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Breaking Down the Saatva Mattress Return Policy

Saatva offers customers the option to return luxury mattresses within a home sleep trial period. We share everything you need to know about the Saatva return policy below.

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Like most bed-in-a-box mattress companies, Saatva promises to take back a new mattress if it fails to meet a customer’s needs. But what’s the process like? Is it painful? Is it free? Saatva’s website says that, if you’re not completely happy with your Saatva mattress during the sleep trial, they’ll come get the mattress and refund your money.

The catch? You’ll be responsible for a $99 transportation cost for labor and gas associated with the mattress pickup. The brand donates returned mattresses to employees and associates or to veterans’ shelters. Keep reading to learn about the Saatva sleep trial policy, how to return a Saatva mattress, and how to exchange a Saatva mattress.

180-Night Sleep Trial Period

In-home trials have become standard in the online mattress industry, giving consumers the flexibility to order a mattress without visiting a showroom and to return it for a full refund if it doesn’t meet their expectations. The Saatva in-home sleep trial period is 180 nights long, or roughly six months.

The sleep trial period begins the day your Saatva innerspring mattress is delivered via free white glove delivery. If you aren’t happy with your Saatva mattress during the 180-night trial, you can contact Saatva to initiate a return. There’s no break-in period required, meaning that you can return the mattress at any point during the sleep trial. As a contrast, some mattress companies require that you sleep on the bed for a minimum of 30 or more nights before initiating a return.

You can opt to return the mattress for a full refund or exchange it for a different firmness level or model. For example, if you ordered the Saatva Classic, you can exchange it for a new mattress in the same size with a different firmness setting (plush soft, medium firm, luxury firm, etc.) or the same setting in a different size.

Either way, you’ll be charged a $99 transportation fee. If you choose to exchange the mattress for a more expensive model, you’ll also pay the difference between the original costs of both items.

Each mattress purchase receives just one sleep trial period. If you decide to keep the Saatva mattress, it’s backed by a 15-year warranty. During the first two years of warranty coverage, Saatva will replace your mattress completely free of charge with a brand new one if it’s deemed defective. During years three to 15, Saatva will repair and re-cover your mattress with a new Euro-pillow top organic cotton cover if it’s deemed defective, and you’ll be charged $99 in transportation costs each way.

How Do I Return a Saatva Mattress? 

To return a Saatva mattress:

  1. Contact Saatva: You can initiate a mattress return by contacting Saatva at (877) 672-2882. The customer care team will need your original order number and a reason for the return. For instance, maybe the foam layer is firmer than you expected or you desire a different size  mattress to suit your bedroom.
  2. Schedule Mattress Pickup: Saatva’s delivery team will email you within one week of contacting customer service to schedule a pickup day and time. Available pickup times vary by region.
  3. Be Present at Pickup: You’ll need to be home for the mattress pickup, but don’t worry about repackaging the mattress: The Saatva team will take care of mattress removal.
  4. Wait for Your Refund: Once the mattress has been returned to the warehouse, Saatva will process your return. You should see funds released to your bank account within 10-12 days. Keep in mind that the $99 return transportation fee will be deducted from the overall refund.
  5. Contact Saatva: You can initiate a mattress return by contacting Saatva at (877) 672-2882. The customer care team will need your original order number and a reason for the return. For instance, maybe the foam layer is firmer than you expected or you desire a different size  mattress to suit your bedroom.

Saatva Brand Exchange Policy

Within the 180-night sleep trial period, you can exchange your innerspring Saatva mattress for a different one. If the new mattress you want is the same price as the old mattress, you’ll only be asked to pay the $99 transportation fee. If the new mattress has a higher price, you’ll be asked to pay the $99 transportation cost and the difference.

To exchange a Saatva mattress:

  1. Determine Why You Want to Exchange: Is the mattress too tall? Are you a side sleeper finding it too firm? Are you a stomach sleeper finding it too soft? Pinpointing exactly why you’re not happy with your current Saatva mattress is key to deciding on which mattress to exchange it for.
  2. Research and Decide: If you’re unsure which mattress to select, Saatva’s customer care team can help you decide. You can also read our Saatva Classic Review, Saatva HD Review, Loom & Leaf Review, Saatva Youth Review, Zenhaven Review and Saatva Mattress Comparison for to learn more, including warranty policy information, performance in various categories (edge support, pressure relief, motion transfer, sleeping positions, back pain, appropriateness for hot sleepers, durability, etc.) how they’re made, and who they’re best for.
  3. Measure: Be sure to measure your bed frame and foundation before ordering to ensure you order the best mattress size.
  4. Contact Saatva: Call Saatva’s customer care team at (877)-672-2882. You’ll need your original order number on hand to initiate the return, and you’ll need to let them know the mattress model you want to try.
  5. Mattress Pick Up: Saatva’s delivery team will email you to schedule a pickup day and time for the Saatva mattress you no longer want.
  6. New Mattress Delivery: Saatva’s delivery team will also email you to schedule a delivery date for the new mattress. Saatva will send out the new mattress for a $99 transportation fee. Once your new mattress is delivered, a new 180-night sleep trial begins. 

Note: If you live in New York, Saatva’s only brick-and-mortar showroom is located on Third Avenue. 

How Does the Return Policy Measure Up? 

In-home trials and customer-friendly return policies are par for the course for online mattress companies, so the differences in the experience you’ll have with each company lie in the details. Read below about how Saatva’s return policy stacks up to other mattress brands in the industry.


With Casper, you get a 100-night sleep trial. During the trial, you can return the bed-in-a-box mattress for free. Casper’s policy includes a break-in period, so you’ll need to wait 30 days before initiating a return. Like Saatva, Casper has a customer service team that handles return processing. The company will send a representative to pick up your mattress for free, and then you’ll receive a full refund.


The Leesa return policy states that you have 100 nights to return a Leesa Hybrid mattress or memory foam mattress for free, but returns can only be initiated after a 30-night break-in period. Returns are only free for customers who live in the continental United States. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii or another U.S. territory, you may be subject to transportation costs.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle mattresses come with a shorter sleep trial than the Saatva (100 nights). You can initiate a completely free return by contacting customer service, so there’s no transportation or pickup fee. Tuft & Needle sends third party companies to retrieve returned mattresses.

The Fine Print

Though Saatva’s return policy is straightforward and simple, it’s important to keep in mind that there are certain things that could make your new mattress ineligible for a return or exchange. Mattresses that are not eligible for returns may:

  • Have spills or stains
  • Be damaged through improper use
  • Have been unboxed after the designated time period
  • Be damaged by accident, such as a tear

What Are Other Customers Saying? 

Online reviews about Saatva’s return and exchange policies are overwhelmingly positive. Most consumers write that Saatva customer service representatives deliver a high-quality experience and are empathetic, understanding and accommodating, and they also say that the return process is quick, hassle-free and smooth. However, a small handful of customers are dissatisfied or frustrated with the process. One wrote that the company was “giving [her] a hard time about returning,” although she was one month outside of the return period. Another wrote that the third-party pickup companies have failed twice to meet at the scheduled time.


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