Naturepedic vs. Avocado Mattress Comparison

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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly bed, the Naturepedic Organic mattress and the Avocado Green mattress include all-natural and organic materials. Here’s how the Naturepedic and the Avacado mattresses compare when it comes to firmness, sleeping positions, and construction. Check out our testing methodology for more information on how the Nerds test mattresses.

Naturepedic vs. Avocado Overview

The Naturepedic Organic latex mattress is available in three medium-soft to firm customizable all-foam or hybrid innerspring models—the EOS Classic, EOS Trilux, and EOS Pillow Top. The Avocado Green is a medium-firm hybrid mattress with all-natural latex, pocket coils, and an optional pillow top. 

Naturepedic is best for…Avocado is best for…
Customizable firmnessFirm pillow top  
Side and Stomach sleepersBack sleepers
CouplesHot sleepers

Who Should Choose the Naturepedic Mattress?

  • Customizable: Different innerspring coils, latex foam, and pillow top options let you build a plush, medium, cushion-firm, firm, or extra-firm mattress that fits your body type.
  • Side and stomach sleepers: Average-weight stomach and side sleepers will find spine support and cradling cushion when opting for softer firmness levels or a pillow top. 
  • Couples: You can customize layers on both sides to fit your and your partner’s preferred firmness levels. Softer firmness options and innerspring coils also help reduce motion transfer.

Who Should Choose the Avocado Mattress?

  • Firm pillow top: People who like a firm mattress with some cushion can add a pillow top for more shoulder and hip cradling—a great addition for side sleepers.
  • Back sleepers: Pocket coils help keep the spine aligned and distribute body weight, so you’ll get some soft cradle that curves to support the lower back. 
  • Hot sleepers: Latex and wool help regulate temperature and keep you cool, while the coils promote airflow so the mattress won’t trap heat.

Naturepedic vs. Avocado: Top Similarities 

  • Organic materials: Both organic mattresses use organic cotton, wool, and latex certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Neither uses polyurethane foam or chemical flame retardants.
  • Luxury mattresses: Naturepedic and Avocado offer some of the best luxury mattresses, sourcing high-quality materials for a premium price.
  • Hybrid mattress: The Avocado Green, Naturepedic EOS Classic, and Naturepedic EOS Pillow Top mattresses use a coil system and latex layers to improve support and breathability.  

Naturepedic vs. Avocado: Top Differences 

  • Firmness and feel: The Avocado Green is a medium-firm mattress that supports the spine and slightly cradles the body. The Naturepedic beds can be customized into a medium-soft to firm mattress, offering a deeper body hug or better support. 
  • Non-latex options: Even though the Naturepedic Organic line offers latex mattresses, the latex layers can be swapped for latex-free microcoil layers.
  • Heavyweight sleeper support: Because the Naturepedic mattress is so customizable, you can set firmness levels that support most heavyweight sleepers. The Avocado may be too soft for heavyweight side sleepers.

Naturepedic vs. Avocado: Firmness & Feel Differences

The Naturepedic Organic EOS Classic and EOS Pillow Top come in firmness levels similar to the Avocado Green mattress. But the customizable Naturepedic layers and optional Avocado pillow top can make the beds feel different. 

What’s the Firmness Of the Naturepedic vs. Avocado Mattresses? 

On the 1-10 firmness scale, the Avocado Green is a 7/10 and 6/10 with the optional pillow top. The medium-firm mattress supports heavyweight and average-weight back and stomach sleepers without too much sinkage. Adding a pillow top offers average-weight side sleepers more cradling cushion for their hips. However, lightweight side sleepers may find the mattress too hard, and heavyweight side sleepers may sink too deep.

The Naturepedic Organic firmness levels vary depending on the mattress model and customizable layers, allowing you to build a soft or firm mattress ranging from 3/10 to 8/10 on the firmness scale. The EOS classic comes in plush, cushion firm, firm, and extra firm. The all-foam EOS Trilux is available in soft, medium, and firm. While the hybrid EOS Pillow Top is available in ultra plush, plush, cushion firm, and firm. Choosing the right firmness level can support most light, average, and heavyweight sleepers. 

What Do the Naturepedic vs. Avocado Mattresses Feel Like?

Depending on the Naturepedic EOS model and firmness selection, the mattress can hug your body into the bed or keep you lifted on top of the mattress—or somewhere in between. All the mattresses offer some bounce from the latex, but the all-foam EOS Trilux will have the bounciest and most doughy feel if you opt for the softest foam. Any of the firm options will offer more spinal support and less sinkage, while the EOS Pillow Top can deeply cradle the hips and hug the body.

The Avocado Green mattress has a bouncy feel and offers a slight cradling that cushions the hips and lower back. The medium-firm support keeps the body from sinking but doesn’t lift the body entirely to the surface. Adding the pillow top helps the mattress hug the body. 

What’s It Like to Sleep On the Naturepedic vs. Avocado Mattresses?

The Naturepedic EOS Trilux, Classic, and Pillow Top can accommodate most sleepers since the mattresses are customizable. However, back and stomach sleepers will find more support with the EOS Trilux and Classic, while the EOS Pillow Top does a better job cushioning a side sleeper’s hips. Combination sleepers will find the EOS Classic and Pillow Top’s innerspring coil systems are better at limiting motion transfer, while the EOS Trilux may feel too bouncy.

The Avocado Green supports the spine and relieves unwanted pressure without deep sinkage for back and stomach sleepers. With the pillow top, side sleepers get extra huggable cushion for the hips. The bounce from the latex and the limited motion transfer from the coils also help combination sleepers move around. 

The Naturepedic vs. Avocado Mattresses By Body Type

Naturepedic Performance By Body Type & Sleeping Position:

Lightweight (< 130 lbs): 344
Average-weight (130–230 lbs):455
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs): 443

Avocado Performance By Body Type & Sleeping Position:

Lightweight (< 130 lbs): 452
Average-weight (130–230 lbs):543
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs): 442

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Average-Weight Sleepers (130–230 lbs)

Average-weight back and stomach sleepers can customize the firmness of the all-foam Naturepedic EOS Trilux for more cushion or support. Most average-weight back and stomach sleepers can sleep comfortably on the Naturepedic EOS Classic with cushion firm or plush coil and latex layers. The Naturepedic EOS Pillow Top helps cradle the hips and shoulders of average-weight side sleepers who opt for the cushion-firm or plush layers.  

The Avocado Green with the pillow top helps hug the hips and support the spine, making it a good option for average-weight stomach sleepers. Side sleepers will also find the plush pillow-top option helps contour their body and relieve pressure. The Avocado Green without the pillow top is also great for average-weight back sleepers who want contouring body support. 

Heavyweight Sleepers (> 230 lbs)

Even with its all-latex construction, the Naturepedic EOS Trilux offers enough support for many heavyweight back sleepers if they opt for the Extra Firm or Firm options. The Firm or Extra Firm coil and latex options for the Naturepedic EOS Classic can also support heavyweight back and stomach sleepers without sinking into the mattress. The Naturepedic EOS Pillow Top can support heavyweights side sleepers if they select the firm or cushion-firm layers.  

The Avocado Green is a good mattress for heavyweight back and stomach sleepers who want some cradle and spine alignment without sinkage. However, plus-size side sleepers will find they sink too far into the mattress, even with the pillow top.

Lightweight Sleepers (< 130 lbs)

The Naturepedic EOS Trilux can accommodate lightweight back, side, and stomach sleepers with customizable Plush and Cushion Firm latex layers. Lightweight back and stomach sleepers who want more structure will find the Naturepedic EOS Classic mattress— with the Plush coils and soft latex layers—offers enough support. Lightweight side sleepers can enjoy hugging cushion with the Nautrepedic EOS Pillow Top with the Plush or Ultra Plush layers. 

Lightweight side sleepers may find the Avocado Green with the pillow top is still too firm. But lightweight stomach and back sleepers may find the pillow top option offers a little cradle that keeps the spine aligned. 

Differences In Mattress Construction 

Naturepedic EOS mattresses are available in all-latex or hybrid constructions with customizable latex and coil layers. The Naturepedic EOS Trilux is 10″ high, the Classic is 12″ high, and the Pillow Top is 15″ high. The Avocado Green is an 11″ high hybrid mattress that combines a latex comfort layer and a pocket coil support layer. After adding an optional pillow top, the Avocado Green is 13″ high. 

Naturepedic EOS Trilux Mattress Materials Naturepedic EOS Classic Mattress Materials Naturepedic EOS Pillow Top Mattress Materials Avocado Mattress Materials
Organic cotton and wool mattress coverOrganic cotton and wool mattress coverOrganic cotton and wool mattress coverOrganic cotton mattress cover 
Latex encased in cotton (3”)Latex encased in cotton (3”)Latex encased in cotton (3”) with pillow-topOptional pillow top (2”)
Latex encased in cotton (3”)Latex encased coils (8”)Latex encased in cotton (3”)Dunlop latex (2”) 
Latex encased in cotton (3”)Latex encased coils (8”)Pocket coils (8”)
Dunlop latex slab (1”)


The Naturepedic Organic mattresses include a zippable organic cotton and wool cover to easily access the inside layers. The Avocado Green cover is made from 100 percent organic cotton.

Comfort Layers

Nautrepedic and Avocado mattresses both use organic latex comfort layers. Still, Naturepedic beds offer an additional inch of foam encased in cotton. The Avocado’s comfort layer also includes wool ticking, and you can add an optional pillow top for an extra 2 inches of foam.

Support Layers

The Naturepedic EOS Trilux includes two more layers of supportive latex foam, while the EOS Classic contains 8 inches of latex-encased coils. The EOS Pillow Top adds support with a latex layer and a coil system. The Avocado Green has an 8″ tall pocket coil layer and a latex slab base. 

Naturepedic vs. Avocado Pricing

SizeNaturepedic PricesAvocado Prices
Twin XL$$
California King$$

Naturepedic vs. Avocado Mattress Performance & Differences


The Avocado Green is an excellent mattress for hot sleepers. Latex and wool wick away moisture and regulate body temperature, while innerspring coils create continuous airflow to avoid trapping heat. The Naturepedic EOS mattresses aren’t the best cooling beds, but organic wool and latex help keep most sleepers cool. Adding encased coils in the EOS Classic and Pillow Top also helps promote airflow. People who opt for latex-free microcoil layers will also get additional breathability. 

Motion Transfer

Even though latex gives mattresses a bouncy feel, the plush or medium-firm Naturepedic models help absorb vibrations as you move and are great mattresses for couples. The innerspring coils in the Naturepedic EOS Classic and Pillow Top mattresses also help stabilize the bed and reduce motion transfer. However, the firm or extra-firm Naturepedic mattress options are more likely to transfer motion and wake up your partner. The Avocado Green’s latex construction also gives it a lot of bounce, which can be felt when your partner moves. However, the coils help absorb enough movement, so it’s easy to move around.

Edge Support 

The Avocado Green’s upcycled steel coils help reinforce the edge of the mattress for optimal edge support, so you won’t sink when you sit on the edge. Naturepedic’s hybrid EOS Classic and Pillow Top mattresses generally provide enough edge support thanks to innerspring coils. Still, the plush options may not offer enough edge support for heavyweight sleepers. The non-latex microcoil options also provide more edge support than the latex layers.

Pain Relief 

The Naturepedic EOS mattresses greatly relieve joint pressure and back pain since the latex and coil layers can be customized for the proper support and cushion. The Avocado Green is also an excellent mattress for back pain since the pocket coil system helps distribute weight and align the spine. Average-weight side sleepers may also find that adding a pillow top helps the Avocado cushion the hips and shoulders to alleviate joint pain. 


Both beds are pretty durable thanks to their natural latex rubber construction, which can last up to 20 to 25 years. The innerspring coils in the EOS Classic and Pillow Top mattresses offer additional support and durability compared to the all-foam Trilax. The Avocado Green’s steel coils and latex base also give the bed more structure to prevent sagging

Shipping, Returns, & Warranties 


Naturepedic offers free shipping, and mattresses arrive in 5 to 7 business days. A 20-year limited warranty covers defects and includes a full replacement in the first 10 years. After 10 years, replacement costs are prorated. The mattress also comes with a 90-night trial period. You can return your Naturepedic mattress for a full refund (minus shipping fees) or swap out any 3-inch comfort layers after at least 30 days.


Avocado offers free shipping to all 50 states and arrives in about two weeks. Avocado also provides $199 in-home delivery (this is required for the King-size with plush or firm pillow top). A 25-year warranty covers cracks or indentations of at least 1″ with proper use within the first 10 years. Replacements are prorated after 10 years. The mattress also includes a 365-night trial period. 

Other Models Available

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

Our Final Take

Naturepedic and Avocado both offer luxurious organic mattresses with a high price tag. If you want a customizable all-foam or hybrid mattress, the Naturepedic Organic mattress is a good choice. Couples with very different sleep positions and body types will also like that you can customize the layers on both sides of the bed. If you’re a side sleeper who likes a firmer mattress, the Naturepedic EOS Pillow Top or the Avocado Green with pillow top are both excellent options. However, the Naturepedic can better accommodate heavyweight side sleepers. If you’re a back sleeper, the medium-firm and hybrid design of the Avocado Green offers ideal support and pain relief. Hot sleepers will also find that the Avocado Green helps them stay cool throughout the night.  

Naturepedic vs Avocado FAQs

What kind of latex does Naturepedic use?

The Naturepedic Organic EOS mattress line uses organic latex that is GOTS-certified, meaning it’s approved for organic mattresses and comes from reputable and certified suppliers. Latex is a natural material made from rubber tree sap and offers an eco-friendly layer of pressure-point relief and bounce to mattresses.

Is the Avocado mattress too firm for side sleepers?

The Avocado Green is a medium-firm mattress that may feel too firm for most side sleepers, causing uncomfortable pressure on the joints and soreness. However, you can add a pillow top to the Avocado Green that is designed to help cushion the hips for side sleeping and soften the mattress.

Do Avocado mattresses sag?

All mattresses will somewhat sag with age. However, the Avocado Green mattress should not develop significant sag due to its hybrid construction. Along with durable latex that can hold its shape for over a decade, the mattress’ steel coils offer structural support to prevent sagging.