Nest Bedding Owl Hybrid Latex Mattress Review

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Is the Nest Bedding Owl Hybrid Latex Mattress for You?

Who’s Going to Love the Owl Hybrid Latex

  • People who want organic, all-natural products
  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers using the firm option
  • Side sleepers using the plush option
  • People with allergies
  • Hot sleepers

Who Should Steer Clear of the Owl Hybrid Latex Mattress

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

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What Type of Mattress is the Owl Hybrid Latex?

As a latex hybrid mattress, the Owl combines latex and comfort foam with a base of individually wrapped coils. Latex creates an additional bounce to the mattress, and the variety in firmness levels allows the sleeper to choose a level that is supportive to their specific sleeping position needs.

Owl Hybrid Latex Mattress Firmness and Feel

Owl Hybrid Latex Firmness

Mattresses range in firmness levels from one (the softest) to 10 (the firmest). The Owl Latex Hybrid can be purchased in three different levels of firmness: Plush (5/10), Medium (6/10), or Firm (7/10).

In addition to the three firmness levels, couples can choose to have a different firmness level in each side of a Split California King mattress. With the various firmness options, sleepers can obtain pressure relief where they need it most, depending on their size and sleeping position. 

What does the Owl Hybrid Latex feel like?

The Nest Owl Hybrid Latex integrates three traditional mattress materials: foam, latex, and coils to provide natural cushioning, bounce, and support. Offered in three different firmness levels, the Nest Mattress can accommodate a wide variety of sleepers. All of its materials are are CertiPUR-US, GOTS, and GOLS Certified. For similar options, see the best organic mattresses.

What Sleeping Position is the Owl Hybrid Latex best for?

Back Sleepers

The best mattress for back sleepers provides proper support for the sleeper to maintain spinal alignment. The Owl Hybrid Latex’s pocket coil system offers just the right support needed to evenly distribute body weight and keep the spine in alignment. The latex foam also gives the surface some bounce to accommodate for the curvature of your back, so you don’t sink and can easily get up and out of the bed. Lightweight folks might find the Plus works best for them, while average-weight and heavyweight users should look at the Medium or Firm options.

Side Sleepers

Speaking of curves, the toughest thing for a mattress to do is curve to your body. The shapes of the shoulder and hips need to be cradled into the mattress for side sleepers. The Medium or Plush options of the Owl Hybrid Latex mattress should contour around shoulders and hips for heavyweight and average-weight folks. Lightweight sleepers may need the Plush version to provide a soft enough surface for pressure point cradling.

Stomach Sleepers

For lightweight or average-weight stomach sleepers, the Medium version does a good job of holding the spine in alignment and preventing the hips from sinking too deep. As a stomach sleeper, proper support is also important because the neck and head are turned to the side. The firmness of this mattress should balance the need for comfort and support. If you’re a heavier sleeper and put more pressure on the mattress, we suggest leveling up to the Firm option or one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers or couples with different sleeping positions can incorporate multiple firmness levels into their mattress. The Medium version should support multiple sleeping positions for average-weight to heavyweight sleepers by providing a supportive base for spinal alignment. The Plush might be better for lighter sleepers. For mattresses that allow you to change positions easily, see the best mattress for combination sleepers.

Owl Hybrid Latex Mattress Performance

Is the Owl Latex Hybrid Cooling?

In addition to balanced support, a latex hybrid mattress will prevent moisture and heat from clinging to the sleeper. Its unique “phase-change” fabrics paired with natural wool batting regulate and adapt to your body temperature. Unlike a memory foam mattress, heat will not be trapped because of the breathable latex covering and coil system that increases air circulation, creating a great cooling mattress.

Motion Isolation

Whether sleeping with a pet, child, or partner, sharing a bed can disrupt sleep as one person changes positions or moves in or out of the bed. While most latex beds can cause additional bounce across the bed, the cotton and wool in the Owl absorb motion and reduce motion transfer between partners in bed. The individual coils in the Owl should further minimize disturbance across the bed. 

Edge Support

In order to maximize the sleepable space on a mattress and make it easier to move in and out of bed, a mattress needs strong edge support. With a 1’’ support foam base layer and pocketed coils, the Nest Hybrid will maintain its shape and durability across the entire mattress. The coil support will also provide more space for couples to sleep on the mattress. For similar options, see the best mattress for couples.

Owl Hybrid Latex Mattress Construction

Nest Bedding uses organic cotton, wool, and other natural materials to provide a comfortable mattress with sustainable quality and comfort. Natural and organic latex is paired with comfort foam and pocketed coils to create support and bounce.

Nest Owl Construction

Layer #1: Quilted Cover: The mattress cover is quilted with breathable, organic cotton and 1.5″ of Joma wool batting. The fabric is designed to stretch with your movements so you can fully sink into the comfort layers.

Layer #2: Natural Dunlop Latex: The 3″ top layer is natural Dunlop latex, which is known for its density and support. It’s punched with hundreds of tiny holes that improve airflow. This layer will be softer or firmer, depending on the firmness option you choose.

Layer #3: Comfort Foam: This 1″ polyfoam layer transitions your body weight into the support layers below and prevents you from feeling the individual coils.

Layer #4: Pocketed Coils: The base layer is 6″ of pocketed coils with reinforced edges for great overall support.

Layer #5: Support Foam: The final support layer is a 1″ layer of high-density support foam.

How Much Does the Owl Hybrid Latex Mattress Cost?

Twin$1,04939” x 75”12” 60 lbs
Twin XL$1,24939” x 80”12” 65 lbs
Full$1,44954” x 75”12” 70 lbs
Queen$1,79960” x 80”12”100 lbs
King$2,09976” x 80”12”120 lbs
California King$2,09972” x 84”12”120 lbs
Split Cal King$1,249 (per side)36″ x 84″ (per side)12″65 lbs (per side)

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Nest Bedding Buying Experience

Shipping, Delivery, and Returns

Nest Bedding mattresses are made to order in the U.S. Once ordered, your new mattress will takes around two weeks to make and arrives at your home four to eight business days after shipping.

Delivered for free in the contiguous U.S., compressed and rolled into a box, the Queen sized mattress weighs 120 lbs, so plan accordingly. All you have to do to set it up is open the box and the plastic wrap and unfold on your solid base to watch it re-inflate. Since latex is a natural material it springs back to its intended shape fairly quickly.

The company says come back after a cup of tea and it’ll be ready for sleeping in. Many of the best online mattress brands feature similar procedures.

Trial Period

The Nest bedding Hybrid Latex comes with a 365-night trial period. Nest asks that you try it for at least 30 days in order for your body to adjust to the mattress. You will get a full refund if you send it back within the trial period. Someone from Nest will pick up the mattress for you and donate it to a charity. 

The also offer a Lifetime Renewal Exchange that enables you to one new comfort layer. Simply unzip your mattress cover and swap out the new layer for the old one. You can use the Exchange any time, as long as you’re the original owner of the mattress.


The Owl mattress comes with a Lifetime warranty. If there are any defects, not due to normal wear and tear or owner misuse, Nest will repair or replace your mattress. Some acceptable defects include indentations of at least 1″, a flaw in the cover zipper (though not from abusing the zipper), or something wrong with the stitching.

Comparing Different Nest Mattresses

Owl Hybrid Latex vs. Sparrow

Nest Owl Hybrid Latex is best for:Nest Sparrow Mattress is best for:
Eco-friendly shoppersHot sleepers
People with allergiesSeniors
Back sleepersCombination sleepers

The Sparrow is another option by Nest, a little more expensive than the Owl Hybrid Latex. It’s a bit more responsive than the Owl, but has less-than-stellar motion isolation, meaning it might not be the best for couples who are light sleepers. If you’re a dedicated back sleeper, you should also enjoy the contouring ability of the Sparrow, while the Owl may fit better for stomach and side sleepers.

Read our full Nest Sparrow mattress review to learn more.

Owl Hybrid Latex vs. Quail

Nest Owl Hybrid Latex is best for:Nest Quail Mattress is best for:
Lightweight sleepersHeavier and average-weight sleepers
Those who need edge supportChildren and college students
Multiple firmness optionsFirm fans

A more budget-friendly option, the Nest Quail is a great option for a transitional mattress for kids or college dorms. It still boasts the same eco-friendly ingredients and qualities associated with Nest beds, like cooling technology and multiple firmness options. But if you’re a lightweight sleeper, you may want to stick to the Owl Hybrid Latex, as the Quail tends to be a bit firmer.

Read our full Nest Quail mattress review to learn more.

Nest Owl Hybrid Latex FAQs

Do I need a new foundation with my Nest mattress?

Nest recommends buying a new box spring each time you purchase a new mattress. The beds can also be used on any flat surface, like the floor or a slatted bed frame.

How do I unpack my new Nest mattress?

Nest mattresses are wrapped in two layers of plastic. Unroll the first layer of plastic to flatten the bed, then carefully cut the second plastic layer to allow the bed to fill with air, and remove the plastic.

Can I try Nest mattresses in person?

Yes, Nest offers in-person showrooms across the U.S. so you can test the bed out before you buy.

The Nerd’s Take: What’s the Bottom Line?

The Owl Hybrid Latex mattress from Nest Bedding is an all-natural option for eco-conscious shoppers. With three firmness options, it works for all sleeping positions, though we think it’s best for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. It’s also a naturally cooling option for hot sleepers. Though it’s not the most budget-friendly choice, it comes with a yearlong sleep trial and Lifetime warranty.