Purple Cloud Pillow Review

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The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The Purple Cloud Pillow has a 6” height, which is best for side sleepers and back sleepers with average or heavyweight body types. The Cloud is a plush, hotel-like option that’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t require much fluffing. It’s also one of the most affordable Purple pillows.

Who It’s Good For

  • Fans of traditional down or down alternative pillows
  • Back sleepers
  • Side Sleepers
  • Those with allergies
  • Budget shoppers

Who It’s Not Good For

  • Stomach sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Those who want an adjustable pillow

Purple Cloud Pillow Video Review

Look Inside

The Purple Cloud pillow has two components: the cotton cover and gel fiber fill. 

The pillow cover is made of 100 percent cotton, that’s soft and moisture-wicking. It has a BCI (Better Cotton Initiatives) certification, meaning it’s made with cotton sourced from sustainable, responsible farming practices (heart eyes). You can sleep directly on the cover, or choose your own pillowcase to put over it. 

The gel fiber fill is designed to mimic the feel and comfort of down feathers. The gel fibers are coated in silicone, which helps with durability, preventing allergies, and keeping the pillow’s shape—even after washing. The fill is also airflow-friendly, meaning it doesn’t trap lots of body heat like memory foam pillows.

tempur cloud pillow

Mattress Nerd Pillow Scores

At Mattress Nerd, we are dedicated to giving you unbiased and honest opinions on the products we review. We compare every product against the following categories and rate them on a scale from 1–5, with 5 being the best.

Cooling: 3/5

The gel fiber fill of this pillow won’t trap heat, but you may experience slight heat retention, depending on how hot you typically get. 

I’m not a very hot sleeper—I’m the kind of person who bundles up in a bunch of blankets and a sweatshirt—so this pillow was comfortable for me. However, my partner who gets much hotter than me throughout the night, said he noticed slight heat retention but nothing out of the ordinary. That being said, he still prefers an actual “cooling” pillow. 

Overall, I scored the Cloud Pillow 3/5 for cooling because, while the cloud won’t be a hot sleeper’s worst nightmare, it’s also not the best option when it comes to true cooling features.

Alignment: 4/5

Back and side sleepers will experience great alignment on the Purple Cloud pillow since it’s lofty and plush enough to fully cradle your head and neck. However, the Cloud is too tall for stomach sleepers, so these folks aren’t likely to achieve ideal alignment. Most stomach sleepers need an almost-flat pillow to keep their neck and spine aligned.

Adjustability: 3/5

The Cloud pillow doesn’t come with any adjustable features like the foam inserts that come with the original Purple Pillow. You can’t remove any fill or change the loft in any way. 

However, this pillow does respond to any movement the head makes. When I get up, it regains its shape, so it doesn’t fall flat or form into an abstract shape like some other down/down-alternative pillows can.

Quality of Materials: 5/5

Another day, another high-quality option from Purple. The Cloud pillow is made with cotton and gel fiber that are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and Certified Clean Air GOLD. You can feel comfortable sharing this pillow with your kiddos or sleep partners with allergies. Plus, it’s backed by a 1-year warranty.

Care: 5/5

The entirety of this pillow is machine washable and dryer safe. Running it through the washer and dryer will help “re-fluff” the fill, in addition to cleaning it. 

According to Purple’s website, be sure to:

  • Wash warm on delicate cycle
  • Only non-chlorine bleach when needed
  • Tumble dry on low heat delicate cycle
  • Do not iron

It may take more than one delicate dry cycle to dry completely, but once dry, it will fluff and bloom like new!

Customer Experience: 5/5

When you purchase this pillow, it comes with a 100-night sleep trial, a one year warranty, and free shipping. 

Note: If you place an order from Alaska or Hawaii, you will be charged a prorated fee based on the overall price of your purchase. 

Purple has three ways of contacting their customer service: 

  • Through an online chat feature on their website
  • By phone seven days a week
  • By visiting a purple showroom

Total Score: 4.0/5

Side Sleeping

The Purple Cloud has a 6” loft, which is an appropriate height for side sleepers of all body types. Your head and neck will feel properly supported, and your shoulders will have enough room to relax without caving in. I love that the fill is squishy, enabling me to feel like my head is floating while lying on my side.

For the pillows with the best pressure relief and support combo, check out the best pillows for side sleepers.

purple cloud pillow side sleeper

Back Sleeping

If you’re a back sleeper with an average to heavyweight body type, you should sink into the surface of the pillow just enough to feel cushioned, while still being propped up and supported. Petite back sleepers may need a lower loft pillow for the right amount of neck support to keep their head from tilting.

For more balanced, supportive pillows, see our roundup of best pillows for back sleepers.

purple cloud side shot

Stomach Sleeping

Unfortunately, this isn’t a great option for stomach sleepers. These folks need a flat, low loft pillow, and the Purple Cloud is just too tall. A pillow with too much height can cause stomach sleepers’ necks to strain upwards, which can cause major neck pain in the morning. 

For more low loft options, look at the best pillows for stomach sleepers.

Score for Side Sleepers Score for Stomach Sleepers Score for Back Sleepers
5/5 2/5 4/5



  • Great for side sleepers: The support and loft you get from this pillow is a recipe for some serious zzz’s while on your side. You should feel propped up and cushioned all night long. 
  • The entire pillow is machine washable: It’s not often we come across a pillow that can be washed in its entirety without tedious directions. People with allergies, this is a great choice for you!
  • Always fluffy: The high-quality gel fibers won’t clump or flatten over time, so the Purple Cloud pillow feels like new for longer. 
  • Great price point: Unlike other luxury brand pillows, the Purple Cloud is set at a reasonable price—around $50—which is half the price of Purple’s Original Pillow.


  • Too lofty for stomach sleepers: Sorry stomach sleepers, but this pillow is not a fit for you. It’s simply too tall for your needs. 
  • Not adjustable: You can’t access the fill inside the pillow, so you aren’t able to add or remove fill until you reach your “just right” loft level. 
  • Could be too hot: If you know you’re a hot sleeper and tend to get sweaty throughout the night, the Purple Cloud may get too hot for you.

Sizing, Pricing, and Policies

Standard17” x 24” x 6”$59
King 17” x 34” x 6”$79

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Purple offers free shipping for their sleep accessories within the contiguous U.S. If you’re shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, you’ll be charged an extra shipping fee based on the total amount of your purchase. 

Sleep Trial

The Purple pillow comes with a 100-night trial period, which means you can try out the pillow in your own bed to see if it’s right for you. Purple requires you to keep the pillow for at least 21 days before initiating a return, since it typically takes a person up to 30 days to adjust to a new pillow. 

If you decide you don’t like the pillow, you can return it for free and get a full refund, as long as the 100-night trial period hasn’t ended. 

Warranty Coverage

The Purple Cloud pillow is protected by a one year warranty. If you think your pillow has a defect, reach out to Purple to request a replacement pillow, or to have your original repaired. Have your original proof of purchase ready for when you contact Purple to initiate your warranty coverage.


Which is the best Purple pillow?

That depends on your sleeping position and comfort preferences. The original Purple Pillow is one of the most unique options on the market. It comes with their patented Purple Grid (made from a gel-like material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer) and two additional pillow boosters so you can adjust the height. The Purple Harmony Pillow features the Purple Grid Hex, a thinner, lighter version of the original Purple Grid. The Harmony comes with a block of Talalay latex foam inside and a breathable mesh cover on the outside. The Purple Cloud and Purple TwinCloud pillows are the closest to traditional pillows.

What side of the Purple pillow do you sleep on?

The original Purple pillow is one-sided. You can tell which side to sleep on by looking for the zipper on the bottom side. The rest of Purple’ pillows, including the Purple Harmony, Purple Cloud, Purple TwinCloud, and Purple Kids pillows, can be used on either side.

Is the Purple pillow toxic?

No, the Purple Cloud pillow and all Purple pillows are made with high quality materials that pass tests for low emissions and non-toxic chemicals. For example, the foam used in Purple products is CertiPUR-US certified. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer used in the Purple Grid is hypoallergenic and food-contact grade.

Should You Buy It?

Congrats, you made it to the end! Let’s recap:

The Purple Cloud Pillow is a down-alternative, medium loft pillow that’s ideal for back and side sleepers. It’s an affordable, high-quality option that has the luxury feel of hotel pillows. Bottom line—I think this is a comfy, durable option for those looking to invest in a good pillow, but don’t want to steer too far from a traditional feel.

Starting at $799

Purple Mattress


Starting at $159

Purple Harmony Pillow


Starting at $109

Original Purple Pillow


Starting at $1,899

Purple Hybrid Mattress