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Sleepgram Pillow Review

Read our in-depth review of the Sleepgram Pillow where we cover the product information, pricing, and feel to see if this product is right for you.

By Tyler Moyer

A Look Inside the Sleepgram Pillow

In this Sleepgram pillow review, I will discuss a concept where Sleepgram attempts to remove guesswork and empower sleepers to create a pillow that works for their bodies.

Sleepgram pillows were built so that regular people could customize the feel and the height of their pillow whenever they wanted. The pillow-making people at Sleepgram can’t read minds, so they put that power to choose in your hands.

Sleepgram pillows are customizable since the “pillow” actually comes with two pillows of varying height (loft) and feel (firmness levels) inside of the main cover. 

All you have to do to change the loft or firmness is to add or remove either of the two pillows inside the cover. (The cover actually has two zippers to make it easier to add or remove layers.) You can change your mind and swap it back. With this hypoallergenic, down alternative pillow, that’s all up to you.

Also, the polyester fiberfill they use in the pillow filling can be molded to your desired shape. (I personally like to create a hill for my neck to rest on for support.) You know how we often pile and punch and scrunch the pillows into some sort of arrangement before we lay back down on them? You can do that with the Sleepgram pillows and they’ll keep their shape.

Let’s start with the cover. It is made of 100 percent cotton and lined by a polyester fabric. There is a polyester microfiber fill inside the two pillows themselves. I would say the soft microfiber feels closest to down. It is hypoallergenic and does not retain odors.

The first or “red pillow” is a medium-feel pillow at around 4 ½ inches thick. It is thicker and firmer than the other pillow. Back sleepers who need their heads to be elevated or risk neck pain, also need a decent amount of firmness. They want to avoid having their heads collapse straight back down to the pillow. They will find a good fit using the red pillow by itself.

The second or “blue pillow” is a thinner, softer feeling pillow around 2 ½ inches thick. Stomach sleepers should like using this one by itself for the plush feel. The pillow is not too thick that it will raise your neck too high and throw it out of alignment with the rest of your spine.

If you put both pillows into the cover, you will have a firm pillow best suited for side sleepers and back sleepers who deal with back pain. A side sleeper needs a firm pillow to keep their neck supported, and their head elevated. Your pillow shouldn’t collapse if you want it to work for you and support your head and shoulders. I find that the Sleepgram pillow retains its shape better than most. 

I would say that the pillow is not foolproof, but it does hold up reasonably well.

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Why I Love It

I love this pillow because the cotton cover feels soft against my face and the pillow feels firm enough under my neck without feeling weak. 

I’m more of a combo sleeper, so I need a thicker profile when I sleep on my side. I hate when my neck collapses under soft pillows and using both the red and blue pillows for the firmest option does the job. 

As a part-time back sleeper I also still need my neck to be elevated. If I only slept on my back, I could get enough support using the “red pillow” by itself.

I also like how they embraced an adaptation most people in the world use to sleep comfortably while coming up with a new pillow concept. Sleepgram has taken the idea of piling pillows up on your bed to find the right feel and put them in one package. 

I just appreciate that the people at Sleepgram saw straight through to a possible solution by simply observing what people were already doing.

Product Information

Sizes and Pricing

Standard/Queen 18” x 26” w/2” gusset $49.95/ea

King 18” x 33” w/2” gusset $64.95/ea


The Sleepgram pillow comes with lifetime warranty.

Where to buy

You can buy Sleepgram pillows at and

Shipping and Returns

Sleepgram ships throughout the United States and Canada. If you sleep on the Sleepgram pillows for up to 100 nights and find out they don’t work for you, you can return them for a refund. They have to be unused or in “like new” condition. In other words, they have to still be in good enough condition to donate. Sleepgram will decide if they’re good enough.

You need your original receipt to start a return. You will need an RMA number to include with your return. You can get that number from a Sleepgram customer service person. You have to pay to return your pillows to Sleepgram.

Once Sleepgram receives your return, they’ll need 5 to 14 days to process the return. You can contact Sleepgram via email at or call them at 877-257-5337 with any questions.

Sleepgram Pillow 2

Sleep Experience

I have to say that it took a couple of weeks to get used to the Sleepgram pillows. It was not a difficult process, just one that took some time. That is what happens when you’re adjusting to new pillows. I did take care to arrange the pillow, smushing it here and there, to create a shape that would cradle my neck. I did find that the pillow filling retained even that shape.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Customizable firmness and height

100% cotton cover 

Allergen resistant

Machine washable

You can mold the pillows to your liking

No clumping

Zippers on both sides of the pillow make removing and inserting easy

Sleepgram’s “Forever” limited warranty (100 years)

Free shipping if purchase is over $100

Free returns in the U.S. and Canada

Tops out at medium-firm if using both pillows

Not for side sleepers, say heavier ones, who like/need firmer support under their necks

Though cotton cover is breathable, the pillows do retain some heat

Who is the Sleepgram Pillow Best for?

Remember that when buying a mattress or pillows, your body weight and sleep position will determine how firm your pillow needs to be to keep your spine aligned. This pillow system is best for back and stomach sleepers who like and need a softer feel to their pillows. For most side sleepers, the medium and firm configuration, blue pillow alone or both together, may work for you to support your neck and shoulders, but may not work as well for heavier side sleepers.


The Sleepgram pillow is more than a pillow. It is a system you can adapt to your specific needs. It comes with two pillows with different firmness levels and different thicknesses.

In general, the Sleepgram pillow will suit a range of needs. You can use the thinner, softer red pillow if you sleep on your stomach. You can use the thicker, medium-firm blue pillow on your back. Put them both together and that is your best combination for most side sleepers.

Sleepgram analyzed so many other pillows while trying to come up with their unique design that might insure a good night’s sleep. The company found that we all want pillows that are customizable, hypoallergenic, and built-in a way that is “cruelty-free.” We also want it to be washable and affordable. Then they redesigned the pillow 25 different times in an effort to perfect that idea and insure sleepers the best night’s rest.

Sleepgram did succeed because many different kinds of sleepers will sleep fine on the pillow. You can buy a standard/queen size or a king size in these adaptable pillows. If you admire the effort that went into the design, need something new and hypoallergenic, and want something customizable, you should give the Sleepgram pillow a try.