Spindle Mattress Review

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Our Verdict: The Spindle mattress is an all-natural latex product that feels good, supports properly, and is sold at a low price-point. If you like way latex sleeps and want to ensure you are being cradled by quality materials, it is highly unlikely you will find a  better deal than the Spindle mattress. 

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.


Best For…

May Not be Best For…

Back & side sleepers

✅ Heavier sleepers

✅ People who want natural, organic materials

✅ Those who like firmness options

❌ Sleepers who tend to sleep very hot

❌ May not have enough edge support for couples

❌ Might be too soft for stomach sleepers

❌ Those who not like a bouncy feel to their bed


Trying to find an all-natural latex mattress in an actual store has never been an easy task. Not only that but, traditionally, they were fairly expensive and vendors don’t deliver everywhere.

Then along came Spindle to change that.

All-natural latex is basically natural rubber. It’s a liquid that comes out of a rubber tree that gets processed into something that can be shaped and molded into a pliable structure. If you’ve had a latex pillow for a number of years, you get what we’re saying.

Spindle Mattress was founded by a man who grew up around mattress makers hoping to become one himself one day. He knew the possibilities behind using latex.

He created Spindle as a direct-to-consumer company that sells all-natural latex mattresses in four different firmness levels at reasonable prices … for the notoriously difficult-to-find latex mattress.

It’s not cheap in the “Oh my, that mattress is a steal!” sense, but the price is reasonable for the quality in the “That computer is expensive but I won’t have to replace it in two years like this other one at half the price” kind of way.

Maybe after reading this review, you’ll feel better. It’s not sticker shock in the classic sense. Spindle comes in at far below the $3000-6000 you could be forking over for another brand of natural latex mattress.

There are other things consider—some that may convince you this is a great price for that quality latex mattress for which you’ve longed. But if you haven’t tried one before, you should consider several other things before buying this one.


You can look for these features with the Spindle mattress:

  • Natural, durable materials like latex from a tree, wool, and organic cotton
  • OKEO-Tex 100 certified that it is free of harmful substances
  • Latex gives easily until it firms up when it becomes compressed
  • Latex responds more quickly than memory foam or polyfoam
  • Can act as both a comfort and a support base
  • 365-night trial
  • Modular design means you can swap out pieces to find the right fit
  • Smaller, family business



The spindle is an all-natural latex mattress that comes in four firmness levels: Extra Firm, Firm, Medium and Soft.


The base is latex, which is rubber. Though the latex layers have depressions in them, this will sleep a bit hotter than other mattresses. That’s partly why Spindle recommends a slatted foundation. The space between the slats will allow air to flow up from the bottom. It isn’t necessarily enough to naturally cool down the whole mattress.

Spindle Mattress Firmness

Despite the name, the Extra Firm is not the hardest mattress ever conceived. Due to the nature of latex, you can’t really find a completely rigid latex mattress. It’s still very firm and supportive, but it still gives a little. If you’re a stomach sleeper or a heavier back sleeper, this is probably the one you want.

The Firm version uses a layer of the “medium” firmness latex in the first 3″ layer, so it will give just a little more closest to your body. If you like a firm mattress, I’d recommend this one over the extra-firm in most cases. This should be fine for most back sleepers and stomach sleepers. If you don’t have particularly wide shoulders or hips, it’s probably also fine if you sleep on your side, too.

The Medium style probably covers the widest cross-section of mattress shoppers. It has two layers of the medium firmness foam, so you can sink a little further into the mattress. This is important for side sleepers since you don’t want the mattress pushing up too hard against your shoulders or hips. When this happens, the mattress can pinch off nerves (which causes your arm to “fall asleep”) and can throw your back out of alignment. Side sleepers and “fit” body types should try this version.

Despite the name, the Soft isn’t super soft. Due to how latex works (the more it gets compressed, the faster it firms up), it’s very difficult to get a super-squishy latex mattress. It’s just a little softer than the medium. If you like a really fluffy mattress that you can just fall into, this is not the mattress for you, and you likely won’t find that in any latex mattress. But if you’re a side or back sleeper that’s on the skinny side, or if you have very broad shoulders or wide hips despite being on the lighter side, this might work for you.

Edge support

This isn’t the mattress on which to sleep on the edges. The Spindle doesn’t handle the pressure or weight on the sides of the mattress very well

Motion Transfer

Latex has a natural elasticity which absorbs movement. That, in turn, reduces the amount of motion transferred. That’s important if your sleeping partner has to get up early for work or late at night to use the restroom. Limiting motion transfer gives you a stronger shot at good sleep.


This is the part that gets a little technical, but we understand that the same person with a yen specifically for an all-natural mattress likes getting a little dirty with the details. It’s part of the allure.

The Spindle is a 10-inch mattress made of a 1-inch top and three layers of 3-inch, all-natural Dunlop latex.

There are two types of latex used in the mattress; one qualifies as medium and the other is firm. The company mixes those two types to get four different levels firmness.

The “Soft” version uses the medium latex in all three layers.

The “Extra Firm” version is firm latex in all three layers.

The “Firm” version uses one layer of medium on the top and the other two layers are firm.

The “Medium” version uses one layer of firm on the bottom and the other two layers are medium.



Here is a breakdown of the Spindle mattress:


  • Twin: 38″ x 74.5″
  • Twin XL: 38” x 79.5”
  • Full: 54” x 74.5”
  • Queen: 53” x 74.5”
  • King: 60” x 79.5”
  • Cal King: 76” x 79.5”


150 pounds (queen)


10 inches


Spindle Mattress Trial

There is a 365-day trial with the Spindle mattress. Spindle gives you that much time because it wants to give itself that much time. It requires you to spend at least 60 nights sleeping in it. This is longer than most mattress companies and that’s because fewer people know what it’s like to sleep on a latex mattress.

Since the mattress is built of three individual layers that the buyer stacks themselves, working with other firmness layers Spindle thinks it can find the right match of layers for anyone who might struggle to sleep on their current mattress.

If the rearranging doesn’t work, donate the mattress to charity. Cut off the tags when you do and send them back to Spindle, who will refund your money. Spindle does have free returns, but would rather work to find the right fight for the customer.

Spindle Mattress Warranty

Spindle has a 10-year warranty on their mattresses, which is about the industry standard. If the mattress starts sagging in those 10 years, they’ll replace it for free. Or if one piece is defective, they replace that piece.

Latex is a super durable material so the parts are meant to last.

You can also buy replacement pieces for the mattress, at a 30-percent discount, for the first 25 years. This is separate from the warranty. If your body or weight changes significantly, you can spruce up your mattress by changing one of the layers.

However, the warranty does cover indentations that are 3/4 of an inch or greater.

Unboxing a Spindle Mattress

The Spindle ships free to the contiguous U.S. and should arrive within 7-10 business days.

The Spindle, though technically a bed in a box, is delivered in three boxes that require assembly. There is a process to put it together and it will take some time. Make sure you bring a partner along to help.


  • Don’t pull on the latex when you lift it.
  • Don’t try to move the mattress by grabbing inside the holes of latex.
  • Don’t stretch the latex.
  • Shake it out like a rug to spread it out.
  • If you tear it, if less than two inches, it won’t affect mattress performance.

As you can see, setup will take awhile. It’s fairly involved, so the best approach is to go slowly and give yourself and your partner time to get it right.


Customer service

Here’s the Spindle promise, straight from its own website:

We listen to your stories, provide candid answers to your questions, and do our best to help you choose an appropriate mattress, even if that means you buy somewhere else.”

So we know the commitment and know-how is there. You can access that knowledge by calling or emailing Spindle directly. Spindle is also only open during the week.

But they have a workshop, showroom and offices in the Boston area if you’re in town and curious what an all-natural latex mattress feels like. You may call customer service to book an appointment.


$$ to mid $$$ (See scale below).

$$$$$2,000 – $4,000


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Nerd Score: 4.8/5

Spindle is the cheapest path to an all-natural latex mattress. Cheap doesn’t mean cheaply made in this case.

The closest comparable mattress will cost more than double what a Spindle costs. Even a blended latex mattress (blended is natural latex plus artificial latex combined) will be more expensive with a few extra features or less expensive but thinner than the Spindle.

Latex is not a cheap material to manipulate in the context of building a comfortable, supportive mattress that won’t heat up too much to disturb the sleeper. It’s a great match to achieve a balance of contouring and support, just not a cheap one.

If you’ve tried and like latex mattresses elsewhere, you’re going to like this one. Finding one of this quality at a better price would be very difficult to do.

However, if you’ve never tried latex before, be warned. Not everyone likes the sensation of sleeping on a latex mattress. It’s more of a “love it” or “hate it proposition”. But don’t let that stop you from trying one in a store. If you’re intrigued, take the extra step to give it a try. 

Remember Spindle has a free return policy and four different firmness levels to accommodate your specific tastes.

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