Sweetnight Twilight

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Sweetnight Twilight Mattress Review

Materials: Foam and coils

Firmness: 7/10

Warranty: 10 years

Trial Period: 100 days

Price Range: $378-$598

The Mattress Nerd’s Take:

If you’re a back sleeper or stomach sleeper looking for a firm mattress that won’t break the bank, the Sweetnight Twilight hybrid mattress could be the choice for you. Though the Sweenight Twilight is by no means a luxury mattress (a King size comes in at just $498), it’s a great choice for a guest room, college dorm or transitional apartments. It also comes in a 10” and 12” thickness, so buyers can choose a width that works best for them.

Most back or side sleepers on a budget will appreciate the firmness of this hybrid mattress, and we found that most back sleepers and stomach sleepers felt properly supported with the Sweetnight. Though side sleepers and those who are looking for some extra plushness probably won’t be interested in this firm bed, breathable coils and a cooling gel memory foam top make this mattress cooler than some budget memory foam mattresses and the firmness of the design enhances motion isolation and edge support. Our mattress review, inspired by real-life testing, will tell you what you need to know about the Sweetnight Twilight. Let’s get started!

Who is the Sweetnight Twilight Mattress Best for?

Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  4 4 2
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 4 4 2
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  3 4 1

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Back Sleepers

Here at Mattress Nerd, we take mattress testing seriously: to learn a mattress’ support level and balance of pressure points for body type and sleeping position, members of our mattress team lay on a specialized pressure map. For back sleepers, our tests showed a top-notch balance of support and pressure relief throughout the entire body. The Sweetnight Twilight didn’t let the back sleeper’s hips or shoulders dip too much into the mattress, and there was plenty of support for even sharp joints like the ankles and shoulders.

However, no mattress is perfect for every type of sleeper. Heavier back sleepers may experience some unwanted pressure around the hips, particularly with the 10-inch mattress. If you’re a heavier sleeper set on a Sweetnight Twilight, we’d recommend considering the 12-inch version first.

Stomach Sleepers

When shopping for a mattress, stomach sleepers should be on the lookout for a bed that’s firm enough to keep their hips elevated. If a side sleeper spends a night in a mattress that’s too soft, their hips can dip into the bed and bend the spine out of its natural curvature. The result? Back pain and general discomfort.

Based on our mattress testing process, our team thinks stomach sleepers will get the support they need from this bed. There’s not a lot of cradling or soft contouring in this firm bed, and our mattress tester experienced some pressure on their chest as they pressed into the mattress, but overall it kept the hips elevated and weight distributed relatively evenly.

Side Sleepers

We’ll put it out there: after our experience testing and analyzing this mattress, we’ve decided it’s not the best for side sleepers. That’s not surprising, considering that the mattress is just too firm to cradle a side sleeper’s hips and shoulders for comfortable contouring. When a side sleeper’s body weight presses into a firm mattress, it can be painful on some of the body’s joints.

This bed is simply not ideal for side sleepers, especially side sleepers of average or plus size. If you’re a side sleeper in search of that perfect slumber, check out our top mattresses for side sleepers and stay on the lookout for plusher beds that give all of your joints some TLC.

Combination Sleepers

If you move from position to position throughout the night, congrats! You’re a combination sleeper. Combination sleepers are an interesting bunch: they can sleep in all positions or simply switch between two: for instance, sleeping on the stomach and the back.

If you’re a combination sleeper who spends any part of the night on your side, we suggest looking for a different mattress. The Sweetnight is great for supporting side and back sleepers, but it’s not ideal for those who need intense cradling around delicate joints like the shoulders, hips and even elbows and ankles. If you flip from your back to your side during the night, the coils and extra firmness of this hybrid bed will probably leave you feeling perfectly supported.

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Sweetnight Twilight Feel

How Does the Sweetnight Twilight Mattress Feel? 

Responsiveness, Bounce and Ease of Movement 

When the members of our mattress testing team pressed their hands into the mattress to test the responsiveness of the design (how quickly it bounces back after pressure is lifted) we found that all those layers of foam didn’t mean as much as we thought they would.

In fact, we could pretty easily tell there was a layer of springs in this mattress when we pressed down on it with one hand. But still, the mattress bounced back into its original position quickly and back and side sleepers shouldn’t feel those coils when they lie down and spread out on the bed.

Since this mattress is on the firmer side of the scale, our team found that it was easy to move around on it and switch from position to position. None of the mattress testers on our team felt like they were stuck in the mattress when they laid down on it. In other words, you should feel like you’re sleeping “on” this mattress rather than “in” it, and you shouldn’t feel bogged down by the materials.

How Firm is This Mattress?

Despite having a few layers of foam in the top section of the mattress, the Sweetnight Twilight is definitely on the firm side: we rate it a 7/10 on firmness. Even pressing a hand deep into the mattress’ layers takes a good bit of effort. This bed is certainly best for those who need a lot of stability as they sleep, or who crave a solid surface instead of a plush mattress that sinks down as you nestle into it. Because of the springs in the mattress, there’s some bounce when you sit down onto the mattress or fall back onto it.

Does It Sleep Hot? 

Though the Sweetnight Twilight has several layers of foam specifically designed for cooling and a bottom coil layer, which is more breathable than other mattress materials, we’re still not convinced this mattress gets an A+ for sleeping cool. Why? When our team touched the thick cotton cover of this mattress, we didn’t feel an immediate cooling sensation. Even with varying layers and materials, the cotton cover absorbs a lot of heat. If you’re looking for a mattress that wicks away heat and sweat, take a look at our best cooling mattresses page.

Is the Sweetnight Twilight Mattress Good For Couples? 

Can cover the “is it good for couples” question here. Have two people lay on the mattress and one person/dog move around. Can the other person feel them moving?

There are a few areas where the Sweetnight Twilight really shines through the competition, and motion isolation is one of them. If you’re not familiar with the term, “motion isolation” means that the mattress stifles movement so that you aren’t easily awoken by a partner shifting or a pet climbing into bed.

While a traditional soft spring mattress might not isolate motion as well, the Sweetnight’s combination of firmness and memory foam layers did the trick. When we tested the Sweetnight’s motion transfer in our mattress lab, we could see that a “co-sleeper” didn’t move at all while another sleeper moved and changed positions. Our “co-sleeper” couldn’t even tell when the other sleeper had gotten in and out of bed, either: a great sign for motion isolation.

How’s the Edge Support? 

After sitting and laying on the edge of this mattress to test its edge support, our verdict is in: the Sweetnight won’t make you feel like you’re going to slide off the mattress, even when you sleep at the very, very edge of it. The mattress maintained its shape with no compression even when we were laying on the edge. There was a little bit of compression when we sat directly on the very edge, – picture putting your shoes on in the morning while sitting on the edge of the bed – but there was no sensation of instability.

The Unboxing Experience

When we unboxed the compressed 10-inch thick Sweetnight Twilight and put it on a bed frame, it started to gain shape immediately. However, unlike some other bed-in-a-box mattresses we’ve tried, it took a few minutes for the Sweetnight Twilight to expand fully and reach its normal size.

One major plus for the Sweetnight Twilight mattress is that our mattress testing team didn’t experience any off-gassing when we opened up the box that held our rolled-up, vacuum-packed new mattress.

Off-gassing – a chemical smell that comes from foam – is never fun, although it usually dissipates in a day or so. However, there was no such wait with the Sweetnight! Our team felt like we could sleep on it the very night it was opened without smelling that “new car” mattress smell. Several customer reviews on Sweetnight’s website reported a small-free experience, as well.


Construction: What’s Under the Surface?

The Sweetnight Twilight’s hybrid design – which combines individually-wrapped steel coils and memory foam – contributes to the durability and comfort of this mattress. While it’s on the firmer side, that’s not necessarily a bad thing: that extra firmness can be great for supporting back sleepers and stomach sleepers who need extra spine-aligning support.

Layer #1: Gel-infused memory foam

Most mattresses have some sort of “comfort layer” on top to add a bit of extra plushness to the design. For the Sweetnight Twilight, the top layer of foam is a gel memory foam layer with a cooling gel infusion.

While plain old memory foam is known for sleeping hot, – and justifiably so! – the gel memory foam mattress top that graces the top of the Sweetnight Twilight is designed to cool the body and add a little extra comfort to a firm, stable mattress.

Layer #2: Ventilated Comfort Foam

The Sweenight Twilight’s layer of ventilated comfort foam is cut into an egg crate design to keep you cooler throughout the night. How does it work? With a traditional slab of foam that’s layered directly on top of the next layer, body heat tends to become trapped in the mattress. The egg crate design of this foam, on the other hand, is designed to allow for ventilation and airflow through the mattress. That way, you get some added comfort without waking up in a sweat.

Layer #3: Partition Design 3-Zone Foam 

On a mission to combine support with softness, the Sweetnight Twilight adds a layer of 3-zone airflow open-cell foam underneath the previous layer of foam. While the “open-cell” aspect of the foam adds a level of breathability, the material just isn’t soft enough to move the mattress out of the “firm” category. The foam in the Sweetnight Twilight is CertiPUR-US certified, hypoallergenic and made with anti-dustmite properties.

Layer #4: High-density Support Foam

The Sweetnight Twilight is no stranger to firmness and support, and this next layer of high-density foam fits both of those criteria. It rests right on top of the pocketed coil layer and is designed to serve as a comforting barrier between a sleeper’s back and the coils. Still, it’s dense and doesn’t contribute much to the mattress’ cooling or to softness.

Layer #5: Wrap Pocketed Steel Coils 

This final layer in the Sweetnight Twilight is a collection of individually-wrapped steel coils. Because airflow through mattress coils and innersprings is a bit easier than airflow through foam, the addition of the coils means the mattress should sleep a little cooler than an all-foam mattress might.

These coils also add to a feeling of firmness and support to the mattress: great for back sleepers. Coils also last longer than pure memory foam mattresses, making this addition an asset to the mattress’ durability and preventing sagging. Still, using coils in the construction of this mattress means it makes a bit of that signature “old-school” mattress noise when you jump onto it or lean back in it heavily.

How Much Does the Sweetnight Twilight Cost?

Mattress Size Price Dimensions Height Weight
10” Full $378 54” x 74” 10”  55 lbs.
10” Queen $428 60” x 80”  10”  86 lbs.
10” King $498 76” x 80”  10”  108.5 lbs.
12” Full $428 54” x 74” 12” 70.5 lbs.
12” Queen $498 60” x 80”  12” 88.5 lbs.
12” King $598 76” x 80”  12” 115 lbs.


Sweetnight Twilight Side View

How Do the Policies Measure Up? 

Sleep Trial, Warranty & Shipping

Though many bed-in-a-box brands sell their mattresses exclusively from their own websites,you can pick up the Sweetnight through Amazon.com, Wayfair.com and even Ebay.com in addition to the company’s own online shop.

Each Sweetnight mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. To ensure eligibility for the Sweetnight warranty, buyers should register their new mattress on the Sweetnight website. A 30-day sleep trial is also included with the mattress purchase, meaning that you can return the mattress within 30 days for a full refund if it’s not to your liking.

While the 10-year warranty is standard compared to the mattress industry, the 30-day trial might not be enough time to truly get warmed up to your new mattress. Most mainstream bed-in-a-box companies offer a longer trial period.


Check out our comparison tool to see how it stacks up.

Compare Mattresses

Comparing the Sweetnight Twilight Mattress


Sweetnight Twilight vs Sweetnight Sunkiss

Sweetnight Sunkiss

The Sweetnight Sunkiss is an-foam mattress made with a layer of gel-infused memory foam, ventilated foam and 3-zone open-cell support foam. It's available in two thicknesses – 10-inch and 12-inch – and it's sold at an affordable price.

The Sweetnight Sunkiss is an all-foam mattress available in two thickness levels: 10-inch and 12-inch. The mattress is flippable for two different firmness levels: around a 6.5 firmness level on the softer side and a 7.5 firmness level on the firm side. The gel-infused memory foam also provides cooling capabilities for hot sleepers.

Sweetnight Twilight vs Sweetnight Breeze

Sweetnight Breeze

This medium-firm all-foam mattress is designed with cooling in mind. It features a layer of gel-infused memory foam and ventilated comfort foam designed to help sleepers stay cool throughout the night. It's also affordable and great for back and side sleepers alike.

The Sweetnight Breeze combines comfort and support with a firmness level of 6 and a gel-infused memory foam layer. It’s also available in three thicknesses – 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch – for extra customization.

Sweetnight Twilight vs. Sweetnight Island

Sweetnight Island

The Sweetnight Island is a hybrid mattress that's great for those who like a supportive feel that's not rock-solid. At a 6.5 firmness level, it's supportive enough to encourage healthy spinal alignment, yet cradle the pressure points of side sleepers. This bed-in-a-box mattress is shipped right to your door for free. It's also available in a 10-inch or 12-inch thickness.

The Sweetnight Island is a hybrid mattress that combines gel-infused memory foam with individually-wrapped steel coils for extra stability and durability. The edge support and motion isolation of the Island is top-notch, and it’s compatible with a wide variety of bed bases.

See our full Sweetnight Island mattress review.

Sweetnight Twilight vs. Sweetnight Ocean Blue

Sweetnight Ocean Blue

The Sweenight Ocean Blue is one of three hybrid mattresses produced by Sweetnight. It's a bit less firm than the two other Sweetnight hybrids, – the Island and the Twilight – and it's a little bit thinner, at 8 inches thick. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-day sleep trial, so you can decide if it's right for you.

If you’re looking for a hybrid mattress that stays within the bounds of a strict budget, the Ocean Blue could be a great fit. It’s 8 inches thick and combines gel memory foam with individually-wrapped steel coils for a bouncy, responsive feel.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Two key words to sum up the Sweetnight Twilight? Firm and inexpensive. If you’re searching for a mattress firmness level that can support your back or stomach sleep style, this could definitely be the pick for you. If you spend any portion of the night on your side or need a bit of plushness in your mattress, we recommend choosing another option.

Still, college students and people in the middle of a life transition (moving to a new state, for instance) will appreciate the unbeatable price of the SweetNight, not to mention stellar marks in motion isolation and edge support.


What kind of frames can the Sweetnight Twilight be used on?

The Sweetnight Twilight can be used on a box spring base, an adjustable base, a flat platform, slatted bed base and even a hospital bed base.

How’s the customer service at Sweetnight?

The Sweetnight website advertises 24-hour customer service and has a chat box to contact to their customer service team, but our team here at Mattress Nerd hasn’t had lots of luck reaching them, even during normal business hours.

Can the Sweetnight Twilight support heavier sleepers?

The Sweetnight website says that all of its mattresses can support up to 551 lbs., but we recommend that plus-size sleepers check out mattresses specifically made for larger people. Out of the Sweetnight line, the thicker hybrod mattresses will be the best bet for larger people.