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Beautyrest Recharge 2016 Mattress Comparison Chart

By The Mattress Nerd

As you may have noticed, it’s difficult to comparison shop for mattresses between retailers because they often have different names for what seems to be the same exact mattress. Or, the retailer will claim their mattress is an exclusive, or their model has some feature that nobody else has that makes it different. How then will you take advantage of the price match guarantees that so many places offer? We’re here to help!

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ATTENTION: This chart may be out of date and many of these models have been discontinued.  Please visit our updated comparison charts here.

The answer is you have to look at the specs of the mattress and compare layer by layer to show it’s the same mattress. But this can be very confusing for a customer (as if buying a mattress wasn’t confusing enough already). So, here I have done the work for you.

Here is a comparison chart for the 2016 Simmons Beautyrest Recharge collection. You can use this chart to cross-reference what you saw in a store with online models or models at other retailers. From there you can either go back into the store to see if they’ll price match, or just buy online. (If you’re looking for the 2017 models, click here).

There are 3 levels of Beautyrest. The classic models, the world class, and the hybrid. There are also other ones out there, like the Beautyrest Black models, but they tend to be sold the same price everywhere and often have the same name everywhere, so I didn’t bother making a chart for them. (The World Class models are being replaced by the Platinum models. They’re very similar, just different branding).  Have you considered an online brand?  Here are some of our favorites, or if you’d prefer scroll down to view the comparison chart.

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To use this chart, just look for the name of the mattress you saw, and then look horizontally across the chart to see what the equivalent model is elsewhere. You can also use the search function in the chart.

LineupUS MattressMattress FirmSears
ClassicAdda plushAshaway Plush-
Kenosha Place Firm-Grady Firm
Kenosha Place Luxury FirmHartfield Luxury FirmKeeler Luxury Firm
Kenosha Place Plush-Keeler Plush
Kenosha Place Luxury Firm Pillowtop-Madelyn Luxury Firm Pillowtop
Kenosha Place Plush Pillowtop-Madelyn Plush Pillowtop
UltraLydia Manor Extra Firm-St. Caroline Extra Firm
Lydia Manor Luxury Firm-St. Caroline Luxury Firm
Lydia Manor PlushVinings PlushSt. Caroline Plush
Lydia Manor Luxury Firm PIllowtopSelect Bay Spring 14" PillowtopSt. Martin Luxury Firm Pillowtop
Lydia Manor Plush Pillowtop-St. Martin Plush Pillowtop
Monument Valley Luxury Firm Pillowtop--
Monument Valley Plush Pillowtop--
World ClassPhillipsburg Extra Firm--
Phillipsburg Luxury Firm--
Phillipsburg PlushResonance 13.5" Plush -
Phillipsburg Luxury Firm Pillowtop--
Phillipsburg Plush PillowtopProvidence 14.5" Plush Pillowtop-
Rosamund Ultra FirmBridgewater 13" Firm -
Tillingham Luxury Firm--
Tillingham Plush--
Tillingham Luxury Firm Pillowtop--
Tillingham Plush Pillowtop--

A few notes about the chart:

  • The World Class models are being phased out and replaced with Beautyrest Platinum models. The comparisons for World Class models will be a little spotty until that switch is complete.
  • Sometimes the models won’t be an exact match. A retailer might put some kind of small exclusive feature in the mattress to make it different, but this generally doesn’t change how the mattress feels
  • When comparing prices, make sure you’re comparing the correct size and boxspring option.
  • This chart does not have the Beautyrest Black models, because they tend to be sold under the same name and same price everywhere.
  • If comparison shopping is too much of a hassle, check out Tomorrow Sleep. It’s made by the same company that makes Beautyrest, but it’s a direct-to-consumer model and it has a free return policy. Here is my Tomorrow Sleep review.

Beautyrest Recharge 2016 Review

Don’t rely too heavily on these 2016 comparison charts for actual purchase guidance. Many models have been discontinued. But do use these Beautyrest Recharge mattress descriptions to compare to the 2017 and 2018 offerings from the same national company. It will help you sort out what you might find in stores or online and it will help you understand why prices are higher now than back in 2016.

To start, know that the 2016 Simmons Beautyrest Recharge options known as World Class models have been repurposed as the Platinum line in 2017 and 2018. But we’re talking 2016 and, in 2016, Beautyrest offered three lines — Classic, World Class and Hybrids. They were the most economical Beautyrest options when they debuted.

All of them came in firm, plush and luxury firm. The Classic started with about 800 pocket coils; the World Class had fro 850 to 2000 and the Hybrids were from 1000 to 3000. All of them could be combined with a pillow top if that’s what you wanted.

Each step up in category from Classic to World Class and from World Class to the Hybrids, you would get an upgrade in materials, like more coils and the addition of cooling memory foam starting with the World Class category. Obviously, the hybrids included both coils and foam, giving the customer the best of both worlds. More specifically, the coils gave support and the foam increased the ability of the mattress to curl around any potential pressure points.

Remember if you’re shopping at both Mattress Firm and Sears to get the best price, that each retailer may have modified the mattress slightly to create a model exclusive to their store. (That also explains why the Beautyrest mattresses go by so many different names depending on the retailer.) Usually the changes are cosmetic or so small they change how the mattress feels.

While the multiple names and permutations of any mattress line were what spawned the online mattress revolution, if you’re a person who needs all the fuss and options, Beautyrest has long been able to deliver that.

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  1. hi — im trying to find a beautyrest recharge platinum collection wind point luxury firm mattress — no luck. has this model, wind point, been discontinued? if so, what has taken its place — thanks … dave

  2. I am looking for the Beautyrest Recharge Madelyn Mattress full size a friend purchased this mattress in 2016. Is this mattress still available for purchase and where? If not available what mattress is equivalent to the Beautyrest Recharge Madelyn Mattress .

  3. Greetings, I’m looking to purchase a Beautyrest Legend Bradford PTPL mattress. I wish to purchase it online from the Military Exchange. The exchange mattresses have different names. Can you help me cross reference?

    Thank you
    Mike Rose

  4. Do you know what the equivalent mattress to the Beautyrest recharge signature select is
    in canada ?
    We slept on this mattress while visiting relative in California in nov. 2017 and they had just purchased this mattress at Mattress Firm .
    We loved it , buy cannot find the mattress in nova scotia canada. There is a beautyrest charge jasper at The Bay.

  5. Hi, I am looking at the beauty rest phillipsburg plush pillow top but all I can find is the phillipsburg ll. Plush pillow top. I assume it’s just a newer version but can’t find anything explaining the difference. Do you know???
    Love your comparison charts, have used many times. Thank you

  6. Looking for the same mattress I purchased in 2011 the tag says HMB VFPT BRWC Woodbury Plush Innerspring. Any thoughts on what that will be called now?

    • Thanks for writing. That’s a Beautyrest World Class (BRWC), PT means Pillowtop, but I’m not sure what “VF” stands for. I assume “F” stands for “Firm.”

      So the most similar on this 2016 comparison chart would be the Phillipsburg Luxury Firm Pillowtop. Note it won’t be an exact match, since the one you purchased before is 5 years older than this model.

      The newest model is on my 2017 comparison chart, it’s the same as the Gabriella Luxury Firm Pillowtop and ones in that row.

  7. My wife slept on a Beauty rest recharge ultra collection danika plush while visiting a friend this summer. She said it was the best mattress she had ever slept on. We need a new mattress for ourselves now and I can’t fine this mattress. Have they changed the name ? HELP

  8. Hi,
    I stayed at a Best Western Plus in Montreal, and slept on a “Simmons Beautyrest Monarch Recharge with Pillowtop.” I copied this down exactly from the tag on the mattress, and the tag didn’t say if it was plush or firm. Do you know the name of an equivalent mattress?

    Thank you!

  9. What is the Macy’s (or other retailer) equivalent product to Sears’ Beautyrest Recharge Queen Pillowtop Plush. No longer available at Sears. Bought one there in 2014 and would like to get the same model now but can’t find it).

  10. Hi,
    Very helpful site!
    We’ve been house sitting at a friends’ condo and my wife loves the Beautyrest Vanderbilt Collection Recharge Wold Class Teagan Luxury Firm mattress, which they say they bought at Macy’s a few years ago. We have searched for this model online with no success. Can you help us find an equivalent? We’re about to move into a new house, and we trashed our old mattress. We have a CalKing headboard.

    • The closest model is now the Keaton at Macy’s. It’s also similar to the other World Class or Platinum luxury firm models at other stores.

  11. I looked at a few of the websites you recommend here for no risk online shopping and several look like they may only carry one mattress and they are all foam. What is the difference in product feel and durability between 100% foam and the hybrids that have coils and a few inches of foam on top? Are these companies only selling foam in one style because it is an efficient business model or is there something different about foam that makes it the wave of the future?

  12. Thank you for your comparison chart for the 2016 beautyrest recharge line.
    My wife liked both the World Class Resonance Plush and the Select Bay Spring Luxury Firm Pillowtop when she tried them in a store.
    Thanks to your chart we found them cheaper at under different names.
    I sleep in different positions and my wife is a side sleeper. Which is the better mattress for side sleeping? Also, is the pillowtop less durable in terms of long term comfort?

    Phillipsburg Plush – Keaton Plush Tight Top Resonance 13.5″ Plush

    Lydia Manor Luxury Firm PIllowtop St. Martin Luxury Firm Pillowtop Santa Rosa Firm Pillowtop Select Bay Spring 14″ Pillowtop

  13. We were able to get the desperate sales guy down to 2,000 with tax and delivery for the Beautyrest Bradford legend which is from what I’m hearing a steal for the San Francisco bay area, but I’m concerned that I dont see any information confirming its juts as good as the Katarina Black which we got quoted at 2,500. I now we are getting an amazing deal for this mattress but is it really as good as the black?

    • They’re roughly similar in quality. They use different materials, but it’s hard to say one is clearly better than the other.

  14. hello there…
    we purchased the Beautyrest World Class Recharge Bridgewater Firm mattress (queen size) about a week ago. within 3 days the top of the mattress appears to be dipping about 1″ or so in the areas where we sleep. is it normal for a memory foam mattress to “remember” where you sleep or should it be rebounding to the original flat condition after we get out of bed? thanks in advance!

    • It’s not unheard of for a mattress to have body impressions after a week, but an inch is a bit extreme. It’s usually more like a half inch.

      However, the threshold for a warranty claim is an inch and a half, so I don’t know whether they’ll do anything about it.

  15. Hello,
    Is [2017NEW]Simmons Beautyrest Silver Summer Sizzle Plush Pillow Top = Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Silver Summer Sizzle Plush Pillowtop = CHARCOAL COAST PLUSH PILLOW TOP ?
    Is [2017NEW]Simmons Beautyrest Silver Night Sky SPT Plush Pillow Top = Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Silver Night Sky Plush Pillowtop Twin Mattress = OPEN SEAS PLUSH PILLOW TOP ?

  16. Went back to Jordan’s to try the latex Asana and we weren’t too excited about it- possibly not soft enough. The salesman steered us to the Beautyrest Desiree Black Plush which felt very nice in the store. We had returned the Mariela Plush Black because it was too firm and the Desiree felt better but when I checked USMattress for their comfort rating for these two I was surprised that the Mariela Plush was a 5 and the Desiree Plush was a 5.5. I’m scared that the Desiree Plush will also be way too firm for me.
    We still have the Stearns and Foster GS South Manor Plush Pillowtop and I can sleep on my side with no pain, but if I sleep on my back I get some lower back pain and forget about sleeping on my stomach. So for the long haul, I think this mattress is too soft (rated an 8 on US Mattress).
    When we tested the Beautyrest Legend Plush at Mattressfirm, it felt good, but there’s no way to compare that on the Comfort scale rating so I’m not sure how it compares to the Desiree Plush or the S&F we currently have. What do you think of the Legend Plush vs the Desiree Plush? Both really expensive and we don’t want to make another mistake. Willing to pay these prices for comfort and sleep!

  17. Also going to try the Pranasleep Asana Plush 6.2. Any opinions on this latex mattress? We had tried it before and it seemed comfortable in the store but we were unsure about latex mattresses so bought a conventional innerspring instead, but that has not worked out so well for us so far.

  18. Hi- so happy to find this site! I need help! My husband and I purchased the Beautyrest Black Mariela Plush Queen mattress and found it way too firm- I am a side sleeper and it gave me terrible pain. We returned it and then purchased the Stearns and Foster GS Exclusive South Manor Plush Pillowtop which is much softer but after 1 week formed an indentation on my side that is at least 1/2″ and is noticeable. The edge on my side is a little higher so if you move your hand across it’s not flat. I have been sleeping on my husband’s side of the bed now which is much better but he is also bothered by the indentation. It’s only been 3 weeks so we are in the trial stage but now I’m scared to try another mattress. This one is soft but I’m scared that pillowtops will form these indentations which I can’t sleep with. I also very occasionally roll onto my stomach and this seems to give me a backache in this position but my main sleeping position is side and my husband’s is side and back and a little on stomach.
    We went to Mattressfirm today and tried the Stearns and Foster GS Exclusive River Place Plush but think it might be too firm. Then we tried the Beautyrest Legends Plush which seemed nice but I have read a lot of negative things online about this mattress. We were told that Mattressfirm just started selling it again in the past few weeks (used to be sold by Sleepys).
    The salesman said we will have to pay $149 to trade in our current one to either get a replacement of the same one and hope this one works or try a new mattress but whichever one we choose, we have to keep at that point. I’m disappointed that they are charging us even though this mattress has an indent after just a few weeks! Since it is not a 1 1/2 ” indent they said it wouldn’t be covered under warranty.
    Such craziness.
    I wanted to know if the version of the Legends Plush they are selling is any different than older versions and whether or not you would recommend it vs trying another Stearns and Foster South Manor or if you have any other suggestions, we would love to hear! Thank you.

    • I’m not a big fan of most Stearns and Foster mattresses. I feel they’re overpriced for what you get.

      The Legends models are alright, but they’re also quite expensive and you still may end up with indentations on them too.

      Have you tried out the Tempurpedic models? They feel very different from the traditional mattresses, but they are more resistant to sags.

      • yes we did try Tempurpedic and neither my husband nor myself liked the feel of them. We are going back to Macys to try the Hotel Collection by Aireloom 13″ Vitagenic Copper Gel Streamline Plush Mattress. We can’t find any reviews of this mattress and are wary that it is only sold at Macys. Do you know anything about this mattress?

  19. This is a great site! Was hoping you might be able to help me identify the Wayfair equivalent of Mattress Firm’s “Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Signature Select Bay Spring 14″ Pillow Top Mattress”. I have narrowed it down to a few but am drawing blanks.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    • I am unable to find the Wayfair equivalent. They have a step up that’s an extra inch thicker, but it’s not the same mattress.

      If you can find a Beautyrest Ultra (with 850 coils in a queen) that’s a Firm Pillowtop and 14″ thick, it’s the same one. On Wayfair, I only found the 15″ version, which few places carry. (It’s the equivalent to the Monument Valley Luxury Firm on my chart).

  20. What do you think about Beautyrest Recharge St. Caroline Luxury firm. As per your chart they are equivalent to Lydia Manor II with US Mattresses. US M says 93 lbs weight but Sears says 116 lbs. Is there any difference BCZ of weight OR both are equal. Price is less $80.00 with US M. Appreciate your feedback!

  21. Hi,
    I love the information on your website! We are looking at the Elkhart Lake Luxury Firm Full Mattress at Steinhafels. But, it’s sold out and discontinued in store. Using your 2016 chart, can you verify if it was comparable to the classic lineup/style the Kenosha Place II Full Luxury Firm? or is it in the ultra lineup/style?

    Do you have any thoughts on this mattress for a 3 year old boy?

    Also, will you be posting a similar chart for 2017 soon? Do you know what the new version of Elkhart lake will be? How similar are replacement styes?

    Thank you for any input!


  22. Hi,
    We had a Simmons Beautyrest World Class Sequoia Plush mattress that we liked.
    Do you know what Simmons currently manufactures that would be equivalent?
    Thanks, Jeff

  23. Hi there!
    Great site! I am looking for the equivalent to Jordan’s beautyrest spadra mattress. Is it the same as a Glimmer on Sears?

  24. Hello,

    I was trying to figure out what Beautyrest Platinum Agatha Luxury Firm Pillowtop compares to and if it’s a good mattress

    Thank you

  25. Hello,

    We purchased a king size SIMMONS BEAUTYREST World Class Bridgewater 13.5″ Firm Mattress at Mattress Firm for $1000 (clearance). It hasn’t been delivered yet so we can still have our money back.

    We came across a W HOTEL PILLOW TOP BED for a much better price online. This is also made by SIMMONS BEAUTYREST.

    How do these two mattress compare? If we wanted to try something similar to the W BED in a store, what would that be? Which would be the equivalent of the W BED (pillow top) in the SIMMONS BEAUTYREST?

    We will only use the mattress for 18 months so long lifetime is not a big issue, but quality sleep is!

    Thank you MattressNerd!

    • The W Hotel mattresses are more like the mid-range Beautyrests, not the World Class models, unless they’ve changed it very recently. I used to work at a store that sold the W collection and the specs were almost identical to the mid-range Beautyrests we had at the time.

      But on a completely different note, you’re getting a very firm mattress from Mattress Firm, while the W Hotel Pillowtop will be a lot softer. So the mattress just won’t feel the same.

  26. Hi,

    Appreciate your efforts in putting together this info, its providing lots of insights. I am looking to the ultra version of luxury firm listed in beautyrest websit , but couldn’t find them in the nearby mattress firm stores, though the sites routes to the mattress firm stores nearby and they don’t carry them. Appreciate any input on where to get them.. When i took a close look at the spec it looks very similar to the Lydia Manor II Luxury Firm.

    Also when i went to the nearest mattress firm store noticed that spec of Hartfield Luxury Firm version’s coil density is 850 when compared to the Kenosha Place II Luxury Firm which is only 800 ( The layers seems to be similar, does coil density difference of 50 alters comfort/support level significantly ?.

    Appreciate your inputs, as i am planning to buy one before the Blackfriday week deals get over i.e tomorrow 27th Nov.

    • Mattress Firm has an exclusive 50 extra coils in their lower end Beautyrest mattresses. That’s 6% more coils; it does not make a big difference. The foam layers are identical to the other ones in the row.

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