Idle Hybrid Mattress Review

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Our Verdict: If you’re in the market for a two-sided, hybrid mattress, then the Idle Sleep Hybrid may be for you. By flipping the Idle bed frequently, its life is extended, and its foam and coil construction ensures the Idle has the perfect combination of contouring and support. Offered in both medium firm and luxury firm options, the Idle can accommodate sleepers of many different sizes and types. Keep in mind that the Idle’s coil layer prevents the mattress from absorbing motion well so you will most likely feel when your partner tosses and turns throughout the night. For more mattresses that offer a wide range of functions, check out the best customizable mattresses.

Who the Idle Sleep Hybrid is Best For

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

Best For…

May Not be Best For…

Back, stomach and side sleepers

Heavyweight sleepers would enjoy the Idle’s luxury firm option.

✅Those who sleep hot will appreciate how each layer of the mattress assists with cooling.
❌Couples or co-sleepers might not enjoy this hybrid mattress as the coils don’t do as good of a job at isolating motion.

❌Sleepers who prefer a soft mattress- the bed is only offered in medium firm and luxury firm options.


It’s a bold approach, this throwback two-sided mattress idea from Idle Sleep. It’s not a new one, but it’s a bold one that Idle used to create its hybrid mattress.

Two-sided mattresses used to be common, until costs to produce them increased. Looking to offer cheaper, mattress companies stopped selling ones you could flip.

If you flip the Idle Hybrid mattress on a regular basis, you will extend its life. More life, better value. But do the materials do the job they say they will do?

The Idle Hybrid uses multiple foam layers on each side of the mattress for contouring and a coil layer in the middle for support. Each of the thinner foam layers has built-in elements that keep the sleeper cool, so you avoid the bad points of a traditional memory foam mattress.

If you have always slept on a coil mattress and you’re a creature of habit and you still have soreness in the mornings from too much pressure on your body curves, the Idle Sleep hybrid might work for you.

You’ll get the coils you know and enough foam to help with pressure relief.


Here are some features of the Idle Hybrid mattress:

  • It’s a hybrid made of foam and coils.
  • Hybrids are best for people who have always slept on an innerspring mattress but want some foam because they need more contouring to their body
  • It’s double-sided; both sides have foam layers with support coils in the middle.
  • Also offered at two firmness levels – medium and luxury firm.
  • Great for back, stomach and side sleepers who need cushioning and support
  • Larger people will find more support with the luxury firm option
  • Double-barreled quilted top layer has cooling foam beneath a fabric that adapts to your body temperature.
  • Reactive when sleepers change position
  • Still supportive enough to keep sleepers spines aligned
  • Won’t harden or soften due to room temperature like old memory foam units
  • Flipping the mattress will extend its life
  • Made in the USA

Idle Mattress by Sleeping Positions

Back Stomach Side Combination
✅Supports hips, spine and lower back

✅Sleepers who need added support may want luxury firm option

✅The firmness keeps the spine in line and neck comfortable 

✅Heavier people who are strict stomach sleepers may prefer luxury firm option for more sturdy support

✅Foam relieves pressure placed on joints

❌ Some side sleepers may want a less firm bed

✅Cooling buoyancy foam responds quickly to your movements

❌Coils don’t isolate motion as well, not great for couples

Back Sleepers: If you like the feel of a firmer mattress, most back sleepers will fare well on the Idle. For heavier folks, you may prefer the luxury firm option, which is slightly firmer than the medium option. However, both options provide phenomenal back support and spine alignment to support a healthy posture throughout the night. See all of our top picks for best mattresses for back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers: If you are a strict stomach sleeper, it is important to have a mattress that provides proper support and prevents your hips from sinking. Both of the Idle’s  firmness options do an excellent job of supporting a stomach sleeper, but the luxury firm might provide more durable support for strict stomach sleepers or heavier individuals. For other supportive options, see the best mattress for stomach sleepers.

Side Sleepers: The Idle is a great option for side sleepers. The soft foam layers work together to provide pressure relief and contouring. Some side sleepers may want a more plush bed for more deep cradling: For instance, the Idle Gel Plush mattress. For more options see our best mattresses for side sleepers guide.

Combination Sleepers: Combination sleepers need a mattress that makes it effortless to change positions. The Idle uses a layer of buoyancy foam that reacts quickly to your movements. However, this hybrid mattress doesn’t do well with motion transfer and you may feel your partner’s movements throughout the night. If you are in search fo responsive mattress that works for multiple sleepers, check out the best mattress for combination sleepers.



The Idle is a double-sided hybrid made of foam and coils. There are reactive and contouring layers on both sides of the interior coil support layer. If you are looking for the best of both worlds of foam and coil, see the best hybrid mattresses.


The important thing to know here is that Idle addressed cooling at every layer of the mattress. We recommend the Idle brand for some of the best cooling mattresses. 

The cover fabric has special fibers that adapt to your body heat. It’s quilted to the first foam layer, and quilting helps with air flow. The second foam layer is built specifically to keep air flowing through the mattress. And the middle portion is made of coils, which always do a good job maximizing airflow.


The Idle Sleep Hybrid is offered in both medium and luxury firm. The medium will suit side, back and stomach sleepers. The firm will better suit back and stomach sleepers who need more support.

Edge support

As far as construction, the Idle holds up well if couples need to use the entire mattress and sleep on the mattress edge. It did an average job of holding up when adults sat on the edge to put on their shoes. If you are looking to maximize your mattress surface, check out the best mattress for sex.

Motion transfer

What it didn’t do well was absorbing motion. When a partner gets out of bed, the other sleeper will feel it and potentially wake up because of it. Normally coils don’t do as well of a job as all-foam mattresses. The Idle is a hybrid so you’re getting the good and some of the not-so-good there. If motion isolation is a top priority for you, check out the best mattress for couples.


The Idle Sleep mattress has three layers of foam and layer of pocket coils encased in a “thermocool” fabric.

The unique thing about Idle mattresses is that you can flip it and get the same comfort and support on each side. The top three layers are the same on each side. The pocket coil layer sits in the middle no matter which way you flip it.

The thermocool fabric that encases the mattress is meant to keep you cool when you’re too warm and warm you when you’re too cold.

The first layer is a 1-inch layer of quilting foam, that is quilted into the cover fabric for added softness at the top of the mattress.

The second layer is 1 inch “Air Flow Response Foam” has some bounce to it and great airflow to it to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

The third layer is made of a 2-inch cooling, buoyancy foam. It’s a custom blend foam that claims to react faster than memory foam while still maintaining great pressure relief.

The fourth layer is 6 inches of pocketed coils that reach from edge to edge. The coils support everything above it. Because the coils reach out to each side, couples who use the entire bed won’t feel like they’ll slip off.

See: Memory Foam vs. Hybrid



Here is a breakdown of the Idle specifications:

Mattress Size Dimensions Weight Thickness (Profile)
Twin 39″ x 75″ 67 lbs 14 inches
Twin XL 39” x 80” 72 lbs 14 inches
Full 54” x 75” 103 lbs 14 inches
Queen 60” x 80” 127 lbs 14 inches
King 76” x 80” 150 lbs 14 inches
Cal King 72” x 84” 150 lbs 14 inches



The Idle comes with a slightly longer than average sleep trial period of 120 days. If you don’t like it and return it within that time frame, you get a full refund. Idle Sleep will send someone to pick it up and donate it to a local charity.

You are required to sleep in the new mattress for at least 30 days before initiating a return and refund. If the mattress is too firm for you, then the company will first send you a mattress topper to see if that helps.


The Idle hybrid comes with a limited lifetime warranty and covers defects that result from craftsmanship, not wear and tear. Some examples: sags that are greater than 1.5 inches that don’t result from using the wrong base, cracks in the foam material.

Idle can choose to fix the defect or replace the mattress or mattress cover. You, the buyer, must pay to send your mattress to the company to get it fixed. Once Idle decides there is as viable defect—they give themselves 30 days to decide and ship it back—then you’ll be reimbursed up to $100 for shipping.

Delivery & Setup

The Idle Sleep Hybrid is delivered for free within 4-10 business days. The mattress is only built once you order it. It comes compressed and rolled in a box.

You just have to take it from the box, out of its plastic and then watch while it comes to life. It will reinflate almost immediately, probably due to the coils. The mattress will work on any firm, flat or adjustable surface. 


Customer service

Right now the only good option to reach them is to email the company. They have a presence on social media. You can trying chatting with them over Facebook.


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Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King
$1,041 $1,105 $1,320 $1,420 $1,848 $1,848


The Idle Hybrid will give you that contouring you need if you’re a side sleeper and you can pick the medium or luxury firm to adjust the firmness level for yourself. Back and stomach sleepers, as well as heavier people, will find the luxury firm a better fit.

The price point is comparable to other hybrid mattresses, actually a little less, and you’re likely to get a longer life out of it.

If treated properly and flipped regularly, the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress will have a long life in your home. 


What kind of base best supports the Idle Hybrid mattress?u00a0

The Idle Hybrid mattress works best on any firm, flat, or adjustable surface such as a box spring, foundation, slatted bed frame, platform bed, or adjustable base.u00a0

Will the Idle have a strong off-gassing smell?u00a0

You may experience a little off-gassing when you first unbox the Idle mattress, but this is harmless and should dissipate quickly. The smell is normal and comes from the materials used to create the foams.

How often should I flip my Idle mattress?

You should flip your Idle two to three times a year to ensure your mattress is performing at its best.