Helix Wedge Pillow Review

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The Mattress Nerd’s Take: Do not discount this oddly shaped pillow at first glance. The Helix Wedge pillow is uniquely designed to help people adjust their sleeping positions and prevent nighttime annoyances like snoring, back pain and acid reflux. By elevating the head and shoulders, the Helix Wedge pillow helps reduce neck pain. It can also be used as a bolster underneath the knees to provide back support and reduce pressure on the lower back. For similar pillow options, see the best pillows for neck pain. 

Helix Sleep is well-known in the mattress industry, especially for its online sleep quiz designed to help a sleeper find the perfect mattress. The Helix Wedge pillow takes into account the same personalized needs in its design and function. Beyond helping to improve medical conditions like sleep apnea, heartburn and neck pain, it’s also a great bed pillow to use to prop yourself up as you watch TV or read a book, thanks to the added neck support. By raising up the neck and head, it can also improve sinus issues and breathing for those with poor circulation, making it one of our picks for best wedge pillows. The pillow’s gel memory foam construction has the same contouring ability as a memory foam mattress and can help protect the shoulders and neck.

Helix Wedge Pillow

Helix Wedge Pillow

The Helix Wedge pillow is uniquely designed to help people adjust their sleeping positions and prevent nighttime annoyances like snoring, back pain and acid reflux.

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Rayon, Polyester, Memory foam

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Trial Period

100 Nights


1-Year warranty


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What Makes the Helix Wedge Pillow Stand Out?


  • The top layer of gel memory foam keeps the sleeper cool while still cradling delicate pressure points at the neck and shoulders.
  • As a wedge pillow, it can be used at the neck or beneath the knees to target neck or back pain, respectively, providing relief to multiple parts of the body.
  • Strict back sleepers can use this pillow to retain their primary sleeping position and alleviate snoring.


  • While it can be beneficial to side sleepers, the sloping shape of the pillow can feel a bit unusual at first, especially to those who typically sleep with a more traditional pillow. 
  • The Helix Wedge pillow is about 10” tall, which is taller than some other wedge pillows. Shorter wedge pillows (6”-8” tall) tend to be better for treating some conditions like heartburn.
  • Most stomach sleepers will not be able to use the Helix Wedge pillow comfortably, as these folks need a flat surface to keep their spines aligned. Check out the best pillows for stomach sleepers if you need a flatter pillow structure.

What is the Helix Wedge Pillow Made Of?

Rayon & Polyester Blend Cover

The Helix Wedge pillow’s removable cover is a mix of rayon and polyester that is breathable enough for sleepers to feel the benefits of the gel memory foam layer underneath. Like most pillow covers, it is machine-washable and can be easily removed when it needs to be cleaned.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam

The pillow’s 1.5” top layer of cooling memory foam is perfect for helping alleviate neck pain and for providing some cradling around the neck and shoulders. The gel memory foam will also help absorb the excess heat from your body and improve airflow.

Polyurethane Foam 

The Helix Wedge pillow features a dense and supportive core of polyurethane foam, which is instrumental in protecting the hips and spine in any sleep position. The high-density foam increases the pillow’s durability: In fact, the same foam is often used as the base layer in memory foam mattresses. Both foam layers used in the Helix Wedge pillow are hypoallergenic and made in the USA.

What does the Helix Wedge Pillow Feel Like?

The Helix Wedge pillow is a foam wedge pillow made with two high-quality foams. Overall, we find the Helix Wedge pillow to have a medium-firm feel, common to the most universally pleasing mattresses. When a sleeper puts their head down on the pillow, it should mirror the feel of a memory foam mattress. Pressing into the gel memory foam layer, you can feel the pillow contour around the indention made by the head and neck. While the gel foam is responsive and will adjust to your body as you rest on the pillow, the high-density foam underneath acts as a durable and supportive base. 

Because of its unorthodox shape, the pillow increases in height from 2” to 10” as the design moves from the “short” side to the “tall” side. The thickest polyurethane at the top will feel firmer and more supportive than the softer foam toward the bottom of the pillow, which will most likely fall around the shoulders and back of the sleeper when the pillow is in use. 

While some memory foam can feel like sinking sand, the balance between the two layers in the Helix Wedge pillow ensures that the sleeper’s spine can stay aligned in a back or side position. The gel memory foam may make the pillow more breathable than a standard memory foam pillow, which is great news for those who tend to sleep hot during the night. If you choose to place the pillow under areas of the body other than head and neck, the pillow will adjust to the shape of your legs, back or side, creating a soft cradle for each part of the body.

If you aren’t sure if a wedge pillow is what you need, check out our Best Pillow Guide.

Helix Wedge Pillow Accessory Pricing and Specs

Size Dimensions Weight Price
Standard 24” x 24” x 10” 5 lbs. $95

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Helix Company Policies


Helix Sleep products ship for free to the United States and Canada. After ordering the wedge pillow, customers can expect it to arrive through contactless delivery within three to seven business days. Pillows from Helix Sleep are also available for purchase through some third-party retailers, like Amazon, but purchases through third party vendors may not include the same benefits as purchases made directly from the brand. 

Sleep Trial

The Helix Wedge pillow comes with a 100-night sleep trial, the same trial period that the brand offers for Helix mattresses. Within this trial period, sleepers can test out the multi-use pillow and return it for a full refund if they decide it’s not for them.

Warranty Coverage

The Helix wedge pillow is covered by a one-year warranty. This limited pillow warranty covers manufacturing defects in the materials. It also covers rips, tears or stains on the pillow that are determined to be caused by “faulty workmanship or materials.”

Helix Wedge Pillow FAQs

Can wedge pillows help with GERD?

Those suffering from GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), can find some relief by using a wedge pillow. Elevating the head, torso and shoulders can help prevent stomach acid from entering the esophagus. Helix suggests speaking with a physician to help treat GERD, but the 100-night sleep trial should help folks with this condition feel more confident about trying out the Helix Wedge pillow.

Do you need a pillowcase?

Because of its shape, this wedge pillow will not work with a standard pillowcase. To add some extra protection to the pillow’s cover, customers can use a thin blanket on top of the pillow. 

How tall should a wedge pillow be?

Wedge pillows can range in size greatly, but the Helix wedge pillow is 10" tall.

See helixsleep.com for more FAQs.

The Nerd’s Final Take

For those who snore, struggle with acid reflux or need extra pressure relief, we recommend the Helix Wedge pillow to help raise the neck and head. However, this versatile multi-use pillow can be used behind the back to prop up to watch TV, or even underneath the knees and legs as a bolster. If you do not suffer from chronic back or neck pain, sleep apnea or acid reflux, you may simply want a more supportive pillow. The Helix wedge pillow is so versatile that we recommend it to a wide range of sleepers. 

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