Puredown Pillow Review

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The Mattress Nerd’s Take:If you want the luxurious feel of a down pillow with some added firmness for neck support, the Puredown Pillow is a great option. Memory foam and latex are some of the most popular bed pillows right now. But for a long time, down and feather pillows were the traditional option. Puredown makes all kinds of down and feather pillows, but today we’re going to review their Firm Goose Down and Feather Pillow.

There are a lot of reasons to love this pillow. For instance, it’s affordable, comfortable, responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly. But there are also some downsides you should be aware of before buying. For instance, it’s not the best pillow for side sleepers, and it may sleep a little hot. 

Puredown Pillow

Puredown Pillow

Down pillows have a luxuriously comfortable feel to them that many people enjoy, but they also tend to sleep hot. This Puredown pillow has a low loft that’s great for stomach sleepers and some back sleepers, but could pose a real problem for side sleepers who need extra support on the head and neck.

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What Makes the Puredown Pillow Stand Out


  • Sizing – The low loft (below-average height) of the Puredown is a great pillow for stomach sleepers
  • Hypoallergenic – The feathers and down in this Puredown pillow are cleaned using a High Temperature Disinfection method, which kills dust mites and other allergens commonly carried by feathers
  • Sustainability – The pillows are certified by the Responsible Down Standard, a global standard that ensures down and feathers come from animals that have not been unnecessarily harmed

See our Pillow Size Guide to figure out what pillow size best suits you. 


  • Sleeps Hot – The Puredown pillow cover is made of 100% cotton and designed with a gusset to improve breathability, but at the end of the day, the fill material is just not ideal for cooling. 
  • Not Ideal for Side SleepersUnfortunately, a two inch loft is much too low for most side sleepers, and there’s a good chance you will experience neck pain or back pain if you try to use this pillow in a side sleeping position.
  • Softer Than Advertised –  Many customer reviews say that the pillows are much too soft to be called “firm”

What is the Puredown Firm Goose Down and Feather Pillow Made Of?

Feather Down Fill
The Puredown Firm Goose Down and Feather Pillow is filled with 95% white goose feathers and 5% white goose down, all of which is certified by the Responsible Down Standard and sanitized to be hypoallergenic through High Temperature Disinfection.

See our Types of Pillow Stuffing guide for fill materials. 

Double-Layered 100% Cotton Pillow Cover

The feathers and down are encased in a double-layered quilted outer shell made entirely from breathable cotton. Thanks to the extra layer, you don’t have to worry about feathers poking through the pillow and causing pricks. Plus, the cover is removable and machine washable.

What does the Puredown Firm Goose Down and Feather Pillow Like?

The feel of a pillow is arguably the most important part, so we want to do our best to describe the feeling of sleeping on this Puredown pillow. The cotton cover is soft, and when you rest your head on the pillow, it slowly compresses slightly, for luxurious comfort. 

If you’ve ever slept with a down comforter or duvet, you know that down retains heat very well. This is great for blankets during a cold winter, but generally, people want their pillows to stay cool throughout the night. One of the biggest problems with down feather pillows is how they retain heat. If you sleep hot, a down pillow may not be the best option. You might start out the evening feeling cool, but after a little while the pillow may start to feel hot, and you may need to turn it over to sleep on the cool side. 

It’s easy to fluff the pillow or adjust the fill from one side to another, so if you want to bunch it up for more height, that’s relatively easy, though it won’t hold in that position all night. As you move, the fluffy feathers slowly redistribute themselves evenly throughout the pillow. 

Despite the fact that these are supposed to be Puredown’s firm pillow option, If you prefer a medium-firm pillow or even a medium-soft pillow, then this goose feather pillow will actually probably be right up your alley. But if you want a genuinely firm pillow, it might not be the best option.

One of the great things about the Puredown Firm Goose Down and Feather Pillow is its low loft. A pillow’s loft is essentially its height, and at 2” tall, this Puredown pillow has a very low loft. This is perfect for stomach sleepers because it’s typically best for stomach sleepers to keep their head as low as possible, for best spine alignment. A pillow with too much loft can sometimes create a painful crick in the neck for stomach sleepers. Back sleepers who enjoy flatter pillows will also enjoy this nice, low loft.

Because this pillow doesn’t naturally have a high loft, and doesn’t maintain one all night long when you adjust it, we don’t recommend it for side sleepers. Instead, we think back sleepers who like low-loft pillows will be very comfortable, and stomach sleepers will get the support they need from a Puredown pillow, without uncomfortable extra height. It is also one of our recommendations for the best pillow for neck pain.

Puredown Firm Goose Down and Feather Pillow Pricing and Specs

Size Dimensions Price
Standard Size/Queen Size 18”x 26”x 2” $47 for 2 pillows
King Size 18”x 34”x 2” $66 for 2 pillows

For more information, see the pillow size guide.

Puredown Policies


Many items from Puredown, including the Firm Goose Down and Feather Pillow, come with free shipping. You will also receive an order confirmation email that allows you to track your package once it has shipped.

Sleep Trial

Instead of a sleep trial, Puredown offers a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. It is basically a 30-day sleep trial where you can try out your new pillow and if you don’t love it, you can send it back for a refund or an exchange to get a different Puredown pillow. To do so, you’ll need your order number, so make sure you keep track of your receipt until you’re positive that this is the pillow for you. Also be aware that you will have to pay shipping costs for any return.

Warranty Coverage

Unfortunately, Puredown doesn’t offer any kind of official warranty. Instead, their site says this: “if a request for a return or exchange is made after 30 days post delivery, it will be up to the discretion of Puredown on how we handle the order.” If you notice a defect in your pillow after 30 days, you can reach out to Puredown, and they will decide how to handle your case.

Puredown FAQs

Which is better: a goose down pillow or a memory foam pillow?

It really depends on what youu2019re looking for. If you want a pillow that hugs you to fit the unique curve of your spine, then memory foam might be best. If you prefer a plush, adjustable pillow, then down would probably serve you best. Both types can be very comfortable if theyu2019re both high quality pillows.

What kind of pillowcase should I use with my Puredown goose down feather pillow?

That really depends on your personal preferences. If you want to make your pillow as cool as possible, we recommend a cotton fabric with a low thread count. High thread count sheets and pillowcases are actually less breathable, so they arenu2019t ideal for hot sleepers. If your top priority is softness, then a high thread count would be better, and you may want to consider a softer material, like cashmere or Egyptian cotton.

Is it safe for me to use feather bed pillows if I have allergies?

Unless you have a serious allergy specifically to birds or bird feathers, it shouldnu2019t be a problem at all. If youu2019re worried though, you can always purchase an allergy-specific pillow protector from Amazon to put an extra layer between you and the feathers.

See Puredown.com (link) for more FAQs.

The Nerd’s Final Take

There are a lot of reasons to love the Puredown Firm Goose Down and Feather Pillow, but there are also quite a few reasons it wouldn’t be ideal for some sleepers. Down pillows have a luxuriously comfortable feel to them that many people enjoy, but they also tend to sleep hot. This Puredown pillow has a low loft that’s great for stomach sleepers and some back sleepers, but could pose a real problem for side sleepers who need extra support on the head and neck. Plus, despite saying that this particular pillow is “firm,” many customers reported that it was actually quite soft, which is important to keep in mind. Overall, it is a high quality product that will be great for many people, it just isn’t perfect for everyone.

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