AmazonBasics Mattress Models

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Amazon Mattress Models

AmazonBasics is the private-label brand for home goods, office supplies and tech accessories since 2009, but also mattresses since 2018. AmazonBasics became an instant player in the mattress industry by launching its own products to compete with established online brands. That is a level of confidence only market dominance can buy.

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In 2021, after rolling out the eponymous model in 2018, they offer three very affordable options—two all-foam styles and a reversible foam-coil hybrid. The very existence of these models continues to scare the living stuffing out of competitors in the fast-moving, bed-in-a-box industry. Let’s take a look at the AmazonBasics.


AmazonBasics Memory Foam

  • Price Range: Starting at $129
  • Mattress Type:  Budget memory foam in 8, 10, and 12-inch profiles
  • Best For: Side sleepers, lighter-weight people


AmazonBasics Coil 

  • Price Range: Starting at $159.99 for twin (full & queen not available)
  • Mattress Type: Budget foam and coil hybrid
  • Best For: Back sleepers, stomach sleepers, average-to-heavier side sleepers


Amazon Rivet

  • Price Range: Starting at $429
  • Mattress Type: Budget memory foam with Celliant’s recovery technology
  • Best For: Back sleepers, stomach sleepers, average-to-heavier sleepers, active people interested in maximizing recovery while asleep

Which Amazon Mattress Is Best for Me? 

Any of the AmazonBasics mattresses will fit a limited budget. The Rivet foam model is the most expensive thanks to the higher-end recovery fabrics used in it. The AmazonBasic memory foam and the coil hybrids start under $200. To a certain extent, you’re going to get exactly what you pay for with AmazonBasics. These are not necessarily long-term options, but you do get the Amazon name, and return policy in the process.

Here’s a glimpse into which model suits which sleepers best.

The AmazonBasics Memory Foam is a good fit for:

  • Side sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Sleepers who like a plush mattress
  • Anyone who wants a quick, budget mattress
  • Guest rooms, dorm rooms, kid’s rooms

 The Amazon Rivet will be a solid choice for:

  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Average-to-heavier side sleepers 
  • Hot sleepers 
  • People living an active lifestyle who want to enhance their overnight recovery period
  • Anyone who wants a quick, budget mattress
  • Guest rooms, dorm rooms, kid’s rooms

The AmazonBasics Coil is a good option for:

  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Average-to-heavier side sleepers 
  • Hot sleepers 
  • Anyone who wants a quick, budget mattress
  • Guest rooms, dorm rooms, kid’s rooms

Best Amazon Mattress by Sleeping Position

You have to understand how your sleep position and body type affect your quality of sleep when shopping for a new mattress. You cannot build one mattress to fit everyone’s needs. People will experience mattress structure and materials differently. That’s why I take the time here to break down how the AmazonBasics mattresses might work for side, stomach and back sleepers.

Side Sleepers

RECOMMENDED: AmazonBasics Memory Foam

Side sleepers shouldn’t shop for mattresses without looking deeply into how the model relieves pressure, contours to body curves, supports the lower back and how firm it feels. Side sleepers need the bed to both curve around the widest parts of its body (hips, shoulders) and support the torso and neck. It has to be plush and supportive. Medium-firm mattresses may be too intense for some side sleepers. AmazonBasics mattress is probably the best option, even though it’s fairly plush. I’ll say it can also work for lighter-weight side sleepers and anyone who loves a soft mattress. 

Check out our Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers for more great options.

Back Sleepers 

RECOMMENDED: Amazon Rivet, AmazonBasics Coil 

Human beings are meant to sleep on our backs. Anatomically, it’s the healthiest way according to experts. Back sleepers should still focus on how a mattress curves along their spine and around their booty. Can it also support the shoulders and neck? Medium-firm models like the Rivet and AmazonBasics Coil should work just fine for back sleepers. Hybrids are also good bets, especially if they have a forgiving topper for contouring.

Stomach Sleepers 

RECOMMENDED: Amazon Rivet, AmazonBasics Coil 

Sleeping on your stomach can be rough on the body. Basically, you’re forcing it to curve in an unnatural way, the opposite of how it lays when you sleep on your back. Sleeping facedown puts all of your weight on the chest, stomach, and spine. Please look at which materials are used and how firm the mattress is while shopping for a back sleeper. You’ll need an adaptive top layer to curve around your chest, stomach, and hips. But the support layer underneath must also keep your hips up so the lumbar region stays aligned with the rest of your spine. Hybrid mattresses like the AmazonBasics Coil model in medium-firm does offer both and is a good choice for stomach sleepers.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Mattresses


  • Budget-friendly
  • Amazon can ship anywhere in the world
  • Three models of varying widths at different price ranges
  • Keeps you cool with aerated foam
  • Conforms to the body and relieves pressure where you want it to
  • Made with CertiPUR-US certified foam made in the USA


  • Weak edge support which hinders the use of entire surface
  • Short trial period
  • Warranty doesn’t come close to industry baseline

Amazon Mattress Pricing and Specs

Model Dimensions

  • Twin: 39″ x 75″
  • Full: 54” x 75”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King: 76” x 80”
  • Cal King: 72” x 84” (only available in 12-inch AmazonBasics Memory Foam)

Price by Model

Model Twin Full Queen King Cal King
AmazonBasics Memory Foam 8-inch $129 $169 $209 $269
AmazonBasics Memory Foam 10-inch $159 $209 $239 $299
AmazonBasics Memory Foam 12-inch $179 $237 $288 $354 $354
Amazon Rivet $429 $499 $624
AmazonBasics Coil $159 $179 Sold out $280

For more budget-friendly mattress options, check out our list of the best affordable mattresses.


Model Type Firmness Weight Thickness
AmazonBasics Memory Foam Memory Foam Plush: 4/10 65 lbs for queen Available in 8, 10, 12 inches
Amazon Rivet Memory Foam Medium: 6/10 55 lbs for queen 10 inches
AmazonBasics Coil Hybrid Medium-firm: 7/10 44 lbs for queen 8 inches

Amazon Mattress Construction by Model

AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress

The AmazonBasics Memory Foam mattress is constructed from three layers of foam that vary in density. 

  • Layer 1: The comfort layer is 2.5 inches of regular memory foam.
  • Layer 2: The transition layer is 2.0 inches of “punched foam”. That means it’s perforated from top to bottom with air channels that keep you and the mattress cooler.
  • Layer 3: The support layer is 5.5 inches of dense, hard support foam. This holds everything up.

Amazon Rivet Mattress

The Amazon Rivet mattress is constructed of three memory foam layers of different densities. It is also covered in a fabric infused with Celliant, a mineral blend meant to increase oxygen flow to your cells to enhance how your body recovers overnight.

  • Layer 1: The top layer is 2 inches of LURAcor foam that responds to the contours of your body without making you sink too far.
  • Layer 2: The adaptive layer is 2 inches of memory foam that distribute your weight to help your spine stay aligned.
  • Layer 3: The support layer is 6 inches of a dense base foam that is meant to keep everything fully supported.

AmazonBasics Coil Mattress Construction

The AmazonBasics Coil mattress is constructed with a ½ inch layer of memory foam and one of pocket coils covered by a quilted duo of knit jacquard fabric and microfiber fabric.

  • Layer 1: This layer is about 1 inch of comfort foam for contouring where your body is closest to the mattress.
  • Layer 2: This thin transition layer is about a ½-inch layer of felt-protected fabric that gives some padding between the comfort and supportive coil layer.
  • Layer 3: The supportive, adaptive layer is made of 8 inches of individually wrapped pocket coils. The layer should adapt to your body curves and shifting at night, as well as provide a solid base so the mattress stands up to wear and tear. The edges of the coil layer are even reinforced for better edge support.

The Amazon Mattress Buying Experience

Amazon Mattress Trial-Period

The beauty of Amazon is not only the incredibly affordable prices on so many products. The not-so-pretty part when it comes to the AmazonBasics mattresses is that you get 30 nights to return it if you don’t like it. You don’t get 30 nights to try it and I would tell anyone with a new mattress to “sleep on it for 30 days.” That’s how long you need just to adapt to it. You don’t have that luxury here.  

Amazon Mattress Warranty

Amazon offers a 1-year limited warranty that will cover costs to repair or replace defective AmazonBasics mattresses. If neither is possible, they will replace it instead. That is a very short warranty that starts the day you purchase it, not, like other companies, on the day it’s delivered.

Shipping and Delivery

Most AmazonBasics mattresses will ship free everywhere in the United States when you choose free shipping at checkout. (Amazon does volume so they can afford to get it to the folks in Alaska and Hawaii.) You should get the mattress in about 8 days. 

Be careful when purchasing. You are not guaranteed a free return if you don’t like the mattress and want to send it back within 30 days. Since these mattresses ship compressed and rolled into a box, it will take up to 72 hours for them to fully reinflate once you take them out of the box.


You can take advantage of 0% interest for 6 months if you use the Store Card for any purchase of $149 or more. There are similar offers for longer terms and more expensive purchases. Just pay attention when you’re purchasing to see what’s what on that particular day.


The AmazonBasics mattresses are available at


What do any of us expect when we order from Amazon? We expect to buy the right item for a decent price and for it to arrive on our doorstep quickly and with no fuss. For the price and convenience, you will get a decent mattress but it’s definitely not a long term investment. 

We can agree that a “decent price” doesn’t guarantee quality or value. While many online reviews of these mattresses indicate that people find them fairly comfortable, the AmazonBasics mattresses haven’t been on the marketplace long enough for anyone to gauge whether they are truly durable. For now, I’ll say the AmazonBasics mattresses are not long-term answers to your sleeping needs. But they can be affordable answers for guest rooms and dorm rooms, and anyone who can’t afford to shell out $2000 for a mattress, if that’s what you need for the moment.