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Find a comfortable, safe, durable mattress for any bunk bed in your home.

By Natalie Yerger

Finding the best bunk bed mattress for your bunk bed set can be challenging. Bunk beds used to be more simple and uniformly designed, and almost any twin mattress worked as a bunk bed mattress in the past. However, bunk beds today come in all shapes and sizes and have varying weight capacities, features, layouts, space for headroom, and more.

In this article, we’ve done much of the hard work for you and are sharing our picks for the top five bunk bed mattresses of 2021. You’ll also learn how to choose the best bunk bed mattress for your set in our buying guide, which outlines the types of bunk bed mattresses available, important shopping considerations, and tips for making your final decision.

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The 5 Best Bunk Bed Mattresses of 2021

Tuft & Needle

Editor’s Pick

 A combination of below-average pricing, a medium-firm feel, and a no-frills design make the Tuft & Needle Original our Editor’s Pick for best bunk mattress.

Tuft & Needle Mattress
4.7 / 5.0


Trial period

100 days


10 year limited warranty

The Tuft & Needle, or T&N, Original is constructed with adaptive foam, a graphite-infused polyfoam comfort layer, and a high-density foam support core. The bed feels medium-firm, meaning that most children and adults will find the bed sufficiently supportive.

The graphite-infusion in the breathable comfort layer helps the bed sleep cool, and it has enough conforming to alleviate growing pains for children. The all-foam construction will cradle children’s pressure points and support healthy spinal alignment. It also comes with free shipping in the contiguous USA, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty.

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Saatva Youth


The Saatva Youth is designed for the needs of growing children, making it our runner-up choice for best bunk bed mattress.

Saatva Youth Mattress
4.3 / 5.0


Trial period

180 nights


15 year

A double-sided innerspring twin size mattress that’s designed to provide comfort and support to children, the Saatva Youth is the kids’ version of the original Saatva mattress and is handcrafted with high-quality components and eco-friendly materials. This mattress incorporates thoughtful details into its luxury construction that is catered to children.

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For example, the double-sided design is meant to support children from 3 to 8 years old on one side and children older than 8 years old on the other. You simply flip it when they’re ready. It also features materials that are healthy for your child, like 100% organic cotton and foams that are guaranteed to never off-gas or release harmful chemicals. Finally, the Saatva Youth is accident-proof, made with a water-resistant finish and an internal waterproof barrier to protect from accidents and spills.

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Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Best Value

The Zinus Cooling Green Tea Gel Mattress comes in four profile options in the twin size and lightweight construction that makes it perfect for tall bunk beds.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress
4.7 / 5.0


Trial period

100 nights


10 year limited warranty

Zinus is known for offering high-quality, low-cost beds, and the Zinus Green Tea mattress is no exception. It features a simple construction that includes a knitted jacquard cover, one inch of memory foam and five inches of high-density support foam for a medium-firm feel that will suit most children’s bodies regardless of age or weight.

Although there’s just one inch of memory foam, it provides enough of a plush feel and conforming for children to sleep comfortably. The foams are also infused with green tea for a cooling effect and CertiPUR-US certified, but where this bed really shines is in its profile options. Shoppers can choose from a 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” profile options, but the 6” and 8” mattress heights are best for bunk beds.

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Linenspa 6" Innerspring

Best Innerspring

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced bunk mattress with a universal feel, the Linenspa offers a low profile, a generous warranty, and details perfect for a kid’s room.

linenspa 6 inch innerspring mattress
4.6 / 5.0


Trial period

30 days


10 year warranty

The LinenSpa 6-inch mattress offers a traditional firm innerspring feel and a low profile that’s perfect for kids. The polyester fabric cover is quilted for improved comfort, and it’s also fire resistant. Inside the mattress is a layer of heavy gauge tempered steel coils, a soft foam layer, and a supportive felt pad that helps prevent sleepers from feeling the springs inside. 

It ships compressed and rolled in a box, and the setup’s so easy that even your kids can help. Reviewers say that the mattress is a “perfect fit” for bunk beds. One Amazon reviewer even noted that she tested out the mattress for a night prior to installing it in her son’s top bunk and that it felt comfortable and supportive for her weight of 150 pounds. This indicates that the mattress is capable of providing a supportive and comfortable sleep for your little ones as they grow.

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Lucid 5" Memory Foam Mattress

Best Memory Foam

If you or your children are set on a memory foam mattress for the bunk bed, the Lucid Gel is reasonably priced, cooling, and has excellent customer reviews.

Lucid 5
4.7 / 5.0


Trial period

30 days


Varies by retailer

The Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a 5-inch mattress that’s perfect for bunk beds and trundle beds. It features one inch of ventilated gel memory foam and four inches of base layer foam. Altogether, these foams weigh just 18 pounds, making it extremely easy to set up in a as a bottom or top mattress.

The gel-infused memory foam comfort layer helps the mattress avoid trapping heat, which can be a problem in all-foam beds. It also features an open-cell memory foam construction, which may improve the bed’s durability. This is especially appealing if you’re purchasing the mattress for a young child and want it to last until they’re ready to “graduate” to a full mattress and bed frame or another type of sleeping surface.

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Bunk Bed Mattress Buying Guide

Perhaps the most obvious consideration when selecting a mattress for a bunk bed is whether it fits into the bunk bed’s design. However, there are other factors to take into account including the type of bunk bed you’re purchasing it for, budget, safety features, and more. In this buyer’s guide, we share everything you need to know prior to purchasing mattresses for your bunk bed.


These are the most common types of bunk bed designs sold today. Determining the type of bunk bed you’re outfitting is an essential step in choosing the right mattress.

Standard—This is a ‘classic’ bunk bed style that features two twin-sized mattresses stacked on top of each other: one at the bottom and one at the top. Most feature a latter that ascends to the top bunk and some feature a guard rail and the option to disassemble the bunk into two separate twin beds.

Standard Loft—Think of lofts as a classic bunk bed without the bottom bunk. A loft bunk bed has the top bed but leaves the bottom space open for storage, a desk, or a relaxation nook.

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Triple—A triple is simply a tall variation of the standard bunk bed and features three beds (twin-size) stacked on top of one another. Some triples place two mattresses next to one another on the bottom with the third on top.

Triple Loft—A triple loft bunk bed features two bunk beds in an L-shape on the top layer and one twin-size bunk bed on the bottom. The open side of the ‘L’ on the bottom is left open for storage, a desk, or a nook.

Trundle—A trundle bunk bed features a traditional bunk bed design with the addition of a third bed housed in a pull-out drawer beneath the bottom bunk. They’re an innovative, space-saving design for children who enjoy having sleepovers with friends or for people with limited space in a room where the bunk is kept.

Twin-over-Full—Twin-over-full bunk beds are designed with a smaller bed on top of a larger bed. They can provide sleeping space for up to three people, with two people sleeping in the full-size mattress and one in the twin-size mattress up top. 

L-Shaped—An L-shaped bunk bed has two beds that are placed perpendicularly. Most L-shaped bunk beds feature two twin mattresses, but some may feature a full-size on the bottom bunk.


Healthy sleep is essential for growing children and adults, regardless of who will be sleeping in your bunk bed set. The right bunk bed mattress will provide a comfortable yet supportive surface and may be able to accommodate children as they grow. Here’s what to consider when you’re shopping for a bunk bed mattress that will suit the bed’s frame, you or your child’s sleep needs, and you or your child’s personal preferences.

Mattress Size—The vast majority of bunk beds and similar style beds sold today are designed to fit Twin-, Twin XL-, or Full-size mattresses. We recommend measuring the bunk bed’s mattress space prior to making your purchase decision. For reference, the typical measurements for the mattresses we’ve mentioned are as follows:

  • Twin-size dimensions: 38” x 75”
  • Twin XL-size dimensions: 38” x 80”
  • Full-size dimensions: 54” x 75”

Profile—Most top levels of bunk beds feature guard rails that prevent children and sleepers from hurting themselves by rolling off of the bed in the middle of the night. A guard rail coupled with a low-profile bed is often the best solution to ensure safety. As such, we recommend a mattress that measures 9” thick or less.

Cover Material and Design—In general, the cheaper the bunk bed mattress, the more simplistic its cover design. This is an especially important factor to consider for bunk bed mattresses because children, who may be more prone to accidents and spills, typically sleep on them. Look for covers with zippable, removable designs that are also washing-machine friendly. Quilted covers can also help improve the comfort of the mattress as a whole.

Firmness—For children, we recommend firmness settings of medium-firm or softer. The older and heavyweight the child, the more firm the bed should be. 

Mattress Type—There’s no right or wrong when it comes to the best mattress type for bunk beds. Whether your child prefers innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, or latex, there’s likely a bunk bed mattress out there to suit their needs. Keep in mind there’s a unique set of pros and cons for each mattress type.

Motion and Noise Isolation—Mattresses that isolate motion and dull noise can be especially beneficial for bunk beds, which typically sleep two or three people. Mattresses with low responsiveness, excellent motion isolation, and low noise potential will help your children (and their friends) sleep soundly and reduce disruptions from sleepers on the other bunks.

Cost—Most mattresses for bunk beds have reasonable price points because they’re small in size and therefore useless material. Bunk bed mattresses also tend to be less durable than others on the market due to the fact that most sleepers outgrow their bunk beds within less than five years. If you have the budget to spend extra money to ensure your bunk bed mattress contains luxury materials or will last a long time, feel free to invest, but a value bunk bed mattress can work just as well for your child.

Picking the Right Bunk Bed Mattress

Now that you have a better understanding of the average bunk bed mattress price point, the various types of bunk bed mattresses, and the most important shopping considerations when buying a bunk bed mattress, it’s time to make a decision. Here’s a quick step by step to choosing the best bunk bed mattress for your home:

  1. Evaluate your bunk bed’s style (standard, L-shape, etc.)
  2. Measure the sleeping spaces to determine mattress size(s) (Twin, Twin-XL, Full, Custom, etc.)
  3. Determine your bunk bed mattress budget, making sure to double or triple if your bed requires more than one mattress
  4. Make a list of the most important factors in your bunk bed mattress purchase (firmness, profile, comfort, type, etc.)
  5. Review the list of our top five bunk bed mattresses of 2021 to see if there’s a bunk bed that can suit your needs
  6. Make your purchase with confidence


As you’ve learned, bunk bed mattress selection is relatively straightforward, but things can go awry if you don’t take the right factors into consideration. Whether you’re purchasing the bunk bed mattress for a growing child and need a value find to provide comfort for several years or need a luxury mattress for a loft bed that you sleep in in a studio apartment, there’s a bunk bed mattress out there for you. Understand what you need, get to browsing, and make your bunk bed mattress purchase with confidence.