How to Hide an Adjustable Bed Frame

Some adjustable bed frames may feel good but not look so good. Here's how to hide your adjustable bed frame.

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Adjustable beds can be a great tool for those who have sleep apnea, acid reflux, or chronic back pain. The downside is that some folks think adjustable bed frames don’t blend with their bedroom aesthetic. Fair enough.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can conceal your bed frame, or at the very least, make it less noticeable.

Here are five easy and effective ways to hide an adjustable bed frame.

Buy a bed bench

Place a bed bench in front of the foot of your bed. It will hide the adjustable bed while adding a nice design element to your room.

Keep in mind, this method only hides the area near the foot of your bed. But for a lot of people, that’s the spot that bothers them the most.

Bonus: A lot of bed benches provide storage. Use yours to store extra linens, off-season clothes, or pillows.

Move your bed

If your adjustable bed frame is in the middle of your bedroom, it’s going to stand out. You might not notice it as much if you place it against a wall. Will this method hide your adjustable bed entirely? No. But it will be a lot less exposed.

Note: This method might not work for everyone. If you have a smaller bedroom, or if the bed looks strange pushed up against a wall, you might want to go with another one of our tips.

Get a headboard

A headboard can’t erase the appearance of an adjustable bed. But, it can definitely shift attention away from it.

Another headboard bonus is that it can help tie your room together. A large, tufted headboard can add a cozy feel, wood is great for a minimalistic aesthetic, and brass can give your room a vintage vibe. 

No matter what you choose, it will help define your space and make your adjustable bed frame less noticeable. 

FYI: Most modern adjustable beds come with headboard brackets, making installation very easy.

Add a bedskirt

Most would agree this is the easiest and cheapest tip on our list. The right bedskirt can cover your adjustable bed frame and add a stylish spin to your bed. However, it’s important to use a bedskirt designed with adjustable beds in mind.

Traditional bedskirts can get stuck or stretch when the bed is raised or lowered. Opt for an adjustable bedskirt that has:

  • velcro strips
  • a wrap-around design
  • hook and loop closures

Use a standalone bed frame

The majority of modern adjustable beds are crafted to work on standalone bed frames. That means you can get the benefits of an adjustable bed without spending big bucks on an adjustable bed frame. Opt for bed frames that will mask the appearance of the adjustable bed. 

If you already have an adjustable bed frame, you’re still in luck. Many adjustable beds have removable legs. Simply take them off then put the bed on a solid platform frame. 


Adjustable beds can help you get a better night’s sleep. However, adjustable bed frames aren’t always aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t dig the way yours looks, you may want to hide or disguise it. You can:

  • buy a bed bench
  • move your bed
  • get a headboard
  • add a bedskirt
  • use a standalone bed frame

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a frame around my adjustable bed?

Yes, you can put a frame around your adjustable bed. Most adjustable beds come in the same size dimensions as traditional beds. That means you can buy a regular bed frame, or continue to use your current one. Just be sure to measure a new adjustable mattress or bed frame before you buy it. Some companies have slightly different dimensions.

How do you make an adjustable bed look nice?

You can place a bed bench at the foot of your bed, move your bed up against a wall so only one side and the foot of the bed are in view, get a headboard to shift attention away from the adjustable bed, use a bedskirt to hide your frame and bed legs, or use a standalone frame that fits with your aesthetic.

How do you put a bedskirt on an adjustable base?

Putting a bedskirt on an adjustable bed base is super easy. First, make sure you have a bedskirt that will work with an adjustable bed. Then, lift the mattress off the base or box spring, place the bedskirt flat on the foundation, and position your mattress or box spring over the bedskirt.


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