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Breaking Down the WinkBeds Mattress Warranty

Understand what the WinkBeds warranty covers, what it doesn’t, and how it stacks up to competitors’ policies.

By Natalie Yerger

Established in 2016, WinkBeds is a USA-based online mattress and bedding manufacturer that currently offers three luxury mattresses: the WinkBed, the EcoCloud and the MemoryLux. The WinkBed is a hybrid mattress that comes in four different firmness settings, the EcoCloud is an eco-friendly latex hybrid with a medium-firm setting, and the MemoryLux is a luxury memory foam mattress with three different firmness options and zoned innerspring pocketed coils

WinkBeds prides itself on manufacturing handmade, high-quality mattresses with American-sourced materials. They have a factory in Wisconsin, as well as several brick-and-mortar showrooms in New York, Austin and other major cities. We’ve written thorough mattress reviews for several of their beds, including the WinkBed original and the WinkBed Plus, to help you decide if a WinkBeds product is the best mattress for your home.

If you’ve been narrowing down your mattress choices and are considering a WinkBeds mattress, you’re probably curious about the brand’s policies and warranty coverage. In this article, we break down how long the WinkBeds warranty lasts, what it covers and for how long, what it doesn’t cover, and how it stacks up to other luxury mattress warranties in the industry.

WinkBeds Mattress Warranty Overview

WinkBeds offers a non-prorated, limited Lifetime warranty for all three of its mattresses. This is much longer than the industry standard coverage period of 10 years. However, the warranty is limited to one mattress replacement per mattress purchased, so if your first WinkBeds delivery is defective and your replacement mattress also has a problem, the second mattress replacement is not protected by a WinkBeds warranty.

How Long Does WinkBeds Warranty Period Last?

It’s important to read the fine print of Lifetime warranty policies, as many mattress brands only offer substantial protection for the first 10 or 20 years of ownership. WinkBeds’ warranty is non-prorated, which means that WinkBeds will cover the full cost for replacement and repairs if your foam or hybrid mattress is found defective at any point after it’s purchased.

This is a better offer than bedding companies that advertise prorated Lifetime warranties. Prorated warranties sometimes require customers to cover up to 50% of the costs associated with repairs and replacements after as little as five years. These types of warranties are effectively not much better than standard 10-year limited warranties, but WinkBeds stands out by providing completely non-prorated coverage for the entire lifespan of the mattress.

What is Covered by the WinkBeds Warranty?

Visible Indentations Measuring 1.5” or Deeper

WinkBeds will replace mattresses that have a visible indentation greater than 1.5 inches, as long as that indentation or sag isn’t because of the use of an improper foundation or base. Many warranty policies will replace a mattress if the indentation is 1” deep, but WinkBeds requires the indentation to be half an inch deeper before the company takes action.  

Physical Flaws in the Mattress that Cause Cracking or Deterioration

If the foam or springs show evidence of degradation, splitting or cracking due to a manufacturing defect, WinkBeds will replace or repair the mattress for free. WinkBeds does not explicitly define what it considers “physical flaws,” which may leave you to do some haggling with the company’s customer service team if you end up needing a replacement.

What the WinkBeds Warranty Does Not Cover

Sagging Around the Edges

All three WinkBeds mattresses have better edge support than most all-foam beds, meaning that you can sit or lie along the edge of the bed without feeling unstable. Still, customers who aren’t satisfied with the level of support around the perimeter cannot request a repair or replacement. Firmer beds and innerspring mattresses are likely to have better edge support due to the dense foams and coil layers used in the support layers, but WinkBeds will not cover mattress repairs and replacements associated with purchasing the wrong firmness level.

Body Impressions Measuring Less than 1.5” Deep

Sometimes body impressions form in the top layers of mattresses over time, especially if the comfort layers contain memory foam. The WinkBeds warranty does not cover body impressions created from lying on the bed. For example, if you’ve been a side sleeper for five years and notice an indentation in the mattress that’s less than 1.5” deep where your hips dip into the foam, WinkBeds will not repair or replace your mattress. 

Physical Damage from Burns, Cuts or Stains

Whether you accidentally spill your morning coffee on the mattress or your child gets creative and uses scissors near your bedding, the WinkBeds warranty does not cover accidents. Damages incurred while unpacking WinkBeds mattresses, which are shipped as a bed-in-a-box, are not covered. Bottom line? Be careful when you use a knife to open your WinkBeds box. Be sure not to accidentally cut through the quilted Tencel cover or Euro-pillow top, because WinkBeds will not replace or repair the mattress. White Glove Delivery is available for customers who want to avoid these risks.

Secondhand Mattresses

WinkBeds’ warranty only applies to the original purchaser of a new mattress. If you purchased your WinkBed mattress from a friend, or “as-is” or “reconditioned” from a third-party retailer like Amazon, the warranty is not valid. As a general rule, we don’t recommend purchasing a secondhand mattress. They sometimes have issues with the foam layers and micro-coils, which may cause lower back pain and a poor night’s sleep.

Comfort or Performance Preferences

An individual’s mattress preferences often come down to their primary sleeping position and body type. For example, stomach sleepers and back sleepers usually need firmer mattresses, while side sleepers enjoy pillow tops, softer foam mattresses and plush beds for pressure point relief at the hips and shoulders. The WinkBeds warranty does not protect customers against dissatisfaction with their mattress’s firmness scale level or other performance qualities, such as motion transfer, pressure relief, off-gassing or contouring. If you order a luxury firm mattress and find it too hard for you, you can return it within the WinkBeds sleep trial period for a full refund.

Sizing Issues

If you purchased a Twin XL WinkBeds mattress for your child’s bedroom only to realize they need a Full- or Queen-size mattress instead, WinkBeds does not cover exchanges outside of the trial period. If the mattress you purchased doesn’t fit your existing bed frame, you must initiate a return or exchange within the WinkBeds 120-night sleep trial period.

How Does the WinkBeds Warranty Measure Up?

The WinkBeds warranty stands out from other mattress companies’ warranties for a few reasons. First, it’s non-prorated and the coverage extends for the lifetime of the product. Whether you discover a defect on day one or after 10 years of sleeping on the bed, WinkBeds will repair or replace the mattress if your claim is found valid. Second, according to the return policy, customers are responsible for the shipping costs associated with returning the mattress for a repair or replacement, but the brand will assume all transportation costs associated with returning and replacing your mattress if a defect exists.

Overall, this warranty is on par with other luxury mattress company warranties. The only downside of this warranty is that, in order to receive coverage for a mattress indentation, the dip must reach 1.5 inches in depth. Many other mattress companies cover indentations as shallow as 1 inch or even smaller. WinkBeds does not explain its reasoning for requiring impressions and indentations to be deeper than average in its warranty policy, but we wouldn’t let that extra half inch keep you from choosing this high-value mattress.

Factors That Would Void the WinkBeds Warranty

  • Mattress is placed on a soft, unsupportive surface with no center support leg(s)
  • Any violation of instructions provided by WinkBeds, from unboxing the mattress incorrectly to not placing it safely on a frame
  • Sale or ownership relinquishment to a subsequent owner
  • Purchase from a non-authorized retailer
  • No proof of original purchase

Filing A Warranty Claim with WinkBeds

Making a warranty claim with WinkBeds is straightforward. You can reach out to them by phone or email to start the return process.

Call: 1-855-WINKBED

Go Online: Email

What You’ll Need: WinkBeds’ customer service team will likely request a verbal or written description of the defect or damages in question, photographic evidence of the defect or damages, your name and personal identification, and your original purchase receipt.

Caring For Your WinkBeds Mattress 

WinkBeds mattresses are expected to last seven to 10 years on average, which is on par with other mattresses in the luxury category. These tips will ensure your mattress lasts as long as possible:

  • Vacuum your mattress regularly. Dust and dander can build up, so use the upholstery attachment to clean the mattress once or twice each month.
  • Use a mattress protector or protective pad to keep your mattress free from stains, spills and moisture.
  • Rotate your WinkBeds mattress regularly—up to once per month—to ensure even wear across its surface.

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