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Sweetnight Breeze Mattress Review

Materials: Foam

Firmness: Medium

Warranty: 10 years

Trial Period: 100 days

Price Range: $288- $698

The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The all-foam Sweetnight Breeze mattress is priced much lower than many other beds (a Queen size mattress starts at just under $400), but it’s still a quality bed that offers a decent amount of comfort and cooling for the price. The mattress is made with three layers of foam and includes heat dissipation capabilities that rival innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Side sleepers and most back sleepers will feel comfortable on Sweetnight’s 8-, 10- or 12-inch memory foam mattress, but those who are looking for a supportive and firm bed won’t find it in this ultra-soft number from Sweetnight.

Who is the Sweetnight Mattress Best for?

Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  4 3 4
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 4 2 5
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  3 2 3

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Back Sleepers

As far as mattress shopping goes, back sleepers are typically the easiest to please. They simply need a mattress firm enough to evenly distribute the weight from their back, so that they stay elevated on the mattress while experiencing pressure relief in areas like the hips and shoulders. This hypoallergenic and breathable Sweetnight mattress allows lightweight, average-weight and plus-size back sleepers to remain elevated and supported on the bed. This back support is largely thanks to the bed’s dense support foam. Of course, back sleepers vary on the specific firmness level they prefer, but spinal alignment is the most important factor in choosing a mattress that matches your sleep type. 

Stomach Sleepers

Because the hips are one of the heaviest parts of the human body, it’s important for stomach sleepers to find a mattress that’s dense enough to keep the hips elevated. The Sweetnight Breeze isn’t quite firm enough to keep the hips of stomach sleepers raised, meaning that stomach sleepers who try the Breeze might find their back aching from spinal misalignment as their hips dip into the bed. When a lightweight stomach sleeper tested the Sweetnight Breeze in our sleep lab, her hips dipped so much into the bed that she said, “It feels like I’m doing a backbend.” If smaller hips aren’t properly supported, it’s safe to say that average-weight and plus-size stomach sleepers won’t be too happy on it, either. 

Side Sleepers

Picture a side sleeper on a too-firm mattress that doesn’t allow their hips to sink into the bed: They’ll experience an unnaturally curved spine (and an unpleasant night’s sleep) instead of proper alignment. The Sweetnight Breeze cradles pressure points for a comfortable sleep among side sleepers who have a variety of body weights. The comfort foam in the Breeze should allow most side sleepers to feel the correct amount of hip sinkage to ensure proper spinal alignment. Lightweight and average-weight side sleepers looking for a new mattress should take a close look at all height options of the Sweetnight Breeze. Still, plus-size side sleepers might find better support in the Sweetnight 10” or 12” version instead of the thinner 8” version. 

Combination Sleepers

Since the Sweetnight Breeze mattress is so soft and luxurious-feeling, some people might find it difficult to move around on this bed. Combination sleepers––those who switch between several different sleep positions during the night––might feel bogged down by the Sweetnight Breeze’s plush and sinking feeling. While it’s not ideal for ease of movement, we think this bed will allow lightweight, average-weight and plus-size combination sleepers to find adequate spinal alignment as long as they don’t spend much of the night on their stomachs. Combination sleepers who constantly switch from their back to their side can enjoy proper spinal alignment on the Sweetnight Breeze and possibly avoid chronic back pain caused by an inappropriate mattress.

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How Does the Sweetnight Mattress Feel? 

Responsiveness, Bounce and Ease of Movement 

If you’re looking for a true memory foam feel with a sinking sensation, the Sweetnight Breeze fits the bill. When our team lay on the bed in our studio, the words “Play-Doh” and “quicksand” were tossed around because of how soft and squishy the bed felt. The downside of all this plushness? It takes some effort to move around in the bed, so you’ll definitely sleep like you’re “in” the mattress rather than “on” the mattress. This difficulty of movement isn’t too much of a roadblock for folks who (literally) sleep like a rock and don’t change positions at all. But for combination sleepers, it might be difficult to flip over into another position on the Sweetnight Breeze. While it’s not bouncy or particularly easy to maneuver, the bed offers a cozy hugging sensation that could be perfect for some sleepers.

How Firm Is This Mattress?

The Sweetnight Breeze, according to the Sweetnight brand, is “the softest in our inventory.” It’s not the absolute softest bed that our mattress-testing team has experienced, but it’s certainly a cushiony mattress that cradles the body. If you’re a side sleeper who has ever felt your joints “jam” or ache from a too-firm mattress, the Sweetnight Breeze could help add more softness to your slumber. It’s not the best for heavyweight sleepers who spend time on their back or stomach (actually, the bed isn’t phenomenal for any stomach sleepers), but it’ll be a great fit for side sleepers who need pressure relief on their sensitive joints. Though the top layers of the bed are soft, the firmest bottom layer will also offer enough support for most back sleepers.

Does It Sleep Hot? 

Though the Sweetnight is a memory foam mattress, it has made great strides to overcome the presupposition that all-foam mattresses “sleep hot.” The first memory foam layer in the construction (the foam closest to the body when you lie down on the bed) is infused with cooling gel for temperature regulation and breathability. According to the brand, the body heat absorbed by the first layer of gel gets pushed down to the second Air-flow Comfort foam layer, where it is dissipated. What’s more, when members of our team put their hands on this gel memory foam mattress, it felt cool to the touch. As far as all-foam beds go, the Sweetnight Breeze helps consumers sleep cool.

Is the Sweetnight Mattress Good For Couples? 

If you’re a light sleeper who shares the bed with a pet or partner, you know the importance of a bed with top-notch motion isolation capabilities. After all, it’s no fun to feel a partner’s motion transfer from their side of the bed to your side. Because of the layers of foam in the Sweetnight Breeze––including high-density support foam and a gel memory foam layer––we expected the motion transfer in this mattress to be minimal. Instead, our sleeper felt a lot of movement transfer over to her side of the bed during our motion transfer test. Because the Sweetnight Breeze is more of a medium than a medium-firm mattress, we think the extra movement comes from the exaggerated effort it takes to move the body and change positions atop this bed. For more recommendations, check out our Best Mattresses for Couples.

How’s the Edge Support? 

At Mattress Nerd, our philosophy on edge support—the strength of a bed around its perimeter— is that it’s most important for those with mobility issues and individuals who like to sit at the edge of their bed in to tie their shoes. Still, it’s never fun to feel a mattress cave from pressure along its edge, and that’s exactly what our team found with the Sweetnight Breeze. The edge collapses directly onto the bed frame when you sit on it, meaning you’ll feel the wood or metal of the bed frame digging into your legs when you sit directly on the corner or edge. But still, the edge of the bed allows for enough weight distribution to feel properly supported when you’re lying along it. You shouldn’t worry about falling off the bed by getting too close to the side.

Construction: What’s Under the Surface?

The Sweetnight Breeze is a relatively soft mattress that’s great for pressure relief in side sleepers. The dense foam in the bottom layer offers enough support to ensure spinal alignment for most back sleepers, but the soft top layer and all-foam construction won’t facilitate proper alignment among stomach sleepers. Still, the CertiPUR-US certified foam in the Sweetnight Breeze is made without harmful substances. The bed’s construction offers a cozy, ensconcing sensation rather than a firm feel

Layer #1: Rayon Cotton Cover: The mattress cover on the Sweetnight Breeze is made with cotton and rayon, and the brand reports it is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. We felt that the cotton cover was cool to the touch when we laid our hands on it in the studio, which is a promising sign for those who sleep hot and need cooling relief. 

Layer #2: Gel-Infused Memory Foam: The cool gel infused into the top layer of the Sweetnight Breeze continues the bed’s temperature-control prowess below the cover. According to the brand, body heat from a sleeper moves down into this top layer and away from the body. 

Layer #3: Air-flow Comfort Foam: Like the rest of the Sweetnight line, the foam used in the Breeze is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it is free from heavy metals like mercury and lead. Sweetnight says body heat that is trapped in the gel-infused memory foam will dissipate through the Air-flow comfort foam layer. 

Layer #4: High Density Foam: Like most all-foam bed-ina-box mattresses, the Sweetnight Breeze uses a dense, thick foam in the base of the bed to add an extra layer of firmness and height. The high-density foam used in the Sweetnight’s bottom layer supports sleeping positions like side and back sleepers. It also helps prevent the mattress from sagging after prolonged use and, according to the company, provides “edge-to-edge support.” Still, we found the edge support in the Sweetnight Breeze to be a bit underwhelming.

How Much Does the Sweetnight Breeze Cost?

Mattress Size Price Dimensions Height Weight
8” Twin $288 39” x 74”  8” 32.67 lbs.
8” Full $358 54” x 74” 8”  45.43 lbs.
10” Full $438 54” x 74” 10”  55 lbs. 
12” Full  $488 54” x 74” 12”  70.4 lbs.
8” Queen $398 60” x 80”  8”  52.69 lbs.
10” Queen  $478 60” x 80”  10”  62.92 lbs.
12” Queen $568 60” x 80”  12” 81.4 lbs. 
10” King $588 76” x 80”  10”  110 lbs. 
12” King $698 76” x 80”  12” 97.9 lbs.


How Do the Policies Measure Up? 

Shipping & Unboxing

Sweetnight mattresses are shipped as bed-ina-box mattresses for free via FedEx standard shipping within two to six days. Still, the brand outlines several stipulations. “Remote region” shipping might necessitate an extra shipping cost, and the brand doesn’t send beds to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

You’ll be charged up to $40 for any changes to the shipping address while the bed is being shipped, but you’ll receive a tracking number to keep an eye on your package as it journeys to its final destination. 

As for the unboxing experience, we experienced a slight off-gassing smell that reminded us of fresh paint. Still, it didn’t last for long. If you’re sensitive to chemical-like smells, it’s always a good idea to open the bed in a well-ventilated area with a ceiling fan running.


After reading the terms of Sweetnight’s warranty, we’ve determined that the Sweetnight Breeze warranty coverage is comparable to the rest of the industry. Like many other brands, the warranty lasts for 10 years and covers issues in materials and workmanship. Body indentations in the mattress greater than 1.5” are also covered, and foam cracking is also enough to merit a replacement or repair at the company’s discretion. 

Per usual with mattress warranties, know that the warranty coverage is void if the mattress changes hands from the original owner. Softening of the mattress over time isn’t covered under the warranty, and neither are personal opinions about the bed’s comfort level.

Trial Period & Returns

Sweetnight offers a 100-day sleep trial that allows customers to try out the bed and receive a full refund if they decide to return it. While some other mattress brands require a mandatory “break-in period” before the mattress can be returned, we found no such break-in requirement for the Sweetnight Breeze

The company asks that customers looking for a return contact their customer service representatives, who can be reached by phone, email or online chat. You’ll also need to hang onto your proof of purchase for returns and let the company know why you’re sending back the mattress.

If you like Sweetnight but are not sure this is the mattress for you, check out our Sweetnight Twilight Mattress Review. 


Check out our comparison tool to see how it stacks up.

Compare Mattresses

Comparing the Sweetnight Breeze Mattress

Sweetnight Breeze Mattress vs. Bear Original Mattress

The flagship Bear mattress is more expensive than the Breeze and is designed specifically for cooling and pressure relief. Like the top layer of the Breeze, the Bear’s top layer of memory foam is infused with gel for cooling. The Celliant cover that encases the Bear’s four layers of foam allegedly improves recovery among athletes and active individuals, but the bed really shines when it comes to cooling the body. 

What would shoppers receive if they drop the extra cash on the Bear original mattress? An extra layer of foam compared to the Breeze’s three-layer construction, graphite-infused material to help with cooling, and a bit more bounce when you fall back onto the bed. Still, both beds offer a 100-day sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

The Original Bear Mattress

Designed for people with active lifestyles, the Original Bear mattress is Bear’s flagship model. It features foams that work well for sleepers of all positions and sizes. The bed's standout cover includes Celliant, which converts body heat into infrared energy to promote muscle recovery.
bear mattress

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Sweetnight Breeze Mattress vs. Casper Original Mattress

Of the selection of mattresses we compare the Sweetnight Breeze to in this article, the Casper most matches the Breeze’s soft and plush sleep surface. Still, the Casper original is more responsive than the Breeze and better for sleeper types who need support, such as lightweight to average-weight stomach sleepers. The foam layers of the Breeze probably won’t drum up enough support to keep stomach sleepers happy. 

One difference between the Breeze and the flagship Casper is the pricing of the two mattresses. Without sales, the Casper mattress is more expensive, ranging from $595 to $1,295 depending on the size you select. Though the details of the 100-day return policy and 10-year warranty are similar between the two beds, we’re big fans of Casper’s versatility, and we think it’s a great investment if you have a bit more cash to spare. 

Casper Original

The original mattress that made the brand famous, the Casper is known for its design that suits all sleep positions. Casper's Zoned Support feature is engineered to support the hips, shoulders and back to keep the spine aligned. At an affordable price point, too, this mattress is hard to beat.
Casper Original Mattress

Check out our full Casper Original Mattress Review to learn more. 

Sweetnight Breeze Mattress vs. Sam’s Club Tuft & Needle Mattress

While the Sweetnight Breeze and the Tuft & Needle x Sam’s Club mattress are built with similar materials and are each priced at the lower end of the spectrum, the Sam’s Club x Tuft & Needle is much more firm and supportive than the soft Sweetnight Breeze. When our team tried it out in the sleep lab, the Sam’s Club x T&N got mixed reviews mostly because of differences in opinion regarding mattress firmness: Some people loved the ultra-dense feel of the T&N’s foam, while others thought it put too much pressure on joints like the hips and shoulders. 

Like the Sweetnight Breeze, the Sam’s Club x T&N comes with a 10-year warranty policy and is made of foam covered by a woven cover. These beds are both good choices for guest rooms, college apartments and kids, but we recommend the Sweetnight if you’re specifically in search of a cooling mattress. The Sam’s Club x Tuft & Needle doesn’t include active cooling measures like the Breeze’s gel infusion.

Tuft & Needle x Sam's Club

The Sam's Club x Tuft & Needle mattress is a lower-cost alternative to Tuft & Needle's popular bed-in-a-box mattress. This bed made in partnership with Sam's Club comes with Tuft & Needle's proprietary Adaptive foam, which is more reactive and firmer than traditional memory foam.
Tuft & Needle x Sam’s Club Mattress

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Sweetnight Mattress FAQs

Does the Sweetnight Breeze emit an off-gassing odor? 

Yes, our team noticed a faint paint-like smell when we opened the mattress from its box. Several other online commenters on Sweetnight’s website noticed the same scent, which is quite common in all-foam mattresses that are vacuum-packed and shipped. We found that the smell dissipated quite quickly, but if you are sensitive to smells, it might help to keep the mattress in a well-ventilated room with the fan on. 

How is Sweetnight’s customer service? 

Our team visits Sweetnight’s website often as we write reviews and work to get answers for our online audience. And often, we see that the chat function is “offline.” When we’ve gotten through to Sweetnight representatives, we haven’t gotten quick answers. Still, the brand’s high-value, low-cost line of mattresses might just make up for less-than-attentive responses. 

Does Sweetnight sell products other than mattresses? 

Yes, the brand offers several pillows and a recently released mattress protector made with bamboo fiber and polyester.  

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for an inexpensive all-foam mattress that works actively to cool the body throughout the night, the Sweetnight could be your answer. Though the brand says that the Breeze mattress is great for all sleeping positions, our testing proved otherwise. We found that the Breeze is a quality mattress for side sleepers and back sleepers, but the construction ultimately isn’t supportive enough for stomach sleepers. Our team also has concerns about the bed’s responsiveness. It’s not bouncy or responsive enough to allow for easy position changes, but this characteristic could prove advantageous for those who like to feel cradled and enveloped in their bed.