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Nectar Mattress Warranty Breakdown

It’s important to find a mattress that has a reliable warranty with ample coverage. Learn all about Nectar’s Forever Warranty and why it’s one of the best mattress warranty policies around.

By Alex Reale

Nectar Mattress Warranty Breakdown 

Nectar is an award-winning mattress manufacturer that aims to deliver premium comfort at an affordable price. The company currently offers two options: the Nectar memory foam mattress and the Nectar Lush mattress. 

The Nectar memory foam mattress is a medium-firm bed that uses gel memory foam and a cooling cover to accommodate hot sleepers, side sleepers and couples who need good motion isolation. The Nectar Lush Mattress features Aquacool Technology and Energex memory foam to enhance cooling while providing better pain reduction in the lower back and around pressure points. Given its plusher feel, the bed is great for lighter back and side sleepers.

Both of these Nectar mattresses absorb motion transfer for couples and provide pressure relief along the hips and shoulders for multiple sleeping positions. The adaptive Hi-CORE memory foam and quilted gel memory foam comfort layers set Nectar apart from other bed-in-a-box memory foam mattress brands.

Disclaimer: Warranties are legally-binding commitments that vary in length and complexity. This article is simply a resource and should not replace a thorough evaluation of a brand’s warranty agreement. 

Nectar Mattress Warranty Overview

The Nectar “Forever warranty” is a Lifetime guarantee that extends to all mattresses purchased through the company website or authorized retailers. Most other mattress companies only offer a 10 or 20-year warranty, so Nectar’s generous policy makes it stand out against the competition.

How Long Does Nectar Warranty Period Last?

The Nectar Forever warranty is a lifetime guarantee on the company’s mattresses for the original mattress owner (warranties are non-transferable). If your mattress encounters any workmanship or material defects within the first 10 years, Nectar will replace it at absolutely no cost to you. 

From year 10 onward, Nectar will repair, re-cover or replace your mattress at its own discretion, and all you will need to pay is a $50 dollar transportation cost each way. Nectar says this fee will be waived at when the brand confirms the defect exists.

What is Covered by the Nectar Warranty?

Deterioration leading to visible indentations 

The Nectar Forever warranty will cover deterioration in the mattress that causes visible indentations greater than 1.5 inches. However, these indentations must not be associated with improper use or unsupportive bed bases, bed frames or foundations. 

Manufacturing defects related to the assembly of the Nectar mattress

If you notice any mattress defects as a result of poor manufacturing or workmanship, Nectar’s Forever warranty will cover it. We advise customers to carefully inspect the base layer, comfort layer and top layer of the mattress upon receiving it to see if you can spot any notable defects.

Physical flaws that cause foam deterioration

The Nectar Forever Warranty covers physical flaws in the mattress that may lead to quicker deterioration under normal, proper usage. These flaws include splits, cracks and similar degradation in the foam layers

Workmanship or material defects resulting in less pressure relief

Nectar prides itself on creating mattresses that offer pressure relief for your body’s sensitive joints. If a Nectar mattress develops any defects in the material or construction that negatively impact its pressure-relieving abilities or cause pressure point aggravation, it may be covered under the Forever warranty.

What the Nectar Forever Warranty Does Not Cover

Mattresses subjected to neglect or misuse

Any damage or deterioration caused by misuse of the mattress is not covered by Nectar’s Forever Warranty. This includes neglect, improper handling and other violations of instructions. 

Normal increase in softness over time

Over time, your mattress will naturally become softer, but this should not negatively affect its pressure-relieving or body contouring qualities. The Nectar Forever warranty will not cover this normal wear and softening.

Comfort preferences

The Nectar Forever warranty does not cover personal comfort preferences in relation to memory foam material, mattress size or firmness level. The 365-night trial period allows you to test out your new mattress for up to one full year to see if it is to your liking. Make sure you check out where the Nectar memory foam beds lie on the firmness scale prior to making your purchase.

Physical abuse

The Forever Warranty does not cover physical abuse to the mattress, including but not limited to stains, tears, cuts, burns and liquid damage. It’s advised that you purchase a mattress protector to keep your bed in good condition, and to always take care to ensure you’re not damaging the mattress or using a base that doesn’t fully support the bed.

Factors that Would Void the Nectar Warranty

  • Burns, cuts, tears, stains and spills
  • Using an incorrect base or foundation
  • Transferring the mattress to a new owner
  • Removing the “law tag” from the bed, which makes it impossible to prove the bed is the one you ordered

Filing A Warranty Claim with Nectar

After going to the Nectar Sleep website, click on the Customer Support page. Here you can file a claim with the customer service department.

The Nectar team is available by web chat or email 7 days a week from 8 a.m-4 p.m. PST.

FAQs about the Nectar Warranty 

Why does Nectar offer such a long warranty compared to the industry-standard 10-year policy?

Nectar understands that a mattress is a major investment, and that the quality of the mattress should match that. That is why Nectar guarantees that its mattresses are designed to last for a very long time. If they don’t, they’ll cover the full costs of replacement and repairs.

Is it free to return my Nectar mattress?

Within the 365-night sleep trial window, your Nectar mattress return is fully covered, so you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs or fees. 

Does Nectar offer exchanges?

You can return or exchange the Nectar mattress during the trial period. It is up to you if you’d like to buy your new mattress before or after you’ve been refunded your money, but it’s a good idea to speak with a Nectar representative to ensure the process is handled as smoothly as possible.

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