Sleep Innovations Mattress Reviews

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Sleep Innovations offers seven different mattresses. All are some permutation of memory foam, and some use a cooling gel in the top layers for more cooling. The mattresses aren’t fussy. Memory foam versions have two layers; the ones with cooling gel memory foam have three layers. They aren’t expensive mattresses at all and, of course, that means they are less to hold up to hard use or long-term use. I would recommend keeping that in mind as you shop.

Actually, they have a great, quick app that helps you find the Sleep Innovations model that is perfect for your needs. It’s called FIND YOUR FIT. You answer 6-7 questions and they sort out the options for you. Still, Sleep Innovations are super affordable if you want to dip your toes into the memory foam mattress world.          


Marley 10” Overview

Type: Cooling gel memory foam Price Range: $175 to $399 Best for: Anyone who needs help staying cool at night; guest rooms.


Shiloh 10” Overview

Type: Memory foam Price Range: $326 to $550 Best for:  People who need something a little firmer, guest rooms.


Shea 10” Overview

Type: Memory foam Price Range: $429 to $759 Best for: People who don’t like hard mattresses, guest rooms.

Which Model Is Best for Me?

Marley 10” Might Be Good For You If….

  • You are a back or stomach sleeper
  • You like a medium-firm feel
  • You tend to feel too hot as you sleep

Shiloh 12” Might Be Good For You If….

  • You are a side or back sleeper of an average to larger-than-average size
  • You like a medium to medium-firm feel mattress

Shea 10” Might Be Good For You If….

  • You are a side sleeper or combination sleeper
  • You like a slightly softer feel to your mattress

Best Sleep Innovations Mattress by Sleeping  Position

Side Sleepers will like most of the mattresses Sleep Innovations has to offer since most of the mattresses are medium-feel memory foam. 

Back Sleepers will be OK will any of the three choices I’m talking about here. All three feel more medium on the firmness scale. That’s code for “enough contouring for your butt, without collapsing.”

Stomach Sleepers should stick with the Marley, which is slightly firmer and will contour around your stomach without collapsing under your hips.

Pros and Cons of Sleep Innovations Mattresses


  • Multiple versions to choose from
  • Certi-PUR® Certified foams
  • One of Mattress Nerd’s Picks for Best Affordable Mattresses 
  • Find Your Fit app helps you sort through options
  • Mostly solid initial reviews
  • Made in the USA


  • Not much differentiation between versions
  • Material quality
  • Concerns about long-term durability
  • Not great for larger people
Shop Sleep Innovations

Pricing & Specs

Taylor 12” $714 $400 $718 $860 $1043
Alden 14” N/A $988 $990 N/A N/A
Shiloh 12” $326.91 $378.35 $419.48 $549.99 $549.99
Shea 10” $420 $355.25 $501 $759 $549
Marley 10” $175 $235 $275 $345 $399
Sage 8” $357 $235 $225 $239 $364

Model Dimensions 

  • Twin 75” L  X 39” W
  • Full 75” L  X 54” W
  • Queen 80” L X 60” W
  • King 80” L X 76” W
  • CA King 84” L X 72” W


Taylor 12” Gel Memory Foam Med-Firm: 6/10 74 lbs 12”
Alden 14” Memory Foam Plush: 4.5/10 91 lbs 14”
Shiloh 12” Memory Foam Medium: 5/10 80 lbs 12”
Shea 10” Memory Foam Medium: 5/10 69 lbs 10”
Marley 10” Gel Memory Foam Med-Firm: 6/10 70 lbs +/- (est.) 10”
Sage 8” Gel Memory Foam Med-Firm: 6/10 63.5 lbs 8”

Marley 10” Construction 

  • The comfort layer starts at the top with a cooling layer.
  • The first layer is 2 inches of memory foam injected with cooling gel.
  • The second layer is 3 inches with foam cut with air channels. Again, this is for cooling. Air can get through those channels to carry away excess heat.
  • The third layer is the full support layer, 5 inches of a high-density foam that supports everything on top of it, even you.

Shiloh 12” Construction

  • The comfort layer is made of 2.5 inches of SureTemp foam.
  • The support layer is 9.5 inches of higher-density support memory foam.
  • The mattress cover is quilted.

Shea 10” Construction

  • The comfort layer is made of 3 inches of SureTemp foam.
  • The support layer is 7 inches of higher-density support memory foam.
  • The mattress cover is quilted.

The Sleep Innovations Buying Experience

Trial Period

Trial periods will vary depending on where you buy the mattress. Don’t get your hopes up too high. One way to cut costs on mattresses is to remove amenities like trial periods.


Sleep Innovations offers a 10-year warranty that refers to the cover and the foam inside, protecting you from any manufacturing defects. But the company will decide if there is a defect and how to compensate you for the damage—i.e. offering similar products, replacing the original. 

You only get one shot to use the warranty over the 10-year period. Call Sleep Innovations to initiate a claim. Keep your receipts just in case! You’ll need it to start a claim. Also, and here’s the bummer part, you will pay for shipping both ways.

Shipping and Delivery

Prices and procedures will vary depending on where you buy it.


Sleep Innovations sell through third parties. I quoted Amazon prices here and you can definitely buy Sleep Innovations mattresses there, but you can also find them at Wayfair, Walmart, Home Depot, JCPenney, Sears, Kohl’s, KMart and Target. 


I think the best thing about the online mattress world is that you can find pretty much any type of mattress at any price. Sleep Innovations fits the cheaper, more simple part of that whole marketplace.

You literally are not paying for anything extra with Sleep Innovations mattresses. You want a memory foam mattress, you get two slabs of memory foam in your mattress. You want memory foam with a cooling feature, you get a cooling gel layer with the original two layers of memory foam.

It’s important to understand that means you aren’t getting a lot either. You likely will not get a lot of life out of these mattresses. Also, don’t expect to see high-quality foams and fabrics. Sleep Innovations also provides a cool app called FIND YOUR FIT that will use your answers to a handful of questions to recommend a specific model to you.

Here are your takeaways about Sleep Innovations: Affordable. Temporary. Memory foam mattress starter if you just want to try one.