Tulo Mattress Review

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Tulo Mattress Models

Tulo is a bed-in-a-box mattress firm that is ideal for any person who wants a good night’s sleep without spending a lot of money. When you shop with Tulo, you are presented with a variety of sleep options so that you will have no problem finding a new mattress that best suits healthy sleeping positions and style. 

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For years, Tulo has made a name for itself in delivering not only exceptional products, but also unparalleled customer service and support. That is why they take pride in their mattresses as well as their generous 120-night trial period, quick and expedited delivery process, and the fact that all of their materials are made in the United States

Interested in learning more about Tulo’s mattresses? Keep reading to see which is the best mattress option for you.

tulo mattress review

The Tulo Soft

The softest of the Tulo line, this mattress is meant to relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips, making it Tulo’s best mattress for side sleepers.
  • Type: Soft, pressure relief memory mattress
  • Price Range: $349 – $599
  • Best for
    • Side sleepers 
    • People who want softer mattresses with shoulder and hip support


The Tulo Medium

If you sleep in multiple positions and want a mattress with medium firmness, then the Tulo Medium is right for you.
  • Type: A perfect medium between soft and firm mattresses
  • Price Range: $349 – $599
  • Best for
    • Stomach and combination sleepers 
    • Couples with different sleep positions 
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The Tulo Firm

The Tulo Firm ranks the highest on the firmness scale making it Tulo’s best mattress for back sleepers.
  • Type: A firm mattress that offers total body support
  • Price Range: $349 – $599
  • Best for
    • Back sleepers 
    • People who need more spinal support
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Which Model Is Best for Me? 

Tulo Soft Might Be Good For You If:
  • You are a side sleeper
  • You want pressure relief on your shoulders and hips
Tulo Medium Might Be Good For You If….
  • You sleep on your stomach or in all positions
  • You and your partner have different sleep positions
Tulo Firm Might Be Good For You If….
  • You are a back sleeper
  • You need more spinal alignment

The Best Tulo Mattress by Sleeping Position

Everyone has their own preferred sleeping position: back, stomach, side, or combination. While no bed is perfect for every type of sleeper, there are certain mattresses that are better suited for your sleeping style than others. Depending on your sleeping position, here are our recommendations from the Tulo line:

Side Sleepers

Recommended: The Tulo Soft

Side sleepers require additional support for their shoulders and hips to keep their spines properly aligned. Soft mattresses accommodate their bodies best, while firmer mattresses might lead to body aches and pains. For side sleepers, we recommend the Tulo Soft Mattress.

Back Sleepers

Recommended: The Tulo Firm

When you sleep on your back, your body requires a firm base to keep your hips, feet, and head from sinking, and to keep your spine aligned. Tulo’s Firm Mattress gives your body the support it needs so that you can have a nice, supportive rest.

Stomach Sleepers

Recommended: The Tulo Medium

Stomach sleepers are similar to back sleepers, in which they require a firm mattress that offers adequate support for their feet, shoulders, and hips. They also need extra support for their necks since they sleep with their heads turned to one side. The Tulo Medium and Firm Mattresses are ideal for stomach sleepers.

Pros and Cons of Tulo Mattresses


  • Budget-friendly bed-in-a-box options
  • 120-night, hassle-free trial
  • Free shipping and delivery


  • Only three firmness options
  • Not as high-quality as other mattress brands

Pricing and Specs

Price by Model

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King
Soft Mattress $349 $399 $399 $399 $599 $599
Medium Mattress $349 $399 $399 $399 $599 $599
Firm Mattress $349 $399 $399 $399 $599 $599

Model Dimensions

  • Twin: 75 x 39
  • Twin XL: 80 x 39 
  • Full: 75 x 54
  • Queen: 80 x 60
  • King: 80 x 76
  • Cal King: 84 x 72


Model Soft Medium Hard
Type Memory Foam mattress Memory Foam mattress Memory Foam mattress
Firmness Level (approximate) 4 5.5 7
Thickness/Height 10” 10” 10”
Tulo Soft Mattress Construction

The soft mattress’s top foam layer is constructed using 2” of perforated memory foam for ventilation, combined with titanium particles that enhance cooling. Underneath that is 1.5” of firm foam that responds to your movements with a unique “peak and valley design” that increases airflow, reduces body heat, and keeps sleepers nice and cool.

A 1.5” strut-reinforced foam comprises the next foam layer to minimize material fatigue and reduce surface compression. Finally, 4” of soft density polyurethane foundation foam provides additional support to the other layers.

Tulo Medium Mattress Construction

Tulo’s medium mattresses feature a 2” ventilated memory foam top layer mixed with titanium particles to encourage cooling for hot sleepers. Underneath that is 1.5” of responsive foam with Tulo’s unique “peak and valley design”, that assists with airflow and further encourages coolness while you sleep.

Next comes the 1.5” strut reinforced foam, which minimizes material fatigue, reduces surface compression, and increases overall mattress durability. Finally, the mattress includes 4” of medium-density polyurethane foundation foam to support the above layers.

Tulo Firm Mattress Construction

Tulo’s firm mattress’s top layer, like the medium and soft line, consists of 2” of channelled memory foam that encourages airflow, which is combined with cooling titanium particles. The next layer is 1.5” of responsive foam to promote airflow, thanks to its “peak and valley” design.

Next is the 1.5” strut reinforced foam to minimize material fatigue and reduce overall surface compression. Finally, the last layer features 4” firm-density polyurethane foundation to support the above layers and give the entire mattress a solid feel.

About the Layers

What makes the Tulo line so distinct are the four foam layers that are carefully constructed to provide support, relief, and comfort for virtually any kind of sleeper.

Top Knitted Cover

The top cover is made of a breathable material that is soft to the touch and stays cool all night long.

Cooling Foam Layer

The next layer is 2” of cooling titanium particles combined with high-density ventilated memory foam and designed with a “peak and valley” concept to deliver a cool night’s sleep.

Breathable Foam Layer

Another 1.5” cooling memory foam layer uses open cell technology to provide a consistent airflow, which prevents overheating, further helping you stay cool.

Responsive Foam Layer

The following layer is 2” of resilient foam that reduces surface tension, thus relieving pressure on your body. The responsive foam layer also helps the mattress maintain a high level of durability, so that it lasts for a long time.


The base of the mattress is the foundation layer. 4.5” of soft, medium, or firm support, depending on which mattress style you choose, keeps your bed solid and supportive.

Manufacturing and Safety Standards

All of Tulo’s mattresses consist of foams that have been tested and certified by CertiPUR-US, meaning that they have met the highest standards for content, performance, durability, and emissions. The foam found in Tulos are made without the use of PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP flame retardants, and every mattress complies with all burn test safety regulations by coming equipped with a permanent fire sock flame barrier.

Setup and Maintenance

Whether you place the mattress directly on the floor, on a flat or slatted frame, on an adjustable bed, setup is as easy as can be:

  1. Remove the mattress from the box and place it at the end of the frame.
  2. Unroll the mattress as much as possible onto the frame.
  3. Cut off and dispose of the plastic layer.
  4. Watch as your mattress expands instantly.

When you purchase a Tulo mattress, you can also add the Tulo frame to your order. This base is a stylish and inexpensive alternative to a box spring, and can be used either as the bed frame itself or as part of the wooden frame for mattress support. The Tulo frame features a sturdy metal construction, up to 13” of storage space underneath, and exceptional mattress support. 

The only maintenance that a Tulo requires is to regularly clean your sheets and covers. Unlike other mattresses, you never need to flip your Tulo, and you can expect it to retain its shape for years to come.

The Tulo Buying Experience

Tulo Trial-Period

Tulo is committed to ensuring you truly enjoy your new mattress. That is why they offer a 120-night trial period with every purchase. You have 120 days to see if your mattress is right for you. It’s advised that you at least try your Tulo for approximately 30 nights as there is a standard break-in period for all of their mattresses, and your body may need time to adjust.

If you find that your mattress isn’t to your liking within the 120-night trial period, you can return it, hassle-free. Simply call Tulo or email their support line and let them know you’d like to return it, and they will arrange for a pickup at absolutely no cost to you.

An alternative option is to consider an exchange. If you decide you want a different Tulo mattress, the company will happily work with you to exchange your mattress for a new one. Keep in mind that the company will not accept damaged mattresses as this voids the warranty. The exchange and return also ends your 120-night trial period.

Tulo Mattress Warranty

Tulo stands behind their entire product line and offers a 10-year warranty. During those 10 years, Tulo guarantees that your new mattress should be free of any of the following manufacturer defects:

  • A visible indentation or sag in the foam that is greater than three-quarters of an inch
  • Any physical flaws in the foam that may cause it to split or crack under normal use and handling.
  • Any manufacturing defect such as fabric tearing or stitch unraveling.

Tulo will repair or replace defective products that they deem covered under the warranty. In certain cases, such as tears in the mattress cover, they may only replace or repair a certain component of the mattress. Any warranty-covered repairs do not shorten or lengthen the warranty period.

To keep your mattress clean and protected, Tulo advises you to use a waterproof mattress protector. This will prevent stains and potentially increase the overall lifespan of your mattress.

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Shipping and Delivery

Tulo’s shipping and delivery policies are designed to be as convenient as possible. Once you place your order, you will be emailed a confirmation number. You can use this number to track your order during the entire shipping and delivery process. If you have any questions, Tulo’s experts are standing by to help.

Compressed and delivered via FedEx Ground, you can expect your mattress to arrive within two weeks after placing your order. Tulo will also allow you to modify your delivery date up to a certain time. All you need to do is call their customer support center.

Your mattress will be delivered and left at your front door, so you don’t have to worry about being home to sign for it. Tulo typically does not offer mattress setup or take away of your old bed.


Tulo is a budget-friendly mattress option, and the ability to finance makes it even easier. In a partnership with Synchrony Bank, Tulo is able to provide you with SetPay, a predictable monthly payment plan option with 0% APR. 

To finance your Tulo, select SetPay during checkout. A soft credit check is run, and once you are approved, you will be taken to the next step, where you can choose between a 12-month or 24-month payment option. You will be provided with a breakdown of what you can expect to pay each month, and you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees.


You can view the entire Tulo mattress catalog online, allowing you to pick out your mattress without ever needing to leave your home. Tulo beds are also available through various third-party retailers, allowing you to experience these mattresses for yourself in person.

Customer Service

Tulo customer service is second to none. If for any reason you have questions or concerns about your purchase, or if you want to learn more about the company, its products, or its policies, there are multiple ways to get answers. You can access the live chat feature on the Tulo website, or you can send an email and expect a prompt and detailed response. 

You can also call the company line seven days a week. Tulo is also on all major social media networks, such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, allowing you to stay connected in a variety of ways. Tulo and its employees are here for all your needs.


When it comes to shopping for a new mattress at a budget-friendly price, we recommend Tulo. This company’s excellent customer service, long trial period, and impressive accessibility make it a preferred choice for bed-in-a-box mattress shoppers everywhere. Tulo has the perfect mattress for side sleepers, back sleepers, or even combination sleepers, and you can rest assured knowing that they have the perfect foam mattress for you.