How to comparison shop at Mattress Firm

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Mattress Firm® is the United States’ largest mattress retailer by far. Until fairly recently, Mattress Firm was primarily located in the southern states. In the past few years, Mattress Firm has rapidly expanded, first by buying west coast chains Sleep Train and Sleep Country USA in 2014, and then to the east coast by buying Sleepy’s in 2016. It’s now become a name recognizable nationwide.

Mattress Firm has a low price guarantee (as seen here) but now relies heavily on exclusive mattresses which makes comparison shopping more difficult.

This guide will list some general tips for comparison shopping at Mattress Firm and beyond to ensure you get the best price.

General Tips

Many tips from our mattress negotiation guide still hold true. You still want to find the right mattress for you, so you’ll need to try out some mattresses and narrow it down to the one that works best. If it’s dramatically out of your price range, have another less expensive mattress as another option in case you can’t negotiate down that far. Then, you’ll want to try to comparison shop that mattress somewhere else. This means you’ll check out other stores with the same mattress you’re interested in and compare prices, warranty, or whatever else they may offer. By showing your willingness to walk away without buying, the salesperson may be more willing to lower their price immediately or when you come in later.

On the other hand, it might not be as simple as finding the exact mattress elsewhere online and having them match the price. Again, many of Mattress Firm’s mattresses are now exclusive. You may want to find another brand or another lineup within the same brand that you like just as much, but is cheaper, and then have the stores negotiate back and forth over you.

Comparison Shopping Elsewhere

Of course, Mattress Firm isn’t your only option. There are plenty of other mattress depots like US Mattress, which you can use to compare prices of any beds you like at Mattress Firm. And there’s always places like department stores, but be wary of extravagant mark-ups.

Relegating yourself to just Mattress Firm can also have you missing out on a lot of other online mattresses, like Saatva, Helix, DreamCloud, and Tuft & Needle. Though mostly offered on the web, showrooms for these products can be found in other homestore retailers or locally-owned mattress stores.

Mattress Shopping Online vs In Store

And if you’re willing to take the plunge without testing out options in a showroom, there’s always the possibility of online shopping. We recommend a product with a trial period that will allow for an easy return if you change your mind. Online shopping can also save you money because there’s no in-store markups. More than that, online comparison shopping can be easier to find what you’re looking for at the best price with a simple search. Start hunting for the perfect fit by using our own mattress comparison page.

Still, there are some pros to shopping in-person. Maybe an internet search can’t answer your specific questions, which is where the salesman comes in. There’s also the opportunity to negotiate in-person on price, whereas most online stores have fixed prices that only fluctuate with limited-time sales. And though the trial period for online products is useful, not every seller offers one, and nothing can beat lying down on a mattress in-store to see if you could sleep on it. 

However, there is the chance for uniquely in-person problems like some sneaky dishonest salesman tricks. But if you have a good salesperson, a good price, and a satisfactory showroom test, then shopping in-store the old-fashioned way can be the best method to buy your mattress.

Check out our in-depth article on in-store vs online shopping for more information.


Shopping for a mattress and trying to find the best price can be tricky, and mattress stores can be overwhelming with the sheer amount of choice and occasionally pushy salespeople. If you prefer the personal touch of a salesman or need to test in person, don’t skip the showrooms, just ensure that you seek out the best price. 

Above all, consider your needs, finance and sleeping-wise, to make the best decision for yourself. For more in-depth help on shopping for a mattress, check out our comprehensive mattress buying guide.