first is a ½ inch of plush comfort foam.
  • The second is 1 inch of medium comfort foam.
  • The third is 1 ½ inches of “energy” foam.
  • The fourth layer is ½ inch of Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam.
  • Then the support layers have T3 Pocketed Coil® Technology, basically Beautyrest’s own version of coils. There are three metal strands wrapped around a fourth to create each advanced pocketed coil. Also at the bottom of the Beautyrest hybrid, there is the BeautyEdge® system, an additional support around the edges of the mattress so couples don’t slip off the side when they sleep.

Beautyrest Black Original + Cooling

  • This medium hybrid is 13-inches thick, again with a lovely cover fabric that is still cool to the touch.
  • There are four sections to the comfort layer starting with a ½-inch layer of Plush Comfort Foam.
  • The second layer is 1 inch of Medium Comfort Foam, a little thicker density.
  • The third layer is 1 inch of RightTemp™ Memory Foam.
  • The fourth layer is 1 inch of Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam.
  • The last two layers of memory foam are infused with carbon fibers that conduct heat and keep the mattress 20 percent cooler than the original design

Beautyrest Black Original + Cooling + Comfort

  • The Beautyrest Black hybrid is 15-inches thick, 2 inches thicker than the original, thanks to the plush topper and added height in the comfort layers. The plush topper gives that extra bit of contouring for heavier sleepers and people who sleep on their sides. The cover fabric is still cool to the touch.
  • The comfort layers are a bit thicker throughout.
  • There is ¾-inch of GelTouch® foam.
  • There is 1 inch of Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam.
  • There is 1 inch of Right Temp™ memory foam.
  • There is 1 inch of Medium Comfort foam
  • The support layers are the same as in the original design.
Beautyrest Black original cutaway 1

Beautyrest Black Sizing and Specs

Black Original Twin XL 81″ x 40″  64 lbs 13 inches $1699
Black Original Full 76″ x 55″ 84 lbs 13 inches $1979
Black Original Queen 81″ x 61″  104 lbs 13 inches $2099
Black Original King 81″ x 78″ 133 lbs 13 inches $2599
Black Original Cal King 85″ x 73″ 140 lbs 13 inches $2599
Black Cooling Twin XL 81″ x 40″ 69 lbs 13 inches $2199
Black Cooling Full 76″ x 55″ 90 lbs 13 inches  $2479
Black Cooling Queen 81″ x 61″  113 lbs 13 inches $2699
Black Cooling King 81″ x 78″ 145 lbs 13 inches $3399
Black Cooling Cal King 85″ x 73″ 150lbs 15 inches $3399
Black Cooling + Comfort Twin XL 81″ x 40″  76 lbs 15 inches $2399
Black Cooling + Comfort Full 76″ x 55″ 97 lbs 15 inches $2679
Black Cooling + Comfort Queen 81″ x 61″ 123 lbs 15 inches $2899
Black Cooling + Comfort King 81″ x 78″ 156 lbs 15 inches $3599
Black Cooling + Comfort Cal King 85″ x 73″ 162 lbs 15 inches $3599

Beautyrest Black Buying Experience

Shipping, Delivery and Returns

Complimentary White Glove Delivery? Yes, Beautyrest Black mattresses come straight to your home with people to unbox, unwrap and set up the mattress. Then they’ll haul all of the packing materials and your old mattress one away. Beautyrest will work with you to schedule the date and time that works for you.

Sorry to everyone in Alaska and Hawaii. Beautyrest won’t ship to you with an online purchase. But you can find their mattresses in retail stores in both states. 

Let’s say you don’t end up liking your new mattress. Before the 100 days are up, call the company and they’ll help you arrange a return for a full refund.

The Beautyrest Black Trial Period 

You have 100 days to decide if the Beautyrest Black fits your sleeping style and body type. I always recommend you give any new sleep surface 30 days before deciding. You’ll likely need that long to adapt to the feel of it, especially if you’ve never tried memory foam before.


Beautyrest gives a 10-year limited warranty for all of its mattresses. 

Part of any mattress warranty usually includes some section about using the right support underneath. Beautyrest says the Black mattress will work with most frames, foundations and adjustable bases. You can use a box spring or any solid surface. Any base with slats can’t have more than two inches between each slat.


You can buy the Beautyrest Black Luxury Mattresses in so many places — online through the company website, online through Amazon and at retail outlets throughout the country.  Go to to find locations.

Beautyrest Black Mattress

Beautyrest Black Rating and Conclusion

The Beautyrest Black mattress feels like the best of all worlds. It is the luxury option among all of the mattresses that Beautyrest makes. If you’re looking for the highest-end mattress that a longstanding company makes, you’ve found it with the Beautyrest Black.

It uses quality materials, including Certipur-certified memory foams. It has cooling features from top to bottom, using everything from carbon fibers and gels to keep you sleeping at a comfortable temperature. It has an innovative coil layer developed by Beautyrest itself—triple metal strands wrapped around a fourth—that ensures the mattress will serve sleepers for a long time.  It’s the coveted medium on the firmness scale. And it has the strength of the Beautyrest name.

If you want to commit to a mattress for the next decade and can put money where your mouth is, then consider the Beautyrest Black.

The Nerd’s Score

Performance Factor Out of 5
Motion Isolation 3.5
Pressure Relief 3
Ease of Movement 4.5
Edge Support 5
Temperature Control  4
Durability 5