Titan Plus vs. Big Fig: Which Hybrid Mattress Is Best For Heavier Sleepers?

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The Titan Plus and Big Fig mattresses are both hybrid beds designed for heavyweight sleepers and sleepers who prefer firmer, more supportive beds. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each bed, and our recommendation for you.

Titan Plus vs. Big Fig Overview

The Titan Plus and the Big Fig are hybrid beds with similar firmness levels; however, the Titan is a more affordable bed that offers more pressure relief for side sleepers. On the other hand, the Big Fig is a more solid and lifted mattress, which is great for stomach sleepers and combination sleepers.

Titan Plus is best for…Big Fig is best for…
Budget shoppersStomach sleepers
Side sleepersHot sleepers
Sleepers wanting firmness optionsCombination sleepers

Who Should Choose the Titan Plus Mattress?

  • Budget shoppers—If you’re currently mattress shopping on any kind of budget, keep in mind that the Titan Plus mattress, while not the cheapest hybrid out there, is significantly cheaper than the Big Fig.
  • Side sleepers—The Titan Plus and the Big Fig have similar firmness levels, but the Titan Plus is generally more plush of a bed overall, which means side sleepers will get more cushioning and pressure relief.
  • Sleepers wanting firmness options—If you find that the Titan Plus and the Big Fig are a little too firm for your liking (spoiler alert: they’re both firm), the Titan Plus actually comes with a slightly softer mattress option, the Titan Luxe.

Who Should Choose the Big Fig Mattress?

  • Stomach sleepers—As we touched on above, the Titan Plus has more give than the Big Fig. While this a point toward the Titan for side sleepers, stomach sleepers will actually prefer the Big Fig’s more solid feel. But why? Because stomach sleepers need to keep their hips elevated to keep their backs comfortably aligned.
  • Hot sleepers—Hot sleepers really can’t go wrong with either of these breathable, hybrid mattresses, but the Big Fig does have better temperature regulation than the Titan Plus. If you’re someone who tends to overheat or sweat at night, the Big Fig might be worth the investment here.
  • Combination sleepers—Just like with stomach sleepers, combination sleepers (sleepers who change positions a lot) will benefit from the Big Fig’s lifted feel. Because this bed is easier to stay on top of, it’s also more responsive or easier to move around on.

Titan Plus vs. Big Fig: Video Comparison

Titan Plus vs. Big Fig: Top Similarities 

  • Firmness—Regardless of which of these hybrid beds you choose, you’ll be getting about the same level of firmness. The Titan Plus and the Big Fig are both firmer beds designed to feel supportive for heavyweight sleepers.
  • Construction—Along with firmness, the Titan Plus and the Big Fig have very similar constructions too. First starters, they’re both hybrid beds, they’re both the same height, and they both include many of the same materials in their constructions.
  • Back sleeping—If you’re a back sleeper, it’s really a toss-up for which of these mattresses will be a better fit for you. The Titan Plus and the Big Fig both offer excellent lower back support for sleepers of all sizes. However, average-weight sleepers will likely prefer the Titan Plus, whereas heavier sleepers will prefer the Big Fig.

Titan Plus vs. Big Fig: Top Differences 

  • Price—A bed that’s good for your wallet is a bed that’s good for you too. With that said, shoppers who choose the Titan Plus will be saving about $500 compared to the Big Fig mattress for a Queen size.
  • Motion isolation—Motion isolation is how well your bed stops unwanted movement and disturbances from shaking your mattress. If you sleep with a partner, good motion isolation will keep you from feeling their tossing and turning. Between these two hybrids, the Big Fig comes out on top.
  • Pressure relief—If you’re a side sleeper, pressure relief is key for reducing stress on your hips and shoulders. Overall, since the Titan Plus is more contouring than the Big Fig, it also does a better job of reducing pressure points on your body.

Titan Plus vs. Big Fig: Firmness & Feel Differences

Those are the biggest pros and cons of each hybrid mattress, but let’s go into more detail about how the Titan Plus and the Big Fig actually feel.

What’s the Firmness Of the Titan Plus & Big Fig Mattresses? 

Let’s talk about firmness. Here in the Nerd Lab, we measure the firmness of beds on a simple scale of 1–10, where a “1” is super soft and a “10” is like sleeping on bricks. With this scale in mind, we found that both the Titan Plus and the Big Fig have a 7/10 firmness level. This would fall in the “firm” range, which works best for heavyweight sleepers.

However, the Titan Plus also comes with a secondary firmness option, the Titan Luxe which clocks in at a firmness of 6/10, or medium-firm. This makes the Luxe a great choice for average-weight sleepers, but will likely be too soft for most heavier sleepers over 230 lbs.

What Do the Titan Plus & Big Fig Mattresses Feel Like?

Now, let’s talk about the feel of each bed. First off, the Titan Plus has the supportive and lifted feel you’d expect from a firmer hybrid mattress, but it’s got plenty of softness and contouring in its top layers. On the other hand, the Big Fig feels much the same, but this bed is a little less sinking and a little more bouncy.

What’s It Like to Sleep On the Titan Plus & Big Fig Mattresses?

These beds may be designed with heavier sleepers in mind, but the Titan Plus and the Big Fig actually cast a pretty wide net. These beds are a great choice for back sleepers and stomach sleepers of all sizes, but side sleepers will likely prefer the Titan’s softer feel.

The Titan Plus vs. Big Fig Mattresses By Body Type

Titan Plus Performance By Body Type & Sleeping Position:

Lightweight (< 130 lbs): 443
Average-weight (130–230 lbs):544
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs): 445

Big Fig Original Performance By Body Type & Sleeping Position:

Lightweight (< 130 lbs): 452
Average-weight (130–230 lbs):453
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs): 554

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Average-Weight Sleepers (130–230 lbs)

For average-weight back sleepers, the Titan Plus and the Big Fig both provide an excellent balance of support and softness, while the Big Fig’s more lifted feel gives it a slight edge for stomach sleepers. That said, average-weight side sleepers will find better pressure relief with the more cushioning Titan Plus.

Heavyweight Sleepers (> 230 lbs)

Moving on to heavier sleepers who tend to need more firmness, the Big Fig is the way to go for back sleepers and stomach sleepers, but even heavier side sleepers will still prefer the Titan Plus and its pressure relief, despite it being a bit less supportive.

Spencer side sleeping on BB Titan
Our heavyweight tester on the Titan Plus

Lightweight Sleepers (< 130 lbs)

Finally, unlike heavyweight sleepers, lightweight sleepers tend to need the most pressure relief and the least firmness. With that in mind, lightweight side sleepers will want to choose the softer Titan Plus, but lightweight stomach sleepers will still prefer the Big Fig’s more lifted feel. Finally, lightweight back sleepers shouldn’t have any issues with either mattress.

loren on the big fig
Our lightweight tester on the Big Fig

Differences In Mattress Construction 

In terms of construction, the Titan Plus and the Big Fig mattress are both 13” thick and feature top layers made of gel-infused, quilted foam. However, while the Big Fig has a comfort layer made from latex, the Titan Plus uses traditional polyfoam all the way through. Lastly, both of these beds are hybrids, with a base consisting of individually-wrapped pocketed coils.

Titan Plus Mattress Materials Big Fig Mattress Materials
Quilted memory foam topQuilted memory foam top
Responsive foamGel-infused latex foam
Transition foamHigh-density foam
Pocketed coilsReinforced pocketed coils
titan plus mattress construction
titan plus mattress construction
inside big fig
inside big fig


The Titan Plus and the Big Fig mattresses both feature quilted memory foam tops that are cushioning and breathable as their top layers.

Comfort Layers

Next, for comfort layers, the Titan Plus has a section of gel-infused and responsive memory foam, whereas the Big Fig uses latex foam. This difference in material gives the Big Fig a slightly more bouncy and cooling feel overall.

Support Layers

Getting into the deeper layers of these two beds, the Titan Plus has a layer of transition foam over its set of pocketed coils, which keeps the sleeper elevated and supported. Similarly, the Big Fig has the same setup, but its transition foam is more dense and firm than the Titan’s. Also, the Big Fig’s edges are reinforced as well.

Titan Plus vs. Big Fig Pricing

SizeTitan Plus PricesBig Fig Prices
Twin XL$$
California King$$

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Titan Plus vs. Big Fig Mattress Performance Ratings & Differences


If you’re looking for a cooling, hybrid mattress, both the Titan Plus and the Big Fig will have you covered. However, since the Big Fig’s construction is more lifted and includes breathable latex foam, it will sleep slightly cooler than the Titan Plus.

Motion Transfer

Although the Titan Plus and the Big Fig have similar constructions, the Big Fig does a better job of limiting motion transfer, which also makes it a better choice for light sleeping couples or anyone who shares a bed.

Edge Support 

A mattress with good edge support lets you sit or lie on its perimeter without sagging or warping. This can be an especially important feature for seniors or any sleepers with mobility concerns. Between the Titan Plus and the Big Fig, sleepers will find that the Big Fig has more sturdiness in this area, thanks to its reinforced edges.

Pressure Relief 

While the Big Fig is a more solid bed, the Titan Plus’s cushioned feel works best for sleepers looking for pressure relief. This also includes lighter side sleepers looking to reduce pressure on their hips and shoulders.

Pain Relief 

Both the Titan Plus and the Big Fig are great choices for stomach sleepers and back sleepers looking for back pain relief. That said, neither of these mattresses are ideal for sleepers needing hip pain or shoulder pain relief.


Going back to edge support, the Big Fig’s reinforced edges also give it an advantage when it comes to durability since it’s less likely to warp. That said, both of these beds, like many hybrids, are plenty durable and should last you longer than seven years (the typical mattress lifespan).

Shipping, Returns, & Warranties 

Titan Plus 

For shoppers in the continental United States, the Titan Plus comes with free shipping. But, shoppers in Alaska and Hawaii will pay $125 for shipping, and shoppers in Canada will pay $250. Once the Titan Plus arrives as a bed-in-a-box at your doorstep, you’ll have a 120-night sleep trial during which to decide if the Titan is for you. After 30 days, you can return the mattress for a full refund if you so choose.

Finally, if you do plan to keep your Titan Plus, you’ll be entitled to a 10-year Limited Warranty that protects against any manufacturing defects and indentations that are deeper than one inch.

Big Fig

Next up, the Big Fig also comes with free shipping in the United States, and it will arrive as a fully assembled mattress in a box. After you’ve gotten your Big Fig set up, you’ll then have a 120-night sleep trial, during which you can see if the Big Fig is for you. If not, you can ask to return this bed for a full refund. For the Big Fig’s warranty, you’ll be entitled to a 20-year Limited Warranty that covers defects and indentations over an inch deep.

Our Final Take

The Titan Plus and the Big Fig are hybrid beds that offer plenty of support for heavier sleepers. That said, the Big Fig is more lifted and supportive, making it best for stomach sleepers and combination sleepers. Plus, it’s more cooling as well. On the other hand, the Titan’s more contouring and pressure-relieving feel is great for side sleepers.

Titan Plus & Big Fig FAQs

How Long Does The Titan Mattress Take To Expand?

The Titan Plus is a hybrid bed-in-a-box mattress, meaning that it’ll begin expanding after it’s unpackaged. This process should take anywhere from a few hours to a day, and you’ll notice some off-gassing from the bed’s memory foam while this happens. However, this off-gassing is totally safe.

Does The Titan Plus Sleep Hot?

Like many hybrid beds on the market, the Titan Plus sleeps pretty cool. This is because of the Titan’s well-ventilated base made of pocketed coils. That said, for a cooler hybrid mattress, there’s also the Big Fig which has naturally breathable latex foam in its comfort layers.

Should You Flip The Big Fig Mattress?

No. The Big Fig mattress is a one-sided bed, and you should not flip it over. This can damage the mattress and even void your warranty. However, it is recommended that you rotate your bed every few months to help boost its durability and weight distribution.