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Beautyrest Mattress Comparison Guide and Review 2017

By Jack Mitcham

As you may have noticed, it’s difficult to comparison shop for mattresses between retailers because they often have different names for what seems to be the same exact mattress. Or, the retailer will claim their mattress is an exclusive, or their model has some feature that nobody else has that makes it different. How then will you take advantage of the price match guarantees that so many places offer? We’re here to help!

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Retail mattress stores often make it difficult to comparison shop mattresses. Each retailer will have a different name for the same (or almost the same) product. Furthermore, not every store lists detailed specs about whats in their mattresses, so it can be even more confusing. Sometimes, a mattress selling for about $1,000 at one store is going for over $2,000 at another store.

To help counter this, I’ve put together these two comparison charts for Simmons Beautyrest.  Otherwise, you can click here to read our full Beautyrest Mattress Reviews for current models.

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Note: This chart is for the models that came out in 2017. Click here for my updated guide for 2018

Beautyrest has several different lineups. The “Silver” lineup is the entry level Beautyrest line. They have regular innerspring mattresses and “hybrid” mattresses which have a flatter top and thinner quilt layer, putting you closer to the foam layer. Older model years used to call this level “Classic” or “Recharge.”

There is also the “Platinum” level, which is their mid-range to higher end mattresses. These used to be called “World Class” in previous model years. These also come in regular innerspring models and hybrid models.

The two comparison charts below will help you compare those models at various retailers.

Beautyrest Silver

LineupOfficial NameUS MattressAmazonMacy'sSears
Silver (Level 1)
Tidewater PlushAdda PlushBeautyrest 500 PlushCove Point-
Open Seas Extra FirmKenosha Place Extra FirmBeautyrest 600 Extra Firm-Wavecrest Firm
Open Seas Luxury FirmKenosha Place Luxury FirmBeautyrest 600 Luxury FirmGolden Gate Luxury FirmBlue Springs Luxury Firm
Open Seas PlushKenosha Place PlushBeautyrest 600 Plush Golden Gate PlushBlue Springs Plush
Open Seas Luxury Firm PillowtopKenosha Place Luxury Firm PillowtopBeautyrest 700 Luxury FirmGolden Gate Luxury Firm PillowtopNavy Pier Luxury Firm Pillowtop
Open Seas Plush PillowtopKenosha Place Plush PillowtopBeautyrest 700 PlushGolden Gate Plush PillowtopNavy Pier Plush Pillowtop
Silver (Level 2)Charcoal Coast Extra FirmLydia Manor Extra FirmBeautyrest 800 Extra FirmWaterscape Extra FirmGrays Reef Extra Firm
Charcoal Coast Luxury FirmLydia Manor Luxury FirmBeautyrest 800 Luxury FirmWaterscape Luxury FirmGrays Reef Luxury Firm
Charcoal Coast PlushLydia Manor PlushBeautyrest 800 PlushWaterscape PlushGrays Reef Plush
Charcoal Coast Luxury Firm PillowtopLydia Manor Luxury Firm PillowtopBeautyrest 900 Luxury Firm PillowtopWaterscape Luxury Firm PillowtopHigh Tide Luxury Firm Pillowtop
Charcoal Coast Plush PillowtopLydia Manor Plush PillowtopBeautyrest 900 Plush PillowtopWaterscape Plush PillowtopHigh Tide Plush Pillowtop
Silver HybridBeachwood Luxury FirmSondra Luxury FirmBeautyrest Hybrid 1000 Luxury Firm-Palmer Island Luxury Firm
Austin Reef PlushSybel PlushBeautyrest Hybrid 2000 Plush-Bailey's Harbor Plush
Cascade Mist FirmTracy FirmBeautyrest Hybrid 3000 Firm -Grand Isle Firm
Harbour Beach Luxury FirmVivian Luxury FirmBeautyrest Hybrid 4000 Luxury Firm--
Harbour Beach Ultra PlushVivian Ultimate PlushBeautyrest Hybrid 4000 Ultimate Plush-Majestic Sound Ultimate Plush

Beautyrest Platinum

LineupOfficial NameUS MattressAmazonSears
PlatinumAmberlyn Extra FirmSunfire extra firmBadger Extra FirmKimi Extra Firm
Brittany FirmSunland FirmFoxtail FirmMackenzie Ultra Firm
Brittany Luxury FirmToffee Luxury FirmFoxtail Luxury Firm-
Brittany PlushSunny Day PlushFoxtail Plush-
Gabriella Luxury Firm PillowtopTripp Luxury Firm PillowtopLedger Luxury Firm PillowtopHailey Luxury Firm
Gabriella Plush PillowtopTreasure Plush PillowtopLedger Plush PillowtopHailey Plush Pillowtop
Katherine Luxury Firm PillowtopTulsa Luxury Firm PillowtopMontego Luxury Firm PillowtopChloe Luxury Firm Pillowtop
Katherine Plush PillowtopTrixie Plush PillowtopMontego Plush Pillowtop-
Platinum HybridAustin Luxury FirmTyson Luxury FirmQuentin Luxury FirmAdderly Firm
Bryson PlushVanity PlushSamson plush-
Maddie Luxury FirmWaltz Luxury FirmArmand Luxury FirmFrances Luxury Firm
Quinn Ultra PlushWarrior Ultra PlushScotty Ultimate PlushDelilah Plush

A few notes:

  • The mattresses might not be identical, but they will be close. Some retailers will add a small “exclusive” feature which is generally cosmetic or minor to make it technically a different mattress
  • Mattress Firm has a lot of exclusives in the Beautyrest brand. See my article on comparison shopping at Mattress Firm for suggestions.
  • Macy’s doesn’t have the Platinum lineup. They still have ones they’re calling “World Class.” Their World Class models are similar to the Platinum ones, but have enough differences that I wasn’t comfortable putting them in the chart
  • When comparing prices, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Make sure that you’re comparing the same size, whether or not it has a boxspring, how much delivery is, etc.
  • If comparison shopping is too stressful, consider getting an online mattress. Honestly, you can get just as good, if not a better mattress at half the price.  Check out my coupons for the latest deals


The 2017 Beautyrest offerings give you lots to choose from in their Silver (basic) and Platinum (higher end) lines. That is what you’ll be getting if you feel most comfortable shopping with a major national retailer.

Both lines feature traditional innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses that combine a revamped coil system with a foam layer at the top. The basic Silver line used to be called “Classic” or “Recharge” lines in previous years. The nicely priced higher-end Platinum line used to be known as the “World Class” line. Don’t forget those names Depending on where you’re shopping, they all mean something.

The charts above help you sort out every Beautyrest 2017 permutation.

The Silver line features level 1, level 2—the coil system models—and hybrids. The chart for the Silver line above breaks down all of the names and firmness levels by their official names, their U.S. names and what they’re known as if you’re shopping at Amazon, Macy’s or Sears.

The Platinum line includes the coil system-only and the hybrid options. The chart breaks down names and firmness levels by their official names, their U.S. names what they’re known by if you’re looking for them at Amazon or Sears. You won’t find the Platinum at Macy’s. But know that they sell very similar mattresses under the old name of “World Class.”

Remember not every mattress will be identical from column to column. Retailers can add some minor feature to differentiate it from other competitors. One retailer that exploits this technique is Mattress Firm.

Beautyrest has the heft among the retail marketplace to flood it with multiple collections. Their 2017 offerings included both hybrid and innerspring models at different firmness levels and prices. It’s what you should expect from a national brand and that’s what this Simmons Beautyrest collection delivers here.

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  1. We own a beautyrest Vanderbilt queen mattress which we purchased from Macys several years ago. We love it so much and want to purchase another one for our guest room. But we cannot find that model anywhere. Please help. Thanks.

  2. Hi I saw the Beautyrest Platinum Franklin Heights Extra Firm at Raymour. Any idea what the alternate name may be? And do the mattress designs differ? Thanks!

  3. Hello. I like your article! If anyone can help: I am curious as to why Wafair doesn’t like any names for their selection of Beatyrest Silver and Platinum yet they do for all of the Black collection? This is frustrating. Their prices look good yet I do not feel comfortable purchasing. Any thoughts or insight?

  4. I had the best sleep of my life while staying with friends. We were able to obtain the mattress information they still had, but cannot find the mattress anywhere, or the newer model. Any chance you can assist?

    It was called the Simmons Beautyrest Orchid Lake Luxury Firm.

    Thank You!

  5. Hi i have aa simmons beautyres cresccendo wagner in king size bought in 2012 had great sleep in this model but unfortunately it is starting to sag which model could be at least same or better in this year sept 2018 thank you for advice sleep is really essential !

  6. What beautyrest bed is most like the Heavenly Bed found at the Westin? Trying to avoid the large price tag on the heavenly bed. Thank you

  7. I am trying to find beauty rest recharge by Simmons hospitality. Had the best nights sleep at a holiday inn and took picture of their mattress tag. Can you tell me where I can find this mattress?

  8. What would be a comparable current model to theSimmons Beautyrest Do Not Disturb Majesty Mattress and Box Springs. It was purchased in 2001. We love the firmness! Thanks

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