Lovesac Review

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The Lovesac store sells home furnishings including individual pieces that are riffs on old school furniture.

The Lovesac looks like your typical bean bag, but is no such thing. It is not filled with beads or beans, but rather recycled foam remnants called Durafoam. This gives it a completely different feel from the hard bean bags from the 1970s.

Durafoam is a proprietary mix of recycled memory foam. Softer pieces hug the body and firmer pieces provide support whether you are lying down or sitting up. Contouring more easily to your body, Durafoam offers a more comfortable alternative than average bean bags.

Lovesacs come with a range of customizable options. Lovesac offers six different sizes that can fit just you or up to a family of four. You can also choose from over 250 removable and washable Covers to further personalize your bag. 

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The Durafoam insert is at the center of the bean bag, which is then covered by a customizable layer. The sack has double overlock stitching for strong seams and double zippers to keep the filling where it belongs. There are also tie loops on the sack to secure it to the hand-sewn sack Cover.


Lovesac promises their covers will never shrink, fade or pill. However, like all bean bags, there is the possibility that Lovesacs will shrink as time goes on. Nevertheless, Lovesac offers replacement inserts sold separately if you need a refreshment.

Lovesac offers a variety of warranties for their products. The insert has a lifetime warranty. The standard leather covers have a 3-year warranty, the top-grain leather covers have a 5-year warranty, and all non-leather covers have 3-year warranties. But the warranties don’t cover accessories or any damage done by pets or while being used in a rental or commercial property. They also don’t cover fading, failing to wash them properly, burns, odors, mold, ink stains, water or fire damage, natural disasters or bodily fluids.


Because the Lovesac is filled with foam, they ship in boxes smaller than their actual size. The Lovesacs are compressed to ⅛ of its actual volume for shipping and come filled. All you need to do is fluff it up to break up the Durafoam, and then put on your Cover.

In terms of portability, Lovesac offers something called the Sac Shrink Kit. Simply put the Lovesac into one of the plastic bags and use a shop vac (not included) to suck out all of the air from the Durafoam inside, then it can be easily transported from place to place via duffle bag.


Lovesac Covers are washable! With a double-zipper for safety, all adults need to do is get a paperclip to unzip, throw it in the washer on cold, and it’s good as new.

Who is it for?

Thanks to their range of options, there is a Lovesac for anyone. The Gamersac is perfect for kids who want to lounge as they play video games, and the BigOne can hold up to a family of four. Be aware that the bigger you go, the more you’ll be paying. Customers say Lovesacs are a no-brainer for dorm rooms, family rooms, and TV rooms.

Pros of the Lovesac
Free shipping in lower 48 states
Removable and machine-washable Cover
Variety of styles and sizes
Double zippers keep the filling inside the sac
Cons of the Lovesac
Can flatten out over time despite guaranteed for life
Some complained about poor customer service and delivery experiences


Lovesac also sells sectional furniture called Sactionals that allow you to easily add or subtract sections. A patented modular furniture system called, Sactionals are cubes of furniture that you can arrange into couches, loveseats and large seating areas. 

The cubes come in seats and sides. Seats are the actual couch or padded seat sections. Sides are made of solid hardwood and covered in fabric using 100% recycled plastic. They provide the backing that helps you arrange the furniture.

Sections lock together with wood and steel clamps, so you don’t have to worry about them coming apart. If you want to change the look of the sections, you can quickly and easily swap out the hand-sewn, machine washable fabric covers, which come in a variety of styles and colors.

Guaranteed for life, Lovesac bills the Sactionals as the last couch you will ever need.


The Lovesac is comfortable, moldable, and easily movable. Sactionals are easy to add to, subtract from or change the look of using removable covers. They’re also portable, as you can take the furniture apart and transport the pieces. With both of these products, you’ll never have to navigate tight corners in a small living space.

Lovesac products are customer friendly. But the lifetime guarantee only applies to certain parts of the Lovesac or the Sactionals. Lovesac advertises longevity and ease of use, but make sure you are using each the way they are meant to be used.

Lovesac also has frequent sales, so be sure to check out the Lovesac site!

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