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Sealy 2017 Mattress Comparison Guide

By The Mattress Nerd

As you may have noticed, it’s difficult to comparison shop for mattresses between retailers because they often have different names for what seems to be the same exact mattress. Or, the retailer will claim their mattress is an exclusive, or their model has some feature that nobody else has that makes it different. How then will you take advantage of the price match guarantees that so many places offer? We’re here to help!

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Mattresses are sold under different names at different retailers, and Sealy is no exception. This can make it difficult to comparison shop a mattress you liked from one retailer at other retailers. It is especially difficult to make these comparisons when the retailer doesn’t list the specs of the mattress on their website. This is a guide to compare the models of Sealy mattresses that came out in 2017.

Sealy has a few different lineups. In the past, they had the “Sealy brand” lineup and then the “Posturepedic” lineup. This year, they seem to be moving away from that. Now, the mattresses are all “Sealy,” but the higher end ones (in the Performance and Premier collections) now say “with Posturepedic technology.”

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As you compare names in the following chart, keep a couple things in mind.

  • Make sure you’re comparing prices for the same size and whether or not a boxspring is included
  • The mattresses might not be completely identical. Sometimes a retailer will have a negligible difference in the mattress, like a different cover, to claim it’s a different mattress

Sealy 2017 comparison chart

LineupUS MattressAmazonMacy'sSears
EssentialBale Firm-Blue Arbor Firm-
Castra FirmEssentials 8.5 inch firm--
Seward FirmEssentials 10" firmRustic Pass Firm-
Seward PlushEssentials 10.5" Plush--
Townhouse Cushion FirmEssentials 11" Cushion Firm-Cavell Cushion Firm
Townhouse Plush EurotopEssentials 11.5" Plush Eurotop--
Townhouse Plush PillowtopEssentials 13" Plush Pillowtop--
PerformanceSanta Paula Cushion FirmPerformance 12" Cushion FirmChase PointeKenney Firm
Santa Paula PlushPerformance 12" Plush--
Santa Paula Cushion Firm Eurotop--Kenney Cushion Firm Eurotop
Santa Paula Plush EurotopPerformance 13" Plush Eurotop--
Santa Paula Cushion Firm Pillowtop---
Santa Paula Plush Pillowtop---
Mountain Ridge Firm-Lawson Cushion FirmBenish Firm
Mountain Ridge Plush-Lawson Plush-
Mountain Ridge Cushion Firm Eurotop--Benish Cushion Firm Eurotop
Mountain Ridge Plush Eurotop---
Mountain Ridge Cushion Firm Pillowtop-Lawson Cushion Firm PillowtopMcCann Firm Pillowtop
Mountain Ridge Plush Pillowtop-Lawson Plush PillowtopMcCann Plush Pillowtop
Cooper Mountain FirmPerformance 12.5" FirmShore Drive Extra FirmDolby Ultra Firm
Cooper Mountain Cushion Firm--Dolby Cushion Firm
Cooper Mountain Plush--Dolby Plush
Cooper Mountain Cushion Firm Pillowtop-Shore Drive Cushion Firm PillowtopDolby Cushion Firm Pillowtop
Cooper Mountain Plush PillowtopPerformance 13.5" Plush pillowtopShore Drive Plush PillowtopDolby Plush Pillowtop
PremiumWarrenville Cushion Firm--Goldrick Cushion Firm
Warrenville Plush---
Warrenville Cushion Firm Pillowtop--Goldrick Firm Pillowtop
Warrenville Plush PillowtopPremium 14" Plush Pillowtop-Goldrick Cushion Firm Pillowtop
Barrett Court Ultra Firm--Rosati Ultra Firm
Barrett Court Cushion Firm---
Barrett Court Plush--Rosati Plush
Barrett Court Cushion Firm Pillowtop---
Barrett Court Plush Pillowtop--Rosati Plush Pillowtop

If the model you were looking for isn’t on the chart, contact me through the form on my Comparison Shopping page with the details of what you saw, or leave a comment below.

Comparison to last year’s models

If you’re comparing to models that came out in 2015, keep a few things in mind.

  • The Essentials collection was what they used to call “Sealy Brand” or the “Non-Posturepedic” Sealys.
  • The Performance collection is roughly equivalent in quality to the previous year’s “Posturepedic Plus” lineup
  • The Premium collection is replacing the “Posturepedic Select” lineup from before.

This year, they changed the coil system in the mattresses. They’re using more coils than before, but they’re shaped differently, so it’s not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison.


Every mattress company on the planet works every year to build a mattress that moves ever closer to delivering a perfect night’s sleep. Sealy is no different in that chase. Sealy’s 2017 offerings are upgrades from the 2015 models with different names but improved coil structures.

The 2015 versions have also been renamed: Sealy Brand or Non-Posturepedic is now Essentials. The Posturepedic Plus is now Performance. The Posturepedic Select is now Premium. All three collections include some combination of (1) thin comfort layers using poly or gel foam combined with increasingly luxe fabric covers and (2) an improved base layer of pocket coils.

One rule of thumb about the chart, Amazon will list the Sealy options using the same designations: Essentials, Performance or Premium. They will not offer as many firmness options, but at least you know the Sealy apple compares favorably to the Amazon apple.

Keep in mind that the higher end versions, regardless of the “line,” will include the “Posturepedic” technology. Sealy’s innovation specifically offers more support where most bodies are heaviest—in the center. It is meant to keep that heavier part to keep your spine aligned. That doesn’t guarantee better contouring from head to toe, but it does give you that firm support where you need it most.

Traditionally, Sealy has offered economical options to the masses that are consistently known for a firm and bouncy feel. After developing the posturepedic technology, it also offered a sturdier version less likely to prematurely begin sagging in the middle since the middle was reinforced.

When you’re a national player in the mattress retail world like Sealy is, you have to reinvent your mattresses every once in a while. That is what Sealy has done here for 2017. The fact that the mattresses are affordable and easy to find at retailers across the country is a major draw.


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Comments (141)

  1. Ashley’s furniture sells Sealy Surrey Lane Plush Pillow Top. I am trying to find this hopefully at a better price. Any insight would be great

  2. I have a Sealy King mattress model 516917 , which I would like to replace wit an equivalent Queen mattress. Can you give me the name and model of an equivalent Queen mattress?

  3. What is update version of Lakeside Ultra Plush
    Pillowtop mattress? I have had this mattress 10yrs and love it but need another of similar quality. Thank you.

    • Susan,
      I have had the Lakeside Ultra Plush for approximately 17 years and also love it. We have just recently started waking up with back pain and I know it’s time to replace it. Have you found the equivalent to it?
      Thank you,

  4. I slept on a sealy posturepedic west highland at a b and b and i’m looking to buy one like it. it was a queen firm

  5. What is the difference between a Sealy Performance Kelburn 2 Firm versus the Sealy Performance Copper 2 Firm?

  6. What is the difference between the Sealy Hybrid Elite Kelburn and the Sealy Hybrid Performance Kelburn II mattresses?

  7. I want to know the difference between prospect lake/cushion firm and performance Humbolt firm. how about lawson firm pillow top. which is the best?? I have a back pain.

    Thank You for information.

  8. Every retailer I look at online has a different name! How can I possibly choose one? Davlin. Shore Drive. Hallie Grace. Humboldt. McCann. It’s all so confusing. I used to have. “Sealy PosturePedic Reserve Liberty Park Ultra Plush Euro Pilllowtop” queen mattress a long time ago. But it was destroyed in a flood. I cannot find that same model and I have no idea what it’s comparable to..

  9. Hi. Is the Raymour & Flanigan furniture store’s Sealy Performance Hanover Street Firm equivalent to the Macys/Sears Chase Point/Kenny model or next step up Copper Mountain? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  10. I am looking at a sealy surrey lane plush euro pillow top with gel memory foam at ashley furniture. The advertised sale price for a queen is $699 for the queen size. This is a memorial day sale flyer. I have tried to find the mattress under the sealy name and have had no luck. I would like to know what you think this mattress is really worth.

  11. Hi. I am considering a Sealy Posturpedic plush euro top mattress set. I believe this is a hybrid of foam and coil. But I saw a couple of comments about severe outgas issues. Any thoughts?

  12. i want to upgrade to something with performance. i have gone through 2 sealy mattress from cost . sealy has recommended the hybrid series .cost only carrie the sunset ridge hybrid . how does this rate in the mattress world thanks

  13. What would be the current equivalent to Sealy Posturepedic Barrington Cushion Firm of some years ago?

  14. My sister got a Sealy Newfield model 508769 at costco 3 years ago and I like it and want to get the same…they don’t seem to have this type anymore…do you know if there is an equivalent…maybe under a new name? Cheers!

  15. Hi, can you tell me the differences between the Sealy Hybrid Performance 13-inch Queen and the Sealy Kelburn 2? I liked the Kelburn 2 in person but wasnt sure if Its similar enough to the Hybrid performance to just buy that one online.



  16. Question: Looking at Sealy Shore Drive Extra Firm offered by Macy’s. Looking for equivalents to price shop. Also any warnings for this model?

  17. Your opinion of the Premium West Salem Cushion Firm King by Sealy at Costco. They list 960 coils for all size in this style. would they be the same for a full and King size? We want a firm mattress. Will this fill the bill?

    • That’s the coil density, which is based on a queen size. It does not have the same number of coils in every size, because that would be ridiculous. They wouldn’t even fit.

      Costco has some good deals on Sealy. But you can’t really try them out before buying. But I think they have a pretty good return policy, so that mitigates the issue a bit.

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